Lady’s Second Day – Evening

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Day 2 – Evening

I opened my scheduler and noticed a tab marked “Showroom Live Feed.”

The cameras…

Sure enough, there was a live stream of the Showroom. I scrolled through the five feeds, one for each girl on stage.

The first girl was leaving, and a new one approached the chair. She was pale and petite, covered in tattoos. Her vagina was completely shaved, and a glittering piercing flashed as she circled around the chair.

I scrolled to the second feed. In opposite fashion, a curvy Barbie sat on chair two. Her luscious lips and big brown eyes pulled me in; she stared directly into the camera… directly at me through the screen. Her skin was dark and illuminating against the dim light, and her round breasts sat evenly on her chest.

I flipped back to the Showroom schedules, and bit my lip looking for her name.

There it was.


She was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

I tapped on my accompaniment schedule for tomorrow. There was a pending request for User77425 in the afternoon.

I scrolled down to tomorrow night and stared at the request from Sir. My finger hovered over the device for a moment before tapping gently to accept. A surge of butterflies floated through my stomach in anticipation for the date.

I swiped back to today’s schedule.

I didn’t want to sit still and wait for tomorrow. I was too excited. I posted a time slot for tonight and waited. A few seconds passed and a soft ping lit up the device.

It wasn’t a request. It was a message from Sir.

**Your dress will arrive in the morning. Hair up, please.**

I stared at the message, unable to look away.

The scheduler pinged again. I swiped away the new notification. My eyes still fixated on Sir’s message.


He was typing again.


**Tomorrow, 7pm. You will meet me at the front door.**

I stood up and paced the room, full of anxious excitement.

I opened the other notification and saw a request from “Tony” for this evening. His profile showed a handsome man, dirty red hair tousled casually on top of his clean-shaven face. His cheeks were dotted in soft freckles, and his chin was strong and square.

I accepted.


The evening found me in a black slip dress, my hair in soft waves.

I had been picked up in a luxury, leather car. I sat excitedly in the back seat, checking my makeup.

The car brought me to ‘Mirroir’, and a well-dressed bellman opened the door, holding his arm out to assist.

I walked towards the grandiose double doors and saw his ginger hair just off to the side. He saw me and immediately dropped his thin cigarette, taking long strides to reach me.

He greeted me with an impish smile and a kiss on the cheek. “Good Evening. You look beautiful.”

He was slender and taller than I had expected, and his arms seemed strong and toned. He wore a well-tailored dark green suit overtop black buttoned silk – no tie. And his hair was still tousled without looking too formal.

We entered into dark mood lighting, and Tony spoke softly to the hostess who sped off to check on the table.

Tony pulled me to the side of the lobby and pulled out a shimmery, velvet box.

“Tonight, we’re meeting Dr. Lawkins and his wife, Marie. No wait. Christina? No that was the last one. Darla, I think? Well, just listen closely at the introductions.”

He glanced around my shoulder, examining the newest arrivals. When he confirmed it wasn’t them, he turned back to me.

“Ed is a longtime friend and colleague of mine. We’ll be chatting about boring business things, so no pressure to join the conversation. I mean, if you feel the urge to comment,” he laughed. “But I very much doubt that it’ll interest you. Doesn’t even interest me.”

He held up the velvet box and opened the lid. Even in the dim light, the necklace glistened brilliantly. It was modern and sleek, and each individual diamond sparkled clear and crisp.

He smiled at my fascination. “Which is why I brought you a gift. Something to make the dinner a little less painful.”

I turned around at his request, and he draped the glamorous stones down my collarbone. I gently pulled my hair to one side.

I could feel his warm breath on me, right behind my left ear. He fitted the clasp and pressed his lips against my neck, softly kissing. His lips felt warm and just a little damp. I smiled involuntarily and closed my eyes…

Dr. Lawkins, and his newest wife, Daisy — not Darla — graciously greeted us, just as the hostess approached to escort us to our table.

As we walked through the restaurant, my senses struggled to take in all the luxury.

Glimmering chandeliers decorated every inch of the ceiling.

White, linen tablecloths covered with gold utensils and crystal wine glasses dotted the room. They were spaced sporadically among the thick, marble pillars that allowed for dining intimacy.

Delicate jazz played softly güvenilir bahis from a live band in the corner, and a quiet chatter permeated the high ceilings and tall, tinted windows.

But the smells distracted me the most. Fresh bread, warm spices, pungent cheeses, smoky meats… all mixed with sweet, clove cigars and expensive perfumes.

We were led to a private room where a lone table set for four acted as centerpiece. The back wall was a quiet, trickling waterfall, and the sheer partition wall closed completely, leaving the four of us and two silent servers fully isolated.

Tony and Dr. Lawkins spoke animatedly, as two close friends would. Daisy remained silent, but smiled politely at me periodically. No words or acknowledgement was directed at the servers as they approached the table and poured water and sparkling wine.

Before long, small plates with elaborate displays of food began to crowd the table. A charcuterie board with cheese and fresh honeycomb, escargot covered with black caviar, foie gras adorned with green garnish.

The night passed in an expensive blur.

Dizzy from the decadent food and lavish champagne, Tony held my arm as we said goodbye to our dinner guests.

He led me to a long SUV — a unique deep violet color. “Everyone and their butler has a black car. I like to stand out a little.” Tony chuckled.

A suited driver stood by the back door, opening it as we approached and closing it as we slid into the leather seats. The dark-tinted windows and privacy screen gave us complete seclusion. It was spacious and clean. The surrounding speakers churned out quiet, classical piano as the driver began the commute.

Tony poured two glasses of champagne from a bottle resting on ice. He handed one to me and prompted a simple clink before we sipped.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” He rested his hand on my thigh, turning to face me.

I nodded, and just barely parted my legs, unsure if he would even notice the slight move.

But he noticed. And he responded by sliding his hand up my dress a few inches.

I wet my lips, bringing my eyes to directly meet his. “The food was amazing. I enjoyed the company as well.”

“Wasn’t too boring?”

I shrugged. “It was very boring. But the food and the decor — and especially my diamonds…” I unconsciously touched the gems “… they kept me entertained.”

He smiled at me and set down his glass. He admired the necklace, letting his fingertips move over each stone. “They aren’t nearly as pretty as you.”

His hand caressed my collarbone and followed the curve of my chest, gently brushing over my nipple. He circled around and cupped my breast over my dress, giving it a soft squeeze.

The thin fabric of my slip dress coupled with no bra prompted my hard nipples to poke through. Tony stroked them, smiling, his eyes still focused on my eyes.

I squirmed and shivered. Softly and rhythmically, his thumb rubbed over my nipple again and again creating a deep warmth in between my legs. His other hand slowly moved up my dress until the tip of his fingers just barely grazed over my opening. I could feel wetness slipping out of my lower lips already… dripping into my silk underwear.

With two fingers, he gently traced a figure 8 over my wet underwear, moving up to my clit and circling down and around my gushing opening. He went back and forth without any respite, slowly and deliberately.

“Now, Lady.” He said as his fingers continued on my nipple and pussy. “This is our first date. And I like to get to know my accompaniments.”

I tried to keep my head focused as I listened, but it was so hard to think of anything other than his restless fingers.

“You’re my first accompaniment.” I choked out.

“I know.” He smiled at my obvious torture. “It didn’t escape me that I’ve had this honor of being first to… experience you.”

He stopped and brought both hands to my shoulders. He delicately lowered the straps and let my dress slip down my torso. My naked breasts jiggled with each slight bump in the road.

His eyes stared hungrily at them. “So far, you have not disappointed.”

He leaned his body down and kissed my breast wetly, leaving a ring of saliva.

He placed his hand back, on my bare breast this time, and returned to making circles around my nipple, letting the spit help his thumb glide. I clenched my pussy tightly — my breath coming in sharp gasps — as I tried to keep composed.

“And as stunning as you are, I’m a man of… well at least little bit of substance.” He laughed at his own insult. “And I like to know more than just how great you can suck cock.”

He leaned back over and kissed my other breast, his other hand following suit. He let both thumbs glide with saliva over my nipples, around and around, until I had to open my mouth to get enough air.

I gently moaned. “What do you want to know?” Barely able to get the words out.

He smiled. “Three questions. Think you can get through that?”

I nodded.

“Question one.” He looked closely at me. Our eyes türkçe bahis focused on each other while his hands worked on my breasts. “What is your dream destination to visit?”

I tried to sort through my thoughts. All I could think about was his thumbs moving over my nipples. As we encountered a bumpier road, he let his hands cup each breast… feeling my soft flesh bounce and jiggle in his palms.

I stuttered, but choked out my answer. “Iceland.”

“Why?” He prompted.

“Does that count as one of the questions?” I responded.

He smiled and moved one hand back to my thigh. “Fair.”

His hand slid up my skirt and tunneled beneath my underwear. It was so wet, his fingers slipped into me immediately. He moved his two fingers in more… slowly up to his knuckles…

… and slowly pulled them back out.

He reversed again and began to slide them back in. “Question two.” Slowly, back out.

In and out at a steady pace.

I bit my lower lip, trying not to moan audibly.

“What scares you the most?” He asked.

“A slightly jarring question at this time.” I gasped out, as he continued to slide his fingers. His thumb still brushing over my nipple.

I slowed my gasps, concentrating on breathing in and then breathing out. Trying to force my body to stay neutral to his touch.

He shrugged, a half smile on his freckled face. “You already seem pretty on edge.”

I couldn’t help it. He sped up the pace of his fingers just barely, and I whimpered out loud.

“Better hurry up and answer.” His pace sped up a little bit more.

I didn’t really think about it before my lips spit out the words. “Wasting time.”

“Interesting.” He smiled. He picked up the pace even more.

In and out, his fingers slid… faster, but still steady. My breathing sped up to match. I could feel waves of excitement begin to wash over me. A sign that I was nearing the edge.

He kissed my neck, both hands still moving. My nipple felt raw from his touch, but I didn’t care.

His fingers in my pussy were dripping with juices. Each twinge of euphoria started at my wet nipple and rippled out to my limbs. The feeling would concentrate deep in between my legs… and every other second, with meticulous precision, his fingertips would tap that deep, inner location.

I moaned, unable to control it.

“Last question.” He said, an animated grin on his face. He leaned forward, his lips grazing my lips.

He increased his speed again. Moving in and out of my sopping pussy …


and again.

…and again.

“Are you ready?” He whispered, his lips kissed mine with each word.

I closed my eyes, trying to listen.

“What do you care about most?” He asked quietly.

At that moment, his thumb began circles on my clit, but his two wet fingers didn’t slow down. His hands felt like magic… like it was more than ten fingers. The pressure on my clit… circles around my nipple… the slide of his wet fingers in and out.

Every move was repetitive and rhythmic… again and again. Fast and constant enough to push me to the edge of the cliff… but not fast enough to knock me over.

My breaths came in sighs, my heart racing. I began to peak again… the familiar satisfying twinge spread throughout my lower stomach… so strong that I let out a vocal groan.

“Don’t think. Just answer.” He touched his lips on mine, letting our lips rest on each others’ as he continued the movements.

“Please…” I begged. “Just a little faster.”

“Answer the question.” Just as the peak began to calm, he sped up again.

In and out, dripping all over his leather seats. I began my ascent again, but this time stronger and closer to the finish.

I toppled over a satisfying wave, moaning audibly… forgetting I was in a moving car. Forgetting the driver just a few feet from us.

His fingers didn’t stop. “Answer the question.” He said again.

“I don’t know.” I admitted, followed by another moan. “Please…. I don’t…”

“Don’t think.” He slid his wet fingers all the way out and ripped my underwear down to my ankles.

Moving quicker now, he inserted his fingers back into me… just barely inside me… before pulling them back out. Teasing me.

Again. Just the very tips of his fingers slipping inside.

And again. I could feel him brush my pussy lips to either side and hear the sloppy wetness. He continued these quick and shallow pumps. Focusing the sensation on the rim of my opening.

“Answer.” He said quietly. “And then cum. I want to feel you clench.”

I gripped the edge of the car’s seats… spreading my legs further, wiling his fingers to bring me over the edge.

He kissed me delicately and whispered in my ear. “What do you care about most?”

I moaned loudly and involuntarily. “Me.” I heard myself admit.

He slipped another finger into my pussy and slid all three up to his knuckles. I spilled over the edge, my pussy squeezing his fingers with each wave.

He pressed his body against güvenilir bahis siteleri me, his face against mine… riding each wave of my climax along with me. He sighed as he gently rotated his fingers, feeling my inner walls continue to constrict with each spasm.

My blurry eyes began to clear as I felt him slowly slide his fingers out of me.

“I’ve never been touched like that.” I admitted, my heartbeat still racing. “The questions…”

He shrugged. “I found it’s the best way to get the most honest answers.” He pressed his lips against mine, pausing there to feel my still trembling breathing. “Iceland?” He whispered.

A gentle tap on the window alerted us that we had arrived. I quickly slipped my soaked underwear into my clutch.


Tony’s building was bright, and the lobby was filled with modern sculptures and abstract art. A polite attendant welcomed us and called the private elevator, opening the rope barrier to allow us access.

We rode to the penthouse on the 65th floor.

The apartment was beautiful with tall windows stretched along one wall, reaching up to the twelve foot ceilings, and displaying a full view of the glowing city below us. The surrounding buildings stood a few stories lower. I felt like a god in the clouds.

The room was adorned with comfortable furniture in whites and beiges with a thick rug and leather sofas. Metal accents broke up the clean color scheme.

A modern staircase with floating steps and brass railings stood in one corner and a full bar with liquors and wines sat opposite.

Tony poured himself a drink, before motioning at a closed door. “Through there; you can use my shower to clean up.”

I thanked him and entered a lush bedroom. In this room, the ceilings were lower and the color scheme darker. Rich, navy blue bedding matched a large abstract painting in the center of the far wall, and thick grey curtains hung over the windows, blocking out the city.

It felt inviting and comfortable, but this new level of luxury was shocking.

I thought about the studio apartment I had moved out of just a few days ago. It felt like years ago now. A lifetime ago.

The bathroom was open and white. Double marble sinks faced the glass entrance to a spacious shower room.

I slipped out of my dress. I thought about Tony ripping my underwear off in the car. The soaking panties now sitting in my clutch. I folded my dress and laid it on the sink.

I piled my hair on my head and secured it with an elastic before removing the diamonds from around my neck and carefully placing the expensive gift on top of my dress.

I entered the shower, fiddling with several knobs. Multiple shower heads churned out warm, sweet water. A lavender aroma spread throughout the steam.

A narrow shelf filled with glass bottles and organic soaps hung beside a small shower bench.

It was warm and comfortable, and my skin felt smooth and soft in the steam.

I gently rubbed between my legs, washing away the juices from our time in the backseat of his car. I cleaned his spit off of my nipples, taking slower strokes. My body aroused remembering his touch between my legs. His thumbs on my nipples.

I heard a gentle tap on the steamy, glass door.

“Do you need help?” Tony asked. I couldn’t see him, but I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Maybe.” I replied.

The door opened. He entered the shower, and his tousled red hair flattened immediately with the steam. He was completely naked, and his cock just slightly hard. It slowly began to perk up more when he saw me, with warm water droplets slipping off my breasts and drizzling down between my hips.

He walked into the water, combing his wet hair back out of his face. Light beads of water pilled at his eyebrows and eyelashes.

He pressed his body against my back. He was hard now; I could feel his cock pushing against my ass.

His hands gently stroked my sides, feeling the curves of my ribs and then waist and then hips.

The shower’s water acted as a lubricant, allowing our skin to glide like a melting ice cube. His hands wrapped around me, holding my slick body in his embrace.

He gripped my breasts, one in each hand, and massaged… letting his fingers take turns to caress my nipples. The water allowing them to glide smoothly. And as each finger passed over, my nipple bounced back… standing erect on my chest.

He kissed my bare neck. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. Even my colleague was enamored by you.”

The head of his cock slipped between my wet thighs. Without entering me, he slid himself back and forth. Rubbing himself between my ass cheeks and then between my pussy lips. Back and forth, forcing my body into arousal.

I arched my back to allow an easier entrance into my pussy, but he continued this movement. Teasing the rim of my opening and my pulsating lower lips, but not giving it to me yet.

“Your answers intrigued me.” He said.

*My mind jumped to the leather backseats of his car. The way he had dangled the orgasm right in front of me as he asked questions.*

I reached my hands back, resting them on his outer thighs as he continued to insert himself between my legs… just rubbing without penetration. Teasing without satisfaction.

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