Late Night in the Library

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Michael twiddled the pencil between his fingers trying very hard to concentrate on the hundred pages of articles splayed out on the library desk. Stacks of various heights clouded his view, his tie, taken off hours ago, sat on the tallest stack. Articles he deemed of no use. Classes began in less than 48 hours and this proposal was due a day later. The bulk of his workload was still staring him in the face and the last thing he wanted was to start both unprepared for his course and failed requests for funding. He breathed deep, removing his glasses and hoping for any kind of distraction. Almost on cue he was treated to a nice view of the library assistant, who was also, he believed, a cheerleader and a very cute blonde. She came around to replace books on the nearby shelves. At one point, he looked up to watch as she had to reach to place a book on an upper shelf. That stretch had her blouse riding up just enough to see an inch or so of her very flat and tanned midriff along with the sight of her shorts pulling tighter against her firm little behind.

After one such stretch and reach she lowered back to her feet and immediately turned to face Michael. He lost his breath and blushed while she made eye contact smiled.

He quickly found his stack of paper very, very interesting and concentrated on deep breathing.

She then took her library cart and went on around to the next aisle.

Shit, he was going to have to watch himself on campus. He couldn’t stare at students anymore. He was faculty for God’s sake.

His head was buried when he heard the click-clack of hard soles on the hardwood. He didn’t look up right away. He didn’t want to be distracted by the young coed again. He took yet another deep breath and smelled a familiar perfume. He looked up inhaling deep to pull the scent deep into his lungs. He felt himself harden as he looked around to find no one else in sight. He thought he was alone and must have imagined the footfalls and smell when he heard an armload of books drop on the desk behind him.

It was Kaitlyn.

She looked different than she had in class. She was dressed casually in a raw linen peasant blouse and skirt contrasting her sun-kissed almost olive skin, a leather belt cinched around her waist. Her jet-black curly hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail held by a jeweled band. It had been a long summer, but she seemed more confident than before than he remembered and simultaneously more toned and voluptuous. He could see definition in her unsleeved arms, but her curves were pronounced. Her ass jutted out and her breasts stood firm and high.

“Evening professor.” She called as she moved behind the return desk.

“Kaitlyn? I’m sorry, I had no idea you worked here.”

Was he blushing? “Head research assistant. I’m in the back with the special collections most of the time. I sent Beth home and wanted to knock some things out before we close up for the night. You’re here rather late aren’t you?”

“Ummm…. just trying to get off to a good start I guess. I can’t work from the house. Too many distractions.” Michael’s eyes drifted to the polished glass housing student art projects behind the desk. The reflection of the glass gave him a wonderful view of her large firm bottom. Her skirt must have isveçbahis nestled between her cheeks providing a wonderful view.

She tilted her head down just a bit so that if she wore glasses she would be peering over their rims. “The last thing we want is for you to be distracted.”

With that she grabbed a large stack of books and disappeared into the stacks.

Michael needed some air. He stood up shaking the leg of his pants to hide his erection and after a moment grabbed a stack of papers and held them in front of himself. He hadn’t had to hide his excitement like this since high school.

As soon as he turned around he virtually bounced off Kaitlyn reappearing from between the bookshelves.

“Oooff” he huffed, as the wind was temporarily knocked out of him.

“Ohhh!” Kaitlyn more squealed in reaction to her bouncing off his chest dropping her remaining books.

He reached out and caught her, one of his hands accidentally touching her breast in doing so. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Ooo!” She gasped as she steadied herself.

“Sorry, sorry…I, uh…I just grabbed the first thing I could, I mean…” he stammered turning bright red. He was staring at her chest unable to look away. He expected a serious scowl and rebuke, but instead she sort of grinned as she adjusted her blouse. The neckline lowered during their brief encounter and he swore he saw the top of her areola peeking over the edge its darker pink contrasting with her olive skin.

“It’s okay…don’t worry about it.”

“I really am sorry.”

“Forget about it.” She smiled up at him.

For several seconds they stood in front of each other at less than arm’s length.

Kaitlyn finally knelt down to gather her things and slowly looked up with an almost vulpine grin.

“Well, maybe I’ll run into you again some time.” She grinned, as she stood and sashayed towards her desk.

“I hope so,” he whispered as she headed back down the aisle.

Michael stood there for too long a moment watching Kaitlyn walk away, her hips swaying, the muscles in her calves, thighs, and backside flexing and relaxing. “Oh my God” he thought, “When she was down there and looked up she would have seen…Damnit.” With that he retucked his hard cock and if possible turned a deeper shade of crimson.

By the time he got back to his own desk Michael’s heartbeat and breathing had calmed some. He looked over and found Kaitlyn leaning forward on the wooden table top, her head cradled sideways in her arm, the ponytail dangling down the side of her head. She was twisting her lovely hair through her fingers. The reflection showed her ass sticking out.

“It’s almost like she’s bent over the desk…”

Michael immediately looked back down guiltily to his notes. He tried to focus, but it wasn’t long before he was daydreaming about the peek he had of her breasts and the rest of Kaitlyn. His hand slid to the crotch of his slacks and squeezed his ever-stiffening penis.

A noise, the sound of books shifting, caught his attention and he looked back to the desk and found Kaitlyn shifting where she stood. In the reflection she lifted her legs, kicked off her sandals, and spread her feet a bit more than hips width apart. As he watched her ass swayed back and isveçbahis giriş forth to a beat he didn’t hear.

Under his table he gave his manhood a firm squeeze.

Kaitlyn was still looking down at her books and she seemed very intent on her work.

Abruptly she leaned forward even more. Her round ass jutted out and she flexed her feet lifting herself up and down. Still swaying, she was moving in almost hypnotic circles. Somehow the material of her skirt bunched in front of her pulling the fabric taut across her ass and strong thighs.

Without realizing it, Michael was rubbing himself as best he could through the thin material of his pants and boxers.

He heard a moan escape himself as he watched the unexpected scene unfolding before him. Although He was conscious enough to take a quick scan around to see if anyone was watching him and realized the rest of the library was empty.

Without acknowledging him in any way, Kaitlyn walked across the floor to the front doors and turned their locks. She flipped a few switches and lights on front of the building came up while the interiors dimmed. Anyone walking by would see their own reflection.

Through his khakis, Michael cupped his balls. He could feel their warmth and fondled them while watching Kaitlyn move back to her station. He closed his eyes imagining her breasts out, her dress pulled up and her panties down around her ankles. His balls squirmed in their sac as he played with them.

After a moment, he opened his eyes and looked over his fantasy.

Michael’s hand froze. Kaitlyn was looking up from her book and staring at him!

He held his breath.

Only he didn’t see any shock or surprise register on her face.

She seemed deep in thought as she stared in his direction but her eyes seemed unfocused. Maybe she was trying to come up with some detail to whatever subject she was working on. Her lips were somewhat pursed almost as if she was about to kiss someone. Michael’s hard-on surged a bit as he was sure he could feel those moist lips glancing along his shaft. His hand was still cupping his balls as he gave them another teasing squeeze before running his fingers up along his full length.

Tearing away from her face and glancing back at the reflection in the glass case he saw that she had shifted her hips once again. He nearly lost his breath and the last vestiges of decorum as he saw a hand led by a long delicate finger slide along the hem of her skirt lowering it over her ass. Michael could hear his own raspy breath as that hand reached between her legs and began running circles across her sex. He saw her scratch her nail across the smooth material making them both shiver. He could only imagine what was doing it for her.

Michael moaned.

He wondered if she knew he could see her doing what she was doing. Was this just a fantasy gone wild in his head? Did she want him to catch her rubbing herself?

Michael began to rub himself in earnest as he watched her finger trail a little lower and saw the pressure she was applying by the dent it was making in her panties. Her finger moved faster, back and forth in tiny circles. He was hypnotized by the sight. He could almost see a wetted darkening blotch began to form on the thin blue isveçbahis yeni giriş material of her panties.

Michael stroked his cock with even more vigor. He could feel himself leaking but was at the point where he no longer cared He couldn’t give up watching the magnificently erotic spectacle continue to unfold. He sucked in a deep breath as gave good squeeze feeling the pre-cum trickle out.

Kaitlyn kept stroking her panties and after every few strokes she would press her finger into herself; the blue panties easing into her sex and then becoming ever more dampened. Kaitlyn stood there with her legs spread wide and ass thrust out. Her hand playing the whole while the cool composed upper half of her belied what he was witnessing.

Michael found himself, stroking his throbbing erection in near time to the strokes of her finger. It was as if the head of his cock was stroking her panties. Kaitlyn’s thighs flexed shifting her weight back and forth. he watched as her hand left her wetness and one of her fingers went to her mouth. With her eyes closed she sucked slowly on the lone finger. Then her eyes opened and she made direct eye contact with Michael. Unblinking, she removed her finger from her mouth and lowered it swiftly to her panties again. She began to butterfly her thighs in and out now and she rubbed her now wetted finger all over her the crotch of her underwear.

Lost in lust and shock, Michael unzipped and yanked his cock through the slit of his slacks and boxers. He grabbed the long, hard shaft jutting straight up from his lap and squeezed as breathy moan escaped his lips.

With his cock sticking up through his fly, he held Kaitlyn’s eyes as he stroked himself. He saw Kaitlyn close her eyes and the next few seconds seemed to last forever. It was like watching a series of high-definition digital photographs click by. She began to move rapidly and her body stiffened. He watched her legs flex and she shoved her ass out further flattening herself on top of her desk flattening her tits, pressing them up and over her blouse’s neckline. He watched as her pussy seemed to suck her fingers deep inside of her. She opened her eyes wide and as her entire body shook, she rode her climax staring at Michael stroke his cock.

As he watched Kaitlyn shudder and spasm Michael’s body shook as he came. The first jet of cum spurted out onto the front edge of the library table splashing the carefully crafted notes in front of him. Again and again, each streak of cum splattered against the table. He closed his eyes at the height of pleasure and literally saw stars.

When he opened his eyes, cum dripping off his hand and the side of the study table looked up at Kaitlyn, only to find her sitting all prim and proper, her chin cradled in the palm of her hand working away. Michael took a huge breath and shoved himself back into his pants, warm cum smearing the front. With cum still on his hand and the table and floor beneath he looked around for something to clean up with. He grabbed his tie and used it as a makeshift napkin, wadded it up and threw it in the trash. Finally, he stacked up his papers and almost balled them up and stuffed them in his book bag. Standing up his mouth flapped as he tried to say something to Kaitlyn. His mind worked for something witty or cool or even intelligible. For her part, Kaitlyn folded her hands in front of her and waited, saying nothing. Finally, with a shake of his head, Michael walked to the front doors and let himself out into the night.

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