Lauren and Alison

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Abigail Mac

Lauren mumbled a hushed curse as another stick of charcoal snapped in her slender fingers. After she blew the scattered pieces off of her piece Lauren brushed her hair out of her eyes she only added a charcoal smudge to the number of patches that continuously made their way over her pale face.

Lauren paused to admire the chalk and charcoal drawing of a cat on the easel in front of her, glancing to the accompanying photograph taped to the corner of her piece. Lauren then smiled, pleased with the progress so far and pushed her chair away from her art as she made her way out of the lounge into the apartment’s kitchen, which took up a third of the room she was already in. The apartment was occupied by Lauren whilst she was studying art at the local University and her roommate Alison, who had taken a job at a pet shop in the city centre.

The kettle came to a boil drowning out the quiet background noise of the radio left on in one of the bedrooms. Lauren lent up against the kitchen’s marble counter and watched the clock as it ticked closer and closer to half five, brushing her curly black hair out of her face adding yet another smudge to her messy face.

The click of the kettle broke her concentration on the clock and Lauren turned to reach a couple of mugs in the cupboard, standing on tipped-toes due to her petite stature. As Lauren was pouring a drink the door to the apartment opened and Lauren was greeted with a gleaming presence that bound over to her. Throwing an arm around Alison, Lauren pulled her close for a quick hug.

“Good day at work?” Lauren asked as she finished making the cups of tea, handing a mug to Alison as she turned to face her. Alison couldn’t help but giggle at the smudges all over Lauren’s face, licking her finger she wiped a little off. She then impatiently looked at the clock and pulled a worried face, beginning to make a hurried little jig on the spot.

“Average day I suppose,” Alison said, “But they kept me on too late I have that bloody date in just about an hour!” She panicked dashing past Lauren into her room around the corner of the hall, “Well? Are you coming to help me pick what to wear or not?” Alison’s voice called from her room. Lauren smirked to herself and after tidying up the easel and her art supplies on the table next to it she touched her face, guess she’d had to have a bath later.

Lauren became friends with Alison quite a few years ago when they had both not long started secondary school. Lauren was a very shy girl, she preferred the company of her paintbrushes and pens rather than conquer the scariness of talking to all the other girls so didn’t make any friends. Whilst Alison on the other hand was a bit too outgoing for her own good and quite often found herself in trouble with the other girls, and boys, and teachers so was an outcast herself. What brought the two girls together was when a group of girls from Lauren’s English class tried bullying her. They trapped her in a corner in a rarely used upstairs corridor, calling her names, pulling her hair, lashing out, punching and kicking her. Just as Lauren was about to give in and let out a cry a voice called out behind the pack of girls attacking Lauren.

“Leave her alone!” Alison cried running up the corridor to land a punch right on the tallest girl of the pack, before pulling the shortest girl back by her hair flinging her aside as she turned to the last girl in the trio. The girl was a stout, plump girl who looked more like a boy in a wig than a girl shook with fear as Alison stood with her feet firm, fists clenched at her sides with a cocky smirk on her flustered little face. The girl’s voice shuddered as she tried to make some kind of accusation yet abandoned the idea and ran wailing the way Alison had just appeared from.

Lauren looked up at Alison through teary eyes to see her smiling face, framed by her neatly cut fringe and bangs. She took Lauren’s hand, pulled her up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You alright?” Alison smiled, and from that moment on the two were inseparable. Around the same time Lauren was leaving for University, Alison was kicked out by her parents leaving Alison no other choice but to join her best friend.

When Lauren joined Alison in her room she was greeted by a half-naked Alison scrambling through her wardrobe leaving piles of discarded choices in her wake.

“Where is guy taking you?” Lauren asked leaning against the door frame, folding her arms. Alison froze with a jumper in her arm ready to be launched across the room and turned to Lauren. She had shed her work’s polo shirt and was now topless revealing a gorgeous black lace bra with a red ribbon trim and a small red bow in the middle of her chest. The bra looked as if it was having a hard time trying not to burst with Alison’s buxom chest behind it. Alison’s chest couldn’t help but bounce and jiggle as she quirkily made her way about her room.

“Some place name zimzam, or wigwam,” Alison’s face wore a puzzle expression as beşiktaş escort she tried to remember the location of her date, “it’s in my purse anyway,” she reassured herself before returning to make a mess. Alison stood at the same five foot two Lauren did but her body was so much different to Lauren’s. Alison had the same short blonde hair cut that framed her round face back in school. Alison’s voluptuous body contrasted heavily with Lauren’s frail frame. Alison had curves in all the right places, with all her clothes hugging the contours at the side of her body and the rounded hips and ass. It was safe to say that she drew much attention with her bombshell of an hourglass figure.

The outfit that they decided on complimented Alison’s body perfectly. A navy blue tight dress that hugged the shape of her hips ending just above her knees, the colour complimented her big blue eyes which were decorated with a little eyeliner that ended in a short flourish. Aside from that, and a little mascara Alison didn’t wear any make up, she didn’t bother hiding the redness in her round cheeks. Her smooth legs seemed endless with her favourite pair of black heels that finished the outfit.

“So?” Alison asked after doing a twirl in front of the mirror, “How do I clean up?” The natural bubbliness was present in her voice, tinged with a mischievous hint of flirtiness. Lauren was now laying on her front on Alison’s bed, her head propped up on her hands in awe at how her friend looked, and the only response she could think of was a long wolf whistle that ended with the pair of them giggling.

Alison stood by the apartment door fiddling about in her clutch bag looking for the address of the restaurant she was meeting a guy she met through a girl at work.

“It’s weird to see you wearing anything other than your work uniform or a hoodie and trackie bottoms,” Lauren smirked, sitting on the arm of the chair.

“Shup you!” Alison retorted in her natural boisterous tone, “Now, how do I look?” She added standing up straight, patting and pulling her dress down. Lauren went to her friend, who now stood a few more inches over her and gave her a hug.

“Gorgeous!” Lauren beamed, “now have fun tonight,” and with that Alison smiled, opened the apartment door, waved and bounded down the hall the best she could in heels.

Whilst the bath finished running Lauren was looking at herself in the full length mirror in her room, feeling a tweak of jealousy at Alison’s womanly body. Dropping her towel, Lauren now stood naked in the empty apartment.

Her eyes glazed over her face, her pale cheeks covered in charcoal. A look at Lauren’s face gave away her half Chinese heritage. She looked herself in her large brown eyes before looking down her body. As her eyes glanced across her bare chest, Lauren puffed her chest out trying to make her small, subtle breasts stand out in the way Alison’s do. Lauren’s couldn’t help but compare her petite frame to her best friend’s curvy figure. Whilst her friend had a full womanly figure, Lauren had a lanky, thin body, ‘some people prefer that,’ she told herself as she bent over picking the towel off of the floor and walking over to the bathroom across the hall.

The warm bath instantly made Lauren’s feet and legs tingle as she lowered herself into the steamy bath. She let out a sigh as she straightened her body and relaxed into the bath letting all but her head sink into the foggy, bubble covered depths. This is exactly what she needed after a long day working on her art.

Lauren’s mind drifted to the situation she was now in, she had the apartment all to herself for the next few hours; maybe the whole night on how Alison’s night went. Her slender fingers trailed up and down her neck as she sat up in the bath, the delicate brushing sensation sending a tingle through her neck as her mind began to unwind, and her thoughts began to drift towards the stories she had been reading the night before. Images flooded her mind of romantic getaways and rendezvouses under the moonlight as women let out their pleasure through groans and gasps as their lovers took them passionately. These thoughts strengthened the tingling in her neck as her other hand trailed down gently, down her neck, across her prominent collar bones, and down to her breasts. Whilst one hand was busy brushing her neck the other splashed in the bath water as she gently squeezed and rubbed her breast, taking her nipple as they grew firmer. Her nipples were dark against her pale frame and felt hard against her fingers as the other hand was now playing with her other breast causing a steady lapping of waves in the water.

Little murmurs of pleasure escaped Lauren’s lips as her eyes closed and her head tilted back. She needed to be taken like that, but by who? Whilst she thought of a guest to join her in her fantasies her hand slipped below the water’s surface and her hand rubbed down her side as her grasps on her breast became firmer şişli escort and faster, feeling the tingling pleasurable sensation spread through her body and building up. Her hand teased her hips and her thighs, brushing between her legs momentarily, but enough for her murmurs to begin a gasp and then a lingering groan.

She decided upon her classmate, Tom, the one with the messy brown hair and broad shoulders to join her in this escapade. As her fingers seductively danced across her clit her chest began to rise and fall gently, with a firm grip on her breast she let out a louder gasp and a moan before gently panting under her own touch. As she sped up the motion on her clit her moans became louder and more frequent. Though the building sensation wasn’t going anywhere, her heart was racing, her chest was pumping but she wasn’t coming any closer to exploding.

Her mind momentarily drifted asunder for a moment, while she still rubbed and teased her little sex. ‘I wonder how Ali’s getting along,’ and her mind pictured her friend topless as looking for clothes and as if instinctively, her fingers began rubbing faster, she threw her head back and let out a moan as she played faster. Though her thoughts didn’t stop there and neither did her fingers, she revisited watching Alison change, remembering her in the matching red and black lingerie. As her mind focusing on the curvature of Alison’s arse, the suppleness of her breasts and the ever present flirtatious look in her eyes the water was splashing wildly as Lauren filled up, and up, her name ready to burst out passed Lauren’s lips, as she felt fuller and fuller until…

There was a door slam and Lauren sat bolt upright, hands now gripping the sides of the bath though her chest and heart still thumped. Her breathing ragged as her body started to mix a feeling of paranoia and guilt with the dying feelings of pleasure and lust.

“A-a-ali?” Lauren managed to stutter out, her voice shaky.

“Yeah it’s me,” an angry voice replied. Lauren quickly wiped a flannel to clean her face, and to calm her down, stepping out the bath, drying herself off, slipping on some knickers and a bra she had waiting for her and wrapped a white fluffy dressing gown around her. Before staring at her reflection in the steamed up bathroom mirror. ‘Ali’s your best friend, she’s like a sister to you! What were you thinking!? You’re not even lesbian! Aren’t you?’ These thoughts created a storm in Lauren’s brain, yet with no answers coming to mind, only more and more questions she looked away and went to her friend’s bedroom door. Lauren stopped at her door, took a deep breath in and pushed the door open.

Alison was laying on her bed facedown, with her head in her crossed arms. Her dress had ridden up to just under her arse, legs kicking in the air.

“Ali?” Lauren asked meekly, “Are you okay?” She made her way across the room and perched herself on the edge of the bed next to Alison. Lauren reached out to put a hand on Alison’s shoulder but decided against it. In retaliation Alison sat up, dragging her legs and now sat crossed legged. The dress has ridden up so far that the lacey thong Alison wore underneath was now very visible and Lauren, unsure where exactly to aim her gaze decided to just look at the floor.

“The guy was a right dick!” Alison yelled, her hands emphasizing the point, “as soon as I sat down he was all like, ‘wow you decided to wear that?'” She put on a gruff voice as she repeated his words.

“He was just so opinionated about ‘everything’ and so I told him to shove his meal and walked back!” Lauren didn’t put Alison’s words past her. The angry creases in Alison’s face fell to a look of pain as she began to sob, flinging her arms around Lauren as she buried her face into the collar of her dressing gown. There Alison broke into a fit of muffled sobs and Lauren put her arms around, pulled close and comforted her friend.

Lauren made a long shushing sound as she stroked Alison’s hair,

“It’s okay lovely,” she said in a soothing tone, the guilt-ridden fantasies absent completely from her mind. She gently lifted Alison up and wiped a tear off of her cheek. “Shall I get the bottle of vodka that’s left over and put a film on?” Lauren suggested, whilst she wasn’t one for drinking, especially compared to Alison, Vodka was something they could both happily drink straight. Alison meekly nodded and as Lauren went to the door she got up began to get changed. Suddenly unable to help herself Lauren turned to get a view of the girl undressing before her, bit her lip and left.

Lauren nudged the door open with a push of her hips, burdened with a bottle of vodka and few DVDs in her hands. Alison was standing by her bed chucking a couple of pillows on the floor by the bed. Alison was wearing only a big t shirt that fit like a loose dress on her. When she bent over to prop up two pillows against the bed the shirt rode up her back revealing the tiny black lace thong bahçeşehir escort bayan that hid none of her round arse. Lauren felt ashamed as she drank in the sight but she could feel a warmth starting to flicker between her legs. ‘She’s my friend! She’s upset!’ She yelled in her head, but her body didn’t listen. Alison turned and gave Lauren a weak smile, though the smudged make up was wiped from her eyes they were still a little red from crying.

“So what we watching?” Alison said attempting to add her usual enthusiastic tone to her meek voice.

“One of your favourites,” Lauren smiled, placing the bottle and the DVDs on Alison’s bedside table and sat down on the floor. Alison joined her sitting in reach of the bottle and pulled a blanket over them. Alison put her head on Lauren’s shoulder and took a swig of the bottle as Lauren put the film on.

About an hour in the pair of them had drunk most of the bottle. Alison was curled up next to Lauren, become clingier as she drunk more whilst Lauren’s body was ablaze with desire, craving the girl next to her as she drunk more. The logical, rational pleading in her head was gone, silenced by her body’s roaring desire. Her eyes no longer paid attention to the film and were too busy examining every inch of Alison. Her big blue eyes seemed to be lost in thought as she was unusually quiet.

“You okay?” Lauren said quietly, brushing Alison’s hair aside. Alison looked up, her blue eyes slightly glassy in her tipsy state, Lauren couldn’t help getting lost in them.

“There’s” Alison said quietly, looking away and then back deep into Lauren’s eyes, “There’s something I want to try,” With that Alison leaned in close and pressed her lips gently against Lauren, closing her eyes and leaning away slightly. Lauren’s eyes opened wide with shock.

“Ali!” She gasped, face reddened and body ablaze. Allie opened her eyes and suddenly her face dropped with sudden realization of what she had done.

“I’m s-” Alison proceeded to plead but was cut short by Lauren crushing her lips against hers, Lauren’s slender fingers knotted into Ali’s short blonde hair. Lauren couldn’t help but let out a moan through her lips. Their kiss broke and their eyes met, the fire in Lauren was roaring as she placed her hand on Ali’s flustered cheek. She kissed her again, much deeper this time as Ali kissed her back, their mouths opened slightly as their lips pressed against each other. Lauren moaned again, the sounds of pleasure escaping into Ali’s mouth. Their bodies pressured together as Alison fell backwards, Lauren lay on top of her, their legs entangled as Lauren’s fingertips traced down Alison’s neck.

They broke away from their kiss and Lauren’s lips pressed against Alison’s neck. Alison’s fingers reached up into Lauren’s black curly hair and began twirling a strand as her chest rose and fell with each sigh of pleasure. Lauren’s kisses were quick and hard as she let her passion take over. There was a little wetness now that accompanied the heat between her legs she couldn’t help and all the guilt she felt before dissolved. Lauren kissed now Alison’s neck, kissing slowly and gently as she reached never her large breasts. With no objection from Alison, Lauren’s hands and lips found their way over the top of her breasts and felt them through the lacey bra and top.

Alison’s chest rhythmically rose and fell as she let out quiet sighs of pleasure, her head tilt back, eyes closed and hands finding their way up Lauren’s neck and in her curly hair. She felt waves of pleasure as Lauren’s lips found her breasts and let out a short gasp as Lauren’s fingers danced across her bra strap under her shirt. Alison sat up, and returned the shocked look of guilt in Lauren’s eyes with her own bedroom eyes. She pulled off her baggy t shirt and let her bra fall off.

Lauren’s eyes drank in the sight of Alison’s perky, large breasts and the rest of her almost naked body. The addition of a thong added a level of teasing that just furthered her arousal. Alison leant forward and began to slide the dressing gown off of Lauren’s shoulders before pulling her up and tossing the gown aside.

Lauren looked away meekly as her childish polka dot knickers and stripped bra. Yet Alison pulled her close, grabbing her arse as the feeling of their flustered skin touching caused as simultaneous moans escaped their mouths. Their lips met briefly before Alison pulled Lauren down onto her bed and their legs tangled as they lay on their sides.

Their lips pressed against each other as Lauren’s hand rest on Alison’s warm cheeks and Alison’s hand knotted its way into Lauren’s hair.

Alison’s finger tips then ran swiftly down Lauren’s back, as it arched in response to Alison’s touch, Lauren tilt her head back and let out a long groan. Then gasped as Alison squeezed her arse again, but this time she didn’t move her hand away and instead her finger skimmed along the top of her waistband. Alison’s finger made its way around her hip and was hesitating at the top of her knickers, brushing against the bottom of her stomach. Lauren’s body felt on fire as Alison drew closer and closer to touching her sex, the teasing driving her crazy. Unable to control herself any longer Lauren took ahold of Alison’s wrist and pulled her hand towards her as a signal for Alison to go further.

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