Learning Curve Ch. 04

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Alena was enjoying lunch at a nearby McDonald’s when she opened her laptop and checked her messages. There was a second response from one. It had originally read: “Professional, executive white male, I am impressed with you. Attached is my photo. Rest assured it is current, taken a week ago. I would like to meet w/u ASAP; if possible, tonight. Would love to pamper and spoil you! Pls. call Hank, at __________.

The second read: “Professional, executive white male: what happened? If still interested call me at __________. We can meet tonight or tomorrow. Hank is Anxious to meet you.

Smiling to herself, Alena decided to meet with this Hank guy and earn some additional money. If she could pick up another $300 or so, and meet with Eric again two nights later, she would be rich.


She met Hank at the local mall, in front of the cinema. He was as his picture indicated, just under six feet, brown wavy hair and ruggedly good-looking features.

He seemed a perfect gentleman, talking pleasantly about music, recent films he’d seen and his plans to become an architect someday. He was inquiring about Alena’s background when they reached his car.

“Like, don’t talk…” Alena said huskily, as she leaned into him and kissed him.

I like this guy, he’s clean and soft-spoken… he has a plan for his life and that’s more than I do.

When the kiss ended, Hank opened the passenger door and Alena slipped into the bucket seat. He closed the door and moved quickly to the driver’s side, opened the door, got in and started the engine.

When the car was moving, Alena said, “Find a secluded spot, will you?”

Five minutes later they were parked inside a local cemetery. Alena laughed and said, “Wow, I didn’t mean this secluded!”

He reached for her and she moved into his arms. They kissed again, this time tongues met as he ran his hand through her fiery red hair.

As their kisses deepened, Alena drifted off to another world.

She was back with Pamela and Devon, sharing their kisses, their subtle and not so subtle touches before realizing that it was Hank and not the fun couple from the previous evening who was nuzzling her oh so sensitive places that had her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet.

“Um, Hank….”

“Mmmm, baby?”

“We… um, haven’t discussed my fee.”

But Hank had noticed her nipples too, and ventured a hand over Alena’s soft little breasts. To his surprise she didn’t stop him. He got a hand under the top, felt the warmth of her skin and the hard nipples beneath her bra. And Hank knew how to undo a bra. His hand found the front catch and Alena’s breasts were his.


“Huh… what?”

“You’re a nice guy and all, but it’s going to cost you.”

“Um… how much?”

“Don’t you remember your ad?”

“Mmmm, I do. I never mentioned money.”

“You said you wanted to pamper and spoil me!”

“I’m doing just that, aren’t I?”

“I’m afraid not, and as nice as this is, I need to get paid. I’m a professional. Now cough up the money or I get out of the car.”

Alena had reasoned that he would pay. After all he had her tits out; and they’d been kissing hotly for some time now. No way was he walking away from a hot pussy like hers.

But instead of reaching for his wallet, Hank was undoing his jeans.

“It’s three hundred, Hank. Just three hundred and I’ll make that pecker of yours see the stars.”

“I never pay for it,” he said and there was a nasty tone that hadn’t been there before.

“Hey, fuck that, Hank….”

He slapped her hard.

Alena was stunned. No one had ever slapped her before.

“What the fu….”

He slapped her again and backhanded her before snarling; “Get your face down on my cock before I start punching you!”

Alena took his hard shaft in her delicate fingers. She began caressing his member more out of fear than anything else.

Hank sighed and pulled her closer, easing her head downward.

Alena almost desperate to get out of the situation safely brought her mouth onto his cock. Her tongue closed on the shaft causing Hank to moan. His hands ran through her hair, holding her steady. Alena ran her tongue along the sides of his cock then took him into her mouth and sucked as he thrust gently into her orifice.

She felt Hank’s hips beating faster, jarring her a little. The cock in her mouth stretched her, but Alena was past caring. Suddenly Hank cried out, clamped his hands on her head and shoved his penis farther into Alena’s mouth.

Alena felt the head of his cock swell, and then there was a hot flood of his semen pouring down her throat. To Alena, it didn’t taste like much of anything, but she swallowed it all.

Hank didn’t say a word, but tucked himself away and drove her back to the Mall and let her out.

Alena took note of his license plate, and committed it to memory. But she had no intention of going to the police. Perhaps she would meet someone someday who might help her extract her revenge on Hank, or whatever the fuck his Escort Beylikdüzü name was, but for now she had nothing to show for the blowjob she’d given him, and went back to her apartment, and realizing it was only 9:30 checked out her laptop for any new responses to her ad and found one.

Love your pic. Compensation forthcoming if price is right. Al. Call me at __________. Available all hours.

Alena made the call. Al sounded horny, but otherwise alright and she agreed to meet him by the steps of the Baptist Church on Grove Street at ten fifteen.


She was impressed by Al’s neat appearance, he was young, perhaps younger than she, but remembering that Hank had seemed alright too, she got right to the point and asked for three hundred up front.

Al handed her a bunch of crumpled twenties and Alena tucked them into her purse and got into his car. This time she told him where to go. It was secluded enough, but within earshot of several businesses, including a busy bar on the corner.

Alena sat back and lifted her butt off the seat long enough to push her shorts down her long legs. Al’s eyes bulged out as he took in her neatly trimmed sex. He tried not to stare, but had never seen a red-haired twat before.

“You said you loved my picture, so now I’m here and you can do anything you want to me, Allie baby,” she whispered, tossing her shorts over her shoulder. “You can lick me or dick me, suck me or fuck me. What’s your choice?”

“Uhhh…” he swallowed hard, but his eyes were drawn back to Alena’s pink vulva as she began to slide her long middle finger between her pussy lips.

She began to tease him, saying, “I’m a naughty girl. Would you like to spank me… or would you like me to spank your monkey for you?”

Al was frozen with indecision. Alena decided to enjoy herself and give him something he hadn’t expected.


Al blinked; not believing what he’d just seen. Alena had slapped her pussy; slapped it hard.

“Ohhhh…” she breathed, rubbing her pussy and nodding her head, “See that Al? I like it. I never let anyone spank my pussy before. You can be the first. Spank it for me… spank it hard, okay?”

“You’re crazy,” he whispered, looking between Alena’s lust glazed eyes and her now obviously moist pussy. He could smell her juices and see her labia glisten with excitement.

“Or maybe you’d like to play with my titties…” Reveling in the control she had over him, Alena quickly peeled her top off and tossed it on top of her skirt, leaving her nude in the car.

“C’mon, touch me. Touch me somewhere’s, Al.”

Her request brought him out of his daze and he reached out and touched her right nipple; squeezed it twice before lowering his mouth to it.

“That’s it! That’s more like it! She moaned. Alena couldn’t believe how hot she’d gotten teasing this young guy. She already had her middle finger inside her cunt, jilling off while Al sucked each puffy nipple in turn. Her mouth hung open and a small track of saliva was drooling down her chin as she wiggled her tongue at him, trying to entice him into kissing her or going down on her. She wanted his tongue someplace on her body; needed it badly.

Taking the finger from her pussy, she brought it slowly toward her mouth, but hesitated and did not place it on her tongue.

“Want to suck my finger?’ she said wantonly.

Al nodded, and she fed him the finger and giggled as he sucked the taste of her from it.

“Take your cock out for me, Al,” she hissed.

“I… I….”

“C’mon, take it out. I want to see it.”

He fumbled his hardon out of his jeans and she looked at it. He was perhaps five inches in length, a normal size for a penis.

He was totally focused on her mouth; on the small pink tongue darting in and out from between her luscious lips. He almost came imagining her mouth around his penis.

And then it was.

Three short sucks of her mouth and he ejaculated.

Alena opened her mouth revealing his jizm pooled on the flat of her tongue.

“Kizz me,” she said slurring the words so as not to lose the precious fluid on the tongue.

Al complied, moving to her quickly; receiving his seed from her mouth and swallowing it, thinking that’s what she wanted him to do.

“Did you swallow it?” she asked not believing that he had.

“Yes, wasn’t I supposed too?”

“No… I wanted to have you spit it back and forth… sort of sharing it.

“Oh… I’m sorry,” he said contritely.

“Well you’ll just have to get down between my legs and eat me out until I tell you to stop.”

“I… I’ve never….”

“Just get down there and start licking, I’ll tell you how.”

Al’s palm covered her mound. Alena grunted and shifted her rump, increasing the contact of his hand on her cunt.

“Make me cum…Make me cum…Make me cum…” Alena kept repeating, in time with her rapid breath, saying the words so quickly he could barely understand them, but his fingers had a mind of their own and they drifted between the soft Escort Bahçeşehir folds of her pussy and delved deeper as she continued her mantra… “Make me cum….”

He wasn’t even really fingering her. Alena had her finger next to his and she was the one doing all the work. She pumped her pussy hard and fast while all Al did was curl his finger inside her and move it around slowly, wiggling the tip as if scratching the buttery walls of her cunt. But it was just what she wanted.

“OHHH! OH! YES!” Alena squealed, lifting her hips and squeezing his wrist so hard it almost hurt.

Alena bounced around crazily, bending her back and putting her neck and head at such an angle Al feared she’d break something. Alena was cumming and suddenly sat up and lunged towards him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing his face while he mauled her breasts as he attempted to suck her puffy nipples again.

“Oh, you naughty boy. You made me come,” Alena giggled.

Letting a nipple slide away from him, Al said, “I did?”

“You did, and here, let me hold that breastie to your mouth so you can suck it good. You can even chew on it, you want.”

Al contented himself with some ardent breast play for the next few minutes. Alena took a quick peek at her wristwatch, saw that they had only been partying for twenty-five minutes and felt his crotch to see if he was ready for a fuck.

He was.

Alena giggled as his zipper came down with soft zzzzzip! “Oh, look how hard you are. Is that for me?” she inquired, scratching his throbbing dick with her pink fingernails.


She had him in her mouth before he could complete the sentence.

“OHMYGOD…OHMYGOD!” Al snorted as her tongue performed here-to-for unimaginable things upon his cock.

“Don’t cum!” Alena hissed, “Don’t you dare cum!”

Not trusting him, Alena took him in hand and directed him right to the entrance of her pussy. “Put it in me!” she told him in no uncertain terms.

He found her hole hot and wet and as he slipped into her, Alena’s body went stiff as she clamped down on him, kegeling him although she’d never kegeled anyone before, or knew what she was doing except that it felt right.

Al grew confident as he realized he wasn’t going to shot his load early on. He began pumping into Alena with short, careful thrusts as she moaned and wrapped her legs around him.

“Oh, god, I wish I could stay in you forever,” he blurted.

Alena was touched, more by his innocence than his sincerity. “You feel great inside me, Al.” she replied wanting to make him happy. After all, she told herself, he’s a real payer, and after that son-of-a-bitch raped me earlier, a real pleasure to be with.

She followed up with several kegels that sent Al over the edge, and he came in her with a rush of semen, but continued fucking her. Of course, Alena had felt him cum, but she silently applauded him for continuing on and gave him another squeeze to add to his pleasure.

Alena waited another thirty seconds before blinking at him and slyly inquiring, “Did you cum?”


“Well that’s fine. You did good, Allie. Would you like to see me again sometime?”

“Um, yeah, sure,” he replied.

“I’d like that. How soon do you think you’ll have the money for me?”

“Um, I paid you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, for tonight. I meant for the next time. Would you like to meet weekly?” I can give you a better rate.”

“Um, well… I can get the money… how much did you say it was?”

“Two hundred for you, sweetie.”

“Maybe next month,” he said sadly.

“What do you do for a living, sweetie?”

“I… um, deliver newspapers.”

“That’s fine. You have a steady job. I like that,” she said, not wanting to hurt his feelings. “You have my number. Call me whenever, sweetie. I really like you.”

“I… l… I mean I like you too, Alena.”


Alena had enough cash to buy several pair of matching lingerie, and did so. She went to class every day for the next three days until Thursday when her “date” with Eric was upon her. That night she wore her black cocktail dress, although she thought it might be a tad tighter than normal, and attributed it to the fact that she was now eating with regularity.

She checked her face in the mirror of the hotel elevator, thought her lipstick was too bright; thought her red hair, pulled up in a twist, seemed over-groomed. But as the doors opened into the restaurant on the top floor where she was to meet him, offering first a view of the magnificent bar and then behind it, the city’s silhouetted skyline beyond. For one adamantine moment, Alena imagined what it would be like to let the doors slide shut again, and take a taxi home. Eric was a kind and thus far, gentle lover, but there was something about him….

But her feet weren’t listening to her head, and they carried her across the expanse of terracotta tiles, and into the bar. Above the soft, insipid music, Alena heard her heels click against the ceramic as she walked towards one of the high, chrome stools and sat down.

She hoped the shooter of vodka she’d ordered would calm her down, but it didn’t even register. She declined a cigarette from the bartender and stared past the bar and terrace, at the sprawling, garishly lit city.

The sound of someone moving the bar stool next to her made Alena jump. A slender Asian woman dressed in a sheath-like silk dress wriggled into the seat. She spoke to the bartender in accented English and then looked Alena up and down without bothering to hide her contempt.

“You Russia?” she said as she waited for the bartender to light her cigarette.


“You from Russia?”

“No,” Alena said, confused just for a moment. Why Russian? Then it hit her, she had read that the prostitutes working the city were now mainly Russian immigrants.

“No, I’m not Russian. And I’m not…” Alena didn’t finish the sentence because she realized that she was as the woman thought, a body for hire.

Just then a hand slid up the middle of Alena’s bare back and settled possessively around her neck. “May I?”

She looked over her shoulder. It was Eric. “Hi,” she said brightly as a wave of relief washed over her. He sat on the stool to her left and ordered a scotch.

The Asian woman reappraised Alena, decided she wasn’t a whore like the other white Russians, finished her martini and quickly ordered another.

“I wasn’t sure you’d be here,” he said after a brief lull during which his scotch arrived.

“Neither was I.”

Beneath the bar, she felt his hand settle on her thigh and give it a squeeze. His fingers traced small circles over the nylon of her Black stocking. Alena sat in silence for a moment, feeling his fingertips edge incrementally up her thigh to where the stocking ended.

“I gather this bar is a watering hole for Ladies of the Evening,” she muttered, distractedly, and glanced at the Asian woman who was talking to the bartender.

“I guess it is,” Eric replied. “They’re looking for the hotel’s clientele. They can afford them.”

He cocked his head, a smile playing at the edges of his mouth. Warm fingers played over naked skin beneath the hem of her dress, edging upward until she felt one brush the inside leg of her panties.

“As can I,” he said, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

She swallowed hard against a dry throat as a single fingertip edged its way between her thighs. That’s when Alena noticed she was wet.

“Shall we go? I have a room downstairs,” he said, withdrawing his hand. He signed the bar tab and stood up and led her towards the exit, his hand, formal and polite, on the small of Alena’s back, like a man leading a woman onto a dance floor.

The suite was on the 16th floor and looked out towards the river. There were books on tables and other items that suggested he hadn’t hired the room for the night. He lived there.

“Would you like another drink?”

Alena shook her head, suddenly feeling terribly nervous again. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just…”



“I understand. You did quite well the last time. Tonight should be no different.” But when he gave her a thoughtful look Alena returned a quizzical look of her own.

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what to do.”

Alena took a deep breath. “What should I do? I mean other than undress?”

“Do that then,” he said studying her slim body as she peeled the black cocktail dress from her lithe body and stood before him in black stockings, black panties and heels.

“Take the panties off, leave the stockings on and step out onto the balcony.”

She felt his eyes on her as she slid the panties down over the stockings and stepped out of them.

“Okay,” she whispered. “And…”



Alena turned, pulled the sliding door open, and stepped out onto the balcony. The air held no freshness. The heat of the day was still rising up off the pavement, bleeding into the night. She stood at the railing and gripped it with both hands. Beneath her, the chaos of the traffic was sending up a cacophony of noise, but the click of his footsteps behind her made Alena glance over her shoulder.

“Don’t turn around.”

“Alright,” she replied weakly. The darkness of the city pulled at her hypnotically.

She flinched as his hands flattened on the sides of her hips.

“S-sh… Easy.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, Alena.” Standing behind her, the heat of his body pressed into her. He reached around, his hands circling her bare thighs and pulled them apart. She moved for him, widening her stance, wondering how many eyes were watching them on the balcony.

“Good girl.”

The fingers of each hand made their parallel ways up Alena’s legs and met at her crotch. Then, one curved around; cupping her neatly trimmed pussy as the other reached up and covered her naked breast.

He squeezed softly at first.

The fingers of his other hand grazed over her pussy lips. She felt him press, slipping a finger between them. It slid easily between the wet, swollen folds.

“Oh, my… I wasn’t expecting that at all,” he growled into her ear.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered.

“Shush. Silly girl. What are you sorry for?”

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