Laura and Rachel Meet Ch. 02

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Three Months Later

” Laura what flowers do you think will look good at the wedding? The red and pink roses or the lilies?” Rachel asked me.

“The roses.” I replied back. I haven’t been the best maid of honor you could say, but how could I? I was helping the woman I loved get prepared for her wedding. I was helping her leave me. After the night she told me her big news I’ve been totally miserable. The night she had told me her news I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore, all my tears had dried. Yet that same night I promised myself that I would try to move on with my life and that I would be her friend through the whole wedding procedures no matter how much it broke my heart.

“Laura? Laura!!!”

“Huh what? What were you saying?”

“Laura what’s wrong with you? Why weren’t you listening to me? What were you thinking about that is so much important than I am?”

“Rachel calm down please.”

“Well what were you thinking that was more important than me?”

“Do you really want to know Rachel? What I’m thinking of?”

“Yes, I want to know, especially if it’s getting you distracted.”

“Well I was thinking of nothing specific, to be honest.” I replied with a whisper and sadness on my voice.

“Laura what were you thinking of? Tell me, I’m your best friend.”

“You want to know what has me so distracted?”


“I was thinking about the night you told me Ron proposed to you. I was thinking about how I cried and cried that night. I was thinking how this last three months I’ve missed work because of the pain you’ve caused and how I no longer care about my job or anything else. I was thinking how I am suffering while I see you get ready to be married to Ron! I was also thinking, how you could ask me to be part of your wedding and as your maid of honor knowing that I love you!” I replied with all my hurt and anger in my voice.

“Laura…I’m so sorry…please…I didn’t mean to…”

“Save it Rachel, I don’t need a pity talk. I assume you are done with choosing your materials. I mean we have the cake, dress, flowers, designs, and the place, now if you will excuse me I need some rest.” I gave her a quick hug before leaving. “Bye Rachel.”

“Bye Laura.” I heard Rachel whisper to me.

Later that night

“You actually walked out on her? You aren’t supposed to walk out, you’re her maid of honor!” My friend Natasha said. Natasha and I had become friends the minute we saw each other at a lesbian bar down at New Orleans about two years ago. We were both too crazy and wild; we ended as best friends with friendly love. She was the one I went to when I needed advice or when I just needed a shoulder to cry on and trust me lately I’ve needed a lot of advice. For three months Natasha has been taking care of me, yes childish of my part I know, but she was the only comfort I had.

“I couldn’t just stay Tasha, I know I should have but I couldn’t. It just hurts so much to see her happy with someone else.” I said softly.

“I know sweaty but you have to hold on. You only have two weeks left.”

“I know Tasha, God I need to get drunk, wait no correction I need to get wasted.” I said with exasperation.

“What you need Laura is to get laid, that’s what you need.” Natasha said with lust in her eyes.

“Really now, you offering?” I whispered with a wolf like smile on my lips.

“Oh my God!!!! I finally found you Laura, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” I heard Rachel say behind me. I could also see the mischief and annoyance in Natasha’s eyes, as she looked deep in my eyes and gave me a wink.

“Hey Rachel, how have you been?” Natasha asked her.

“Natty it’s been a while, you look amazing, I’ve been great and you?”

“I’ve been better lately since I’ve begun spending time with Laura. I mean now that she’s single I’ve been trying to take her to clubs; you know maybe find her a date or two. I mean I would of course date her myself but you know she’s not interested in an old hag like me. ” Natasha said as she gave Rachel a sweat innocent smile. I however choked on my soda as she said this. I could see the surprise in Rachel’s eyes as this statement came out of Tasha’s mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at Tasha’s last comment knowing full well that Natasha was easily one of the most beautiful and sexy women ever.

“Oh Natty you aren’t old, you’re what just three years older than Laura.” Rachel said with a smile. I could hear a bit of jealousy in Rachel’s voice, which surprised me. I wondered if Rachel was feeling old or had problems with Ron. Imagine that problems already and they haven’t been married yet.

“Oh Rachel I know but at twenty-five I feel Avcılar Escort old darling. Anyways how’s the wedding coming along?” Natasha asked.

“The wedding is coming along well, Ron is happy that it’s almost over so the whole drama about everything will be over and he can enjoy me as he likes to say.” Rachel said with a smile in her face. I looked at my hand as it fisted and my knuckles turned white as snow. I couldn’t help asking the next question that came to my head.

“What about you Rachel, you mentioned Ron being happy that it’s almost done but how do you feel.” I asked with a smile on my lips.

“How do you think I feel Laura, I couldn’t be happier that my wedding is almost here.” Rachel said a bit upset.

“Hmmm you sure don’t sound convincing.”

“Well of course I am why shouldn’t I be? I have a great soon to be husband, kind and generous he is. He is every woman’s dream.” Rachel said defensibly.

“That’s nice but is he your dream?” I asked her as I looked in her eyes waiting for her answer seeking the truth.

“Of course he is Laura.” She said but as I looked in her eyes I could see that she had lied that and the fact that her voice had become too convincing almost like she wanted to convince herself.

“I’m happy for you Rachel, getting married and all.” Natasha’s voice suddenly cut the silence. ” Isn’t that right Laura don’t you think that’s nice?”

“Of course Tasha.” I said clearing my voice.

” Thank you both, I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go it was nice seeing you Natty.” Rachel said as she prepared to leave. “Bye Laura, bye Natty.”

“Bye.” Natasha and I said at the same time. ” So what do you think? Natasha asked me.

“Frankly I think she has problems at paradise, what about you?”

“Same but she does seem a bit happy.”

“True,” I said silently as I looked at her.

“Do you miss her?” Natasha asked me.

“I do.” I said silently.

“Hmm, come on lets go.”

“What?” I asked confused as to where we were going.

“Where we going?”

“Don’t worry about it just come on.”

“I don’t know.”

“Laura you either get up and come with me or you are going to be embarrassed like never before.”

I looked up at Natasha and couldn’t help the smile that appeared on my face. “Fine I’ll go wherever the hell we going to.”

“Yay!!!” Natasha said as she jumped up and down giggling.

“Damn girl calm down.” I said laughing lightly as I stood and began walking out. Natasha caught up to me and put her arm through my arm hooking them to each other.

“So how you feel about dancing Laura?”

“Oh no, I am not dancing Tasha.”

“Oh come on it isn’t going to kill you, or is it?”

“No it isn’t, but still I don’t feel like dancing.”

“Please do it for me pretty please.” Natasha said as she looked at me straight in the eyes. I smiled at her and shook my head no, but of course she had to rub my neck and rubbing her hands through my hair knowing it was my weakness.

“Ugh fine let’s go.” I said in frustration. Natasha once again jumped up and down and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the car. I opened the door for Natasha in courtesy of course. I got in the car and began to drive to the nearest club.

“You’ll have won’t you Laura?”

“Yea I will don’t worry girl.” I said as I smiled. Natasha was sweet, generous, and sometimes she reminded me of a little girl because she acted innocent. However, when she wants she can be wild and dominant. We had finally arrived and I sat there for a second before getting out to open her door. We began walking to the club entrance when Natasha spotted Rachel and Ron in line. I began to walk away but before I could Ron spotted us and waved at us making hand motions to go towards them. Natasha squeezed my arm making sure I was okay; I nodded my head to let her know I was.

“Laura how are you, who’s your friend?” Ron asked as he shook my hand.

“Hey Ron hey Rachel.” I said as I gave each of them a quick hug, then I introduced Natasha. “Um, Ron this is Natasha, Natasha this is Ron.” I looked at Rachel as Natasha shook hands with Ron and gave Rachel a hug.

“So what are ya’ll doing here?” Ron asked.

“Oh you know, Laura recently got her heart broken and I’m trying to help her forget her ex so we’re here to drink and dance, how about ya’ll? Natasha responded back.

“Well I thought Rachel needed a break from all the wedding business and I decided to take her out and dance.” Ron said as he put his arm around Rachel’s waist. I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

“Nice that’s so sweet of you Ron, I can see you will make a great husband.” Beylikdüzü Escort Natasha said to Ron with a smile on her face.

“We’ll how about we go inside, after all we did come to dance.” I interrupted before either of them continued about the wedding.

“That’s a great idea lets go.” Rachel added.

We headed together to the club and after paying the entrance fee we decided to sit at the bar seeing as there was really nowhere else to sit. There was a very sexy brunette bartender that headed our way as soon as we sat.

“Ladies and gentleman what can I get you?”

I looked over at Natasha and smiled at her seeing the same smile reflected on her face. We turned around and looked at the bartender smiling and said at the same time, ” Rainbow shots!” We couldn’t help the laughs that escaped our lips at the look on the bartender’s face.

“Damn ladies ya’ll really want this drink?” our bartender asked.

“Of course.” Natasha and I both said together. We knew that a rainbow shot was one of the most difficult drinks a bartender could make and we loved seeing the progress.

“Here we go then ladies two rainbow shots coming up and what would you two want to drink?” the bartender asked Ron and Rachel.

“Just some margaritas.” Rachel said.

“Well that’s significantly easier, by the way my names Brittany and your drinks are on their way.” Our bartender said as she left to prepare our drinks, Ron and Rachel got their drinks first and Natasha and I were still waiting.

“So Natasha how come I haven’t heard of you before?” Ron asked Natasha.

“Well let’s see I know Rachel but not that well I’m more of Laura’s friend then Rachel’s and that my friend is probably why.” Natasha answered.

“You ever been married?” Ron asked again.

“Nope never tough I almost did four years ago. I’m glad I didn’t she was a total bitch and a cheater for that matter.” Natasha said I couldn’t help the smile on my face knowing that what Natasha had said was a lie and she was actually talking about Rachel. Just as Ron was about to ask another question one of Natasha’s favorite song Push by Enrique Iglesias came on and of course she pulled me to the dance floor. As the lyrics of the song filled the club I could feel myself loosening up.

Natasha grabbed my arms and put my hands against her waist and began to move against me her ass rubbing against me making my body respond to her. We moved together her ass rubbing deeper against me making me get wetter then I already was I moved my hand slowly upwards towards her breasts slowly and lightly barely letting them touch her. I could see that her nipples were hard begging for attention, I moved my hands low again moving one hand towards her pussy I rested my hand just over her Jeans and put pressure on it making her moan against my ear my other hand was already under her shirt moving upward against her hot skin feeling, trailing towards the two beautifully hard nipples. As soon as I got to those nipples I pinched them causing her back to arch in pleasure and moving her hips against my hand. It was dark in the dance floor so I decided to take it forward and unbuttoned her jeans, I moved my hand over her thong but didn’t stop I pulled my hand out and moved it upward under her shirt and began to pull at her nipples pinching them and twisting them. Natasha moaned even louder and turned around to face me I kept on playing with her nipples as she began to kiss my neck making me moan lightly but ones she got to my earlobe I broke under her seduction she began to run her hands upwards towards my hair and ran her fingers through it making me shudder and even purr a little she pulled me towards her and I could feel her sweet lips on mine moving softly and sensually I wasn’t the type to be seduced but something about Natasha always broke me for example now that her lips were kissing me like if I were water after having been denied for almost an eternity I moved my hands from her nipples to her as and pulled her against me I wedged my thigh between hers and began to move it back and forward against her pussy I could almost feel her wetness against my leg I kissed her deeper and pulled her ass closer making her get closer to the edge and suddenly I stopped making her growl and bite my neck lightly which caused me to moan and turn her around so that her ass was against my pussy again and I began to rub against her ass as my fingers found their way to her pussy rubbing it lightly causing her to squirm against me I rubbed her nipples with my other hand making her even wetter and without warning I bit her neck getting her attention focused on the bite instead of my fingers I kissed her then deep and hard making Bahçeşehir Escort her moan in the sexiest way ever and when I suddenly slipped two fingers into her pussy causing her to yelp against my lips and shudder completely, I kept working my fingers in her pussy making her legs weak as I had to suddenly hold he tight against me as she began to tremble and moan louder her eyelids fluttering I moved my lips towards hers as she began to make louder noises and suddenly she screamed against my mouth letting me know she was coming as well as the fact that my fingers were drenched with her juices. I sucked my fingers as I held her against my body, hers trembling with pleasure I kissed her lips lightly before going back to the bar. Our drinks were arriving just on time as we sat down, Rachel was staring at me clearly mad and Ron was clearly turned on and wide eyed all he said was, “wow” Natasha was still trembling a little but she was recovering as she drank her rainbow shot I was already finished with mine.

I was a bit embarrassed not because I did what I did but because I did it knowing Rachel was watching knowing it would make her mad, it was pretty childish but I didn’t understand why Natasha allowed it knowing the true reasons it occurred. We had all finished our drinks so we ordered some more margaritas for all of us, which greatly satisfied Brittany our sexy bartender. I couldn’t look at Rachel anymore, Ron kept staring at us and Natasha was just resting her head against my shoulder. We were all perfectly fine, yea right.

“That was amazing.” Ron finally said breaking the silence.

“It was pretty amazing.” Natasha said as she smiled sweetly at Ron and Rachel.

“Yea it really looked like it, you two must have loads of fun all the time right Laura?” Rachel finally said.

“Of course.” I answered with a sweet smile on my face.

“Weren’t ya’ll scared of being caught?” Ron asked.

“Not really.” Natasha said with wink.

“The people who come here pretty much mind their own business and as you can see around you most people are doing the same thing we were.” I said indicating to all the people around us making out half way naked.

“This club is so not strict.” Rachel said smiling as she moved her hand from the bar to Ron’s thigh moving it closer to his dick. I just kept smiling but I’m pretty sure Rachel and Natasha could see the anger in them. I couldn’t help myself so I excused myself to the restroom but before I left I gave Natasha’s hand a squeeze letting her know I was ok. I walked away and luckily the restroom was empty, I walked to the sink and splashed water on my face, which helped me calm down. Just as I was drying of my face Rachel walked in mad as hell and I didn’t understand why I mean it couldn’t have been because of the little show dance could it, I mean she was going for Ron why’d she leave, that was my question.

“What the fuck were you doing!” Rachel screamed at me, which really surprised me.

“What?” I asked clearly confused.

“Why did you do that with Natasha?”

“Um maybe cause I’m single and I can.” I said moving towards the door but before I could get to it Rachel pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me hard and deep moving her body against mine she grabbed my head and kissed me deeper as I just kissed her back not really knowing what to do. Rachel finally pulled back and looked in my eyes before leaving the restroom.

I couldn’t move I seriously frozen in place. Rachel had just kissed me with Ron just outside at the bar. I was confused why did she do it, what was she thinking? I was very confused but I was sure of one thing the kiss wasn’t the same it didn’t make me warm and happy like it used to. Why was this, if I had really loved Rachel shouldn’t it feel the same, had we maybe moved too fast believing we were in love when we really weren’t. Why did I feel so jealous that she was with Ron but when I kissed her I didn’t feel the same electricity, what was happening with my feelings? I didn’t know how long I stood there, not until Natasha came looking for me.

“Laura are you okay? Rachel came back and practically hauled Ron out the club, what happened?” Natasha asked as she came towards me.

I smiled at her and responded to her questions, “Yes I’m ok, nothing happened Rachel kissed me then left.”

“Oh my, what did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean did you kiss her back?”

“Yes.” I said as I looked in her eyes and noticed a flicker of emotion, but I couldn’t decipher what emotion it was.

“And what else?”

” Nothing else, come on lets get out of here Tasha.” I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out. We made our way to the bar and paid for our drinks saying goodbye to our bartender.

As we walked out I wasn’t sure what was happening with my feelings for Rachel but what I did know was that when Rachel kissed me I couldn’t help thinking of Natasha and how I wished it was her I was kissing instead of Rachel.

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