Last Night I Dreamed…

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Last night I dreamed…

I dreamed of being out on a small hill with nothing around us except the wind blown prairie and a lone oak. We lay on the ground together you sitting sideways, with your legs curled up under your body. You where wearing a loose fitting blouse due to the swell of your belly. The blouse was a soft color of light gold, which brought out the brown in your eyes. You also where wearing a set of trousers with the elastic band around your mid-riff. I can remember looking into your hazel eyes as we lay there, my head in your lap, as your fingers absently combed through my hair. I can feel you with my left hand as I caress your leg and buttock; my right is draped over my eyes and touching you, ever so lightly. Your growing belly swelling in front of my eyes as our ‘Kits’ move inside you.

We had come up here to spend some quite time alone before the arrival of our children and had been doing this for some time. The sun sparkling through the trees, and onto your black and white fur, as the light accented your chestnut brown hair. I can feel your hand as your caress my head gently with your hand, raking gently through my thick black hair. I roll over to face you and your belly gently I lift up the blouse to stare at your swelling belly, I see the small distortions as a hand or foot press against your skin and out. Gently I move forward and kiss your belly gently each time I give you a small lingering kiss and suckle. I then nuzzle you as I caress your legs. Enjoying your sudden gasp’s of pleasure from my gentle ministrations. I feel your legs move as you lay down on your back.

Gently my hands come to your belly to caress you, as I dip my muzzle lower to rest just above your nether region. Gently I nuzzle you through the fabric of your trousers, my hands continue their gentle ministrations of your belly, as they rub, caress and massage you. They then dip below your hips to slowly draw off your pants, gently pulling, tugging as your back and buttocks are lifted up as I pull your pants clear and onto your legs, leaving your loins exposed to me. Gently almost reverently I position myself over you and then bend down to lightly kiss your femness. Slowly my tongue slides out and licks, gently I pull at your nub to suckle on it and roll it in my tongue.

I can hear your mewls of pleasure and enjoyment as I continue to suckle on you. My right hand slowly winds its way up past your belly to your breast, still under your shirt, while my left-hand caress’s and then enters into you. My strong but nimble fingers moving in and out of you caressing your insides and your g-spot just Pursaklar Escort at the front of your femness as I gently nip and suck you. I can feel your hips start to writhe beneath my face as the smell and feel of your pleasure becomes greater. The taste of you is on my tongue and in my nostrils as I inhale and taste your scent. My ears twitch to the sounds you make as you try to

control the sensations that your body is feeding you, with a last, long and lingering suckle/kiss I pull myself away from you. I hear your gently cry out, as I move slowly over you. I can see the coy look in your eyes as you stare at me; slowly I crest over your swollen belly. Dragging my tongue over your belly and slowly unbuttoning your shirt one button at a time with my hand. Until your shirt is held on by only your pendulous breasts and swollen belly.

Gently with my right hand I remove your shirt from one breast then the next, and began to slowly lower myself on you as I suckle and kiss you gently on your breast. I gently bring my knee up to caress your lower half stroking you and keeping you excited. I break our contact gently but gingerly as I feel the cool autumn breeze ruffle our fur and flesh. I hear the soft mewl and gasp of pleasure, as the wind caress’s your naked body, gently your hands came up and pull at my shirt and unbutton first my shirt then they go down to unbuckle my pants. I hold myself still hovering over you, gently nipping at your lips and playfully biting your neck, as I lay myself next to your body.

I shrug my way out of my shirt and with the help of your hands shimmied out of my pants, my body laying naked next to yours. I feel your hands gently grasp me and start to stroke back and forth along my hardness. My hands proceed to caress your sleek body and breasts as our tongues quietly wage war in our mouths as we kiss. My mind races with a thousand thoughts as my conscious try’s to stay in control, but fails ‘ Oh Gods, you are beautiful’ I hear my self-say as I stare at you in a moment of pause.

My hazel eyes filled with naked emotion at this moment, we hold each other enjoying the ‘pregnant pause’ of the moment, our bodies touching one another but not touching. I hear my self gently say ‘I love you’… to be broken by a kiss… ‘I will keep on loving you…’ I kiss you again. As I gently lower my mouth to yours I feel your need and want as we kiss again with intense passion. We break apart, as I raise you up on me your legs wrapping on either side of my waist.

Gently your hand strokes down my chest as you playfully dig your claws into Pursaklar Escort Bayan my chest, raking them through my gray and white fur. Your smile at me is playful, warm and sensual as you rub yourself just outside of me; gently you grasp me with your hands as you list your self off of me. Your left hand strokes me keeping me nice and rigid; you then lower your muzzle to mine and steal my breath away in mid gasp with your passionate kiss. The wind caresses our bodies as we kiss under the oak; its autumn leaves waving in the breeze and some even falling around us forming a small ring.

‘I love you too…’ you whisper into my ear, as you nibble on it, then slowly drag your body down over mine, slowly kissing me like I have you countless times before. I murr in anxious frustration as you take me between your swollen breast and allow me to pulse between them, my penis throbs and pulses. You start to push yourself up and down on my hardness. A gleam of amusement in your eyes as you enjoys your gentle torture of me. I feel my body arch up between your breast pressing myself into you.

My breath starts to catch in my throat, as I feel my desire getting stronger. I soon feel you stop… as you lift me out of the crevice of your breasts. ‘Awww!!! Does my poor wolf want to be in someone?’ You exclaim mischievously, as you look up at me. You eye gleaming in the afternoon light. ‘Yes’ I am barely able to utter; as I feel your muzzled lips enclose my member and start to suckle and kiss. I feel some of myself jet into your mouth as you slip your rough tongue around my hardness, the feel of your hands caressing me up and down. Gradually I feel the strength of my need to begin to build in me.

‘Hmmm! I think a certain wolf wants to be in some where else.’ Your voice comes to my ears like the soft blowing of the wind, I feel you lower yourself and straddle me. I look up at you in surprise as my hands touch your back. I see that you have turned your face and front away from me as your grab me and slowly lower yourself on my hardness. ‘Mhhhh! Ah, So hard’ I hear your murrr…’Just like the night we made the children.’ I twitch and moan in utter contentment as you engulf my member in you.

I watch you slowly move up and down, gyrating yourself and pushing your self down on me, as I try to rise up into you, my hips taking a control of their own. I feel you stop yourself, I lay there for a couple of seconds wondering what you are thinking of, as you lower yourself to your knees and then I feel it a muscle contraction as you tighten your pelvic muscles. ‘What the Escort Pursaklar Hell!’ I exclaim as you tighten around me again. ‘They are my Kelgel exercises…’ you laugh as you tighten yourself around me again ‘ and I am suppose to do hundred of them.’

‘A Hundred’ I gasp, As you clamp down again, my body stiffens as you contract on me. I start to swear as you do your fifth one. ‘Well I am.’ You exclaim w/ mock innocence as you contract your muscle on me again, causing me to arch my hips deeper into you. ‘When I get my…. Oh God!’ as you contract again on me. ‘Awww, is the poor Wolf going slightly nuts in anticipation.’ ‘Yes…’ I gasp out at your seventh contraction. ‘Dear Lord…’ Gently to reposition your self, to allow my hands to reach up to your hips and to your swelling belly and breasts. You start to push yourself up on my then hold your self over my remaining inch or so, as you contract yourself on me.

‘Whimper…’ *Contract* ‘Groan….’ *Contract* ‘Evil…’ *Contract * ‘Bitch…’ *Long hard Contraction* ‘What was that lover’ you ask sweetly as I claw your belly and hips from behind. ‘I give… Mercy, Please’. You lower yourself back down on me just to the crest of my knot, and contract yourself again and again several more times as you feel me thrust deep into your warm moist hole. Slowly you pull yourself off of me, moaning at the experience.

Slowly I cuddle up to you scissoring our legs as I place my tip just on the outside of you and gently, ever so carefully I insert myself back into. My right hand supporting the under side of your belly as I thrust gently but maddeningly slow in you. My left hand caressing your breast as I bring my muzzle to lick and kiss your back in feather light movements. My ears perk and twitch to your mewls of pleasure and gasps as your Orgasm slowly builds up in you. I hear your cries of pleasure ‘Mhhhh, God, so Big… Oh Gods… Right there… Oh … Yea … There… Yes…. Baby…. Oh baby…. ‘ I hear your cries echo out into the vale as my penis finds your G-spot and flex myself over it.

I feel your orgasm release on me and over me, as you claw the ground. The warm gush of you fluids, I can feel my build up as my hips start to pump deeper into you. ‘Oh Yea… Oh Lover… I’m Cumming… I’m Cumming…’ with a final push and thrust deep into you, I feel the explosion of myself deep in you, my warm fluids gushing deep into you flooding your already filled womb and bouncing back to flow out of you. As we both lay there panting in the afternoon sun, as it warms our bodies, as we lay beside one another clasped together in contentment, my right hand and your draped on your swollen belly feeling the movement of the children. Gingerly I move up and kiss your cheek, then mouth as you turn your head. Our joined hands on your belly squeeze tighter as our kiss becomes more passionate as the ‘Kits’ move in you protesting your exercise for the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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