Learning to Suck Ch. 06

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Learning to Suck Ch. 06: Coach Has Me Service His Friends on Football Sunday

I was naked, kneeling submissively on an ornate Persian carpet in front of a group of older men gathered in Coach’s living room. All were still dressed, and I could see bulges forming in their crotches. Several of the men were seated on a large leather couch or on one of two recliners, sipping their beers and leering at my nakedness and displaying the smugness of older men, knowing I was in their complete control. A few guys were standing behind the couch, evidently amused at my predicament but keeping their distance for now. Behind me a large television set was blasting the pre-game show for the football game which Coach had invited them all to come enjoy.

“Gentlemen,” Coach barked commandingly to the group. “I want you to meet our Cocksucker for this afternoon. My team and I have been training him diligently over the last several weeks to eat ass, suck balls, take cocks down his throat, and best of all, he swallows everything you feed him. In short, he will do what he is told.”

I heard a few guffaws and saw everyone in the group smirk. Coach looked down at me, grinning.

“His name is not important. You can refer to him however you like. Believe it or not, he gets turned on by degrading names such as Cocksucker, Cum Dump, Jizz Whore, and Throat Bitch–use your imagination boys. Anyway, I brought him here for your use during the game. If anyone would like to dump a load down his throat, all you have to do is snap your fingers and your wish is his command.”

All the men in the room hooted and laughed at Coach’s introduction. I was to be the ‘entertainment’ for the afternoon while they watched the football game. Don’t ask me which teams played that day–my only memories are of sucking an endless procession of cocks that were presented to my face, licking and sucking an array of hairy ball sacks, eating numerous assholes to the point where I could not tell one from another, and essentially giving up my “mouth cunt” as one participant referred to my orifice, to the use of a group of horny, undersexed middle-aged men who probably had not had their cocks sucked by their wives in ages.

I was panting with lust at my own debauchery and could taste the semen that was to come.

How I Got Here

Let me take a step back to set the stage for my new readers who have just joined this saga. My first time sucking cock had begun innocently enough a little over a month ago with our football team’s quarterback, Sean. I had seen him naked while we were in the showers together at our gym and I had ogled his cock and balls after practice one evening. He instantly grasped in my eyes my horniness and curiosity about sucking his dick. He wasted no time getting me to do just that. I found out that I loved sucking cock and swallowing another man’s semen.

That experience led over the next few weeks to my sucking off several different players on the team in different places and I was even filmed deep throating and sucking balls at one point. Then our head Coach got in on the action. He summoned me to his office one evening. He immediately sized me up and saw my need to service cock and that night I became, as he called me, the “Team Cocksucker.” As you can guess, he didn’t want to waste such an asset and found opportunities to share me with all his friends. I had never done a blow bang before all these events happened, and if you had told me a month ago that I would be servicing a large group of men, I would have thought you were crazy. Yet here I was, the submissive plaything for a group of older guys.

Funny how life plays out.

Coach told me after our last encounter that one day he’d have me come to his house on Football Sunday and service his friends. I had no idea that the ‘date’ he’d set up would be so soon. I found myself bicycling on a late Sunday morning down to his suburban neighborhood near my college where Coach said I would be servicing ‘a few’ of his friends. I entered his house, was told to strip, and then Coach led me into his living room where he had me kneel in the middle of the room and wait patiently for all the guys to arrive. Coach expected me to submit to his friends the way I had submitted to him and the other men I had already sucked off. Here is where this chapter of my story begins.

Sucking and Swallowing

After my introduction by Coach, the group of men made lewd comments about what they were going to do with me and how they were going to use my mouth. They were all complete strangers to me with the exception of Coach of course, and his buddies Jerry and Carl, who I had the pleasure of sucking off in an alley behind a sports bar downtown the week before. I looked around the room. It seems I had graduated to the big leagues. I was in a room with maybe 9 or 10 men and they were all expecting to use my mouth for their pleasure. I was thrilled at being the center of attention but also worried I wouldn’t live kaçak iddaa up to their expectations. I thought to myself, there’s only one way to find out.

I didn’t have long to wait before my first ‘customer’ made his needs known.

“Crawl over here cocksucker.” A large, balding man in the middle of the couch barked at me. He had a large beer gut and was thoroughly enjoying being in control and showing the other men he was going to make me his bitch.

With all eyes watching me, I obediently crawled over to where he sat in between two other men who grinned at my subservience. I had a raging hard-on which I couldn’t hide due to my nakedness, and it was clear to everyone there that I was a very willing mouth and wanted to be used that day.

The man leered at me. “Now, I want you to unzip my pants with your teeth, cocksucker, and then I’m going to peel off my pants. No hands. I want you to take a look at what you’re going to eat before I feed it to you.” His comment drew a few laughs and some encouragement from the others.

As he unbuttoned the top button of his pants, I moved my head into his crotch and dutifully got his zipper in between my teeth. Holding it tightly in my mouth, slowly pulled the zipper down to the encouragement of the group. He had a sizable bulge in his pants and was clearly excited about using my mouth to satisfy his lust.

“That’s a good bitch, now, I want you to pull my pants down slowly. Don’t pull the underwear off yet. I want you to smell my crotch and get your nose in there like a good little slut.”

I slowly peeled off his pants and lowered them to his ankles. He spread his legs and then grabbed the back of my head, forcefully bringing it to his groin. As he held me in a vice grip with his huge hands, I inhaled deeply, catching the musky scent of his crotch. It was tinged with sweat and a little piss, but not unpleasant.

“That’s it bitch, smell a real man’s crotch like a good boy. You wanna see what I’m going to feed you boy?”

I looked up into his eyes and said, “Yes Sir, please show me your big cock.”

That pleased him and everyone else as I knew it would. He nodded to me, and I proceeded to pull his underwear down revealing a thick, pink cock with two of the biggest, hairiest balls I had ever seen. He had a large purple cockhead and I could see the veins engorging with blood which ran the length of his penis.

“You want that cock in your mouth boy?” he asked me, grinning.

“Please Sir, may I suck your cock?”

“Lick my balls first and if you do a good job, I’ll give you my cock to suck. Lather them up like a good little cocksucker.”

I lifted the shaft of his cock for better access, and then started to lick his balls, like a cat lapping up a bowl of milk.

“MMMM….that’s it cocksucker, lick those big hairy balls….you’re warming them up for what’s going to shoot out of them into your belly. I can tell you like to eat jizz boy.” The rest of the guys were cheering him on, and although I was busy with my tongue on his balls, I could tell most eyes were on me rather than the game.

“See what I mean, Sal, he’s a natural cocksucker, isn’t he?” Coach said to his buddy while I took both furry balls in my mouth and gave them the sucking they deserved.

Sal replied, “He’s better than that slutty blonde cheerleader you had suck us off last season, Jack.”

I understood at that moment that this was not the first time Coach had had a younger college student–male or female–serve as a suck bitch for his buddies. I wondered how often they did this.

After another minute of attention to Sal’s balls, he said, “Okay cocksucker, now get my cock in your mouth and start sucking.”

I immediately took Sal’s thick cock in my mouth and worked down the shaft from cockhead to the base, letting the saliva in my mouth lubricate the tube as it moved in and out of my mouth. The other men were saying things like: “That’s it Sal, feed the bitch…” and “Get that dick in your throat, cocksucker!”

I was in no position to balk and took his cock in as deeply as I could. It felt as thick as a soda can in my mouth and I could feel the cockhead touching the back of my throat.

“Glugg….glugg…mmph…” I made gargling sounds as he pistoned my head up and down his cock shaft. I could sense he was getting close to coming and the men started to cheer him on. I think my choking sounds turned them on more than anything.

“Feed the bitch, Sal! Make him choke on your cum!”

Sal announced, “Get ready cocksucker. I’m going to shoot and you are going to swallow!”

I felt his cock start to pulse and the first gobs of thick, musky semen exploded in my mouth. He held my head on his dick in a vice grip while he emptied the contents of his balls in my mouth. I didn’t swallow just yet.

Once Sal’s orgasm subsided and things settled down, Coach leaned over and said to me, “Now cocksucker, show us all the jizz before you gulp it down.” That drew several approvals from the crowd.

I knew how much this kaçak bahis turned Coach on, so I tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide for the group to see the frothy white jizz filling my mouth. I had learned not to swallow until told to do so.

Coach examined my mouth and said “Yep, looks like Sal hasn’t come in a week, eh boys?” The room erupted in laughter.

Sal then said to me, “Okay bitch, swallow my man juice. This is the first of many loads you are going to get this afternoon, so I hope you like the taste!”

I made an exaggerated gulping sound–as I had been taught–and downed the contents of Sal’s balls into my belly. His semen was bitter, but not unpleasant.

“I’m next!” shouted another man sitting on one of the two easy chairs to my right.

He indicated with a wave of his hands, “Get over here now bitch and get your mouth on my cock!”

I crawled over to him, a husky blonde man with a deep voice and an urgency to his demeanor which told me he was already primed to cum. He had his dick out and his pants pulled down to his ankles. He spread his legs as a crawled over to him. I stayed on my knees in front of his rock hard cock.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my head down on his cock.

“That’s it faggot, worship my dick like I know you want to,” he said with a big grin.

“I’m not going to be gentle, so if you want my cum you’re going to have to take it in your throat like a good bitch.”

To emphasize his point, he pushed my head down on his cock and I could feel his cockhead pushing past my uvula and into my throat. I tried to relax, knowing my airway would be blocked for a moment. He held his cock down all the way and watched me squirm, to the delight of the crowd. After about 20 seconds with his cock in my throat blocking my airway he lifted my head off by pulling on the fistful of hair he had in his hand.

I inhaled deeply, sucking in a lungful of oxygen.

Once my breathing had normalized, the blonde man said “Now it goes back in again. Don’t worry I’ll let you breath once and a while!” Several of the men in the room laughed.

“Glugg….glugg…glug…” I gargled the cock in my throat, trying desperately to please this man so I could feel his release. Drool was dripping from my chin.

We got into a rhythm, with the blonde man making me take his dick all the way down my throat then and holding my head down for about 20 seconds. Then, just as rapidly, he’d pull my head off his cock and let me breathe. I got used to this treatment and learned to relax my throat to accommodate his cock. I think the total control he had over my mouth turned him on immensely, and after several minutes he started to buck and moan as his orgasm approached.

“That’s it cumdump, keep it in your mouth and suck out daddy’s jizz. I’ve got a big load for you today.”

With that, the first gobs of his semen shot out of his piss hole and down my throat. I didn’t have the chance to engage my swallowing muscles since he had the head of his cock positioned so deeply in my throat. I felt the jets of jizz hit the back of my throat and then his semen went on a one-way trip to my belly, I guess. I didn’t even get a chance to taste him.

For the next 45 minutes to an hour–approximately covering the first half of the game, I crawled from one cock to the next and gave them my oral all. Some of the men were gentler than others–and very appreciative of a warm, willing mouth to service their needy cocks and balls. Others were more brutal, and seemed to enjoy seeing me on my knees servicing their dicks like a cheap whore. At one point, a group of four guys surrounded me, their big cocks sticking straight out towards my face. A couple of the men got the bright idea that they should hold my hands behind my back while they took turns facefucking me. That seemed to amuse many of the other men, who although they had already gotten their cocks sucked, cheered on those who were now using me in such a brutal manner.

Kneeling and with my hands held behind my back I was helpless to do anything but take one brutal facefuck after the next. Some of the men enjoyed shooting their jizz all over my face and then scooping it up with their fingers and then forcing the goo into my mouth and ordering me to eat it. One cock blurred into another, and I became numb to the taste of semen filling my mouth and belly. I accepted that I was their plaything and made the best of my situation. I endured, and part of me even enjoyed being a human skull fuck doll for these men. My mouth was used relentlessly.

I Learn What the Rim Seat is for

By the time the half-time show began, my jaw was aching and I fell a bit queasy after swallowing so many cum loads. I guessed I had sucked off at least eight or nine men, all of whom had saved up big loads for me. I had never ingested that much semen at one time and I was hoping I would not be sick. At the same time I wanted to please Coach and hoped he would ask me to service him and his friends illegal bahis again in future.

He must have read my mind. After I had sucked almost every cock in the room, Coach stood up and said, “Okay let’s change things up a bit and give our cocksucker’s jaws a bit of a break. Should I bring out the rim seat boys?”

The crowd erupted in cheers as Coach went into another room and brought out something I had never seen before: a rim chair. It looked like a white toilet seat with metal legs which put the chair about 8-10 inches above the floor. The person being rimmed would sit their naked ass on the seat while the person giving the rim job–in this case, me–lay on their back on the floor, their mouth and tongue at just the right height to the person’s asshole who was on the rim chair.

Coach looked hard at me. “Okay cocksucker, we’re going to give you a treat now. Lie back with your head over here–he pointed to a spot off to the side of the TV–and get ready to eat ass. I don’t want to hear any complaints or we’ll hold you down. Am I clear?”

I nodded. What choice did I have? I lay down on the floor and Coach and another guy placed the rim chair centered above my mouth.

Coach then looked to the crowd, “Okay boys, who wants to go first? We’ve set it up so you can enjoy the game while our cocksucker services your asshole.”

I heard someone say “Me first! I’ve never been able to get my wife to do this, so I want to see what it’s like!”

I saw the man’s back as I looked up through the toilet seat. He pulled his pants down and then squatted down on the chair, his ass cheeks spread at just the right angle for my tongue. His asshole was covered in hair, but I could make out the pink hole and pushed my tongue up and started to lick.

The man moaned with pleasure. “Oh that feels amazing! Keep it up cocksucker!”

The crowd was cheering him on. My tongue worked methodically, first licking around his bung hole, which was clean but had an earthy taste to it. I would lick around the hole for a few seconds, then thrust my tongue up inside his asshole. He squirmed with delight at my ministrations. After about three minutes on the rim chair, I heard another man step up and say “My turn.”

The first man got off the chair and a second, enormous ass, replaced the first. This man reached down with both of his hands and placed my nipples between his thumb and forefinger of each hand, increasing the pressure until it was painful. He said, “Get to work on my asshole you nasty little cum whore. It needs a good cleaning.” The other men laughed at this.

I looked up at the brown puckered asshole–it appeared to be clean–but the earthy scent of this man’s asshole was almost overpowering. As he reminded me to get to work by pinching my nipples tightly, I dutifully lapped away around the hole until he eased up the pressure on my nipples. I then started to tongue-fuck him, pushing my tongue up into his asshole then taking it out, achieving a rhythm that seemed to please the man immensely. I continued servicing his asshole like this until I heard someone say “Next.”

It seemed as if each man would get about three minutes on the chair, and I had to eat and lick what seemed like an endless procession of assholes. Each man had their own unique flavor. Most were clean, but a few of the holes I had to lick extra hard to clean up and my mouth had a strong taste of ass which I couldn’t get rid of. In the end I satisfied all of them, with Coach getting his rimjob last. During this ordeal they all commented on what a good little whore I was, and Coach encouraged my tongue work, telling me to do a good job if I wanted to suck any more cocks. I meekly complied.

I’m made to Clean Two Cocks

After I had given every man in the room a rimjob, there was a pause in the action and I felt two sets of big hands reach under my armpits and pull me up from under the rim seat. It was Jerry and another man I didn’t know. I had not sucked their cocks yet and was puzzled a bit at first why not.

“We’re going to borrow the cocksucker for a minute guys. Just have to take him into another room. We won’t be too long.” I heard groans from the group and complaints from some of the men that “they weren’t done with the bitch yet” but Jerry reassured them and said we’d be back very soon. I didn’t know what that meant. Evidently Jerry and his buddy had plans for me.

The two men, each holding one of my arms, led me down the hall into a large tiled bathroom.

“Okay bitch, on your knees. You know the drill. We’ve both got to take a nice long piss and then you get to clean our cocks for us before we fuck your mouth.”

As I got on my knees where Jerry pointed next to the toilet, I thought back to that Saturday night a week ago when Jerry had pissed against a brick wall in an alley, then presented his piss-soaked cock for me to suck. He must have gotten off on the power dynamic here. He knew I was desperate to suck everyone’s cock, but he wanted me to know who was boss and that I had to suck his cock in whatever state it was in if I wanted to eat his cum. That was his and his friend’s thing, I guess, and I was so horny to suck their dicks that I accepted their terms.

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