Lesbian Sisters

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I was roommate during my college years with two sisters, Priscilla and Celeste. I had known them since 6th grade, so they were okay living with me. Both were lesbians, which I respected and secretly liked having looked at a lot of lesbian porn behind their backs, but they asked about it one night. I denied it, but was forced to admit to it after they showed me Celeste’s laptop’s internet history which I forgot to erase.

I was embarrassed, but instead of yelling at or beating me up they asked an odd question; could I give them tips on improving their sex lives. Surprised, I asked why they would ask me that and they said they had no success finding lovers due to their low sex drive. Their dates got turned off when they said they never had sex before. They watched porn to my surprise, but not even that turned them on.

I suggested they have sex with each other as practice. They froze in disbelief asking how I came up with that idea. I said I have seen a lot of lesbian sister porn videos, which aroused me a lot. Looking annoyed, Celeste asked if I was aware the women in those videos were not actually sisters, just actresses. I said viewers imagined them as sisters nonetheless. Priscilla said she never met anyone suggesting sisters having sex with each other. Annoyed, I asked if they wanted my help or not.

They agreed and I spent the next few days preparing a script for their first sex session. In it, the sisters played high school classmates who had not seen each other in years. I sat to watch Celeste nude sunbathing on a float in our backyard pool. Priscilla entered from the driveway and was happy to see Celeste. She took another float, rode it to her, and sucked her vagina. Celeste did not see her as she wore sunglasses, daydreaming with her eyes closed, but after opening her eyes she was shocked to see Priscilla.

They hugged and after a short talk on how they have been since they last saw one another, Priscilla kissed Celeste’s thighs and vagina as Celeste took off her strapless top, skirt, and panties. Celeste pulled Priscilla on top of her as she kissed her stomach, chest and neck. poker oyna Priscilla then about faced forming the 69 position as the girls sucked each other’s vaginas, during which Priscilla bent Celeste’s knees before fingering her anus. Then Priscilla sat up and fondled Celeste’s vagina as she kissed her buttocks and anus.

The pair’s movements during the lovemaking caused the float to flip and toss them into the water, which was not part of the skit. I asked them if they were okay or needed helping getting out, but they said they wanted to have sex in the cool water as it felt nice on such a hot day. I allowed it and sat down. They lip-locked as Priscilla kissed Celeste’s breasts. Celeste then went under and kissed Priscilla’s legs, vagina, buttocks, and stomach. She got onto the float after resurfacing and lay down, as Priscilla sat by her legs to lick her vagina, then moved on top of her. The sisters lip-locked before Priscilla kissed Celeste’s neck and shoulders. Celeste then kissed Priscilla’s chest. They fingered each other’s vaginas. Celeste put Priscilla’s head on her chest to comfort her, one hand on her buttocks and bent her knees while Priscilla also held her buttocks and they fingered each other’s anuses.

I asked them if they loved having sex with each other and they said they did. I asked why they did not look or act scared or nervous as they said they pretended they were having sex with one of their former dates whom they found attractive. I said that was a nice idea and they could not wait to have sex with one another again. I said I had several other scripts planned for them.

The next skit a few days later was again at our backyard. The women kissed and Priscilla took off Celeste’s sweater. Celeste leaned on our house’s wall, as Priscilla knelt in front of her, pulled up her shirt, unbuttoned her jeans, and kissed her stomach while feeling her vagina. She then kissed her chest up to her neck as Celeste rubbed her arms. Priscilla took off her tank top as Celeste kissed her neck and took off her skirt and panties to rub her vagina, then she took off her bra and kissed her stomach canlı poker oyna down to her vagina as Priscilla removed Celeste’s shirt and bra.

Celeste knelt behind her to kiss her buttocks before lying on the ground, bending her knees and Priscilla sat by her legs and put her head between them to lick and kiss her vagina, thighs and buttocks. She kept sucking her vagina while turning herself 180 degrees to make the 69 position atop Celeste so she could suck hers also. Priscilla turned face-up so Celeste could kiss, finger and suck her buttocks, anus and vagina as she put her head on Celeste’s vagina and kissed her legs and thighs.

After noticing a neighbor watching us, we ran inside to the living room, which was not part of the script. The sisters, still nude, wanted more sex, so I told them to just improvise. Priscilla sat on the sofa as Celeste sat on the floor in front of her to suck her vagina. She then kissed her legs up to her stomach, neck and breasts. Priscilla turned around and knelt on the couch and Celeste kissed her buttocks and sucked her anus. Celeste then lay facedown on the couch as Priscilla kissed her buttocks and sucked her anus. Celeste went face-up and Priscilla kissed her vagina, legs and stomach. She kissed her breasts and put her head on them as Celeste kissed her forehead and caressed her hair. They held each other’s buttocks as I looked on.

I had another sex scene planned at the pool days later, but the sisters were concerned our neighbor would watch them again. I assured them he was not home having rung his doorbell several minutes before and getting no response. Relieved, we went to the pool as I sat on a chair to watch the girls lip-lock before Priscilla knelt, took off Celeste’s pants and panties, and kissed her legs up to her vagina. After sucking her vagina, she took off her shirt, and kissed her abdomen up to her neck. As she did that, Celeste took off her shirt. Priscilla lay on the ground face-down and Celeste took off her pants and panties, sat on her legs, and kissed her buttocks. Priscilla went face-up, bending her knees and Celeste put her internet casino face between her legs to lick her vagina.

She lay facedown behind her, and the two kissed before Celeste moved down to her chest. The sisters took off each other’s bras to kiss each other’s breasts. Celeste sat on Priscilla’s face and let her kiss her buttocks as she fingered her vagina. She lay down and the sisters sucked and grabbed each other’s vaginas and buttocks. Celeste moved down grinding her vagina on Priscilla’s breasts before sitting next to her and bending forward to kiss them and her lips. She then put her head on them as Priscilla caressed her, letting air in her vagina. She put her legs together, fingering her and Celeste’s vaginas, until they urinated, which was not part of the skit, but I admit I loved. They said they were so caught up with the sex, they did not realize they had to urinate. Feeling dirty, they took their clothes, went inside, and took a bath together.

The sisters asked if they could take a few weeks off from our sex to go on dates, which I allowed. After a few, they told me they found potential partners, thus they did not need to have sex with each other anymore. I said I was happy of them, but had one final scene idea I wanted them to act in. They hesitantly agreed after I begged. The sisters undressed fully in their bedroom before Celeste lay on the floor with her legs on a bench, as Priscilla lay under the bench with her head between Celeste’s thighs to lick her vagina. She then sat on the bench to kiss her feet. The two then rubbed their feet on each other’s vaginas. Priscilla then sat on Celeste’s face leaning her upper body back to let her suck her vagina. Celeste still had her legs on the bench to cool off her hot vagina and urinated at one point. Priscilla about faced, letting Celeste kiss her buttocks as she fingered her vagina.

She then lay down to form the 69 position as the two sucked each other’s vaginas. Priscilla urinated, then turned 180 degrees letting Celeste kiss her breasts. She then kissed Celeste’s breasts before placing her head on her shoulder and Celeste put her arms around her back. I told them seeing lesbian sex in person was more arousing than seeing it on a laptop screen, then they said they were happy for me. They softly kissed and giggled and Pricilla held Celeste’s shoulders as she rubbed her.

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