Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 10

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

They’d been back from Mexico for several days, but in the heat of getting everything done, they still had not emptied their bags. With Randy at practice, Tanner decided it was a good time to do their laundry. Randy made fun of him, but Tanner enjoyed the whole ritual. Randy wouldn’t be home for a while, so it was a perfect time to go through and get everything back in its place.

He was just starting the first load when a light knock came to their door. When he opened it he was surprised to see a somewhat concerned looking Jenny.

“Hey, Jenny. What’s up?”

She cut her eyes to the yard and then to Tanner. “Could you come help Fred for a minute? He doesn’t seem to be up to his normal routine today.”

Tanner wrinkled his brows. “Of course.” He grabbed a pair of running shoes near the door and yanked them on his feet. He was dressed in a few moments and out the door after a fidgeting Jenny.

Just as she’d said, Fred was out in his precious garden. But rather than working he was sitting still. When they got closer he heard Fred’s labored breathing. He ran the last few feet and knelt beside Fred. He rested his hand on the elderly gentleman and touched his arm, to find it clammy.

“Fred? You okay?”

He slowly turned his head as if it was all he could accomplish. “Just not feeling too well, Tanner. And I have the worst case of indigestion I’ve ever had.”

Tanner patted Fred’s arm and looked over his shoulder at Jenny. “Jenny, call 911. Fred needs to go to the hospital.”


Tanner grabbed Randy tightly when he came into the waiting room.

Randy returned his embrace, and could feel tremors travel through him. They held each other. Tanner pulled strength from his husband and held on desperately. After a few moments he released Randy.

“How’s Fred?” asked Randy.

“They think he’s going to be okay. He had a mild heart attack. They’re checking to see if he needs a stint or something. Jenny’s in with him right now.”

Randy pulled Tanner to the chairs and was soon briefed on the entire story. Tanner could feel the tension knot and tighten in his gut. He kept glancing at the door, wishing Jenny, or someone, would come let them know how Fred was doing. The tension had risen to an unbearable level, when a slender hand lit on his shoulder. He spun, to find Jenny standing beside him with a tired smile on her face.

“Thank you boys for waiting. I really appreciate it. Fred and I don’t have anyone but each other so it was sweet of you to stay.”

“How is he, Jenny?” asked Tanner.

“He’s okay. They’re going to do the dye tests tomorrow to see how much blockage he has. But they think he’ll be fine. No more fried food for him. He’s going to have to learn how to eat better. The fried, fried and fried isn’t going to work anymore.”

Tanner looked at Randy and his eyebrow shot up. “Did you hear that? That’s how you eat. You’re going on the same diet with Fred.”

“Ah, crap,” said Randy.


Randy looked at Tanner, and then at Jenny. Finally he and Fred’s gaze met and a look of resignation passed between them. Their eyes traveled back to the table and saw nothing but vegetables. The lean meat was sliced into small portions, and Fred even had his portion on his plate. Fred’s face became so forlorn that Tanner couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It’s not that bad, Fred. Just a couple of different dishes to try.”

He turned his head to his wife and gave Jenny a pitiful look. “Can’t I have a little gravy for the meat? I mean, it’s turkey.”

“No, sir. Not a chance. Here, try the kale salad Tanner made. It’s really good, and kale is excellent for you.”

He turned his sad gaze to Randy. “This is what you have to look forward to. Tanner will nag you until you break down and do what he wants.” He winked at Randy. “All for a few minutes of marital bliss a few times a week.”

“Fred! You hush,” said Jenny.

Fred fell silent, but the grin on his face as he moved the pile of green around on his plate said he was in no way repentant for his behavior. Jenny ignored her husband and turned to the boys.

“So have you had your interview yet? I know you said you turned in your application for vet school.”

Tanner stuck a fork full of food into his mouth as a way to stall for a few minutes. He was nervous about the interview, which was in fact coming up in a few days. They waited, looking at him as he went through the motions of finishing his food.

After a few moments, Tanner conceded defeat, and swallowed. “It’s Tuesday. At ten.”

“You’ll wow them at State. I’m sure it won’t be any problem,” said Jenny with a smile.

Tanner stirred the food around on his plate. “I hope so. I hate waiting to see if I get into vet school.”

Randy Beylikdüzü escort patted his husband on the shoulder. “It’ll be fine, babe. They’ll let you know in a few weeks don’t they?”

“Yeah, they said before the end of school. That way we can plan better.”

Randy borrowed Tanner’s trick and pushed the food around on his plate while he considered the alternatives. He looked up at Tanner and squeezed one eye shut. “Why don’t we go see your folks next weekend. That way you can chill out a little.”

Tanner sighed and then rolled his shoulders. “That sounds like a good idea.”


Tanner stretched as the pleasant breeze dried the sweat from his torso. The weekend at his parent’s home had helped him relax, just like Randy had hoped. His parents and sister had taken an afternoon trip to Ardmore, and Tanner had volunteered himself and Randy to get the hay barn ready for this years haying. The work was hot and sweaty, but the spring weather was actually not bad. Unlike the weather they’d have to endure to load the barns this summer. A metal building and one-hundred degree weather was not a good combination.

Randy threw the last bale onto the stack and sagged against it. “Damn, I’m glad that’s done.”

“Wimp! It’s barely eighty and you’re whining about the weather. You damn Yankees.”

“I’ve told you a dozen times, Maryland is not Yankee land.”

Tanner chuckled and tossed his hand back toward Randy. “Whatever. You play a sport with a net on a stick.”

Randy suddenly lunged and grabbed Tanner. He coiled his muscular arm around Tanner’s head, pressing his face into Randy’s sweat drenched armpit. The assault of musky scents had Tanner hard and horny almost instantly. He inhaled deeply, the musky scent invading him. He slid his hands across Randy’s chest, enjoying the texture of his chest hair under his hands. The pair moved in slow motion and Randy released Tanner.

Tanner’s tongue flickered across his lips and the pungent taste of his man filled his mouth. He grabbed Randy’s face with both hands and smashed their lips together. Their kiss went on for several minutes. Tanner drove his tongue into Randy’s mouth and soon their tongues were straining against each other.

Tanner frantically worked to open Randy’s jeans while he pressed his husband against the wall of hay. The scent of cured grass mingled with the smell of rut coming from Randy. Finally the elusive button popped open and Tanner grabbed Randy’s crotch with both hands and squeezed.

“Ah, fuck.” Randy groaned and bucked forward into Tanner’s hands. He grabbed Tanner’s arms and pushed him down.

Tanner knelt willingly and released Randy’s cock. It arched upward from Randy’s crotch into the space between them. Tanner leaned forward, and ran his tongue along the underside. The sweet taste of the clear honey leaking from its tip setoff the sparks of lust inside Tanner. He pressed his lips around the head of Randy’s cock and his face inward until his lips pressed against the wiry hair at the base of his cock.

Randy grabbed Tanner’s head between his hands and started thrusting into his mouth. Tanner was excited to be taken. He enjoyed the change at times when Randy took charge like now. The hard cock ramming in and out of his mouth was making Tanner horny as hell. He opened his pants and pulled out his cock and started stroking it.

They moved together, enjoying the sensations as they both moved closer to a climax. Tanner could tell Randy was getting closer, his thrusts were hard and fast as they hammered the back of Tanner’s throat. Then it happened, Randy grabbed Tanner’s head tight between his hands just as the first round of jizz hit the back of Tanner’s throat.

Tanner swallowed quickly as his mouth filled with his husband’s cream. Randy slowed fucking Tanner’s face. Tanner slid his hands over Randy’s hard butt, enjoying the texture under his hands. His cock was still rock hard as Tanner began licking and sucking the last drops of cum from him.

Suddenly Randy jerked away and laughed. “Enough! It’s sensitive.”

Tanner rocked back on his heels and wiped his mouth along his arm. “How’d you like that, stud?”

Randy grinned, dropped his pants and braced himself against the hay. “Fuck me. I need fucked.”

Tanner stood, happy to accommodate Randy’s needs. He grabbed some lube from the birthing kit and smeared it over Randy’s butt just before he rammed two fingers inside him.

“Ah, fuck. That’s it. I want it rough today,” said Randy.

Wordlessly, Tanner smeared lube down his cock then squatted behind Randy. His ruddy cockhead pressed against Randy’s hole. Tanner grabbed his hips and shoved himself in, burying himself to the root with one hard thrust.

“Fuck! Okay, give me a minute,” yelled Randy.

Tanner waited, rocking slowly. After a few minutes, he felt Randy relax around him. He pulled out slowly and then sank his thick cock deep inside Randy again. This time the response was a deep moan. Tanner pulled almost out, squirted more lube over his shaft and Beylikdüzü escort then shoved back inside.

Soon Tanner was pounding Randy’s butt and the slap of their body’s colliding with each other echoed through the enclosed space. He could feel his nuts slapping against Randy’s butt while the moans from them echoed. Tanner’s pleasure built with each stroke. Randy’s back was arched as Tanner plunged into his bubble butt hard and fast.

Tanner peaked at the point of no return. He buried himself deep inside Randy and pinned him against his crotch. His body shook again and again as he filled Randy with his seed. The orgasm rolled over him again and again. Once the last round had emptied into Randy, Tanner slumped against him.

“Ah, shit. That was good,” said Tanner.

“Fuck yeah. It was.”

Tanner let them both catch their breath. Then he slowly pulled out. With the grin on his face he pushed the dripping cum back into Randy.

Randy started to laugh and pushed himself upright. He twisted his head and winked at Tanner. “I think I need to go take care of something before we check the cattle. Otherwise everyone is going to know what we did.”

“Or think you have a problem.”

Randy scowled back at Tanner and then started laughing.


It was just April, but sometimes in Oklahoma it was hot in April. Today was one of those days. It had to be close to one-hundred as he and Randy rode the miles of fence to make sure they hadn’t been damaged over the winter. Recent winters had been hard enough that even the old timers couldn’t recall as much ice and snow. Ice was the worst. The worst of the ice storms had missed the ranch this year, but there could still be some damage, which was the whole reason for what they were doing this afternoon.

Randy turned to me and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Let’s take a break and let the horses rest. This heat has to be rough on them too.”

Tanner glanced across the green sea that rolled out from them and into the rough Arbuckle mountains to pinpoint their exact location and see what would be the closest place to water the horses and get them all out of the scorching sun. After a moment he nodded and they started down the steep slope. A few minutes were all it took to spot the grove of trees he’d been looking for. This was one of his favorite locations, the trees actually surrounded a small spring that ran for a few hundred feet before disappearing again. But there would be plenty for the horses to drink their fill and for all of them to cool off.

Once they reached the clump of trees, he and Randy dismounted and walked the horses to the small pool of water. After his horse had slurped his fill of water and became more interested in the lush green grass, Tanner pulled a water bottle out of his saddlebag and took a drink. After a second, he passed it along to Randy who began to quench his thirst.

Tanner looked across sun drenched landscape as a fit of wind twirled through the grass. A moment of peace filled him at the sight unrolled before him. Randy rested his hand on Tanner’s bare shoulder and then leaned in to kiss his neck.

“What’s up? You’ve been kind of quiet all day,” said Randy.

“Just thinking.”


Tanner looked over his shoulder at Randy and grinned at his insistence. “What if I don’t get into vet school?”

Randy shrugged. “Then you apply again next year after you take a few more classes.”

“Yeah, but what if I never get accepted?”

“That’s not going to happen.”


“Listen, you’re one of the smartest guys I know. You’re going to get in. But just for the sake of argument, what would you do? I’m sure you have some kind of plan.”

Tanner paused for a minute to think about his answer. “I’d come back to the ranch, I guess.”

“Okay, and what else?”

“I don’t know. That’s about as far as it goes.”

Randy grinned at Tanner. “Where would our house be? I’m sure you’ve already worked out the details.”

“Oh, shut up.”


Tanner sighed, looked at Randy, and then grinned. “On the south side of the ranch. I don’t want to be too close to the parents. I’d like a little privacy.”

“And what kind of house?”

Tanner started laughing. “Okay, even I haven’t planned that far in advance. We can figure it out when we’re ready to build it.”

Randy chuckled. “You sure? No stash of dream home pictures?”

Tanner shoved Randy playfully. “You goof. Come on, before the horses are stuffed on grass. I’m ready to be out of this heat.”

“Take me back to the spot for the clinic.”

“The clinic?” asked Tanner.

“Yes, the clinic. You showed me where you wanted to put it once. We’re pretty close I think.”

“Yeah, we are. I can’t believe you remember though.”

Randy leaned in for another kiss. “Of course I remembered. Let’s go look at it again.”

“Yeah, let’s go look. I’d like that.”

Tanner shrugged and turned his horse toward the top of a nearby ridge. They rode in silence, both wrapped Escort Beylikdüzü in their own thoughts. The closer they got to the spot he’d showed Randy last year, the more apprehensive Tanner became. He wasn’t sure why Randy wanted to go back, especially since the whole thing was still a dream. With each passing day, Tanner thought it sounded more and more like a dream he’d never be able to attain.

The horses lunged up the last few feet of the rise to reach the top of the escarpment. The sat side by side as they looked at the unobstructed view that spread for miles around them. The rolling countryside with its combatants in an ancient war was cornered off in the crossroads between the forested east and the vast prairies of the west. In the distance, he could see where some of last years brush fires had created blacken corpses, surrounded by their attendants of knee high grass that would reach Randy’s height before the end of the scorching summer.

The silence stretched out and Tanner glanced at his husband, to find a smile plastered across his face. He couldn’t help it. Without thinking a smile stretched across his face. I shook my head at Randy.

“What are you grinning about? I know this is no Maryland.”

Randy nudged his horse closer and leaned to Tanner, the leather protesting his weight going sideways motion, until he kissed Tanner. “You’re here. If it were hell on earth, which it isn’t, this would still be my favorite place.”

Tanner rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Goofball. But I’m glad you don’t hate it.”

“Hate it? No way. In a week or so the Indian paintbrush will be everywhere and later the blanket flowers. It’s just gorgeous.”

Tanner chuckled. “I didn’t know you were such a fan of Oklahoma wild flowers.”

Randy winked at Tanner. “I might just surprise you some times.”

Tanner reached over and squeezed Randy’s arm. “You surprise me all the time, and in great ways.” He turned back to the view. “So this would be the place. We’re not too far from the county road, just around that clump of trees.”

Randy nodded and crossed his arms as the horse under him dropped his head to graze. “This will be perfect.” Randy threw his leg over the saddle horn and dropped to the ground. He walked to the edge of the bluff and stood for several minutes.

Tanner left him to his introspection and walked into the small cluster of trees while they let the horses graze. As he walked, the entire layout came into his mind and he couldn’t help with begin to chuckle.

“What are you cooking up?”

Tanner glanced over his shoulder to find Randy had moved in behind him. He waved his hand in Randy’s direction. “Oh, just being weird.”

“Well I’m weird, so tell me about it.”

Tanner shrugged. “It just came to me where everything should be, and that we should have our house as part of the clinic.”

Randy nodded and smiled. “Show me.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the two of them happily planning their lives.



Tanner paused for a moment, thinking he’d heard his name, but saw no one he recognized, he began walking again.


Tanner stopped again, this time he saw a handsome guy in his early thirties rushing toward him. He looked vaguely familiar, but couldn’t quite place him. He waited to see what was going on.

When the person got closer it clicked for Tanner, it’s the ranger from the trip he and Randy took to the mountains. Tanner struggled to recall his name. The guy stopped in front of Tanner and held out his hand.

“Hey, good to see you again! I kept hoping I’d run into you on one of my visits to campus. I don’t know if you remember. We met when you were camping in the Ouachita Mountains. I’m Kip.”

Kip! Damn it, sure. He propositioned us to share partners. Tanner glanced around, wishing Randy were with him. After their trip to Mexico, they had been pretty protective of each other. He wasn’t certain what to tell Kip. He hoped that wasn’t the reason he’d signed Tanner down.

Kip glanced at his watch. “Hey, I was going to campus corner to grab some lunch. You wanna come? It’s my treat.”

“Well, I was on my way to the library…” Tanner said, trying to find a graceful way out of the situation.

“Oh come on, the library will still be there in an hour.”

Tanner hesitated.

Kip winked at him and smiled. “Come on. I promise not to bite.” He leaned closer to Tanner. “Unless you like biting.”

In his surprise, Tanner let the book bag slide off his shoulder until he was holding it in his hand. Kip reached over and grabbed the dangling bag and slapped his hand onto Tanner’s shoulder. “Come on. I hear it’s a good place to eat. Someone told me you have to try the fried Oreos.”

Tanner scowled, not seeing a way out of this without being an ass. He walked with Kip across north campus, filling Tanner in on happenings from the mountains that Tanner had no clue what he was talking about. But it was so cozy and familiar sounding that Tanner couldn’t help being pulled into the stories. By the time they reached the restaurant, Tanner was feeling much more comfortable with the handsome ranger.

They found themselves a seat in the crowded bar and soon had a waiter to take their order. Kip grinned at Tanner. “What’s your favorite?”

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