Lakehouse Ch. 01

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Jim and Megan got invited to their friend Sally’s Lake house for the long weekend. They had been there before, but this was the first time without Ken who was Sally’s husband who passed away 6 months prior.

They did some boating and hung out at the same places where they all used to hang out as couples. Sally was trying to adjust to life without Ken who had passed away from a bad car accident 6 months prior. Megan felt they needed to give her best friend support, so they came up for the weekend.

This was the first time they had been back at the Lake House in over a year. On the last day of the trip, the drinking started early. They were out on the Lake much of the day and Megan and Sally spent a lot of time talking so Jim felt like a third wheel part of the day. He noticed Sally and Megan were both drinking a lot and it was nice to see Sally smiling a lot. She had been up at the Lake for the past couple of weeks by herself and one thing Jim noticed was that she had an incredible tan and she looked really fit. One time when she went in for a dip she came back out of the water and her nipples were rock hard and she adjusted her suit right in front of Jim and he could see the tan lines on her ass, and he was practically drooling at the sight. He looked up to make sure Megan did not see him checking her out.

They were out on the boat a good deal of the day so by the time they got back to the house in the late afternoon everyone was feeling the effects of the Sun and liquor. They all took showers and hung out around the back patio until the sun starting to go down. Megan said she was going to take a 10 -minute nap and be back shortly.

“So, Megan is out for a nap” Sally asked.

“I think she is down for the count,” Jim replied.

“How are you doing Sally?” Jim asked.

“You mean outside of lonely and lost?” Sally said.

She looked Jim in the eye with a long stare that Jim did not know how to respond. She had deep brown eyes and Jim had always had a strong attraction to Sally. She looked 10 years younger than her age and with the healthy tan she never looked better. They had never really spent any time because it was always the two guys and the girls, so they never spent much one on one time alone. Her eyes under the flickering glow of the lantern and the combination of a lot to drink made him pause for a second as he tried not to read into her stare.

“You are going to be ok.” Jim said.

Sally rested her hand on Jim’s hand as she leaned forward in her chair.

“Thanks for saying that. It’s really sweet of you.” Sally said.

She kissed Jim on the cheek and tilted her head to rest on Jim’s cheek. She wasn’t taking her head away until she finally tilted her head and began to give Jim a long sensual kiss. Jim kissed her back and they made out like teenagers for a few minutes until Jim pulled away.

“I think maybe it’s time to see what else there is to eat,” he said.

Jim got up and went into the kitchen and a few minutes later Sally followed. Jim was drinking a glass of water and Sally came up behind him and hugged him. When Jim turned around, he noticed she had unbuttoned her shirt just enough to show her cleavage and tan lines.

“Jim, I know I am a horrible person and extremely istanbul travesti drunk and you guys are great friends but how about just lying down with me and hugging me because it’s been so long. It won’t go anywhere. Megan wouldn’t mind that would she? Sally asked. I haven’t felt a man’s arms around me forever it seems.” Sally said.

“You know that it’s not a good idea.” Jim said.

Sally looked at him seductively and went to her bedroom but whispered to Jim first.

“I know something you don’t know, ha, ha!” she said playfully.

Jim went back outside and was sitting in an Adirondack chair and sipping his wine and hoping Sally would pass out. Ten minutes later the light went on in her bedroom and Sally pulled open the curtains from the sliding glass doors and she was standing at the window with her silk nightshirt unbuttoned and her tits exposed. Jim shook his head back and forth basically saying no to Sally. Jim looked away and he struggled as the kiss itself had been so erotic and he wanted to follow through even though his wife was sleeping in the other room.

There was a tap at the window again and this time Sally was holding a pair of pantyhose with her left hand, and she began rubbing them on her tits with her right hand. Once Jim saw this, he knew Sally had deliberately planned this. As he gazed over, she made sure he was looking and then she started to put the pantyhose on one leg at a time, slowly pushing her toes into the feet of the nylons and caressing her legs every inch as she slid them up both legs and pulled them up around her waist and ass. He watched as she took both hands and slid them up her thighs to her crotch where she reached her hand to slowly massage her pussy area.

Jim in his inebriated state started to panic. This was his weakness. How did she know? This was supposed to be between him and Megan. A private little secret that was never to get out as it was supposed to stay between them. Jim was torn between the embarrassment that Sally knew about his fetish and trying to rationalize that this was really happening. He closed his eyes put his head down and tried to think while the visual stimulation was sending millions of signals to his brain. He had fantasized about something like this but did not believe it was something that would ever really happen. Not to him, not now with his wife in the bedroom next door. He looked back at the door. Sally was not standing there, and he wondered if he should go in or was, she going to come out.

A few minutes later another tap at the window and there she appeared again holding another pair of pantyhose in her hand and seductively calling him in with her index finger inviting him in. Jim now knew Megan really spilled the beans and he was upset with her and yet his sex drive was taking over his rational side. Jim walked over to the door and Sally slid the door open just enough to kick her leg out in front of her

“Just touch my leg, Jim. I know you want to feel them.” she said.

Sally’s legs were long, tan, and the nylon was making them glisten from the lights outside and they looked stunning. Jim was truly torn but as soon as he was close to her legs, he grabbed her foot and started sliding his hand around her foot and travesti istanbul began messaging her toes, her feet, her calf, and thighs. That was it. His sex drive took over and his cock came to attention and any chance of thinking rationally was out the window. As the door slid open further Jim was now in her bedroom and Sally guided him up against the wall.

“Look Sally, I don’t think I can do this.” Jim said.

“Jim, I told you I just want you to hold me as she advanced toward him, then began to unbutton his shirt.

“I just need to be close and feel you and I thought this would be a way to get to you.” Sally said.

“You are just looking for a warm body?” Jim asked.

“No Jim, not at all. Sally responded.

She was standing there with these beautiful tan tits, and she told Jim about her conversation with Megan.

“Megan kind of spilled the beans awhile ago. She told me about your fetish and at first, I didn’t get it, but I had a couple of nights in bed thinking about it and I think it’s hot and erotic. I haven’t worn pantyhose since Catholic school, but she told me about these expensive ones I heard you like so I bought some and I like the way they feel and look,” said Sally as she rubbed her thighs.

Megan tolerated his fetish and even indulged but she never really seemed to embrace it so having another woman telling him this was truly beyond a dream. It couldn’t be real. Things like this just don’t happen in real life he thought to himself in his still semi- inebriated state.

Meanwhile Sally continued to pull Jim’s shirt off and his pants and underwear. She handed him the pair of pantyhose she had been holding.

“Put these on for me.” Sally said.

Jim no longer cared if she judged him as he was no longer thinking about tomorrow morning or anything else but sliding the pantyhose up around his legs, his balls and cock. The pre-cum was oozing and Sally was clearly turned on and intrigued as she watched him put them on.

Sally continued to move her hands seductively inside her thighs and over her crotch.

Sally pulled the covers off the bed and she laid down and again used her index finger to invite him over.

“I want you to show me why this turns you on.” Sally said.

She first rubbed his thighs and then a little further up his legs, but she did not stroke his cock. He first gave her feet a little massage and turned her over on her stomach. He massaged the back of her thighs and her tight ass. Jim then laid on top of her and she could feel his cock on her ass as he slowly slid back and forth over her crack.

He then turned her to the side and rubbed his leg up and down so that his legs were inside hers and they spooned slowly moving their legs up and down. The gentle swishing sound and nylon on nylon went on for a while, with each bringing their knees up and gently stroking each other’s crotch area with their intertwined legs. Her pussy was oozing as much as Jim’s wet pre cum.

She stroked the inside of his legs and got a little closer to his cock.

“Someone is getting awfully wet.” She stated.

Her hand was wet from his pre-cum and she did lick her hands and looked at Jim. She then sat in front of him so that his cock was touching her pussy istanbul travestileri as she wrapped her legs around him. She knew they were at the point where it had already crossed the line and she knew if she didn’t stop it now, they would end up fucking and she wasn’t ready to face Megan.

She then slid onto her side and asked Jim to just spoon her from the side, and he did by resting his hard cock against her ass. He wanted more than anything to reach forward and begin rubbing her pussy but as she felt his hand sliding toward her crotch she asked if he could just lay against her. His cock was oozing but he also wasn’t sure what to do. After a few minutes, she pushed Jim onto the bed, and she slowly slid her nylon covered legs all the way down the front of Jim until she was off the bed.

“By the way, I think your little fetish is hot and Megan doesn’t know what she is missing if she can’t get into it, but I am going to work on her. Don’t worry, tonight is our little secret and it will give me something to fantasize about while I lay in bed at night”. Sally said.

Jim was now horny as hell, confused, and not sure what to do.

“You better leave, or we both know what will happen next.” She stated.

“Talk about a tease. What am I supposed to do now? You get me all horny and now this is where it stops?” Jim asked.

“Jim, I want you to know it meant a lot to me.” She said as she gave him a long kiss.

JIM grabbed his clothes and walked toward the door where Sally gently slapped his ass and reached under his ass and gently stroked is balls and said you better give me your wet stained pantyhose back. Jim took off the pantyhose and tossed them over to SALLY.

His cock was still at full attention as he went into the bathroom. As much as he wanted Sally to finish him off, he had to do it himself. He went into the bathroom, closed his eyes, and started to flashback to the last twenty minutes, and he barely touched his cock before it exploded. He got dressed went in and laid next to Megan who was out cold. Jim laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling not knowing what tomorrow might bring.

Sally laid in her bed still feeling the wetness from Jim and herself and she reached inside her drawer and grabbed a vibrator. One stroke over her pantyhose and they were dripping. She rubbed her silky legs all the way up to the inside of her crotch. All she had to do was touch her pussy with one more stroke and she came to an orgasm that she hadn’t felt in many months.

The next morning Sally walked out of her room and Megan was already having coffee and she asked Sally what time she passed out. Sally said early and said it was a long day. A few minutes later Jim came into the room and surveyed the room to make sure he was not in trouble. The two girls were talking, and all seemed fine. They all ate breakfast together and when Megan got up at one point to go to the bathroom Sally leaned over to Jim.

“I am sorry I put you in that situation and I’m not. I want you to know last night was such a turn on I won’t forget it. For now, it was just a friend comforting a friend. With a twist.” Sally winked.

In came Megan and she said they really should be hitting the road.

Later that day when Jim got home and was unpacking his bag, he noticed the pantyhose he had worn the night before with a little note saying to keep these handy for the next time. Somehow Sally must have slipped them into his bag when they were loading up the car. He knew this was not the end of this.

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