Lauren Ch. 01

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On a crude, soft bed laid out in the living room, Lauren waited eagerly.

They had kissed passionately and fumbled to the floor, moans escaping from their yearning mouths.

“Wait.” He had stopped, “I have a game to play” rising to his feet, and leaving the room.

The look in his eyes was too easy to recognise, Lauren knew that tonight was going to get heated, and she was hot thinking about it.

He emerged from the other room rapidly; he had been planning this for a while, and Lauren could tell.

She sat upright, “what’s going on?” She purred with a sly grin.

“You’ll see.” Kneeling behind her, “or not.” And with that secured a blindfold, making sure there was no way she could see.

Lauren bit her lip slowly, and let out a slow moan when her lips fell open again. She felt her chest start to rise and fall faster, as she guessed as to what might happen next.

“Tonight we’re going to play a game, ‘Blind control’: you will do as I instruct, you will answer my questions, you cannot say, ‘no’, and until I say, you cannot take off the blindfold. Understand?”

“Okay…” Lauren answered with a nervous giggle.

“Firstly, take off your clothes, but leave your underwear. They are mine to take off. Then I want you to wait while I get ready”

Wearing only her favourite underwear; purple laced, almost transparent, ‘these always drive him wild’, she mused.

It had been too long to remember the last time her legs quivered and shook with ecstasy, too long to remember the feeling of warmth rise through her body as she writhed beneath him.

Dizzy and excited, like a school girl Lauren waited. Her stomach was knotted, and the butterflies whirled faster as she anticipated what was to come.

The heat in the room was enough to leave a sheen of sweat on Lauren, which only emphasised the perfect curves of her body.

Lauren’s skin was an olive hue, and always looked fresh out of the heat of the sun. Her lips were heavy, pink and soft, a feminine quality that left her memory lingering in raunchy imaginations late at night. Her eyes held a feline stare that could portray a thousand feelings; behind the blindfold they burned with lust.

She could hear him setting up the room around her and her heart pounded with excitement. She couldn’t control her legs as they moved up and down the sheets beneath her.

Sometimes he would stop güvenilir bahis to admire the scene; Lauren’s toned legs, newly waxed and glimmering under the dim lights; her thighs were busty and womanly, perfect additions to her ample and buxom, smooth and soft behind.

He was already completely bare, hard, and dripping with anticipated excitement. The room was ready, he could hear soft excited giggles from Lauren, “time to play” He muttered.

“With as much detail as possible, describe your darkest fantasy” he’d heard a mixture of it before, but now he wanted it all, in slow, descriptive detail.

Lauren began warily. Starting slowly she described first, spying on him in the shower as he stroked his shaft and moaned in pleasure, she would be standing hidden as her hand moved south, parting her moist lips, and thrusting her fingers inside to the rhythm if his hard cock.

“And what did you do with the cock? What do you want from it?”

“I want its come, I want to suck on your hard cock” she writhed.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he demanded.

“Yes. . .” she begged.

“Show me how wet you are, show me how you fucked yourself to the motion of my hard, dripping cock” he whispered close into her ear.

Lauren reached down between her legs, and raised her knees to get a better position.

Her body was amazing; the curve of her hips as they arched inwards to create her intoxicating hourglass figure was simply entrancing.

Her breathing became heavy quickly, as she moved her fingertips over her clitoris and dipped them inside.

He reached over and pressed play, she couldn’t see but, he was sure the sound of another woman moaning as she fucked herself would help her get even more wet.

Her senses, without sight, were now more acute. Hearing the video groan as she did, made her compete. She wanted to be better than the video, a primal instinct coursing through her; Lauren’s imagination ran wild, her fingers moved faster and the intensity increased tenfold.

“Keep going. I’m going to tell you exactly how I fucked you.” He knelt over her, and put his pulsing cock on her lips.

Lauren seeing this as a command impulsively grabbed it and took it into her mouth, working hard to fuck herself and take all the cock in her mouth.

“Uh, uh. Not yet, naughty. Keep your mouth closed” Surprising her with his abruptness.

Lauren pursed türkçe bahis her lips as he laid the end on her lips. “Now stay like that.”

His cock beat to the steady rhythm of his heart, and seeped slowly with his juices. Already a small pool had gathered in the crack of Lauren’s lips, and slowly ran down her cheek. Each time Lauren gasped for air from the slow, growing orgasm, she would get a taste of what was to come and enjoyed letting it flow over her lips.

The sound of coming grew louder, “fuck… oh fuck!”

Lauren imagined the other woman’s legs buckling, and her fingers moving deeper inside her as she grabbed her breasts, intensifying Lauren’s own enjoyment as she imagined the scene..

“I’ve reached out of the shower and found you watching, I’m going to take the chance to really take you all in.” Describing the scene, he grew harder and warmer on Lauren’s lips.

With precise detail he described pulling her in to the bathroom, and undressing her naked. His fingers teased at Lauren’s nipples moving swiftly then slowly around her round, soft breasts, before peeling her bra off casually in tandem as he described in his story.

Leaning over he squeezed and caressed Lauren’s breasts, before sucking and gently biting them… just as he had portrayed in his story.

With his cock still held over her lips, teasing at Lauren’s nipples, his cock flowed over her lips and down her cheeks.

“Fuck me… please fuck me… I need your cock in me…” Lauren’s mind begged and her body ached for him to take her deep inside.

His kissing moved slowly now further up towards her lips. She heard him shuffle back and remove his shaft from her lips, with just a pool of semen remaining. The temptation to swallow the sweet come was almost too much but, she knew what he wanted, and what she now yearned for.

His tongue moved tenderly, but full of lust along her lips, it gently slid along her cheek before gliding into her open, eager mouth.

They kissed passionately and intensely, his come was warm and sweet as it rolled from his tongue down on to hers. Sloppily their tongues entwined and swapped juices back and forth, devouring the come and swallowing it together.

Lauren’s pussy was moist and ready, dripping with anticipation. He slowly slid his fingers inside, made her orgasm and squirm; she moaned loudly gripping the back of his head and finishing the güvenilir bahis siteleri last of the come.

Gliding his fingers out and rubbing gently on her clitoris, he placed his fingers inside her mouth; she wrapped her tongue around them, gasping from her orgasm and tasted her own come with pleasure.

The woman heard on the TV was climaxing too; loud moans of pleasure were escaping, enhancing Lauren’s orgasm further.

As he moved his head and body to position himself between her legs, his cock was flowing with excitement and trailed down her shaking body.

“Seems you need a little extra lubrication, before I start to fuck you” his fingers moved deep inside as he removed Lauren’s lace underwear.

Under the blindfold she couldn’t keep her moan from escaping as the warmth of his tongue parted her lips, and his mouth began to suck and tease her clitoris.

His fingers motioned like his shaft would, if she were to be taking him all in her mouth, his tongue moved in, out, and around her pussy, gentle then hard, fast and then slow.

Lauren’s imagination ran wild and entwined with the coming girl she could hear softly coming alongside her. She imagined his fingers were his cock, fucking her mouth, about to burst with all his come.

She imagined the coming woman was eating her pussy, her soft tender lips, kissing her clitoris gently, moving her slender feminine fingers back and forth inside her, her warm tongue enjoying the juices of her labour.

With that thought Lauren buckled, her back arched, and her pussy tingling. Her juices flowed over the imagined girls tongue, and she relished it as she gripped her body tight, and passionately fucked her with her mouth.

Lauren’s legs gripped his head tight as the warmth and pleasure filled her body with ecstasy. She felt it gather and move all over her body as she tingled, imagining his come filling her mouth with ecstasy too.

Slowly she quivered and shook, unable to keep her legs from shaking as he let her down and released her from his grip.

“Now I think you’re ready for some cock” he said wryly, moving above her, steadying himself on his hands.

“Can I take this off now?” Lauren signalled to the blindfold.

“Oh, we’re just getting started. . .” And with that his cock glided easily deep inside her, Lauren felt herself flowing down her thighs, a mixture of semen, saliva and her own come. She threw back her head and let out a groan of pleasure.

“I’m going to really make sure tonight is as good for you later” Lauren thought, beginning to formulate her own plans for the night in her filthy, filthy mind.

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