Lena’s New Life Ch. 15

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One to get the premise, although the story has progressed quite a bit from its beginnings. Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with the tale, and voted. Civil comments always welcome.

I had a difficult time placing this story in a group. Ended in LW because they are married, and she has sex with her husband. But that’s not the story.


The next day she did call Terri, but only got her voicemail. She left a tentative message and her number.

Terri called back that evening, but Lena missed it.

It was two days before they stopped playing phone tag, and they chatted a little, but Lena wasn’t sure she was comfortable. As she was deciding to end the call Terri invited her out to lunch. It was still mid-morning, and there was plenty of time to get ready. They decided on a place to meet, and hung up.

An hour and a half later Lena was sitting in a restaurant as she saw Terri get out of her car and approach the entrance. Like the last time she’d seen her, Lena’s first impression was of a much younger girl than Terri was (she thought). She sipped an iced tea as she watched the girl enter, look around, and her face brightened as she spotted Lena. She walked towards her, full of energy, smiling broadly. When she reached the table she said hello, and gave Lena a small kiss on the cheek, her hand on Lena’s shoulder. She sat, and they chatted.

She was twenty-seven, not twenty-five, and yes, she knew people got the impression that she was barely twenty. Lena first told her she was ‘slightly older’, then blurted out her age, and told Terri how much she was going to love hearing ‘you look much younger’ once she got past thirty, and they laughed. Terri said Lena looked great; that she must take really good care of herself. They ordered wine and some salads. They complimented each other’s clothes, and hair, and shoes and bags.

They sipped their wine, and asked about each other. Lena talked about the non-profit she was volunteering at. Terri said she was a financial advisor, a good one, so she worked only a few days a week, mostly from a home office. They talked about school, and families, and growing up. Terri asked about John, and Lena told her he was fine, and what he did, and described the type of man he was, as husband, and companion. Lena asked if Terri had a boyfriend.

“Not the way you probably mean,” she replied, smirking into her wine glass. She put it down with a grin, but did not speak. Lena struggled for a response when Terri suddenly resumed speaking, defusing the awkward silence.

“I date a lot. I don’t have a steady boyfriend or lover right now, anyone I am considering settling down with. I have had some long-term relationships in the past, but I have always ended them. I just am not ready to think about settling down, and I haven’t found the guy who is ready to accept, uh, ‘all of me’, so to speak.” Lena waited, and Terri continued.

“I have a little bit of a wild side,” she grinned, “as you already know. Most of the guys I have dated never see that. I said I date a lot, but I don’t have sex a lot.” She sipped, held up her hand to correct herself. “Scratch that — I have a lot of sex, but not as part of dating. Guys I date get what dates get: get to know ya, etc. They don’t see the wild girl.”

“Of the longer-term relationships I’ve had, most of those guys have seen the wild Terri. Most liked it, at first, but after a while they decided they were looking for something else. Something, I dunno.” Sip. “Safer, maybe? More secure? Or more in charge …”

She seemed to want to keep talking, so Lena let her. She had no idea what the girl would say next. But she remembered in the back of her mind, that night, and how comfortable Terri had seemed with a situation that would shock most people. She raised her fingers, and the waiter brought more wine. As she listened, she took the silent opportunity to really see her in some detail.

“Y’see, I started having sex in High School. I guess that doesn’t make me all that special. But I wasn’t like the other girls. My boyfriend didn’t talk me into it, and the other girls didn’t pressure me into it. I wanted it, I liked it. I needed it. So I did it. A lot. Not with classmates, of course. I had seen other kids get destroyed in school for a lot less than being a little, uh, ‘loose’ with the boys. I had some sex with guys I dated, like all the other girls. But I got what I needed elsewhere.” Sip. “I had an older cousin, a boy cousin, we were pretty close. I met his friends. We hung out, even though his friends were older. Escort Esenyurt When I needed to get, y’know, a little more than the high school boys had, I went after them.”

Terri was an easy smiler, Lena saw. She seemed to genuinely enjoy smiling, and did it a lot, giving the impression of being a thoroughly happy person, and comfortable with herself. She had medium brown hair, straight, that danced on her shoulders as she spoke with enthusiasm. Her eyes were brown and round, with full, shaped brows and short lashes. She wore a little eye shadow, giving her a mysterious look when she dropped her head and looked up at you. Her nose was straight and sexy, and her lips full. She was dressed fashionably in a buttoned blouse and denims, with a heeled boot.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t molested or abused when I was young; I had a great childhood, with all the usual crap that everybody gets. But I masturbated early, and became comfortable with my sexual feelings, my desires. I found my g-spot when I was still in high school, and enjoyed massive orgasms, and squirting, while the other girls were still discussing second base.” She chuckled. “I was an average student, but I was in the advanced class on sex. A lot of independent study.” Laugh. “And as I grew, I just felt stronger desires, needs for sex, and I never understood what all the other kids were freakin’ out about, all the who-did-who, you-know-what-she-did crap. So I learned to keep my activities away from them. I’ve gotten very good at living two lives, and keeping them separate. All through College, in business. And my dating and boyfriends.” Sip. “When I’m with a guy long enough, and I feel I can trust him with my other side, he usually thinks it’s cool at first, y’know, that I’m a little freaky and kinky. I’m wild. I do wild things, wild sexual things. Like I said, at first they enjoy it. But really it scares them. And then they have to go.” Sip. “So I date, and occasionally have regular sex with guys I date, like other girls do. Regular. And I maintain the other side of me, separate.”

“You said squirting?” Lena found herself in a position of enraptured listener, giving an encouraging affirmation here and there, or asking a pointed detail. Other than that she was hanging on every word.

“Squirting. Ejaculation, for girls. Never done it? Some people mistakenly think it’s peeing, but I can tell you, it’s not. It comes from the same place, but when you have an orgasm strong enough to make you squirt, you’ll know it isn’t pee!” Lena could feel the ‘conversation over my head’ look on her face and struggled to erase it. There had been a few references in her stories about female ejaculation, but she didn’t know much about it. Lena spotted it, and laughed, but not ridiculing. Just happy, light. “If you’ve never seen it, or experienced it, I’ll have to show you. Matter of fact, I’ll show you, and then I’ll show you.” Smiling. “How to do it. You’ll see. If you want to.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Don’t be. I babble. I love talking, especially about sex. Even during sex, although I get a little more vulgar.”

“I hear you. John got me started with the sex talk, and now it’s such a turn on it really gets me off!”

“Yeah, right? It’s not just saying, oh fuck me, it’s more like expressing your lust in the most raunchy way, the most accurate way.”

“Right. I learned to stop thinking ‘I wish he was going faster and a little more forceful, and deeper, that would really stimulate me’,” Lena said with a phony ‘rich matron’ voice. Then, in her real voice, in a hushed whisper, “Now I yell out, fuck me, pound me with that cock, fuck my pussy, make me cum!” They both laughed, and Lena felt a stirring between her legs. “Of course, it gets him off, too, and-“

“-and that gets you off! I know what you mean,” Terri finished. She sipped, finished her wine, then switched to water. “I knew we had a lot in common that night. I could see it in your eyes. You guys don’t do this stuff with your friends, either, right?”

“Well, we haven’t been, uh, wild for very long.” She related the highlights of her sexual awakening, but left out the detail of the Sex Slave arrangement. “So it’s really only been a few months.”

“Is that restaurant near your house?”


“The restaurant, where we met. It’s not near your house, is it? Where you live?”

“Uh, nope. ’bout a half hour away.”

“Of course not. Same thing. You don’t want someone to see you, someone you know who might not understand. Same as me. It’s a good idea. You don’t want your friends and neighbors talking about what they don’t understand. Hey, speaking of friends, and the night we met; did you see the group I was with?” Lena nodded., Terri continued, leaning in like she was sharing a secret, but speaking in conversational terms. “I’ve done it with all of them.” Lena felt her face flush, and Terri noticed, and continued, explaining. “Over the years, individually. Escort Avcılar Not all at once. Those are my real friends, not my sex friends. But I’ve done it with each of them at least once. And never if they were dating, or anything.”

“You’ve had sex with all those guys?”

“With everyone at the table,” she said, “the guys and the girls. Everyone.” She grinned proudly. Lena’s face betrayed her again. “What, are you going to freak out over the girl thing?” Lena felt herself blush, she didn’t know why. “You must be kidding. You watched me finger myself while you fucked your husband, and I know that it got you off, seeing me.” Her blush deepened. “And frankly, it was a toss of the coin whether I licked him or you that night!” She was grinning, and Lena felt she was getting amusement at her discomfort. Terri touched her hand and Lena stiffened, but stopped herself from pulling away. “Relax, Lena, I’m not putting the moves on you.” She patted Lena’s hand, then held it, and it was comforting, familiar; not seductive. Terri smiled again, and Lena felt more at ease. “I’m not trying to get into your pants,” then joked, “not right now, anyway,” then was serious again, but the ‘happy’ serious that seemed so easy for her. “I only mentioned it because it’s part of me, and you make me comfortable enough to want to share who I am, and not keep secrets. Like I said before, I saw something in you that night; we are a lot alike. I know that you feel that connection, too.” Lena felt herself nodding. “I told you that I have a wild side; I know that you do, too.”

Terri reached up and took Lena’s other hand. “I feel the need to be completely honest with you, like it’s important for me, for us, to be honest.” She was only smiling a little now, and her eyes were serious, and they focused directly on Lena. “I have, at one time or another, had sex with every one of my guy and girl friends. None of them know about any of the others, although two of them are engaged now, and might compare notes one day.” She stopped, and for the first time, Lena got the impression that Terri was not finding it easy to talk. “But that is not the wild part, not by a long shot.” Lena had a quick impression that she was getting a confession, like an unfaithful lover confessing an affair.

“Please don’t think less of me,” she whispered, then took a deep breath, and continued. “I like all kinds of things, sexual things, and I have done a lot. Sex in public, dressing up, role playing, some bondage, some spanking. I like a lot of different stuff, and I try a lot of different things. But what I like the most, my really wild desires, is multiples.” She seemed to relax a little after saying it, and she started talking more easily. More like before. “I don’t care if it’s two guys, or a group; I don’t care if it’s one after the other or all at once. I don’t care if it’s guys and girls, all guys, or even all girls, although I’ve only done that twice. Single sex partners are great, don’t get me wrong. But when I want to indulge myself, I want more than one, and the more, the merrier. I’ve been in some situations that you might consider unusual,” she grinned again, and Lena could see her relaxing, and felt the grasp on her hands soften, becoming less tense. “When I get into a pile of naked flesh, and I get completely absorbed in fucking and sucking, and it’s all hands and mouths and cocks and cunts and asses and tits and …” she grinned again, wickedly this time, and the images rekindled the stirring in Lena’s crotch. The image of Terri with more than one guy, two, or three at once, and then the image changed, and it was Lena, and three men … she squirmed a little. “Well, I don’t know what you’ve done,” Terri continued, “you’ve said that you and John have only been exploring for a little while, so –“

“I’m John’s Sex Slave,” Lena blurted, a little too loudly, before she even realized that she wanted to say it. She watched Terri’s mouth hang open in mid-sentence.

“You’re what?”

Now it was Lena’s turn to be flustered. She felt herself blushing as the words rushed out of her. “I apologize for holding back before, it wasn’t right, you were telling me everything and I was avoiding, and I wanted to tell you,” and the words came quickly, and she soon stopped blushing as she spoke and it was like someone else was talking for her. She told of the Slave deal, and of learning to masturbate, and the books and movies, and some of the things they’d done, and how much she had enjoyed them, and how they hardly ever used the slave command anymore because she wanted to do these things, couldn’t wait to do them, and please don’t be angry because I didn’t tell you before, and a wave of relief and satisfaction swept through her and she saw the smile on Terri’s face, and she felt one on her own face.

Terri leaned over the table and hugged her, and gave her a small kiss on the cheek, but it felt a little different from other girl kisses. Maybe her hand stayed too long, or her lips lingered just a little more, she didn’t know. It was tender, and real. They left the restaurant, and went to Terri’s house. They talked all afternoon. Terri had more wine, Lena stayed with water, because she had to drive. They talked more of friends, and of lovers. Lena told about the Spa, and the Island. Terri spoke of getting doubled, and tripled. She spoke about her first encounter with a couple; Lena told of the drunk encounter on the beach, and allowing the other woman to touch her. During the discussions Lena got a little heated, and hoped Terri wasn’t noticing as she squirmed and flushed. She was wet, and was looking forward to getting home to jump John’s bones. She’d need some hot fucking soon!

A few hours later Lena was leaving. Terri walked her to the door. “I am so glad we got together, we have to go out soon.”

“That’d be great,” Lena agreed.

“What are you two doing this weekend?”

“Nothing I know of.”

“We should go out, the three of us, get some drinks, dance, something.”

“That sounds great, I’d like that.” Lena paused. “Thanks for everything, Terri. I’m glad we met.”

“Me, too.”

They girl kissed, cheeks, but again Lena felt … what? Did Terri’s hand stay on her shoulder just a little too long? Or was Lena imagining it the difference? Did she want it to be something else?

“Are we set for Friday?” Terri asked.

“I’ll call you after I get home, and check with John.”

“You mean fuck with John, don’t you?” Surprised, Lena was momentarily speechless. Terri continued, touching Lena’ upper arm. “You think I didn’t see you squirming and rubbing your legs together? Hell, I was doing it, too! Maybe you were so busy, you didn’t notice!” She reached out suddenly, and hugged Lena, holding her, not letting go. Lena heard a hoarse whisper in her ear, the words pouring out quickly. “I want you to go home and find out about Friday night. Then I want you to totally fuck his brains out.” She heard, felt, Terri take a breath, still holding her close. “Then I want you to call me, right after, as soon as you finish.” She released Lena from the embrace, and Lena felt a rush sweep through her, a wave of lust and desire. Lena kissed her cheek, and headed for the car.

On the ride home she thought about Terri’s stories, and about Terri, and how easy it was to like her. She was like a bright light, a fire. The images from Terri’s stories, and Lena’s thoughts of John found her driving home with her fingers between her legs. She was playing with herself all the way home. At first she pulled them away every time a higher car or SUV went by, but by halfway she wasn’t bothering anymore. She rubbed as she drove, and before she got home she’d had two small orgasms. Her panties were soaked, and she thought she could feel the wetness soaking through her pants. She needed John’s dick in her, now, and as she neared the house, she almost panicked — what if he wasn’t home yet? Relief flooded her as she saw his car in the driveway, and she parked and ran into the house.

John was in the den sitting with his feet up on the ottoman. She walked to him, flushed, her chest tight with excitement. Electrical impulses surged through her, and her nipples were so hard she could feel them rubbing inside her bra. Her pussy was soaked and she could feel the stimulation on her clit when she walked. She walked up to him, undid her pants, and said, “I fingered myself all the way home. I am so hot I’m going to explode. I need you to fuck me, now; hard and long and hot!” She pulled her pants and panties down, feeling the cool air on the wetness now on her thighs and ass. She looked up to see John not moving, but smiling, his crotch swelling approvingly.

“Really,” he said.

“Yes, really,” she confirmed, slipping off her shoes and stepping out of her pants and panties. She stood in front of him, unbuttoned her blouse and undid the front clasp of her bra. “Please, fuck me, I need it now.” One of her hands went to her breasts, caressing and squeezing her nipple; the other hand was back in place between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy, naked now, and the stimulation was hotter, flesh touching flesh. She felt her fingertips dipping into the wetness between her lips, sliding up her slit to the hard button of her clit. She inhaled sharply as her finger found her clit, touching it lightly as her other hand pinched her nipple, hard. She moaned. “Please John, please get your pants off and fuck me please, now.”

“Tell me what you want, how much you want it.”

Lena’s overheated brain shut down as her lust took over. “I need your cock in my wet pussy, now.” She felt her fingers slipping inside her hole. “I need that hard cock in my pussy, pounding me, filling me with hot meat.” She felt the juices flooding out, covering her fingers. “Please I’m so wet for your cock I need you to fuck me now hard please I’m so fucking wet and hot,” the words tumbled out of her, the hand at her breast replacing the one at her pussy, as she raised the slick fingers to her mouth, licking her nectar from her fingertips, then closing her eyes and moaning as she sucked them into her mouth like a wet cock, tasting her own excitement.

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