Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 02

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It was a fantastic summer seeing Yvonne nearly every weekend and a few random times on weekdays. I learned a lot about sex by doing – most of the time she just let me go and eventually I slowed myself down by getting used to the feeling of sex and the feeling of being so excited. Sometimes she specifically gave advice or showed me, and at other times, she took control and fucked me like the first time!

We always had sex long enough for me to get off three times because I wouldn’t get soft until my 3rd orgasm. One session we had was a marathon and lasted until I had gotten off 6 times – I thought that I injured my dick that time. It was incredible and the most riveting education that I had ever experienced. At the end of the summer Yvonne went off to university in another city and we didn’t even really have a discussion about it.

I was truly bummed out because all of the times that we had spent together were so fantastic and I still wanted that hot little body. The first few weeks were the worst. I missed the frequent encounters with Yvonne and her amazing body. It just felt like I would never have sex again. Everything seems like forever when you’re young but just like that, I started looking more and more at my sister’s friend Shera who lived in the next and last house on the street.

Shera had just had her 18th birthday party and after the meal and cake that her parents had for her, she was hanging out at our place with my sister. I knew that she was developing but as I checked her out, I wondered why I hadn’t noted the degree to which she had blossomed. She was a classic ‘not to thin’ and ‘not too thick’, but suddenly I was noticing curves in all of the right places and she had a crush on me for years so, now I was wondering if there was still any of that infatuation lingering. I thought that there was a good chance that she was a virgin as she was a little on the introverted side, normally hanging out with my sister and one other girl.

My sister left the room and went into the kitchen so I asked “how was your birthday Shera?” She smiled and said “pretty good” and playfully added “did you get anything for me?” as she walked over standing right in front of me. I told her “I might have something for you but you will have to get it out of my hand” and I held out my fist palm down as if there was something in it. Shera grabbed my hand and started wrestling it to get it open. She had turned away with my arm under her arm so she could work my fist with both of her hands. I reached around her to defend my closed fist with my other hand and she noticed so she jerked to try to avoid allowing me to gain any advantage.

There was a little struggle and during the encounter my hand accidentally brushed her breast. I tried to pretend it hadn’t happened but she stopped and said “Kevin.” then she moved in closer and said lowly “leave my tits alone.” in a mock authoritarian tone. I got a bit of a lump in my throat but I had both of her hands in my hands and replied with a somewhat defiant “no” as I felt my penis harden. She seemed to relax a little, as if surrendering and I could feel the tension leave her arms. “Well, what do you mean – no?” she asked. “I just mean that I don’t want to leave them alone” I stated in a very matter of fact manner.

I thought that I sensed her breathing get a little deeper but I wasn’t sure and with everyone around including my sister just in the kitchen, I couldn’t do anything about it anyway. I did notice that her hands started to shake slightly and I liked that I had affected her in that way. “Well, you didn’t have anything for me.” she said as she turned my hand over. “Actually, I can give it to you tomorrow if you come at 2 in the afternoon.” I reassured her. “Oh ok.” she replied excitedly. “But keep it to yourself. This is just for you and I to know.” I quietly lectured.

And with that she stood up straight and made that little ‘key lock’ motion with her finger and thumb near her lips. “Perfect!” I acknowledged just seconds before my sister came back into the room and they went about what they were doing. I knew that I would have the house to myself until later in the evening the next day so I wanted her over in the afternoon to give myself enough time with no interruptions.

The next day everyone was packed up and gone by 10 am so I was preparing and a little too excited, going through what I should say and do. By 1 pm I was ready but my nerves were on high and I was a little shaky. My cock had been at some stage of semi-erect since I woke up so I took a shower to be as fresh as I could be. My underwear was soaked with pre cum from being excited all morning and I finished the shower with a few minutes of cool water to calm myself down.

Finally, a few minutes before 2 pm I heard the door and I went downstairs with my heart pounding to see Shera taking her sandals off. “Hey, I’m here.” she chimed. She looked perky in a little sun dress. “Good. How are you feeling today?” I asked. “Pretty good” she responded immediately “I got this dress for my birthday” and she made a half-hearted attempt at a pose. canlı bahis “It looks good. Are you ready for what I want to give you?” I teased. “Thanks. Yes, I am” she replied. “OK great. Just head up to my room” I said as she passed in front of me and headed toward the stairs. I still didn’t think at this time that she knew that I was planning to try to get physical with her. It seemed to me that she thought that I had an item or object to present to her.

I followed just a few feet behind her, my cock jumping as it hardened. I was trying to look up her dress as she was climbing the stairs but the dress was too long and though I could see her legs, I couldn’t see her ass or underwear or anything that I was hoping for. I adjusted the front of my jeans to accommodate my now completely full erection which just stuck out the top of my jeans. “Just stop at the top of the stairs. We need to put this on.” I said pulling a nice soft strip of material out of my pocket. “What’s that?” she asked. “Well, it’s a blindfold that you need to put on.” I said very calmly, impressing myself with how relaxed I sounded. “Oh…ok” she replied sounding a little confused.

I stood very close to her and wrapped it around her eyes. My hands were a little shaky but I hoped that she wouldn’t notice. My cock was straining against my jeans as I moved around behind her to tie the blindfold and my body brushed against hers. I leaned in and made more contact as I tied it and then made a few adjustments. I heard her gasp ever so slightly as my bulge bumped into one of her firm buttocks as I was adjusting it and she made a more audible inhale when I moved to the front and my knee touched her thigh then again as my arm brushed the outside of her breast. Her breathing was noticeably heavy now and my heart was racing, pounding in my ears.

“OK. That’s good” I said as I pushed the door open and took her arm to lead her in. She even gasped as I took her arm so I put one hand on the small of her back and she inhaled shakily. “Just slowly…straight in.” I instructed and closed the door behind her. I had closed the blind on the window in preparation which only let a little light in around the edges, so the room was pretty dark. After my eyes adjusted there was enough light to see well but give the room a relaxed darkness to take away any self-consciousness.

I was behind her now and I slowly reached out and put my hands low on her waist to which she audibly inhaled. I felt my whole body shaking a little as I moved in close and right up against her as I softly asked “Remember when I said that I wouldn’t leave your tits alone?” She gasped and uttered “Yes.” I moved my left hand around to the front of her hip to pull her harder against me as I snaked my right arm up under her arm, boldly pressing her breasts with my palm and fingers, gently squeezing and cupping them while I whispered “I am definitely not leaving them alone now.” I sniffed her hair as I buried my face in her neck, kissing it. “Ohhh!” she blurted as I felt her fall a few inches which bumped her firm ass into my lower thigh.

I turned her toward me and took her panting mouth in mine as I reached down collecting the dress up and sliding my hand beneath it. I had a nice grasp on her ass as I leaned against her, steering her toward my bed. “Oh Kevin.” she moaned as our mouths came together and I groped at her body. I pushed her on top of the mattress and landed with her across it realizing immediately that I had landed between her spread legs. I was pawing at her breasts with one hand and squeezing her ass with the other as I tried to keep my mouth on hers amid all of our panting. I thought that I was going to work up to this slowly but after getting started so quickly, my lust kept me pushing forward.

I started dry humping her and pulling her hips toward me with each gentle push of my bulge against her mound. I could feel the heat coming off of her from her cotton covered cunt and the head of my cock was sticking out the top of my jeans a little so it was just making contact randomly. Feeling her smooth ass beneath the thin layer of her underwear was really exciting me and my cock was aching in my jeans.

I moved my hips out from her and put my hand flat against her panties, pushing against her mound and pressing her cunt with my fingers. “OH MY GOD!” Shera gasped erratically at the moment of contact and repeated it as I moved my hand a little and squeezed her hot bump through the damp material again. “OH MY GOD!” she panted as I pressed my fingers against the wet patch covering her opening, giving her pussy lips a gentle squeeze through the fabric. This was all encouraging me to keep the momentum going so I slid my hand inside her underwear and I felt the abundant wetness and heat. I stroked her slippery little pussy a few times and then I pushed a finger inside her.

Shera’s body wasn’t stiff but from the moment my finger entered her extremely wet, tight cunt she just seemed to freeze in the position that she was in. She breathed heavily and made audible gasps and I continued to kiss her. She was kissing me back but as soon bahis siteleri as I would stop making contact with her mouth, she would tilt her head back, the rest of her body completely motionless. The blindfold had started coming off but it didn’t matter as that prop had served its purpose. I was kissing her neck and stroking my finger into her cunt as she grunted and moaned. Her pussy was tight on my finger and it made me think that I was right that she had not had a cock in her. I pushed her legs as wide apart as I could. However I positioned Shera, she would just stay the way that I moved her.

I stood up and took my jeans and underwear off. My cock sprung free and waved in the air. What a relief to have my throbbing, aching cock free from those confines and in the open air of the room. I pulled Shera’s underwear off too and lifted the entire bottom of her dress up, tucking it around so it wouldn’t be an obstruction. Every time I moved Shera at all or made contact with her, she would moan or groan but I didn’t want her to cool off even a little so I knelt on the bed up beside her shoulder to unzip and pull the top part of her dress down. I took her bra off, taking the time to rub and knead her breasts while I did it and then started kissing her nipples.

Her groans and moans were constant during this stimulatiom and my cock was aching and straining seemingly against its own skin. The head was completely wet and shiny with the pre cum was flowing out of it. I turned Shera’s face toward me and kissed her. The blindfold was gone now and her mouth reacted, kissing me back. I moved my mouth away from hers and pushed the head of my cock against the bottom lip of her open mouth. Her lips reacted almost reaching for the large mushroom head, immediately sucking and twisting her tongue around it as I gasped with the relief of the warm, wet contact. As she sucked the end of my throbbing rod I stroked a few inches into her mouth a few times before positioning myself to get my face down to her pussy.

I pushed her legs as wide apart as I could while I planted my lips and tongue on her hot cunt, licking and sucking. I felt her moans intensify the moment my mouth was on her cunt and I could feel the vibrations on my cock which I was trying to push deeper into her mouth as she sucked and licked. It felt so good after all of the straining and throbbing of the morning and the constriction of my clothes.

After having my mouth on this hot pussy while having my cock sucked for a few minutes I decided that I needed to fuck. Right now. As I moved to stand up and pulled my cock from Shera’s mouth I could hear her mouth slurp at it and then a long exhale. Now that her mouth was free again the moans were not muffled at all. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her. She ravenously kissed me back. I pulled away from her and said “I am going to put my cock into you now.” She just tilted her head back and moaned “UHHH UHHH UHHH!”

I put the head of my throbbing dick at her entrance and rubbed the head up and down a few times. My cock head was already wet from my own fluid running freely out of it but also from Shera’s mouth. Her pussy was soaking wet and she moaned louder as her head jerked back and forth abruptly at the feeling of my engorged dick at the steamy entrance between her legs. I started to push into her as her arms reached out and tried to pull me to her. I sucked her mouth into mine and lewdly stuck my entire tongue into her mouth as I slowly pushed deeper into her cunt.

I put both of my hands under her ass and squeezed her cheeks as I buried myself the rest of the way into her. Shera’s eyes were wide open and she was gasping “OH OH OH!” as I kept steady pressure pushing on my fully buried cock, which seemed to be pulsing with my heart beat. Slowly I started moving, pulling a little out and then back in and the resistance of her tight cunt was incredibly stimulating even though it was soaking with her slippery juice. Over and over, I stroked into her and she returned to her normal moans with her head tilted back. I moved her arms to the side and over her head where they stayed inanimate as I increased my stroke length and speed. Just Shera’s moaning, my breathing and the wet smacking of my cock plunging into her pussy were the only sounds in the room.

I could feel that I wouldn’t be able to go much longer and I began pulling all the way out of her before pushing back in to the hilt. There was a sort of pop sound as I pulled my cock from her and a little squish sound when I drove it back into her. I pulled Shera’s face to me and instructed “We don’t want you to get pregnant so when I pull out of you, I am going to go in your mouth. Do you understand?” She groaned “UHHH UHHH.” in response.

I started going in and out of her again – pop, squish, smack! Pop, squish, smack! Then I put both hands under her ass and pushed deep into her just doing short strokes which made a ‘cluk cluk cluk’ sound. I moved my middle finger of my right hand and probed briefly, finding her ass hole which was completely soaked in slippery wetness. I circled my finger bahis şirketleri around it a few times as Shera’s moaning took on a bit of a higher pitch and I pushed into her very tight entrance. I pushed until about half of my finger was in her ass and I continued to hump her while moving my finger in and out of her ass opposite of my cock strokes.

Her breathing and moaning were more urgent now and the feeling of pistoning back and forth in her her tight box and my finger fucking her little ass hole was too much, so I knew that I had to pull out quickly. I sprang up and pushed my cock into Shera’s mouth as the cum started to stream out of it. Shera was still inanimate except for her head, lips and tongue which were accommodating my thrusting cock. It jerks, throbs, pulsates and shoots while she sucks and swallows with my gasping now filling our ears. I shot 4 or 5 good streams into her mouth and a few small ones as well. She just swallowed it all and kept sucking. I just heard muffled moans as I continued rocking slowly back and forth in her mouth. My capacity for ejaculate was really quite large and I was surprised that she took all of it.

As my heart beat subsided from my ears and my awareness of the moment cleared, I said “Keep sucking it. Yeah, just like tha.” softly as I stroked her cheek and hair. I pulled my cock back from her lips and thought to myself that I might be able to forget about Yvonne after all, as I watched the head of my cock meet Shera’s tongue before it disappeared into her mouth. I kept my cock in her mouth for another few minutes, making sure that it is cleaned off before moving down beside her. I lifted her ass a bit and turned her a little. In doing so my cock presses against her ass cheek and Shera’s head tilts back again. “How do you like your birthday present so far?” I asked softly and just hear her moans in reply as I place the head of my cock at her opening and push it inside her hot pussy from behind.

Damn, it is so wet and tight. I reached up and caressed her breast while I leaned in and sucked her right nipple. Her moans continued but she is physically inanimate. It seemed like sexual activity of a certain intensity paralyzed her and I found that to be a huge turn on. I set up a good slow, long stroke, reached down and cupped her mound with my hand and rubbed her clit in small circular movements. I moved my left hand underneath her and shifted her hips so that I was fucking her from the side. Then I pushed my hand that was under her right to where her tailbone is and my middle finger prodded at her ass hole.

Shera’s moans intensified as I started making circles against her slippery ass hole with my finger, rubbing circles against her clit with my other hand all while continuing to slide my cock in and out of her pussy. I stopped doing the circles on her ass hole and pushed my finger inside it. Her moans seemed a little panicked almost and I just kept steadily stroking my cock into her, doing the circles on her clit and fingering her ass while I alternately licked or sucked her neck and her breast. She lifted her hips up a little as I was fucking her and it surprised me a bit as she hadn’t really moved prior to this so I took it as a sign to keep going.

After she moved her hips up a few times to meet my thrusts I took my right hand away from her clit and pulled my cock out of her pussy. Shera inhaled loudly and I grabbed my cock and put the head of it against her slippery asshole as I pulled my finger out of it. “OH-OH-OH” she blurted as I pushed my cock against her little pink dot. I repositioned my cock head against her pussy again and stroked in her cunt the full length a few times, then pulled it out and again positioned it at her tight little ass hole. I rubbed it over the slippery little wrinkles a few times and pushed as a distressed “OH-OH-OH” escaped her lips again.

I lined up my cock head against her pussy lips and shoved it in hard all of the way. I put my finger back in her ass and finger fucked it as I pumped the full length of my hard slippery cock in and out of her. I left my finger in her ass as far as I could push it and kept the full length strokes going when suddenly Shera started mumbling through her moans and her head started pulsing back. I quickly put my other hand on her clit again and started circling as I felt the muscles in her ass flexing on my finger and her pussy squeezing my cock. She let out long whispery exhales over and over. I kept my finger in her ass and a little pressure on her clit as I maintained my long full strokes in and out of her.

When it was clear that her climax was over, I pulled my finger out of her ass and a wet smack sounded as I drew my cock out of her. I moved over her and between her legs, then I lined my cock up with her wet tunnel and pushed it into her as I settled my weight down on her. I moved both of my hands under her and grabbed her ass, squeezing her buttocks as I began stroking straight in and out of her tight, slippery hole. Her gasps became rhythmic with each time the head of my cock bottomed out inside of her. “AAH!” she gasped as my cock made a wet smack sound each time I sunk it into her. I pushed my middle finger into her ass hole again and buried it which made her gasps raise in pitch a little and my strokes became more determined, deliberate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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