Late Night Love

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Big Tits

After my previous series, A Loving Family, I wanted to share some other stories I had drafted. These are standalone or two part stories with the same characters but in a completely different universe where the events of my other stories have not taken place.

I hope you enjoy and as always feedback is helpful as I am still developing my writing style.


I struggle to sleep at the best of times, let alone when I’m horny. How did she always manage to pass out in 10 minutes leaving me laying there staring at the ceiling? I shuffled uncomfortably on my back in my wife’s old bed, we had come back to her parent’s house for an evening and decided to stay the night rather than take the car. We had both been drinking and it was safer to stay and drive home in the morning but I wasn’t really a fan of stopping over. Don’t get me wrong Val and John are great but I liked my own space and my own bed at the end of an evening.

The main reason I didn’t like it was because Katrina, my wife, would never have sex when we spent the night. No matter how badly I wanted it and how horny she was, it was always a no. I get it can be awkward if your husband is fucking you in the room across the hall from your mom and dad but we are adults, what do they think we do at home? I will say we are loud lovers but we’ve done it in places before where we had to be restrained.

I looked over at Kat; she looked beautiful with her wavy, dark hair spread across her pillow. I considered going to the porn stash on my phone and masturbating to help me sleep, the tissue box was on my side of the bed and if I was really quiet I could probably be done in 10 minutes. I thought of a better idea of going to the bathroom to do it, it was just outside our room; I could lock the door and be even quicker. I slid out of bed with my phone in hand and stalked across the room towards the door. As I reached for the handle I heard a muffled thumping across the hall. I stopped mid step and listened, straining my ears it was the unmistakable sound of a bed against a wall.

I couldn’t believe it, my wife wouldn’t have sex at her parent’s house but they’re going at it like rabbits where I can hear it through two doors. I slipped back into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling again with a scowl. I’ll wait for them to finish, give it 10 minutes and then use the bathroom; they should be asleep by then.

Thump thump thump. They were really in a rhythm.

My in laws were in their 50’s, John about 54 and Val just turned 52. Both were in good shape for their ages, they ate well and kept active. Since turning 50 Val was determined not to let herself go so she lifted weights a couple times a week and she did yoga and palates on another few evenings too. Even though she was past 50 she was still a beautiful woman with a relatively slim body for her age with a little extra weight around her stomach and arms, slender toned legs from the exercise and full round breasts. I had no idea what size but they looked big, maybe a large C cup, all I knew was that they were bigger than Kat’s. Kat looked a lot like her mother but had a curvier body and smaller tits.

The thumping stopped, John must’ve finished. I didn’t hear any moaning but could make out someone walking around the room. After a while the sounds stopped altogether, I glanced at my watch on the bedside table, 12.45, I’ll wait until 1 am then go. I started to stroke myself under the bed sheets to get started, pulling my boxers aside and played with myself until I was hard, hiltonbet yeni giriş 12.52. I’m not huge but a decent 6-6.5 inches with a nice girth depending on my state. I’m no porn star but it definitely does the job and no one has ever complained. I looked at my watch, 12.56 fuck it I’m going now. I slid out of bed again and walked towards the door, with every step my cock bounced in my black boxers, I gently turned the handle and stepped into the hall. Directly across me was Val and John’s room and to the right a couple metres down at the end of the hall was the bathroom. I walked gently down, closed and locked the door, sat on the toilet and looked at my hands; I’d forgotten my phone. No problem I’m already hard, a little softer from my walk across the landing but I can get it back. I stood and slipped my boxers around my ankles and sat back down.

The seat was cool on my ass, as I leaned back to start and COLD! The cistern of the toilet was freezing on my back. I hadn’t put a t-shirt on as I got out of bed and the shock of the cold ceramic made me let out a muted scream. I don’t think anyone heard. I looked down at my cock and it was shriveling back down to normal size, I worked it for a while but the chilly bathroom with its white lights and cold toilet had beaten me. I stood, pulled my boxers up and flushed the toilet, SHIT! My muscle memory had kicked in, whenever you stand from the toilet you flush straight away. I hope it didn’t wake anyone; it’s fine they’ll think I’ve just actually been to the toilet.

I walked to the door, turned the lock and switched the light off at the same time. Stepping back to open the door and I nearly screamed again.

‘Shit! Sorry Val you scared me.’ My mother in law stood outside the door smiling.

‘Ha, sorry didn’t mean to.’ She laughed in a whisper.

‘Your en suite not working?’ I asked. She had a nice bathroom for her own bedroom so I wasn’t sure why she was here.

‘No I don’t need to use the toilet.’ She was stood right in the middle of the hall so I couldn’t get past. She had a sort of halo of light around her from the window behind her at the end of the hall, it gave her an otherworldly glow and I squinted to make her out. She wasn’t wearing any pajama bottoms and her pajama top went down to her hips and was baggy. What was wrong with her?

She reached forward and grabbed my flaccid cock through my boxers and pushed me back into the bathroom. I stumbled back and my legs hit the edge of the toilet, I buckled and nearly fell but caught myself.

She stood there, just over five foot but in total control of a six foot man standing over her. I could easily swat her hand aside and push past her but I stayed put. Val looked up at me in the moonlight. ‘I need your cock.’ She whispered as she rubbed my crotch. If my face was showing disbelief and a little bit of fear, my dick had other ideas. It started to grow at an alarming rate in her slender hand. ‘Mmmm yes that’s it. Sit down.’ I did as commanded; Val stepped forward and leaned down slightly. My swollen cock and balls were fully out of the gap of my boxers now and she was still rubbing me to full mast as she planted her lips on mine, my mouth was dry but her tongue pushed past my lips to offer some lubrication.

I could feel her nails gently pinching the skin up my shaft as she stroked me, I couldn’t see it but I imagined her pretty hand around my tanned cock. Val always had pristine nails, sometimes French tips sometimes long and rounded, I noticed them wrapped around her gin hiltonbet giriş glass over dinner. Long, rounded and a light brown that I guessed looked beautiful choking my dick. What I could see with the light from the window was her dark areolas through her light blue shirt. God I would love to give them a suck.

By now I had started to kiss her back and in one movement she pushed me against the cistern and bounced down onto my erect cock.

COLD! My back hit the cistern and I let out a yelp.

‘Shut up, you’ll wake someone’ Val perched on my cock, she had one hand tenderly holding the side of my face and the other pressed over my mouth. I mumbled an ok and was released.

Both hands cradled my head as she grinded on me in slow circles. I sat away from the toilet and held her hips as we kissed like lovers. My mother in law had full juicy lips, like Angelina Jolie, they gripped my own and sucked as I gently nibbled back. My wife had the same mouth as her mother but was more sensitive to aggressive kissing so it was refreshing having a mouth I could abuse slightly. I myself had a full upper lip that I have been told is great for kissing and it seemed Val agreed. She was paying particular attention to my top lip and sucked it away from my face; her tongue snaked up and licked behind it. I had her bottom lip in my own teeth at the time and released it to meet hers; they danced as we exchanged mouthfuls of spit.

I could feel her breasts against my chest through her pajama top and wondered if she would let me take it off as she switched to rocking forward and back she leaned away from me. This would have been the perfect position to get at her boobs if she had been topless. I grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her towards me to wrestle her mouth again, this time my hands slid into the back of her pajama top and with crossed my arms I held her close. Val’s own arms wrapped around my head as she pulled our faces together I felt her hot breath heavy in my mouth. The passion was undeniable I as we kissed aggressively, Val threw her head back exposing her neck and I attacked it with force. Kissing and biting as much of it as I could with my mouth, I covered it in spit and scratches that I hoped would go by the morning.

This time it was Val who yelped.

‘Now you shut up! You’ll wake someone’ my voice a hoarse whisper. She pulled away feigning offence with a grin on her face. Even though there was only pale moonlight in the room you could still see her beauty and when she smiled she was gorgeous. I caught a glimpse over her shoulder.

‘The doors open!’ I was ready to stop. ‘What if someone comes?’

‘Adds to the fun she giggled.’

She was leaning back again and looking down at where our crotches met, the juices and sweat had mingled into a creamy paste that had slowly risen up to below my belly button. I thought about how easily my cock slid into her with no resistance to my admirable girth, she had just had sex with her husband and probably had some of his load still in her. I wasn’t disgusted having another guys cum on my cock and up my torso, it turned me on that she wasn’t satisfied with her husband of 30 years and needed me to finish the job properly. I could always clean it later.

I focused back up her body towards her face, and noticed her pajama top had press me down buttons, I went for it and ripped them apart easily. Her huge breasts tumbled out and gently swayed as she rode me. They were big and round and had a little sag to them but apart form that they were perfect. hiltonbet güvenilirmi I hadn’t had big boobs in my face for years so I took the sight in. I pressed them together and squeezed, pulled them apart and licked the sweat between them and slapped them gently so they wobbled.

Her nipples pointed out, a soft brown colour in the moonlight, I sucked them gently and gradually got rougher; in the end I was nibbling and sucking at the same time. Switching between her boobs I let go with my hands but kept my mouth attached, her breathing got heavier and her grinding more aggressive. She liked rough boob play so I went all out and opened my mouth wide and clamped down on her tit. My teeth raked from the outside of her areolas all the way to her nipple and I switched from left to right. Val moaned and her breathing became shallower as she twitched on me. Her grinding became more violent as my mouth violated her tits and I could tell I was close to finishing. I pulled my mouth away and looked her in the eyes. ‘I’m close…. where do you want…. my cum.’ I paused between breaths.

‘In me, don’t worry.’ She started to bounce on my cock to finish me off. Her toned legs drove her up before she slammed down on me with all of her weight. The sound of her thighs slapping mine filled the bathroom and hallway; if anyone was awake they would definitely hear this. The slapping of our bodies was followed by the squelch of her peeling her sticky legs from mine, covered in sweat, juices and probably her husbands cum. This was the grand finale and I could feel it building.

‘Oh shit.’ She pressed her mouth to mine again as I felt that rush through my body and out my cock. My mother in law slammed down on my cock with all of her weight at the same time I came heavily into her pussy. She rocked on me to carry on stimulating my sensitive head while my body spasmed and ass clenched, she knew what she was doing with all of her experience.

Normally when I cum I would be able to hump with my hips but with her pinning me down all of my sexual energy was released through my hands and mouth. I moved back to her tits and squeezed, chewed and sucked until the wave had passed. Hugging her close I rested my sweaty forehead against her clavicle and kissed her over her heart. Val’s fingers were tangled in my damp, curly hair playing with them as I caught my breath.

Once I had recuperated I looked up at her, a goddess still smiling down at me even after I had mauled her tits. She kissed my lips one more time and detached herself from me, my boxers were soaked, slick with a cocktail of bodily fluids. Still smiling but not saying a word she pulled off some toilet paper and lifted one leg up on the bath to expose her pussy. God it was pretty, completely waxed smooth with a little strip down the middle. It was puffy and shiny in the moonlight and looked like it had been given a bit of a beating but you could tell it was a good lucking pussy. Holding the wad of paper in her hand she tensed and my load tumbled out in two huge blobs and then a few smaller ones. She made sure to squeeze everything out and wiped, threw the tissue in the bin and walked out.

I sat there entranced and realised I needed to get back to bed. I did my best to clean the mess on my boxers but they were too wet. Padding back across the hall I gently closed opened and closed the bedroom door, stealthed across the room and hid my boxers under other clothes. I quickly put on a pair of shorts laying next to the bed and slid back in. Holding my breath I lay still to hear if Kat was awake, you could tell by her breathing she was unconscious, I looked at my watch, 1.37 am, how the hell had that been half an hour? Taking a deep breath I sighed and looked up at the ceiling, I actually felt sleepy. Breakfast was going to be interesting.

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