Leather Sir Pt. 10

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It’s been two years since we moved to Madison and started what I call a new life together. We’ve since gotten married in Wisconsin. It was a nice ceremony. We have a decent sized group of friends into Leather and Bondage. They all attended and Sir and I were both dressed in full leather for our nuptials.

Monday through Thursday are typical work days. I found a good job just inside the city. We have a little fun in the evening, especially if Sir is horny, but we’re both usually tired after work. We typically eat dinner, relax, and then go to bed.

Friday, however, is a whole different story. The following ending to our journey is a story of one Friday night for us. Enjoy!


Sir works from home on fridays, so when I get there, he’s usually ready for fun. You see, after work Friday through Monday morning, it’s all leather, all the time. I’m his sub and he’s my Dom.

My routine instructions are to come right home, drop my stuff in the office, go to the laundry room and strip naked. On the folding table will be what he expects me to wear and put on for the evening. Today, however, there was nothing on the table. I guess I’m naked then.

I walk into our bedroom, and he’s there on the bed, he’s wearing only his Master Cap and leather gloves and he’s stroking his cock.

“I’ve been waiting for you boy. We’re gonna play a game before we go out tonight. Kneel down boy.”

“Yes Sir.”

“My good little bottom boy wants to please this fat dripping cock doesn’t he?”

“Yes Sir, please let me please your cock.”

“Not yet slut boy, you have to earn this tonight. In front of you is what I want you to put on for me. I want to watch you dress in all that leather. The red outfit I bought for you came in today, and I had it tailored just for you. ”

“Thank you Sir”.

“You may proceed boy, slowly, that is.”

I get off the floor and grab the nearest object to me. A new jockstrap and codpiece. It’s black leather straps and a solid red codpiece. I squeeze my balls and cock into the metal ring, and snap on the codpiece.

I then grab the next item, a new leather short sleeve shirt. It’s a solid red shirt with black piping on it. I put it on, button the snaps, and admire how it feels and can see how it looks in the mirror on the wall. Damn, I’m a lucky boy!

I grab the new leather pants laying out. They’re red and black leather. Demetevler Escort I slip them over my legs, the butt, crotch, and knees are red, and the rest are black. There’s a zipper in the front and a zipper in the back. He loves to fuck me in these kinds of pants.

Next is the tie, it’s a striped leather tie, which I’ve never seen, black and red of course.

I tie the knot and push it up towards my neck.

“Not too tight boy, you’re going to wear your leather collar out tonight. We are going to a private dinner party.”

“Yes Sir.”

I tuck the shirt into the pants, and snap them closed. If I weren’t in a codpiece, I’d be rock solid and dripping.

I then pick up the two wrist restraints, they’re not new, the same black and red ones we’ve always used. I slip them on and buckle them tightly.

Next are the boots. These boots are almost knee high!

I slip them on, and pull them tightly. Nice shiny black leather harness boots! My favorite!

Next are the gloves. They are new, bright red leather gloves to match the rest. Once pulled over my hands, I adjust the wrists under the restraints.

I look down, and there’s the ankle restraints, I look at Sir, we don’t normally put those over the boots.

“Put them on boy.”

I buckle them around the ankle of the boots. And that’s the last item in front of me.

I stand at attention for him.

“Damn, I have the sexiest leather boy out there. Crawl up here and work on this dick.”

“Yes Sir!”

I crawl up on the bed, and inch my way towards him. I can see the precum on his head and I’m reaching my tongue to get that savory drop.

Just before I reach him, he puts a gloved hand on my forehead, “not yet boy”.

I wait patiently, with a hunger in my eyes.

He then puts a thick red and black collar around my neck that he was hiding. He buckles it tightly, and then shows that shiny gold lock, which he clicks on. He then proceeds to snap other locks on the wrist restraints. Guess those are staying on.

“Alright boy, you’re almost ready.”

He leans over me and puts both my wrists together behind me, clips a ring between them, and now I’m slightly bound.

“There, now my boy can use his mouth for my cock without those bothersome hands in the way. Suck me!”

He pushes my head down and I engulf his entire cock. Otele gelen escort I don’t gag much, I guess two years of practice has paid off for me.

He’s pushing my head up and down on his cock, I can feel him tensing, he’s been stroking for a while now and I’m surprised he’s lasted this long. He begins to moan, but he pulls me up off his cock just before he finishes.

“Not yet boy. I want to dump this load in your tight leather hole.”

He gets off the bed, and pushes my head into the mattress.

He then grabs one ankle and attaches it to the clip on the bedpost, he walks around and does this with the other one too.

“Nowhere to go my little bottom boy. Now I’m gonna ravish that leather hole of yours. Then, you will get the pleasure of watching me get dressed before we leave.”

“Yes, please Sir.”

He climbs up on the bed, and mounts me. He doesn’t go inside because my pants are still on and haven’t been unzipped yet.

He fastens a ball gag harness on my head. First he shoves the red ball (of course it’s red) deep into my mouth. He tightens all the straps as far as they’ll go. All I can do now is moan and grunt.

He then uses a piece of rope to tie the top ring on the harness down to my wrists. He pulls my wrists upwards to the middle of my back and forces my head up as well.

Then he places a small mirror in front me against the headboard.

I can see myself, and him behind me.

“I want my boy to watch me fuck his hole. I want you to see my face when I seed this pretty hole. This hole, and all of you belong to me boy. You understand?”

He grabs my hair on that last word, I grunt a yes Sir the best I can.

“Good boy. You’re such a cute slut boy. Laying here, waiting for me to use his holes.”

He unzips the pants and I feel the cool air on my cheeks. He grabs the lube and squirts some on my hole and shoves a finger in it.

I’m usually pretty clean, but he doesn’t mind a little dirty hole.

He rams his finger all the way to his knuckle. He then squirts more lube on my hole, and pushes it in with his finger.

“There you go, that boy hole is ready for my cock and my load.”

He positions up behind me and slides his thick cock into me, all the way to the base. I grunt loudly.

“Yes boy, just push out. Pain will become pleasure soon enough.”

I Balgat Escort do so, and while he rests his cock deep inside me, he lays flat on my back, puts both hands around my neck. He’s right next to my ear, locking eyes in the mirror with mine.

“You feel all that man meat in your hole? That’s my fucking hole, and I will do what I want with it.”

He puts one hand over my face, depriving me of oxygen, and then thrusts his cock hard into me.

I groan.

He releases me and I breath through my nose.

He replaces his hand, and thrusts once more.

He holds my head there. I struggle for breath. He begins to chuckle, then releases my face.

“See boy?, I’m in control of all of you.”

He then puts both his hands on the middle of back, pushes himself upwards and begins his fuck. He is thrusting in and out of me. Hard. He’s gonna cum soon.

I can see his face, he never breaks eye contact, and after a few more thrusts, I feel him tense up again, “here it comes boy. Take my load”.

He grunts loudly and with one quick thrust, I feel his cum shoot inside me. He shoots drop after drop in me. Once he finishes, he pulls from me swiftly. I feel his cum start to work it’s way down out of my hole, but he pushes a plug in it before I leak.

“Oh no boy, no mess here tonight. You’re gonna hold my load all evening. You should be appreciative that I’m willing to fuck this hole.”

I grunt.

He gets off the bed and releases my ankles, He grabs the ropes and rotates my body around on the bed. Now I’m facing the other way, he ties both ankles to my wrists, pulling me into a hogtie.

He smacks my cheeks a few times, causing me to squirm, “red has become my favorite color too boy.”

He zips my pants back up, and walks in front of me. He kneels down so we’re face to face.

“Damn boy. I love fucking that hole, but I need to dress before we can leave.”

He puts his leather outfit on in the same order I did. His leather is all black, except for the tie and his wristbands. The tie is solid red, and the wristbands have red stripes.

Once he’s situated, short sleeve shirt and a red arm band. He walks towards me.

“Remind me later boy, my leathers need to be cleaned, but for now, it’s time to go. We wouldn’t want to be late.”

He makes quick work of removing the ball gag harness, undoing the restraint clips, and pulling me off the bed.

He then pulls me out to the kitchen, plants a kiss deep in my mouth, exploring it with his tongue. I am his, I love it, and so does he. He then smacks my ass, hitting the plug in my butt causing me to jump a little.

“Alright boy let’s go. You’re driving.”

We hop into my SUV and start off into another leather weekend as Leather Sir and Leather boy.

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