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Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It depicts consensual sexual acts between males of various ages, including young boys” sexual experiences with other boys and with men. It may also include – incest, sex between minors, sex between minors and adult males, and sexual fetish. If stories of this nature offend you, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if reading such stories is illegal in your location…please leave now. This is for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT only; If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s).


The author retains all rights to this story and it should not be reproduced for monetary gain or mass distribution without the author”s permission.


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(gay/adult youth) (gay/authoritarian)


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Chapter 1

Rodney, Gavin and Lucy Frobisher

(Gavin”s best friend: Harry Manchester,
Harry”s brothers: Sean, Timothy and Basil,
Harry”s father: Basil, Sean”s boyfriend: Trent Tregannon)


Gavin”s mother died when he was just four years of age. He, and his twin sister, Lucy, had been raised by their father, Rodney, ever since. Rodney was a farmer, a down to earth guy, and a breeder, through and through; he was also a fairly strict disciplinarian. Both children had seen their fair share of the slipper, and even, once or twice, the cane, plus, in Gavin”s case, a good number of regular wallopings with his father”s belt (both buckle end landing and leather end). Gavin had therefore always sought to live a careful life, flying below the radar, so to say, as much as he could.


By the time Gavin was just 10 years of age, he fully realised he was gay. His sister Lucy was into all the girly things, but also often talked about the day she would get married, how many children she wanted, the type of house she wanted (a traditional colonial with two storeys, bay windows, plus both a full-surround first-floor balcony and a full-surround verandah, a white picket fence and a good size garden). Though she took her share of punishment when she was naughty, or her father became impatient with her, she was really Rodney”s little princess and he sincerely looked forward to the many grandchildren she would bring to him. Gavin, on the other hand, was too quiet, wasn”t interested in what should have been his inheritance (the farm), and was, simply, a total disappointment to his father.


Gavin”s 14th birthday was also the last day of the school year and he was looking forward to the closing assembly; he was to be given the year prize for Geography, at that assembly. He also loved History, but his best friend, Harry Manchester, who was just 10 days older than him, had achieved a mark, in the end-of-year History exam, that was just 1 higher than Gavin {Harry 91/100; Gavin 90/100}, so Harry received the History Prize. They were very happy for each other and they had learnt that they were the prizewinners, on Thursday 11th June, just four days before Harry”s birthday. On Saturday 13th June they went to the bookshop in Kitchener (42 miles away) to choose their prizes; Harry”s father, Basil, an accountant, had driven them both there, about a 3 hour round trip including the travelling time, the time at the bookstore, and take-away lunch treat, from the Marble Slab Creamery. While Rodney was not a scrooge, the farm was a marginal concern, which only made just enough to keep basic food on the table, and pay all the essentials; Gavin and Lucy even had to walk 4 miles, to the Mitchell District High School, each school day, because Rodney could not afford the bus fare; there was, of course, the four miles back again, when both were quite tired. This was often the trigger for Rodney to give Gavin a good thrashing; he would always forgive Lucy, but blamed Gavin for dawdling, as he always suspected Gavin of trying to avoid his chores. In truth, Gavin was a good boy, and was truly diligent, both in his schoolwork, and at home, but Rodney was blinded by his anger at the fact that Gavin showed no signs of being willing to take over the farm, when he grew up.


Anyway, it was always Basil who would give treats to the two best friends; Gavin and Lucy would only ever receive one very basic present each, on their birthday and, at Christmas. This book prize would, for Gavin, be the most valuable single thing that he had ever owned. He had borrowed The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Silmarillion, from the school library, but he really wanted to have copies of his own. The school was well endowed, through the bequest of Simon Mitchell, a local 19th-century pioneer, and so the book prizes were very generous. Gavin was able to buy the combined box set, as produced by The Tolkien Library, and he was pleased as punch.


As Harry”s birthday was a school night, he was to have his 14th birthday party on Sunday 14th June. Harry was a popular boy at school; there were about 20 children, mostly boys, but also a few girls at his party. His parents knew he was a responsible boy and, though they stayed in the house, they left Harry, assisted by Gavin and Harry”s younger brother, Timothy, who was 12 years old, and had his birthday on 23rd March. In a rare sign of appropriate fatherly love, Rodney had permitted Gavin to stay away until after school on Monday 15th June, so he could help Harry set the party up and clear up afterwards.


After the shopping trip on Saturday, Harry and Gavin set up a camp bed, for Gavin, in the large bedroom, which Harry and Timothy shared. Their parents had offered Timothy a separate room, when he was 10 years old, but he said, “No, I”m happy where I am.” The parents would have been shocked if they knew the real reason he wanted to stay in that room. Harry and Timothy had an older brother, Sean, who was 5 years older than Harry, and 7 years older than Timothy. He was now 19, at university, and living with his boyfriend, Trent, in Ontario. Trent hailed from Carman, Manitoba and he was born on 29th April 2001.


Like Gavin, Sean realised he was gay at the age of 10, and he lusted strongly, after both his younger brothers, ever since. On the night of his 16th birthday, when he was meant to be babysitting his two younger brothers (his parents were out of town at an accountancy conference for a few days, and they trusted their eldest son, heh heh), Sean crept into his brother”s bedroom at about 9.00 in the evening, less than half an hour after he had put them to bed, and dared them to a game of Strip Poker. Timothy was a bit reluctant but Harry said, “Yes”, with glee. It was a cold November night and, knowing what he would be doing a little later, he had made sure that the boys had put on two layers of socks, singlets, and underpants, plus their pyjamas. He had dressed himself similarly; the brothers then started to play Strip Poker. Within only a few rounds Timothy was naked and when he lost he now had to accept penalties like a few light strokes with a ruler on his bare bum, or even, a few times, a lashing or two, with a willy whip, across his little 10-year-old cock. Soon after Timothy was naked, Harry was also, and the penalties now included kissing each other”s cocks and/or licking each other”s asses. Eventually, Sean was down to his last pair of underpants şişli travesti and he more or less purposely lost, so he could get on with what he really wanted to do with his brothers, and he had quite a long agenda, which would probably last until 3 or 4 in the morning.



First, he had Timothy and Harry lie back on Harry”s bed and spread their legs apart. Fortunately, all the boys had double beds. Timothy and Harry”s beds were Queen Size, while Sean”s was a King Size. His first action was to give each of their cocks 10 good, strong, stinging whippings, with the willy-whip. They both cried a little, but all Sean did was smile and laugh at their pain, he even said, “That”s just the beginning, my two little whores.” Sean had an older gay friend, Gordon, who was 19. Gordon and Sean had had much gay sex together, over the years between 2014 and 2017, and he had supplied Sean with a lot of gay pornography, and BDSM stuff to use on his brothers, in exchange for some photographs. Sean, therefore, stopped for a minute and took pictures of his crying brothers, and their reddened willies. He then encouraged them to cuddle and comfort each other while they kissed, again he took pictures.


Now he got Harry to stand up and take pictures of Sean while he sucked Timothy”s cock, licked Timothy”s arse, forced Timothy to deep-throat his cock and then after applying some lube to Timothy”s arse and his own cock, Sean slammed his now very hard cock straight up Timothy”s arse. Initially, Timothy screamed but Sean encouraged him, to push outwards like he was going to the toilet; it did hurt for a while but Timothy eventually began to smile and say, then scream, words like “Fuck me, Fuck me bro., Fuck me harder”. After about ten minutes, Sean paused, and with one great orgasmic sequence of about ten loads, he filled his young brother”s arse with spunk. As his cock softened, it slid out, and Sean presented his now dirty, slimy cock to his brother for cleaning. He said to Timothy that a good bottom would always learn to clean his top”s cock and balls, after sex, by licking them all over. Harry had been constantly taking pictures from various angles, as instructed by Sean, and there were now about sixty pictures in the digital camera. Sean quickly transferred them to his thumb drive, and cleared the camera”s memory, ready for round two.


Round two was to be a short rest for Sean, while he showed the boys some porn and inflicted some more BDSM on each of them. First, he inserted butt plugs in each of the boys; Timothy”s arse was already well stretched from the fucking he had just had, which had turned him, from a virgin, into a gay whore; Harry was a different matter and Sean had had to use one, then two, and finally even three, fingers, before he had been able to push the plug, all the way in. Timothy and Harry again continued to take turns with the camera, while the other brother was being abused. Once they had the plugs in place, he secured them inside the boys with a special kind of strap, which went around the waist, up through the butt crack. and tied up at the front. After that he had the two boys sit beside him on the bed and look at gay pornography magazines together. All the while Sean was gently stroking both boy”s cocks to a hard-on. As you may recall Timothy was 10 and Harry, 12. Harry had had a few wet dreams and now, for the first time in his life, in response to Sean”s ministrations, he had a proper orgasm; he came about six times (small globs, but most satisfactory for a 12-year-old): Timothy did not come, but he did have some very pleasing dry orgasms.

The boys both thanked Sean, and, as instructed by Sean, blow-jobbed and kissed his cock, kissed Sean”s nipple on the side they were on [Timothy was on Sean”s left, and Harry was on his right], and then French kissed with Sean for quite some minutes. The length of the blow job being driven by the length of the kiss, as Timothy started at the bottom with the cock, while Harry started at the top with the kiss. Both of them were mildly, but pleasantly, surprised that Sean had a small nipple ring in each nipple and Sean duly ooh”d and aah”d in response to his brother”s licking of the rings and then, by placing the rings in their teeth, using them to pull on Sean”s nipples, which Sean clearly enjoyed, as they could see Sean”s 6-inch erection grow to its full length of 9 inches, which it had been at, when he was deep fucking Timothy, just 20 minutes earlier.


Now even though Sean was now reasonably rested, cock wise, he wanted to use a few more of the BDSM toys that Gordon had given him. First, he had both of his young whore brothers stand in front of him with their backs to him. Out of an orange satin bag, Sean produced two sets of medium size arse balls, which he proceeded to insert (one each) right up inside each boy”s arse, after, of course, first removing their butt plugs, which they had each been enduring for quite some time. He again used the harnesses to secure the balls in their arses and then turned them around and applied junior cock clamps and nipple clamps to each of them. They were now both crying profusely and Sean took many pictures for his friend Gordon; he well knew that Gordon would sell the pictures, to other gay guys in the BDSM community, and Gordon had promised that he would give Sean some money too. Sean had promised himself that he would share that money with his brothers, but Timothy and Harry did not know that yet, which made the pictures even better. Finally, with a big smile on his face, and with the boys still `wearing” the arse balls, plus the penis and nipple clamps, he got out the complete collection of arse and cock punishing tools; he then tied them to two crucifixes, which had been hidden behind a curtain, up until now. He put their cocks in cages (both leather and metal), hung weights off their scrotums and each boy was given 20 paddle strokes, 20 lashings of the whip, 20 strokes of the cane, and 20 lashings of the willy whip. Sean took hundreds of pictures for his friend; he had to pause, on multiple occasions, to download to the thumb drive, and clear out the camera memory.


After about an hour he took the two boys down, removed all the equipment, gently washed them all over, with Aloe Vera cleanser, and laid them each in their own beds. He then sat down between them and explained to them that he knew they were in quite a bit of pain just now, but each of them would be receiving $10,000 each for their night”s endurance, and he would keep that money in a secret place for them, until they turned 18; he also said they could earn lots more money in various ways, if they just did what he told them to do, for the next three years.


Timothy, now recovered a bit, then sparked up and said, “Hey Sean, you well and truly skewered me on your big cock there, what about Harry.” Timothy replied, “Yes, that”s true, it”s your turn Harry to be turned from a virgin to a gay whore, and just like you took lots of pictures while I fucked Timothy, he will take lots of pictures while I fuck you.”



Now Timothy stood up and took pictures of Sean while he sucked Harry”s cock, licked Harry”s arse, forced Harry to deep-throat his cock and then after applying some lube to Harry”s arse and his own cock, Sean slammed his now very hard cock straight up Harry”s arse. Initially, Harry screamed, despite the abuse his arse had already received that evening, but Sean encouraged him, to push outwards like he was going to the toilet; it did hurt for a while but Harry eventually began to smile and say, then scream, words like “Fuck me, Fuck me bro., Fuck me harder”. After about ten minutes, Sean paused, and with one great orgasmic sequence of about ten loads, he filled his young brother”s arse with spunk. As his cock softened, it slid out. Sean noticed, though, that the fucking had produced some more spunk from Harry”s young balls and so he told Harry to get into a 69 position and they would now clean up each other”s cock. Sean reminded Harry of what he had told Thomas but also said as they had both cum, they should lick up each other”s beylikdüzü travesti cum, hold it in their mouths then engage in a long french kiss where they would exchange their mouth contents and thus taste both their own cum, but also that of their partner. Timothy had been constantly taking pictures from various angles, as instructed by Sean, and there were now about sixty pictures in the digital camera. Sean quickly transferred them to his thumb drive, and cleared the camera”s memory, ready for sending to Gordon.


Harry knew that his best mate, Gavin, was gay, and, within a week or two, after a similar initiation to that of Timothy and Harry, Gavin became a member of the underage sex group,


By the time of Harry”s 14th birthday party, they had accumulated over $200,000 each. Tonight, was special though, Sean was now away in Toronto, with his partner, and the collection (supplemented surreptitiously over time) of magazines and toys was carefully, and well, hidden, from prying parental eyes. Mum and Dad Manchester trusted the boys so much that they went out for the evening and said they might not be back until even 2 or 3 in the morning.


Fun time for the boys! Timothy had, by now, become the definite bottom of the group, while Harry was the top, and Gavin was versatile. As it was Harry”s night, he got to choose the games for the night. While he didn”t like hurting his brother, he also knew that Timothy had grown up to be the perfect little masochist. Once everything was tidied up downstairs, they said goodnight to Mr. and Mrs. Manchester and retired to the bedroom. Harry had had a quiet word with Gavin, during the party, and while Timothy didn”t know what was to happen, though he felt sure he would enjoy it, especially because he knew it would be giving pleasure to his brother and Gavin, plans had been hatched between Harry and Gavin. As soon as the doors were closed and locked, Timothy was told to go into the bathroom and change into old clothes, especially those that he now only barely fitted into. Timothy duly went into the bathroom with some quickly chosen old clothes and came out, about ten minutes later, reasonably dressed but certainly on the skimpy and tight side, Harry and Gavin jumped on Timothy and, while Timothy was mock-struggling, and giggling, they raped him, not in the sexual penetration of the word (that would come later) but in the sense of ripping all of Timothy”s clothes off; those clothes would never be used again! Once he was naked, they placed him on a crucifix and tied him to it. Harry then smiled that wicked grin of his, and Gavin knew that something extra was coming.


“You know, Gavin, there is one other boy in this house, who has never taken part in our games.” Gavin hesitated and then said, “You don”t mean Basil, do you, he”s too young, isn”t he?” Harry replied, “Yes, he was too young when Sean initiated us, but he”s now 7, and I think he will make a great little cocksucker, don”t you? Gavin thought for a moment and then, slightly reluctantly said, “Yes I do, but, please, go slow and be gentle!” “What do you think I am, a monster, he”s my little brother and I just want him to learn early that there are types of toys that are better than Lego and Ride-On Vehicles, and are easier to access, too.” So, leaving Gavin to keep Timothy company, Gavin snuck along the corridor and went into his brother”s room. Basil appeared to be well asleep, but, as soon as Gavin stepped towards his bed, he sat up and said, “Hey bro., is there anything wrong?” “No, nothings wrong, titch; Nicholas, Gavin and I just wondered whether you would like to sit up with the big boys for a few hours.” Much to Gavin”s surprise, Basil responded, “Of course, Gazzer, I have been wondering when you three were going to invite me to your games.” Gavin blushed a little but also smiled, whilst saying, “One thing, from now until I bring you back here, you do everything I tell you to do.” “Of course, Sir, I”m yours to direct; I will do everything you say.”


Only a few minutes after Harry had left, he was back in his bedroom, with Basil in tow. Basil”s eyes boggled wide open. “What”s Timothy doing on that cross?” “Don”t you worry, slave, don”t talk again unless you are asked a question. Remember you promised to do all I told you to do.” Basil hung his head low, and waited. “First, I think we just need to give you a little spanking, for speaking out of turn, but, even before that, we need you naked. Gavin, take off Basil”s top and singlet, while I deal with below the waist, remember to do it slowly, enjoy this.” Gavin stepped over and slowly undid Basil”s pyjama top, and slid it off him, while Harry undid his young brother”s fly and the top button on the pyjama pants. He then quickly pulled those pants off and Basil was left standing there in just his very sexy tighty whities. Once that had been done Harry slipped off Basil”s socks, and laid the little boy across his lap.


Harry then said, “Gavin, pass me that number 1 paddle, please.” Harry then gave his younger brother four good strokes with the paddle. He then took off Basil”s singlet and undies and gave him another six, light, strokes with the paddle. By this time, Basil”s ass was quite red, and Harry stood his brother back up again. “How do you feel now, Basil”, said Gavin. “A little sore, sir” Harry also asked, “What do you have to say to me, squirt?” Gavin thought for a moment, and then said, “Sorry, sir, thank you for punishing me.” OK, go over and sit on that little cushion in front of Timothy.”


Now, suck Timothy”s cock, remember to kiss his piss slit, give his balls a good lick and suck (take them both into your mouth), and then give his cock a good suck until you can feel that all of it is in your mouth and his pubes are touching your nose. Once Basil was in place, Gavin and Harry started to fondle Basil all over, gave him pecks on his cheeks, nibbled his ear lobes and generally made him begin to wriggle with glee. After about 20 minutes, Harry said “Basil, stand up, and put your hands on your lovely red bum and pull your glutes apart so I can see your arse hole, which gay guys call an arse-rose. Gavin, pass me a size 0 butt plug and strap, plus that lube. Gavin obeyed, as this was Harry”s night. Gavin then lubed up the plug, and Basil”s anus and pushed it, slightly forcefully in. Basil winced a little, but he didn”t cry, he so much wanted to become one of the big boys. Harry then put the strap on to Basil, to make sure the plug wouldn”t come out, and placed him back on the cushion, facing Timothy. He was even close enough to offer a comforting hand, to his older brother.


Harry and Gavin then duly went about gently, but firmly, torturing Thomas. First, they inserted the gag, and then put a large butt plug up his arse. They then clamped his nipples, caged his cock, and clamped his balls. They then took turns in giving his willy a good whipping, 35 strokes each. By now Timothy was begging for mercy, but Gavin and Harry, in unison, firmly said, “No way, whore!”

Eventually, after about an hour, they took Timothy down and laid him lengthways on the `fucking bench”. They had learnt a lot over three years. He was tied feet and hands to the bench, with his arse just in the right place for a good fucking, and his mouth ready to deep throat a good pair of stiff nigh-on-14-year-old cocks. Firstly Harry gave his brother a thorough good slamming up the arse, during which he sent 8 excellent globs of spunk up the spunk-hungry arse of his brother, while Gavin was being `professionally” sucked at the other end ( a truly good `skewering”). After a short rest for Harry and Gavin, but Timothy remained tied up, they swapped places, Harry took sloppy seconds and a good time was had by all. After that, they took Timothy down and Harry added a new twist, which they had never tried before As Timothy had had his 12th birthday 2� months earlier, and he had had a few big men”s cocks up his arse over the previous 2� years, Harry had decided it was time for Timothy”s first DP (both ends). Even though Harry was generally istanbul travesti a top, he had accepted a payment of $25,000, on his 12th birthday, to be DP”d, both ends, by a couple of 25-year-olds (combined girth of 2� inches, and it hurt like hell) but he, therefore, decided his brother could take the combined girth of himself and Gavin, which was a little over 1⅞ inches. Harry and Gavin lubed up their cocks and Harry did Timothy”s arse, and then, with Harry in charge so to say, Harry and Gavin got their cocks close together and Timothy sat, his now gaping arse, on to both cocks. The two older boys revelled in the feel of their cocks rubbing up against each other inside Timothy”s arse and he was ecstatic when he finally felt, after about 12 minutes, two cocks coming together in his arse. Harry wasn”t finished yet though; he and Gavin now stuffed their cocks together into Thomas”s expert mouth. Again, they both came after about 5 minutes. Timothy held the combined cum in his mouth and the three of them then enjoyed a long, three-way, cum-filled french kiss.


Harry then turned back to Basil and said, “Did you like what you saw.” Basil replied, “Yes it was great, would you do that to me, PLEASE?” Harry replied, “Well, Basil, you are still a little too young for some of that, but, if you are willing, especially as you have had that plug up your boy-cunt, for over 45 minutes now, I think you can take a few fucks, Basil eagerly said, “Yes, please!!, with a big grin on his face. Harry, therefore, stood Basil up and then laid him down on his bed, with his legs up in the air. Harry then took off the strap; the plug was then pulled out. Timothy then got down and gave his youngest brother a good rimming, followed by a slow and gentle first fuck. As Timothy hadn”t cum all night, he shot some big 12-year-old shots into his youngest brother”s chute. Gavin then took sloppy seconds and gave Basil another good load; finally, Harry gave the young slut another 15 minutes of pounding. Though Basil cried a bit initially, he eventually began to enjoy the poundings that he was receiving; by the end, he was displaying a proud little 3” 7-year-old stiffy, which Timothy immediately lent down and gave a good sucking to, which led to Basil”s first-ever dry orgasm. After that, as directed by Harry, Basil gave a good tongue wash to the cocks of all three boys; Basil, also, obediently swallowed all of what he had washed off. After that all three boys gave Basil a good long hug, and kiss; they then all embraced him in a nigh-on smothering hug. Harry then helped Basil back into all the clothes he had been wearing, when he came into the room, and led him back to his room. He tucked Basil into his bed and, while Basil was steadily dropping off to sleep, whispered into Basil”s ear, “You are now part of the gang.” Basil gave a thumbs-up, accompanied by a big grin, Harry once more kissed him on the lips, eyes and forehead and went back to his own room.



Gavin, Timothy and Harry finally went to sleep, all in each other”s arms, on Harry”s bed, at about 2.30 a.m. As they nodded off, they all smiled at each other, knowing that they were going to make $100,000, or more, for the video of that night”s session. Sadly, little did Gavin know that, that fun-time was to turn out to be the last time, for many years, that the Manchester sex quartet would even see each other, let alone play together.


Ten days later, Gavin woke up, he was happy, it was his 14th birthday, he was to receive his book prize that afternoon, Possibly, because he was so happy, he forgot to put some of his special things away properly, despite the fact that he knew this was the day that his father did the cleaning. At four o”clock he got home, feeling very elated; he was even looking forward to receiving whatever Rodney had decided to give him as a 14th birthday present. Instead, what he met, as he walked into the lounge room, was his father flying at him in a rage. Due to his rush, that morning, his father had found some of his private gay stuff.


His father`s speech was nigh on unintelligible, he was gesticulating wildly and screaming, “What”s this? Are you a poofter, one of those nancy boys? There”s no need to answer, these things prove it! You have 10 minutes to get out of my house! I never want to see you again! You may only take that bag you have on your back, right now, and whatever you can stuff in it, in the next 9 minutes, now! I am not even giving you your birth certificate; create a new identity for yourself!”, with that Rodney stormed out of the house to the back barn. Lucy, of course, witnessed all of this. Gavin raced upstairs, grabbed a few clothes and stuffed them in his backpack, after doing a quick empty out of his school things, except his precious Tolkien set (he didn”t even remember to keep his annual school report), grabbed his toothbrush, some paste, a bar of soap and his towel from the bathroom, quickly said a teary goodbye to Lucy, his twin sister, and trudged off down the road to Kitchener, 80 miles away.


About 10 miles down the road, just as dusk was settling in, a big truck stopped and asked Gavin if he wanted a lift. He got chatting with the truck driver; through the conversation, it came out that the driver was one of Gordon”s customers. Though it had taken about half an hour for the driver to recognise Gavin, as the most recent video that he had was from Gavin”s 13th birthday, he challenged him and Gavin said, “Yes, that”s me”. The driver offered Gavin $200 if Gavin would suck him off and then agree to be fucked. Gavin was silent, for a moment, but then thought to himself, “What the heck, I”ve been a whore for three years, so what”s another punter?, so he said, “Of course, dude”. Soon after the truck driver pulled off into a secluded side road and drove a short distance further into a small copse, where the truck was well hidden for miles around. Clive, the 41-year-old truck driver, and Gavin, the 14-year-old birthday boy, climbed back into the cabin and Gavin duly succumbed to what he had agreed to. A few hours later, the truckie drove on to Kitchener.


Clive dropped Gavin off in another secluded spot, paid Gavin the $200, gave him an old blanket, which he didn”t want any more, and wished him well. Gavin quickly realised that he had just been added to the count of homeless boys, in North America, who rely on being paid to be a gay street whore, in order to just stay alive. He knew that Kitchener was still too near home; he was fortunate enough to find one clean sheet of paper, and a pen, in the bottom of his bag, so he made up a brief letter, from his grandma in Toronto, inviting him to stay for the school holidays: he even copied down a street name in a suitably run-down outer part of Kitchener, to be his address, so the train captain wouldn”t question why he was boarding the train there. Gavin was already street smart to some degree, due to his involvement with The Manchester Boys, and he figured that even if the guy knew the street, he would just surmise that he must be a kid from one of the new families that were clearly moving into, and out of, that neighbourhood, on a regular basis. The fare was only $15.00 and by 9.00 the next morning he was in Toronto. Here he hoped to blend into the background and hopefully survive to adulthood, after all, that was only 4 years away.


To be continued.


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