Lanni’s Birthday Ch. 04

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Lanni walked quickly to the Locker Room next to gym to get ready for her Phys. Ed. Class. She hated this part of the day. She didn’t mind getting undressed in front of the other girls. They always cast envious eyes at Lanni’s luscious body. What she hated was the hideous, old fashioned one piece exercise outfit that all the girls were made to wear. She pulled out the offensive outfit and eyed it critically. There had to be something she could do with it.

Little Nellie Clearblood had the locker next to Lanni. She was sitting on the bench not moving. Little Nellie was called Little Nellie because she was absolutely tiny. All her clothes hung on her and she always looked like a strong breeze could knock her over.

Lanni noticed the frown on Little Nellie’s face. Her arms wrapped around her tiny body, tightly. “Hey, Nellie.” Lanni greeted. “Are you ok?”

Little Nellie groaned and tipped over on the bench. “I feel like crap.” Nellie said.

Lanni kneeled in front of her. “You don’t look, too good. You should go to see the nurse. You want me to go get Coach Kemp for you?”

Coach Kemp was already coming through the aisles. “All right, Lanni, get dressed, I’ve got Nellie.” She said this in her best stern coach voice. “Let’s go Clearblood. Let’s get you to the nurse.” Coach Kemp was a really tough task master but she was gentle as she help Little Nellie to her feet. “OK ladies, back to business. Nothing to see here. I want to see all of you out on the field running laps by the time I get back!”

She kept shouting orders as she help Nellie out of the Locker Room.

Lanni grumbled as she started sliding the obnoxious outfit over her smooth, curvy body. At the corner of her eye, Lanni noticed Nellie’s locker was open and her tiny gym uniform was neatly folded in there. A great idea started to form in Lanni blond head. She took Nellie’s uniform out and smirked. She didn’t think Nellie would mind if she borrowed it. As long as she laundered it and put it neatly back into her locker.

Lanni struggled with the tiny ugly one piece. The butt seam rode deeply into her ass cheeks and the front seam gave her a very noticeable camel toe. She managed to get the arm sleeves over her shoulders but it was a wish and a prayer that would get the front zipper to get even half closed. She pushed and struggled to get her massive tits to fit in the impossibly small uniform.

Some of her locker mates were watching her. Some of them were sniggering, while others shook their heads in disgust. Deena trotted over from the other side of the locker room already in her uniform. “Lanni!” She squealed. “What the hell are you doing?” She started to giggle. “You Escort Bayan are never going to get away with that outfit.” But she went over and started to mash Lanni’s jugs and tried to raise the impossible zipper another couple of centimeters.

The rest of the girls started to move out of the Locker Room as Deena and Lanni struggled. Finally, Deena gave up. “I think that’s the best we can do. I don’t know girl” Deena eyed her critically. “That thing is gonna bust every seam if you even try to take a deep breath.”

Lanni giggled and they both headed out to the field. Most of the girls were already slowly jogging around the track by the time Lanni and Deena strolled over. Deena started a slow trot. “Come on, Lanni. Coach will have a fit if we’re not at least half way around by the time she gets back.”

Lanni crinkled her nose. “I don’t think I can run in this thing, Deena.” She tugged futilely at the crotch seam digging into her puffy cunt. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” All the seams started to dig into all the wrong places.

“Lanni Franklin!” Someone bellowed from across the field.

Lanni whirled and saw Coach Mayer charging across the field. He was the boys gym teacher and the football coach. Had to be at least 6 foot 4 and 250 lbs. He got to her faster than she could think.

“What the hell, do you think you’re doing, young lady?!” His giant hands grabbed her by the arm and started dragging her back to the locker room. Lanni heard and felt the super tight uniform pop some of its seams. “Do you have any idea the spectacle you’re causing?! I should have you suspended!” He kept yelling as he pulled her from the field.

Lanni wasn’t sure where he was taking her but she knew it couldn’t be good. Would he take her to the principle. Lanni started to think that maybe she went a little too far this time.

Coach Mayer dragged her past the girl’s Locker room door and kept pulling her along, until they came to the weight room. He unlocked the door and pushed her inside. Lanni staggered to keep herself upright as she stumbled into the room. She whirled and saw Coach Mayer locking the weight room door.

He turned slowly, “Happy birthday, Lanni Franklin.” he crooned in his deep bass voice. “I’m thinking I’m about to be the one who gets the presents.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her and with one lung grabbed the front of her skin tight top and ripped it straight down. Her giant tits burst out and jiggled their freedom.

Coach Mayer’s eyes gleamed and he licked his lips. “Well, don’t you look, just too delicious.” He grabbed her shoulders and pressed his face into her deep, soft cleavage. He licked and sucked her Ankara Escort flesh until he clasped one of her thick, plump nipples between his lips.

A groan came from deep inside of Lanni’s throat. “Oh, Coach Mayer! That feels sooo good.” She clasped her fingers into his hair and tried to press his face closer to her.

This time a deep rumble came from Coach Mayer. He leaned away from her, easily breaking her hold on his hair. “I gotta see the rest of you honey.”

He pressed her roughly onto one of the weight benches. He grasped her ankles and lifted her legs up and apart so he could look at her juicy, liquid center. Her naked, thick pussy lips parted to reveal her plump red inner lips that opened and curled back to reveal her soft inner core. Shining liquid poured out and oozed down the crack of her ass to highlight the end of the red butt plug that was still safely lodged in her asshole.

“Little girl! You are one surprise after another.” He licked his lips and pressed his mouth to her oozing cunt.

Lanni’s squeal of glee echoed around the weight room. She was in absolute heaven. Coach Mayer’s large hands pressed her thighs as far back onto her hips as they could possibly go. Coach lapped, slurped and paid homage to every inch of Lanni’s throbbing pussy.

“Grab your knees, Little Bit, I need both hands for the plans I have for you.” He ordered.

Lanny grabbed her knees and pulled them as far up as she could. She felt like a wishbone. “Make a wish!” she giggled.

Coach Mayer plunged two thick fingers into her tight hole and curled his fingers, searching for her G spot, his lips sucked in her throbbing, plump clit. Lanni thought she was going to faint. “GeeeAAhaaaad! Right there! Yesssss…..” She screamed. She tried to hump her hips but his strong fingers kept her pinned to the weight bench.

The final straw was when he started to pull the butt plug out…very slowly. Lanni’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her orgasm crash over her. “FUCK!” was all she could yell, over and over again. Lanni’s tits bounced and wobbled on her chest as a 10 point earthquake rocked her body. They smacked her in the face as she bucked and writhed on the weight bench. Cum squirted out of her clenching hole and drenched Coach Mayer’s slurping face.

Coach finally stopped licking, “Ah, food of the gods.” He smacked his lips. “Now it’s my turn.”

Weak from her glorious cum, Lanni let go of her legs. Soon she felt Coach Mayer straddle her chest. She looked up and right in front of her face was his dick. And it was a doozey. It probably wasn’t as big as her father’s but it was thick and veiny with a dark purple Ankara Escort Bayan mushroom head that was dripping precum on her face.

He dragged the burning cock over her face, smearing precum as he went. Then he pressed his large hairy balls to her face and then dragged them over her nose and lips. “Suck my cum filled balls, slut.”

Lanni tried to suck one large ball into her mouth but all she could do was lick and bite the hairy sacks. Coach stroked his pud while wiping his balls up and down her beautiful face. With a swift swipe, Lanni slipped her tongue down to his hairy ass hole, making him groan and press down, almost smothering her. “Uh! Dirty girl!”

He sat on her face for a couple of seconds before climbing off her. “Fuck me! I got to get inside that cunt.”

Once again he spread her legs out like a wishbone and without further ado sunk his rock hard fuck stick deep into Lanni’s eager hole. Lanni’s scream bounced off of the wall of the weight room. Her body vibrated with a continuous orgasm that made her eyes roll back into her head, a low moan escaping from deep in her chest.

Coach pumped his hard hairy ass up and down, punishing Lanni’s tender pussy, causing squashing, slapping noises to ring out. He grunted, panted and gasped as he buried his thick tool into her tight heat one last time, blasting his thick cream into it until is spurted out of her over stuffed quim.

Finally the coach collapsed on top of Lanni’s spent body. He was far to heavy for her and breath came out with a whoosh from his dead weight.

“Coach!” Lanni gasped. “Coach Mayer….” Pant! With all her might she shoved him off of her. His unconscious body dropped to the mat and he rolled onto his back, his flaccid, dripping cock laid heavily on his thigh.

Lanni panicked for just a moment. “Coach! Are you dead?!”

She struggled to get her exhausted body off of the bench and landed on her knees beside the coach. A contented snore came from the coach’s throat and he had a slight smile on his lips. She finally relaxed when she heard the growling sound.

Lanni stood up on shaky legs and looked around from something to clean and cover up with. There wasn’t much around so she put on the coach’s too large shirt that covered her almost to her knees.

Creeping quietly back to the locker room, Lanni showered and redressed just as the rest of the girls started to get back from gym class.

Deena rushed over just as Lanni was putting her fuck me pumps back on. “Lanni! What the hell happened? I thought Coach Mayer took you to the office?” Deena hopped up and down with worry.

Lanni gave her a sly sideways glance, “Oh, Deena, you shouldn’t have worried. Coach Mayer really is a sweetheart.” With that she swiped two fingers between her pussy lips and slipped them into Deena’s mouth.

Lanni turned and walked away to lunch, swishing her tight bubble butt. “Sweet.” she chuckled licking her fingers.

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