Lara’s Favor

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Bill was going through the local state university newspaper, looking for an article written by one of his best friends who went there, and suddenly saw a name he recognized. But it wasn’t his friend’s name. It was the name of someone he went to school with four years ago, before he moved away. He used to be in band with her, and they were both drummers. He remembered that he had the biggest crush on her back then, their freshman year of high school. He remembered how kind she had been, and knew he might have a solution to his problem. So he sent Lara a message on facebook:

“Hi, Lara! I hope you remember me. I was reading your school’s newspaper, and saw your name. I was so surprised to find that we go to colleges near each other. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, and I was hoping we could spend a few hours together some afternoon, catching up with each other’s lives. I understand if you don’t want to do so, but please respond with your answer.

P.S. I have a favor to ask of you if we do end up spending the time together – I just wanted to let you know now.”

He waited, hoping with every fiber of his being that she would come. She replied the next day, saying:

“I remember you! Yes, of course we can meet! I don’t know what favor you need to ask of me, but I guess I can try to help. I am free next Saturday at 2, how about we meet by the train at centennial park?”

He sent her a message telling her he could come.


Saturday afternoon, he got there at around 1:40 or so, and stood near the train. She arrived at 10 till 2, looking beautiful as always. Her lovely hair was fanning out in the slight breeze, and she wore a slight smile that he remembered so well from four years before. She wore that green snoopy shirt he remembered, as well as slim jeans that fit her long legs nicely. She also wore flip-flops, due to it being a wonderful fall day. They took a walk around the pond and talked, catching up with each other. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and once gave him a slight hug that made his cock twitch slightly. He would glance at her breasts and jeans occasionally. She had really grown into a beautiful young woman.

After about a half-hour, she led him to a picnic table and they sat down. She asked him, “So what is this favor you needed to ask? I hope it’s not illegal.” He gave a nervous smile and said, “No, it’s not illegal. I’m not that kind of guy. No…it’s hard to explain. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about it.”

She put her hand on his and said softly, “What is it? I’ll help if I can.” He looked at her, “You might want to hold off on any promises.” He took a deep breath. “Ok, here it is. I have admired you for a while now. I was enamored with you in middle and high school, as I am sure you remember.”

Lara laughed. “Oh, all that was puppy love. None of us knew what we were doing. Least of all me. You remember how I was too busy chasing after that one guy who didn’t know I existed?” He tried to laugh along, but was too nervous. “I remember him. He was a pretty nice guy, though. Anyway, I haven’t had any more luck with girls since. Probably my nerdiness or something. But I always thought you were, and are, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. The thing is, I have never seen a girl’s body. I’ve never kissed a girl, never held hands with one, barely even seen an upper thigh, to be honest. And I feel like if I don’t see at least one breast, then I might lose control and do a justin timberlake and pull a girl’s shirt down or something.”

That was probably the last thing she expected him to say, but she recovered quickly. “Oh, I doubt you would do that, but I see your point. Can’t you look at porn or something?” She blushed. “I’ve done that a few times. It really helps.”

He was genuinely surprised, “You watch porn? I never took you for the type. No, I can’t watch it. I don’t really like it because it’s all the same and it’s not real anyway. Plus, my school has blockers and I’d get fired from my job if I looked it up at work.”

Lara was very hesitant, but was starting to get a little turned on. “But surely, you’ve seen a nipple slip or something. An upskirt? A see-thru shirt?” He shook his head at all of those. She said, incredulously, “Really? You’re missing out. I’m not a lesbian, but I love seeing a nipple slip or upskirt. It usually turns me on really quickly. But anyway, I kinda know how you feel. I have watched porn, and masturbated to it, but I’ve never seen a naked guy. The frat guys are always too drunk and rude at my college, and I haven’t met the right guy yet, if you know what I mean.”

He was starting to feel a little bolder. “Well, could I have a quick look at your breast? I hate to ask you, and I know I sound like a pervert or something, but I am getting desperate.” She was still hesitating. “Are you sure there’s not another way? I mean, aren’t there sluts at your college?”

“Of course there are.” He replied. “But why would I want them? I don’t know them, and it would look really desperate for me to ask them Konyaaltı Escort – they might tell someone. Plus, the girls there are very low-quality. Not nice at all. Snobs, the whole lot of them. But you….you’re nice, and beautiful, and kind, and not snobby at all.”

She blushed. “If you only knew me. Yes, the boys at my university aren’t great on quality either. But this is completely out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting it when I came here. You’re not trying to seduce me, are you?”

He shook his head. “No, of course not. I’m not that kind of guy.”

Lara felt a little bolder herself. “No, I didn’t think you were, but just checking. Theoretically, if I were to show you one of my tits, what would you give me?”

He looked surprised. “I hadn’t thought about it. What do you want? Cash?” She shook her head. “No, my parents are wealthy, so I don’t need money. How about…” She blushed furiously, slightly ashamed of herself for thinking this. “Can I see your dick? I’ve never seen one, and I think it is a fair trade.”

Shocked, it took him a moment to respond. “Uh…sure. That’s fine. I’m warning you, I’m not very big.” She asked, “Well, how big is ‘not very big’?”

“Not quite six inches,” he said, feeling embarrassed. Her eyes widened. “I wouldn’t call that ‘not very big.’ It’s not huge, but six is more than enough for me.” They both shared a nervous laugh.

Lara sat back, thinking. She had sneaked a glance at his crotch once or twice during their walk, being a normal horny teenage girl. It’s not like she was going to let him fuck her. She also did want to see what a real cock looked like. Maybe he would even let her touch it. That could be fun! Plus, it would give her something to masturbate about that night, which was good. She was getting tired of porn videos. She made up her mind. “Well, I guess it’s a fair trade. Do you want to do it here? It’s somewhat open,” she asked. He quickly said, “No, let’s go back to my car. It’s a little more secluded.”

They walked back in a nervous silence. She didn’t know what to think. A part of her couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this. Another part of her, one that was getting stronger every minute, was anticipating what they were about to do. A few minutes later, they arrived at his car. He, trying to be a gentleman, opened the right rear door for her. As she got in, she kissed him on the cheek. “You are sweet.” He went around and slid into the backseat on her left side.

It was much more cramped in there, and they both looked at each other nervously. He broke the awkward silence. “Well, who goes first?” She said, “I guess we’ll flip a coin. Got one?” He reached into his pocket and handed her a quarter. She took it and said, “Heads, you show me your dick first. Tails, I show you my tit.” She flipped it. Heads. She smiled as he suddenly got more tense. “Come on, Bill. Show me your dick – I am actually looking forward to this. I never thought I’d hear myself say that, but…”

They both laughed nervously and he undid his belt and slid his shorts down to his knees. “No, take them all off,” she said. “If we’re gonna do this, we might as well do it properly. By the way, nice bulge.” She pointed to his slightly hardened cock pushing up against his boxers. He blushed, but looked at her. “Does this mean you are taking your bra completely off?” She looked startled. “Yes, I guess it does. I hadn’t thought about that. Oh well, if you see one tit, you might as well see both.”

He slid his shorts off, and tentatively pulled his boxers down and off. His dick was mostly hard already from the conversation, and he heard a rapid intake of breath from her as his dick was freed.

Lara couldn’t take her eyes off it. “That’s thicker than I thought! And it looks much nicer in real life. Those porn dicks looked all dirty and nasty. But this one looks all clean and…appealing.” Her already red face got redder as she said this.

He started to pull his boxers back on, but she stopped him. “Leave them off. I want to see it for a while longer.” He stopped, surprised yet again. “Well, can I see your tits now? I am sure they are exquisite.”

She looked down into her lap. “Actually, I have small tits. They’ve never been anything special. I don’t know why you want to see them, but I agreed, so here goes…”

Lara slowly reached down and self-consciously pulled her green shirt over her head, revealing a simple pink bra, enclosing two medium-size mounds. The bra wasn’t very low-cut, but it was nice and tight, and he saw some very attractive – if shallow – cleavage. He couldn’t look away from her wonderful chest. She flushed, but hesitantly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall away from her breasts.

He was instantly entranced. Her breasts might be small, but they were perfectly proportioned to her slight frame. Her two white globes were each capped by a small puffy pink nipple, already hard and sticking out. He saw her hands twitch, instinctively wanting to cover herself, but she resisted the temptation. Konyaaltı Escort Bayan He also saw that her gaze was on his cock, and as he looked down at it too, he saw that it was as hard and big as he had ever seen it.

Lara looked back up at him. “I know they’re not very pretty, but…”

He cut her off. “These are beautiful, Lara. I am no expert, but they can’t make them any better than these. They’re much better than my wildest fantasies. They are gorgeous, Lara. Don’t ever think otherwise.”

He looked back up at her face, to see her looking at him with a soft expression. She leaned towards him, and by her unspoken invitation he kissed her for the first time, deeper than he thought possible. As they broke it off, they both sat upright, looking at each other’s exposed flesh.

There was a short and slightly awkward pause. “Now what?” He said finally. She grinned shyly at him. “I don’t know about you, but I am kinda turned on by your dick. Can I touch it?”

That was the last thing he expected her to say. “I guess. But that means I get to feel up your tits.” Her smile flickered, but came back. “I can’t argue with that. But be gentle. They’re really sensitive. Now, let’s see this cock….”

Slowly, Lara reached across and gently put her soft hand on his dick. She closed her fist over his shaft and softly moved it up and down, feeling it. She rolled her thumb over his head, and felt a bit of precum forming there. She massaged it into the head. Then she moved her hand down to his balls, cupping them and inspecting them. She rather liked the feel of having her hand on his dick, because she felt his subtle reactions to her movements, and knew she had a bit of power over him. She put her hand back on his shaft and very slowly moved it up and down.

As Lara felt his dick, Bill reached across and put his right hand on her left breast. It felt wonderful. Nice and firm, but very smooth and soft. She really had perfect tits. He gently caressed it, and rubbed his thumb over her nipple. He could hear her breathing get slightly heavier. He played with her nipple for a while, before switching her her right tit. He did the same to it, and she really seemed to enjoy it. He knew he was enjoying having her hand on his dick, giving him a slow handjob. It made him want to see her pussy, but he didn’t want to push too far. He rubbed her breasts for a bit, loving the feel of them. Eventually he decided to go for it, and if he failed, he still had gotten a handjob and felt up her tits.

Lara really was enjoying herself. She found that his cock was heavier than she had assumed, and it felt almost alive in her hand. As she rubbed it, she felt his hand caress her breast. It initially felt awkward, and she was inclined to pull away, but it started to feel good. Almost as if his hand belonged there, giving loving attention to her breasts that she had been ashamed of for so long. Her arousal was steadily growing, and so was the speed with which she was rubbing his dick.

Bill briefly met her eyes, and they each saw a hint of sexual fire in the other. He cleared his throat. “Not to, uh, stop this, because I am really enjoying it, but I wanted to ask another quick favor.” The corner of her eyes tightened. “You had better not be asking for a fuck right now,” she said warningly.

He shook his head. “No, of course not. It’s just…I’ve never seen a girl’s…vagina…before.” He said haltingly. “I was wondering if I could see your vagina, too.”

Lara sat back, pulling away from his hand. Her tits felt strangely empty without his hand there, but she kept her hand on his dick, absent-mindedly stroking it. She seemed to consider it. He saw that this was a big step for her, so he kept quiet, letting her take her time.

Lara knew that her panties had slowly gotten wetter since she first saw his dick. But this was another thing completely! She hadn’t considered letting someone see her pussy before, except for a few times her freshman year of high school. But she was young and foolish then. Although, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, and, as a little part of her argued, they had come this far, why not go a little farther. Plus, it wasn’t like she was going to fuck him, and it wasn’t like she was getting any action from anyone else. She could feel herself giving in to her sexual desires, but it also felt a little freeing. She was actually enjoying herself, for the most part. Taking off her bra hadn’t been fun, but he was really gracious about it and made her feel beautiful, something that she didn’t feel that often. And now she kind of enjoyed having the warm air on her nipples, and she had definitely enjoyed having his hand there! Well, what could it hurt? But she had to ask something of him in return, to make it fair. What should it be? Her eyes fell on her hand, which was still slowly stroking his cock. It gave her an idea – something she had sometimes thought about doing but had never thought she would. But hey, why not try it while she had the chance? Plus, her girlfriends said that Escort Konyaaltı they enjoyed it a lot.

She looked back up at him, seeing that he was patiently waiting for her to make a decision. That convinced her that she could trust him. She said, with a hint of playfulness in her voice, “I guess you can. But on two conditions: you have to call it a pussy. None of this silly vagina stuff. It makes me feel like you are a doctor wanting to inspect it for STDs or something. Which I don’t have.” They shared a nervous laugh. “And the second thing?” he inquired, not sure what to expect.

Lara hesitated, then steeled her resolve. “You have to let me suck your cock.” She flushed slightly after saying this.

To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He gaped at her until she started laughing at the ridiculous expression on his face. He schooled his face into an impassive expression, hesitant to go this far. But his desires won out. It would feel so good to finally get a blowjob, and from a gorgeous friend as well. He nodded.

Lara flashed a quick smile and slid off her jeans, revealing her slender legs and small matching pink panties. They weren’t skimpy, but they looked perfect on her body. He looked between her legs, but didn’t see any hairs sticking out. She must trim her pussy hairs, he decided. She looked at him one last time, getting her courage up, and then slid her panties down her legs and off her feet.

For the first time, her pussy was on display for someone else to see. He quickly saw that he had been wrong. She didn’t just trim her pussy, she shaved it! As she watched his reaction, she must have seen his surprise, because she said, “I hate having hair down there. It is so itchy and uncomfortable, so I shave often. And it makes me feel more sexy.”

She turned slightly toward him to give him a better view, and he could see that she had nice puffy outer lips, but no hint of her inner lips was visible. It was extremely sexy, and he wished he could kiss it for hours.

Feeling slightly daring, Lara reached down and spread her outer lips, exposing everything to him. He saw that she was pretty wet, and loved the sight of her pretty inner lips inviting him in. It was all he could do to remain where he was.

Lara let him look for a few moments, then let her outer lips obscure her treasures again, and leaned over to put her face near his cock. Her hair fell forward, and he couldn’t see her face, but he felt her lips slowly envelop the head of his cock. She paused for a moment to swirl her tongue around the tip, then took three inches of his cock into her mouth. She went up and down on that, getting used to the feeling of his cock, before adding another inch, then another, then she went all the way to the base of his shaft.

He groaned with pleasure. This must be heaven, he thought. He reached out and brushed her hair out of her face so he could watch her, then put his right hand on her dangling left tit and rubbed it as she went up and down.

Lara was a bit apprehensive as she first put her lips on his cock, but as she took more of it in her mouth, she really started to believe her girlfriends. It was pretty enjoyable, feeling it in her mouth. She couldn’t really identify the taste, but it tasted pretty good. She moved up and down a few times, relishing the feeling of his cock in her mouth. She heard his moans of satisfaction, and felt that she had a lot of power over him like this. She flicked the tip of his cock several times with her tongue, then decided to try for more. As she fit more into her mouth, he moaned louder. She determinedly fit the whole length into her mouth, with the tip of his cock just touching the back of her throat. Wow, it felt nice. She moved up and down, and felt her hair move out of her face, and then suddenly felt his hand on her left tit. She considered pulling away, but it felt so good, she decided not to. As she continued to suck his cock, she felt him getting tenser. After about five minutes, she felt his balls tighten and she immediately moved her mouth off his cock. “Don’t come in my mouth!” she gasped.

He looked like he had to come soon. “Where should I come? On you?” She reached across him and opened his door slightly. “Here, shoot it out there.” She stroked his cock several times, and within a minute or two, he came onto the pavement outside. Stream after stream spurted from his cock. It was by far the most he had ever come. Lara looked amazed. “How on earth did you come that much? Boy, you must be desperate. Don’t you ever masturbate or anything?” He blushed. “Occasionally, but I never could really get into it. It always feels weird. Plus, it takes forever for me to come.”

She laughed and sat back up. They sat there for a minute, his cock glistening. She reached over suddenly and rubbed a little stream of cum that was rolling down his cock onto her finger. She licked her finger and said, “I was wondering what it tasted like. It’s not bad – kinda salty and milky.” They fell silent for a while, his cock slowly going limp. She wasn’t expecting this, and asked, “Do they all do that, or just yours?” He looked at her. “I thought you watched porn?” Her face got red. “I do. Most of what I watch is girl-on-girl, even though I’m not a lesbian. I do watch threesomes occasionally. But all the guys’ cocks are hard in the videos. I guess I thought they always were hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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