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I’m Lena, I’m 20 years old, born in München, Germany, now living in the US. You may have read the story my friend Avery wrote about me a little while ago here entitled just “Lena”. It was her story about how we met in America. This story is my story about how I came to be in America, mostly to work but also as a member of the German BDSM group Das Erwachen, which means the awakening. Das Erwachen was designed to introduce girls like me to BDSM, everyone having to be at least eighteen years of age to join, but joining also gave me a chance to come to America and work after I had finished the German equivalent of American high school, and to eventually go on to university. I’ve been described here by Avery, in her story, this way: “she was pretty, had a decent body and didn’t mind showing it off”, which I hope is all true, and “fun to talk to and just viciously attractive, tallish, thin, pretty, lightly muscled, self-assured” which I also hope is all true.

On with my story. As I say I am from München, grew up and went to school there. I was very lucky to get a chance to attend the international school where I studied hard, made many friends, ran track and played football, which in America is, of course, called soccer. I still play soccer on a local team for girls who are no longer in school in my adopted home town in Maine in the US. I graduated from the senior school back home, equivalent to a US high school, in 2019. I could have gone to university back home but got a chance to come to the US through Das Erwachen and work at a well known laboratory. I took the job and started work in the summer of 2019.

So why am I writing stories? It’s primarily to tell about my activities in Das Erwachen, which I joined after finishing my schooling and after I turned eighteen while I was still in Germany, activities which have continued now that I am in America. We have members here in the US because the lab employs a lot of German workers, many of them doing post-docs, assignments one gets after earning a PhD., for people who want to do pure research. Das Erwachen had a lot to do with my getting my job here in the US because they wanted girls who had the proper academic background but who also were willing to do the type of things girls must do to be a member of Das Erwachen, and I was both willing and anxious but I had had precious little previous experience in BDSM and needed to make myself a more attractive candidate. I needed to get someone to practice BDSM with me and who would film me doing it so I could show what I had done to and tell them what else I would do to join Das Erwachen and go to America.

When I was in München I was fond of Nacktbaden, which is sunbathing nude. It’s fairly common in Germany, there are half a dozen Nacktbadeplätze, places where you sunbathe nude, right in München. I chose the Englischer Garten, a huge park in the center of the city. There are two areas there for Nacktbaden und I used to go to the one called Schönfeldwiese, beautiful meadow. I arranged to go one time with Mikel, twenty three years old, who coached soccer at school. We had not slept together so taking me to Schönfeldwiese gave him his first chance to see my naked ankara masaj yapan escort body and he made it very clear he was pleased with what he saw and wanted me to have sex with him and do BDSM. So after nude sunbathing he took me to Elegance, a BDSM club very near the Englischer Garten. Scheisse, I was fascinated by what I saw at Elegance. I did not end up staying many weeks with Mikel but it gave me a chance to do BDSM and get it on video and all I had to do was have sex with him a few times which was his objective all along.

So I agreed to do BDSM with him. We did not mention having sex but I knew once he had me helpless that sex would quickly follow. The next night he had me come to his apartment for our first scene. He promised me an easy time, just a tie and tickle. He had quite a store of bondage materials, ropes, cuffs, whips and gags. In his bedroom he left me to undress down to my bikini bottoms panties and put on a robe. There were cuffs and chains on his bed at the four corners. Clearly the scene involved tying me down for the tickling with my arms and legs spreadeagled wide. He said nothing but I knew when the tickling was done he was going to fuck me. He came back after I was undressed and told me he was going to tie me down and oil me and then spend an hour tickling me. I could see several cameras aimed at the bed, one directly overhead to capture my entire nude body, one at the foot of the bed to focus on the pinkness of my genitals. He told me to take off the robe and lie on the bed on my back, arms and legs spread.

I was incredibly turned on by all this and incredibly horny. It had been weeks since I had been laid. I followed his instructions and lay there in wonder, naked except for my panties, my hands and feet spread as wide as possible to the four corners of the bed. Just the thought of what he was going to do to me had my body on fire. Obviously he could see my nipples, hard as rocks, my quickened breathing. If he had reached down between my legs, as he would soon do, he could have felt the wet. One by one he attached the cuffs to first my wrists and then my ankles and pulled everything tight. I was completely helpless. He came and sat on the side of the bed and opened a bottle of baby oil. Then he reached down and undid the ties on my bikini bottoms and threw them aside to reveal the rest of me. He gently stroked my pussy and smiled approvingly at the wet. Never in all of this did he ask my permission for what he did, even later when, naked, he mounted me and enjoyed the pleasures of my nude body to the fullest.

He didn’t know it but a tickling scene was the best kind he could have chosen for me, especially since he wanted it to end in him fucking me. I love everything about tickling, and most of all when I’m completely nude. The combination of sex and total helplessness just sends me off. When it’s most intense I laugh and scream desperately, pulling so hard at the restraints trying to escape that I hurt myself. Being tied down takes me out of my head and forces me to experience everything that’s happening to my naked body, both the tickling stuff and the sex stuff. The first mecidiyeköy escort few times I did it I was a little nervous but that quickly subsided once I was nude and bound and then the tickling started and there was nothing I could do to stop it, no way to get the boys’ hands off my body, no way to control how they touched me, no way to control how many times they made me cum.

As someone who grew up as the youngest sibling and the only girl I can attest that it really is torture. They just don’t stop, no matter how you plead, and you can’t stop laughing and squirming. Your stomach and sides start hurting, you’re gasping for air, unable to breathe properly, and they just continue to hold you there and tickle away. They only stop until you catch your breath and it starts again. For me it was pure hell but I loved it. You fight to get loose even though you know it’s useless. You lose all control, the sensations are overwhelming. It’s all you know and all you can feel. You’re overtaken by the most incredible feelings. You’re completely unable to escape it either physically or mentally. You laugh till you cry. You’re begging for mercy that you know won’t come. And I cried. Like legit cried. It was so much. So intense for so long. But it was also beautiful and amazing experiences.

And now this. There was no safe word. I do not know what would have happened if I had asked him to stop. He had me and used me. He poured the baby oil into his hands and started massaging me. He began with my underarms and it turned him on to find out how ticklish I am. Then he moved down to my bosom, rubbing my bare breasts, pulling on my erect nipples. He started sucking on my nipples, using his tongue, pulling up on them with his mouth. I closed my eyes and started to moan softly. My hips began to move involuntarily. I already felt like I could cum. He left off my boobs and moved lower. He made a small pool of oil in my belly button and used it as a reservoir to oil my tummy and down over my hips. I felt the fire rising inside me and I knew I was going to cum. Then his hand was in between my legs and on my eager pink twat and then his fingers were inside me and he found my clit and then cum I did, my body just exploded and I came over and over, the first of many times in the hours that followed.

He spent the next two hours tickling me. I was indeed incredibly ticklish all over and he tickled me all over. He would start and stop and start and stop, slowly torturing me for what seemed like an eternity. I don’t know how many orgasms I had and I can’t easily describe the torture of being tickled on and on, on and on for two hours, unable to escape. It was at once one of the most pleasurable and most awful experiences of my life. He visited every part of me, tip to toe, concentrating on my most private parts. My bare breasts seemed to fascinate him, so did the smoothness of my tummy and the softness of my ass. He explored my mouth with his tongue, my genitals with his hand and the warm wet opening inside me with his fingers. He explored my asshole with his fingers, the same asshole he would explore a few days later mersin escort with his penis. I experienced again how my body could provide both me and a boy great pleasure whilst also putting me in agony.

By the time he stopped tickling me I was exhausted. Just limp. My wrists and ankles hurt from pulling on the cuffs that held me down. But he wasn’t through with me. I barely noticed when he undressed and climbed on top of my defenseless body. There was nothing I could do to stop him anyway. His mouth was on mine, then down my neck to my tits. He sucked on my nipples and felt me up cruelly with his hands, pinching me with his fingers and squeezing my boobs with his hands. The weight of his body was heavy on my tummy and then his hand was at my cunt. He stroked himself to get more erect and I felt the tip of his dick at the entrance to my girlhood. And then he was in me, shallow at first and then deeper. He wasn’t very large but as I said I had not been laid in some time and I welcomed his entry into the wonderful world of my vagina. And he made good use of it after a slow start, hammering away at me for what seemed like a blessed eternity. I’m not sure whether he got off satisfactorily but I know I did.

He spent another hour fucking me, a fucking I worshiped in. I could barely count the times, I was so exhausted, but I came gloriously each time. I think it was three but the last was a disappointment for him because he was spent. Much as I enjoy getting fucked any time by any boy I was secretly glad he was not as virile as some of the boys who had had me, I was so tired from the tickling ordeal. Then I slept, still cuffed, still spreadeagled. After a time he released me. He wanted me to stay the night but we now had on video the beginnings of what I wanted to show Das Erwachen to convince them to send me to America so I went home. I watched the videos on the net. They were fantastic. I looked great, I had done BDSM with and had willingly fucked a Das Erwachen guy. I was physically sore in the morning but I slept like a baby that night.

I saw him three more times to build on my BDSM experience, show off my body and my willingness to offer it to men and get it all on video. The next time he tied me face down on the same bed and paddled my behind until I came. Then he did me in the ass, something I don’t particularly enjoy but wanted to show I would do if asked. Next time he tied me tightly to a post, giving me again an appreciation for how much I could enjoy pain, and then finished by untying my legs, pushing me down to my knees, with my upper body still bound to the post, and forcing me to blow him. Our last encounter I will keep to myself because it violated some standards I would rather not admit.

A few days after I went before a committee of three people, all over 18, I had known from the beginning, sitting naked in a chair while they asked me questions and appraised my body. They had, of course, seen all my videos. I admit I was slightly embarrassed that they had seen me have all that sex. But I was sure they would find me an acceptable candidate for my sabbatical, as it was known. After the interview, and as I expected they would, they whipped me, while I was still gloriously naked. They hit me hard but only on my bare ass and I came like five strokes into it and went home a happy girl. Three weeks later I landed at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, en route to the lab in Maine and my new life. I wondered who Logan was that he got an airport named after him.

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