Last Night’s Little Lick

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Laying here, cleaning myself off, I have to explain some things. I left you a present – but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m in your bed. It’s afternoon and I’m really tired. Last night wore me right out – 4 or 5 times. It’s a bit fuzzy in my head – one too many drinks for me. You had lots of wine and were really horny – wow. I’m going to be buying you wine again.

So here’s what happened, why I left you a present, what I left you, and why there are new stains on your bed comforter. What, you didn’t notice them? Take another look – along the top on the right hand side as you’re laying on your back. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Did you find them? Small, but there.

Here’s how it happened.

I was laying in bed, tired because of our marathon last night. You’d send me down because this morning I got up and took care of the baby while you slept in for an hour with a killer hangover, waiting for the Advil to take effect. Since I only got 2 hours sleep you sent me to bed, but I was laying there, and got to thinking.

Just like I was thinking about the previous night yesterday in the sauna when I got hard and started rubbing myself. Then someone came in and I had to get up, hide my hard on and take a cool shower.

I’m laying there, and thinking about last night. About how you straddled me and we started undressing. Cebeci Escort You took my shirt off, so I took your shirt and bra off. Then I took your pants off and your black panties. More on them later – really.

You took off my jeans with that thing you do with your leg and foot – they slid right off, along with my briefs. Baring my stiff cock to the air. It wasn’t in the air long – you had hold of it and guided it into the wet heat of your pussy.

Wow – just then, imagining that, I’m hard again.

You know how I like to be a gentleman – but you like it hard. I’m learning more and more that I like giving it to you that way – fucking you hard, fast and deep. I also like when you talk to me during sex – so when you asked me where I wanted to cum – well, that got me really going.

I wanted to cum in your mouth, and told you so. Told you I wanted to cum in your mouth and have you kiss me afterwards, and share it. You moaned and tightened around me. That’s about the time I put my mouth over your left breast and sucked on your nipples.

The sweet breast milk squirting into my mouth was heaven. I suckled on your left breast, then moved to your right, filling my mouth. When I finally kissed you with a full mouth of your nectar, well, lets just say I was Kolej Escort ready to explode.

So – as I was laying in your bed, alone, this is what I was thinking off. I decided I had to do something about the throbbing hard on I’d gotten, so I spit on the head of my cock and started to stroke it. Gently, up and down. The blanket, that top right hand edge, kept getting in the way, kept getting covered in pre-cum and spit, so I had to move it – hence the stains.

That’s when I looked over and saw your clothes I’d recovered this morning – including your panties.

Flashback to last night again.

You offered to suck my cock. Of course, I accepted, but asked that you sit on my face, let me lick your sweet wet pussy while you pleasured me. Pleasure isn’t a one way street to me, but you know that. So I found myself laying on your couch, with your mouth around my cock, moving up and down, licking me. I found myself, with my tongue licking your clit, moving down to probe into your pussy. Licking up the sweet pussy juices that had started flowing from my cock in you moments earlier. Then you pushed yourself down on me as I hit a sensitive spot. My tongue probed deep into your cunt and my nose slipped up and towards your asshole.

I probably wouldn’t have licked your ass Yenimahalle Escort if I wasn’t drunk. Not because I wouldn’t want to, but because I’d be worried what you thought. I was surprised by how you responded, moving it down, moaning. Letting me rim around the outside edge of your ass. I was in shock, and heaven.

Later, with my cock deep in you I explained my anal fantasy to you, and you told me you’d always had a bit of a secret anal fantasy as well. When I told you my desire for anal pleasure wasn’t one way, you told me we had better go shopping for toys to play with.

All this went through my mind as I saw your panties, so I reached over and grabbed them. I held them for a moment, feeling the soft silky texture, then I put them close to my face. I could still smell the scent of your pussy on them, and that was enough to send me over the edge.

I’d describe what happened to me, but you probably know better. You know the feeling of my hard cock exploding in your hand, in your pussy, in your mouth. You know the shivers that go through me as my cum shoots out – all over your panties. All over the crotch of your pussy scented black panties I was holding, laying in your bed.

I made sure I was clean, then I folded them up. I made sure the crotch of them was covered in my cum, and I folded them up and tucked them beside your bed, between the crib and the mattress.

I guess I figured that when you read this you’ll probably get a bit horny. And when you do, you’ll go back, and look, and find those panties. And you’ll unfold them, and know all that happened when you weren’t around. And if you need them, well, you’ll have them to clean up with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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