Lead Where I Wanted to Go

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My wife, kissed me gently, her soft lips lingering. Her hand was lightly stroking my crotch. “I’m gonna head down and grab a drink, hun. You want anything.”

I smiled as she stood up. “Mmmmm, just you.” She smiled back and shook her head coyly as she stepped out the door.

We were in San Francisco for the weekend, visiting for our anniversary. We’d had a great first day exploring the city and just enjoying each other. Which always made me want to have sex. She was barely out the door and I wanted her back. Despite having an overall great marriage, we sometimes struggled with sex and this was a great chance for us to reconnect.

My mind went back to a picture of her in that cute tank top. My dick came back to hard and I gave it a light rub. Just then I heard the key card in the door. It open slightly and my wife poke her head around. “Hey cutie.” She stepped in but held the door slightly open. Her short frame looked as fit and firm as ever in the light. “I’ve got your first present.” Her head tilted down and she gave me ‘that look’. I sat up as my cock reached full attention. I took a second to admire her. Shoulder length near black hair, pale skin, 5 ft tall with 36C tits and a toned stomach. Whatever this was, I wanted it.

“Show me!”

“Alright, stud”

She stepped in the room, her left arm lagging behind. And then I noticed the hand she was holding. Dark black skin, large, as I realized it was a man’s hand the arm followed in past the door and then the hulking guy it was attached to. There stood a mountain of a black man. had to be 6’4″, 220 lbs, very muscular and smiling.

“This is Marcus, hun”

“What the fuck -” I started, standing up.

“Hold on babe” she shut the door and left smiling Marcus standing there. She walked over and kissed me softly. She put her hands on my cheeks and spoke in a near whisper. “First – he’s not for me and I haven’t had sex with anyone else.” Relief washed over me, though just the tiniest Bornova travesti amount of disappointment as well. And as the question hit me, she answered it –

“He’s for you”

My eyes went wide.

“I know we struggle with sex. I know you always want it more than I do. And I know you love me too much to ever find other outlets so … this … is my gift.” She kissed me again. I tilted my head and my eyes shifted back to Marcus. As she pulled back from our kiss her eyes met mine. “If you want, Marcus can leave at any time – isn’t that right, Marcus”

Finally the black mountain spoke, “Yes ma’am”. His voice was heavy in the room, but not malicious. More like velvet.

I turned back to Mary, who was whispering in my ear as her hand ran down my chest. “That politeness is part of why I chose Marcus. I also chose him because I wasn’t sure I could handle you being with another woman. But,” her hand was now at my belt line. “I was pretty sure you’d be on board because of some things you’ve told me, and some things we do.” Her hand now ran over my dick, which I realized at that moment was rock hard.

“Mmmmmm” – she purred. “I also chose him because, as you can see, he is quite the man and . . . well, show him Marcus”

My eyes narrowed and my pulse quickened as Marcus now ran his hand over his crotch, showing me the outline of a massive dick in his pants. Chills went down my spine as Mary kissed my neck.

“Now boys, I’m gonna go sit in that chair, and you two are going to get acquainted.” She leaned in and kissed me, love flowing between our lips. “I love you.” She turned and walked away, sitting down in the chair, running her hands over that luscious body.

My eyes turned back and met Marcus’. He gave me a friendly smile, “Hi cutie” I blushed and looked away. “I . . .” He took a step towards me and my pulse quickened. “Come here”

I stepped towards him, looking over at Mary, who was nodding encouragement. Buca travesti I was now in arms reach of Marcus.

I think heard her say “Kiss him.”

I looked into his deep eyes and took that last step, knowing I was committing to this. Knowing how right she was. We were now inches apart. Marcus ran his hand over my arm and leaned down, kissing me lightly on the lips. a wet spot formed on my shorts immediately. I melted into his arms.

Everyone says it but . . . the kiss really was so different than with a woman. Before the thought could fully form in my mind Marcus slipped his tongue into my mouth. I moaned audibly. And heard Mary respond in kind.

Marcus placed his impossibly large hand over mine and led it down to his crotch. And there I felt it. This massive hardness in his pants. I couldn’t wait. I quickly undid his pants as we continued to kiss and then pushed his waistband down, the black monster now pointing up. I rubbed my flat palm over it, wishing at once that this could last for ever, and that it could just be at the end now.

Marcus gave me a small peck and pulled back. “You like that?”

I looked down and got my first real look at his dick. It had to be 9 inches, the head nearly as big as my wrist. The little slit on top staring at me, inviting me, promising me.

“Go ahead” he said gently.

I quickly sank to my knees and wrapped my hand around him firmly. I could hear Mary in the corner, the sounds letting me know she was loving this.

“Yes baby”

I leaned in and gave his giant cock head an open mouthed kiss. Spit hung obscenely as I pulled back. Marcus and Mary both let out a chorus of “Fuuuuck”. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. Wanting more immediately.

I licked my way around the head and then down the shaft. Marcus’ knees shivered as I worked him. “Fuck me you are made for this. I need to sit down”

I looked up in his eyes as I popped of his dick, the sound hanging in Konak travesti the room. He ran his fingers through my hair and moved to the bed. He paused there and pulled his shirt off, as I slipped his pants and underwear off. My hands on his thighs pushed him back to the bed. His dick stood like a tower, calling to me.

I grabbed it again and leaned in, using my mouth to love his member. As I worked him he moaned and writhed under me, letting me know how I was serving him. After a few minutes I heard Marcus’ voice again – “Fuck yeah those are some beautiful titties, Mary”. I turned and saw my wife with her tank top pushed down, tits out, one hand rubbing them, the other inter panties, clearly working her clit. Her eyes locked on mine.

She nodded.

I turned back and took Marcus in my mouth, with a new determination. I took the head back in my mouth and started my assault. I did everything I could think of to please that dick, working it like my life depended on it. I could feel Marcus tense and then relax a few times as his orgasm built up.

“I’m gonna cum” that deep baritone reverberated in my chest.

I slipped my mouth out to the head and stroked him with both hands, wanting to taste him more than anything I could remember. One hand sank down to his balls just as I felt them tighten and his legs stiffen. Just in that pause before he came I noticed the wetness of my own shorts. I was leaking precum like a faucet.

And then I felt it. I felt the muscles tense up his shaft against my tongue and then the warm, salt, creamy goodness hit my tongue. I moaned nearly as loud as Marcus and tiled my head back, showing him the load as it spurted in my mouth. I could hear Mary cumming the background with us. I took Marcus back in my mouth and stroked him as he filled it. Eventually the torrent subsided and he sat up on his elbows.

I swallowed the wonderful stuff and then smiled at him broadly.

“Baby that was amazing” my wife cooed from the corner. “I take it you like your gift?”

I smiled lovingly at her as I felt the still hard black monster in my hand. “This much” I joked, shaking the huge rod gently.

I looked Marcus in the eyes and he gave me a mischievous grin – “What’s next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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