Late Night Experimentation

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I had just turned eighteen, the first time I ever touched another woman. It was a tender age of experimentation, insecurity, and hedonism. Lots of things happened that year, I bought packs of cigarettes that I never smoked, because I could. I watched porn, and went to adult shops. I did all the things I’d been told I couldn’t do when I was younger. I did it all with my best friend, a few months my elder, we’ll call her Lilly.

I was in my senior year of high school, which was located in the sunny depths of southern California. It was large and full of every type of social grouping one could place students in.

There were the jocks, who were generally always found hanging around with the cheerleaders which had groupies of their own. The thespians, loosely translated to ‘theater geeks’ were the group that ran and performed in all of the high school plays. Auditioning for a play at my high school was a kamikaze mission, no one else ever had a chance of getting in. There were also the partiers; the kind of kids that stormed out of classrooms, got suspended and expelled, dyed their hair obscene colors, and usually had multiple tattoos and body piercings. The gothics, were dark and foreboding, they wore a predictable black, and always brought a stereo to school playing the latest industrial music. The socialites were the rich kids who had BMW’s by the time they were old enough to get their permit.

The final group, which I belonged to, more or less, were the drifters; the ones that didn’t really belong to one particular group, but spent their time wandering around them all.

Lunch time was always an adventure, I was never seen without Lilly. She and I were infamous at our high school. We made it a point to know everyone, and everyone knew us. We were very affectionate, we hugged, cuddled and held hands wherever we went. It was the type of close relationship we had. We were always being called lesbians, it was our trademark. No one was out in high school, so it was a very taboo thing to be called. We didn’t care.

Lilly was one of those girls that everyone wanted, in some way or another. She was intelligent, friendly, and a big flirt. She had smooth, carmel colored skin that came from hours spent playing tennis or at the beach. She wore tight, revealing clothing, but she always left just enough for the imagination. Her breasts were larger than most girls her age, and she had a rock-hard body that she had worked on for years. She was taller than me, at about 5’8,” and she had deep brown eyes that you could sink into. Her face was lightly dotted with freckles and her smile was always so seductive.

Me? I wasn’t every guy’s wet dream, but I had my qualities. I was pretty short at the time at about 5’3.” I had dark auburn hair that glinted copper in the sunlight, pale skin that was smooth and without freckles. My skin tone never changed, Narlıdere Escort no matter how many hours I stayed in the sun. I was fragile looking and very feminine. I didn’t carry a lot of muscle, but I was thin and graceful. Lilly always said I had the body of a ballet dancer. My breasts were modest, but proportionate to my body; they filled a sweater just enough to get glances now an again.

The most common compliment I ever received was for my eyes. They change color, you see. Sometimes they’re an electrifying green, or a light hazel flecked with gold. Now and again they’re brown, and when I cry people swear they are an oceanic blue. Whenever someone told me I had amazing eyes, I’d smirk my usual half smile and say “You know you have small tits when someone looks at your eyes enough to compliment them.” That was the kind of girl I was. Funny.

One night, I spent the night at Lilly’s home. We slept on a mattress together in an extra loft in their house that they called ‘the bonus room.’ The bonus room had a 19′ television, two computers and a wet bar. Her parents were loaded, but she never made a big deal about it and often seemed to be embarrassed of it. We spent the night at each other’s house just about every weekend, and always stayed up till three in the morning talking about anything and everything.

It was around one in the morning and I was staring up at the ceiling fan, about six feet above us. I was only half-awake and in all honesty, not really listening to Lilly as she talked idly. I shifted underneath the blankets, still getting comfortable in the tank-top and boxers I was wearing to bed. She hit me in the face with a pillow.

“Hello! Are you listening to anything?” She wasn’t really irritated with me, she was just being playful, she grinned as she looked over at me, propped up on her elbow, her beautiful sandy brown hair spilling over her eyes.

“Yeah… totally… I mean… no. Sorry. I’m just spacing tonight, what were you saying?” I looked sheepishly to her, giving her my ‘puppy’ eyes as I apologized. I looked serious to show her that I was really listening to her this time.

“Have you ever thought about experimenting with a girl?” The second she started talking, her voice got low, and she looked down, you could barely make out the words as they slipped from her mouth. I felt my pulse quicken as she finished her question, my stomach started turning knots and I could feel moisture begin to grow between my legs. I’d been fantasizing about her for weeks now.

It had started one day while I was masturbating. I wanted to try something different, so I pictured her. I imagined taking off her clothes and seeing her muscular, tanned, naked body. I pictured her pert breasts, erect and begging to be touched, sucked on. In the small, secret places of my imagination I let my mouth trail Narlıdere Escort Bayan down the smooth contours of her body until I saw her open, leaking gash. I thought of how it would taste, sweet or salty? What it would feel like to have her pussy lips sliding underneath my tongue, to feel her shuddering body against me, begging for climax. I made love to her over and over in my mind, and when I was finished I had an earth shattering orgasm. Afterwards, I was hooked, and because of it, I played with my pussy at least once or twice a day.

I mustered as much courage as I could, and answered. “Yeah… sometimes, doesn’t everybody?” My voice cracked, she knew I was nervous. I held my breath, trying to calm myself, afraid she’d hear my rapid heartbeat in the silence.

“If I tell you something… will you promise me you’re not going to get weird, or anything?” She was looking frail and pensive. It was an expression I’d never seen on her, she was always so confidant and unrestrained.

“Sure.” I said, trying not to seem too curious.

“I’ve been thinking about you, like, in a sexual sort of way. I’ve been bi-curious for a few months now, and I’ve really wanted to…” She looked down, she was afraid, I’d never seen this sort of insecurity before. She was so frail and beautiful at that moment, the moonlight came through the window and glinted in her eyes. I wanted to hear her say it, to know she wanted me too.

“No… don’t stop, please, tell me…. Lilly, I want to know.” I whispered, getting closer to her, my throbbing clit was aching with desire, my nipples visible through my white cotton top, my breaths heavy with need.

She saw it then, she saw my passion and for a moment, I saw a hint of a smile. She watched me for a second, and suddenly, that strong, confidant girl was back, full of vigor. ” … wanted to … be with you….”

And I kissed her then, our lips colliding in a torrent of desire. Our nervous excitement and our exhaustion only heightened our arousal. Her lips were so soft, I’d never kissed a man with such tender flesh. Her body was warm against mine. We were clumsy together, fumbling with buttons, giggling with nervousness and embarrassment.

We rolled around on the mattress kissing and exploring our bodies. She was so smooth, all over … so easy to touch. My hot, dripping pleasure box was swelling when I felt her naked breasts in my hands. The soft delicacy of her form intoxicated me with a new kind of arousal. I took command and climbed on top of her sultry body, mounting her, overcoming her. She moaned quietly and watched me with nervous but lust-ridden eyes. I let my mouth explore her, she tasted divine. I cried and she cried, in love, in lust, in want.

When my mouth found her warm, moist vagina I kissed it tenderly as I had kissed her. Her body exploded with Escort Narlıdere movement, writhing as I took her with my mouth. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I imagined what I would want, and did it. I licked, and sucked, kissed and explored her sex. She tasted so good, her juices sliding down my throat. I slid three fingers inside her as I drank from her. I filled her up and fucked her slowly, bringing her to the edge and back again and again.

“Please… I… want to taste you. Put your pussy in my mouth.” She begged me, and I obliged. I didn’t want to leave the sweet nectar of her insides, so I slid my body up hers, until I felt her lips touch me. I shivered as she immediately stuck her tongue deep inside my hole. She slid it in and out, exploring my wet cavern as she rubbed me with her hand. The more she did to me, the deeper I dove into her. She moaned into my slit, the sound vibrated inside me and drove me insane with pleasure.

I felt her insides quake on my fingers, the tremors of climax. She convulsed and tightened her legs around my face and pushed me so deep into her that I couldn’t breath. I nearly passed out, but it was incredible. It was like being lost in a sea of euphoria, dancing on the edge of insanity, heated by lust and need.

When she relaxed, she dove back into my pussy with a new fervor, she rubbed my thighs with her hands, still moist from my secretions. She lapped at my clit, tapping it with her tongue again and again, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I held my breath so I wouldn’t scream and felt my whole body explode with orgasm. I shuddered, writhed, and gripped to her tightly until it passed like a wave over my body. It washed slowly over me until every part of my flesh tingled.

When it was over, I fell beside my new lover, and I crawled up to her chest, looking in her eyes. She kissed me, tasting her own juices on my face, as I tasted myself on her. We licked each other clean, and stood, both marveling at our naked bodies, then went to take a quiet bath before we slept.

We talked about what we felt while we washed each other tenderly. It was such sensual experience. She’d kiss me randomly, and I’d tickle her, and we’d lay together, basking in the warm water. We dressed again, and finally got to bed at about five in the morning. We fell asleep, in each other’s arms and had to be coaxed awake the next afternoon by Lilly’s sister.

“What are you guys? Married?” She said in her usual snotty way, as she shook us awake. She stared at us, curled up together under the blankets. We merely grinned and said nothing, getting up to join the rest of the family for lunch, as we had slept through breakfast.

Lilly and I never made-love again, she started dating a boy shortly after that night. She was very worried about her parents finding out about her sexuality, and decided it would be for the best if we didn’t see each other that way anymore.

We grew apart as time passed, and eventually she went off to college. I’ll never forget that night we spent together, or the feelings she inspired within me, she’ll forever be the first women I ever touched, and the example I compare all other women to.

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