Lessons Ch. 02

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Lesson 2: Laura

Being a virgin while in the military was hell. It seemed all my buddies expressed their friendship by bringing this up at the most inopportune times, like when I was trying to get laid.

I had experience in sucking tits and finger fucking pussies but I seemed to be unable to get past that point. I knew girls were complicated creatures but it seemed the harder I tried to please the more complicated they became.

I was learning though. When my next great lesson came I embraced it even though my buddies looked upon on my teacher with scorn. She was gay. Her name was Laura.

In true fact no one had direct or indirect proof on her sexual orientation. The guys knew she had absolutely no interest in them and their fuzzy logic led them to conclude she must be gay.

At that time being gay in the military was serious stuff. If any one bothered to bring up charges it was always a court martial and sometimes, even if the charges were false, it ended in a discharge,

Laura never did anything to confirm or deny the rumors but went about her life serenely. I know some of the remarks she heard must have hurt but she was always on an even keel.

I found that admirable in her. She was certainly shy and somewhat of a loner. I was too. I liked her.

She was very good looking, with a cat-like quality in her movements that was very sexy. She was as tall as me and wore her jet-black hair short. She wore little makeup.

I kept my opinion to myself but I have to admit I too thought she was gay.

Our usual work routine would put us in contact with each other a few times a week. Her work demeanor was very businesslike, seldom smiling, seldom interacting except on an official level. However, because I treated her like a friend she treated me to smiles and to a wicked sense of humor. We got along.

Not too far from our base there was a strip of nightclubs, usual for any military installation. My buddies and I frequented one on most weekends in our never-ending quest for pussy. It did not take me long to realize that most of my friends were not getting laid either so my desperation had abated quite a bit. I could enjoy the night out and a few beers without feeling left out of the party.

Like me Laura was a watcher. When she appeared at the club the guys would go out their way to ignore her. I always went to her to say hello before rejoining the guys. Most of the time tits would distract them and I would find myself hugging a wall and watching the action. I was a very reserved guy.

One fateful night the crowd was larger than usual. My buddies got distracted early and the walls were already crowded with watchers. The least congested area was where Laura was stationed so I joined her there. The crowd kept me with one hand on my beer, the other behind me, allowing for more room to the sides. A bit of jostling for position around me forced me back towards Laura. The hand behind me ended up directly on her crotch.

I was blushing brightly when I turned to apologize. She looked at me with a very strange expression on her face. She did not say a word but I knew I had been forgiven when I saw her wicked smile. I turned back to face the front, trying to keep my hand at my side. A waitress went by and I ordered two beers. The first time a guy had bought her a drink she told me later. As empty beer bottles were exchanged for full ones and money changed hands I found myself very short of room and Laura was pressed tightly behind me. I noticed I liked that. I noticed she seemed to be OK with it.

Once we resumed our drinking and people watching I moved a bit away from her but to my delight she kept light body contact with me. We entertained each other with comments on the spectacle before us. We even rated people on their chances of getting laid that night.

As the crowd show became more entertaining I became distracted and again put my free arm behind me, once again brushing her crotch. I immediately tried to move it away and apologize but was shocked to feel her grab my wrist and put my hand directly over her pussy. Her free arm went around my waist and she held me to her.

Putting her chin on my shoulder she whispered to me, ” keep your hand there, my pussy needs the attention”.

There were two layers of people in front and to the side of us so there was little chance anyone would see where my hand was.

I was more than happy to give her pussy some attention and I used a series of gentle and not so gentle pressure to pleasure her. Soon my caresses began to have an effect and she pushed her pussy hard into my hand while biting the back of my neck. I eased my activity down to gentle caresses as she recovered.

“The girls were right”, she said. “You are very talented with your hands” She kissed my cheek.

I said, “be careful with that kissing thing or you will set off a bunch of rumors”.

“Do you mind?”

“Hell no” I said not knowing if she meant the kiss or the rumors.

“It looks like I am going to be alone tonight anyway”, she said bahis firmaları while pointing in the direction of a crowded table.

“Which one?” I asked.

“The one your buddy is kissing on the neck. That’s her weak spot,” she answered.

Her answer sent me into feverish thought. First, she had just admitted to me that she was gay. I was proud that she felt she could confide in me.

Second, the girl my buddy had been working on was perhaps the prettiest girl in the joint, and Laura had made it with her.

Third, the girl knew the feel of my fingers in her pussy and my dick was acquainted with the grip of her hand. Small world.

After a while the action in the club began to slow down. Laura and I placed our empty beer bottles on the tray of a passing waitress. Laura did not want another beer and I decided I did not either. With both hands free I reached back and placed my hands on each of her hips, she placed both of her arms around my waist. I loved the feel of her breasts on my back. We had plenty of room now but she kept her chin on my shoulder.

We drew some stares. My buddies looked at us in bewilderment. Many more ladies than I would have guessed looked at Laura with questioning eyes. To anyone looking we would seem to be long time lovers.

I found myself so caught up in the moment that I actually pulled Laura to the dance floor and showed her my best stuff. She laughed and matched my every move. I was having fun. She seemed to be having fun too.

The next song was a slow song. We remained on the dance floor and we started the dance in the spirit of fun, clowning around a bit. Slowly we came together and we danced like we were happy to be in each other’s arms.

Then I saw that wicked smile and I knew I had a problem.

“Let’s give everybody something to think about”, she said.

“How are going to do that”, I asked with trepidation.

She whispered, “you are going to give me a nice soft kiss on the lips and then we are going to walk out holding hands”.

With that she turned her head and I kissed her. We each held the kiss longer than necessary but we soon completed the act and walked out hand in hand. Once outside she burst out into uncontrollable giggles and described the reaction she saw from the crowd as utter, overwhelming confusion. I had seen it myself and amazed that we pulled that off.

Shortly I found myself by her car.

“Get in”, she said. “You can’t go back with guys now”.

That made perfectly good sense to me so off we went.

The usual routine for those of us that are not getting laid after a night out is to go to an all night café and get something to eat. The guys and I usually went to a truck stop. When alone I would go to a restaurant that featured an excellent seafood gumbo. When she asked,” where to?” That had been my suggestion.

It was not yet closing time at the clubs so we had our choice of seats at the restaurant. Laura led us to a booth at the back. I sort of noticed we were holding hands. We sat on the same side of the table.

As our waitress left with our orders Laura said, “We have to talk”.

“You are breaking up with me already?” I asked in mock despair.

She gave me a not so light punch in the ribs and said, “listen, there are rules. First, I love you already but not that way, as you well know. I trust you. But I really am gay. We are never going to be a couple. I know you are a romantic. Don’t get carried away.

To make sure that I knew she meant business she then gave me a marvelously soft kiss. I retaliated by kissing her back.

My face, however, told her that I might have been a bit confused.

“Tonight I had more fun than I have had in a long time and the most fun ever with a guy”, she said.

Somehow the look in my face caused her to become frustrated.

“Listen to me. I said I love you. You have always treated me with respect. You treated me like I was special to you. But you need to know I will always prefer women and I will never ever allow a dick in my pussy again”.

That last part came out with ferocity and pain. Suddenly her eyes betrayed a deep hurt.

I could not think of a thing to say except “I love you too”, and gave her a soft, loving kiss on the cheek. A sob escaped her lips and she grabbed my arm and held herself tight to me.

We sat in silence until our waitress returned with our gumbo. The delicious concoction immediately lightened her mood and we soon returned to laughing at nearly everything.

Our waitress came to check on us often. My suspicions were aroused. I noticed that the glances between her and Laura carried a lot more than a client/server relationship.

I looked at Laura with a grin.

She said “what? I have not had sex with every single woman on Earth”.

I kept my gaze and smile on her and she said, well OK, her, once. Geez, I never expected the Spanish Inquisition.”

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”, I said. “Our two main weapons are…” She stopped my rant by jamming a piece of French bread kaçak iddaa into my mouth. We became best friends that night.

When we were done with our meal the waitress gave Laura the check. I reached for it but she would not relinquish it. She told me the amount and I put the money on the table with a generous tip. Something told me the waitress deserved it.

As soon as we were back in her car Laura pulld up her skirt, moved her panties to the side and started fingering her pussy furiously. The move stunned me and I was awed by the openness our relationship had suddenly achieved.

I knew the outburst had nothing to do with me but I moved her hand aside and finger fucked her with the same frenzy she had been using on herself. It did not take long for her to get to where she needed to be.

After catching her breath she looked at the clock and said “I got to get you home”.

I slowly reached for the restaurant check she still had in her hand. This time she released it. The check was as usual on one side; the other side had a note from the waitress.

It read, “I get off at 3. I want my tongue deep in your pussy at 3:15”

We sped all the way but made it safely.

Laura and I resumed our normal identities in public although I am sure that to anyone looking it would have been obvious that we cared about each other. Many assumed we were “a couple”. The caustic remarks directed at her nearly ceased.

I soon realized I was the only male in her life. I learned why on a day I took her fishing, a first for her. She said her brothers, with the consent of her father, had sexually abused her. The day her father tried to take her himself was the day she joined the service. She cried that day. So did I.

Our lives evolved into a best buddy movie. We would compare notes on girls, brag on how far we got with them, rant against the ones that left us high and dry.

The only thing different was that my buddy had a pussy. She would at times need for me to help release some of her tension. My fingers became her favorite toys. I finger fucked her in my car, her car, the club parking lot.

Eventually, after one of those sessions, I had to have release. I took out my dick and started to jack off in her presence.

I worried that it would scare her off but instead she put one hand on my leg, one behind my neck and kissed me. I came with great force and covered the back of the front seat of my car with cum. After that, as soon as I knew she was satisfied, I would masturbate while she watched.

My barracks roommate and I found a rooming house we could afford and moved out of the barracks. The major advantage being we had our own room. It was also nice that all the others in the house were female. However, as it was usual with my luck, they each had long-term boyfriends.

The major drawback was the house owner, Mrs. Grant. She was a pleasant enough lady in her early fifties but we soon discovered she was a snoop.

One our housemates suggested we get inside bolts for our doors, as Mrs. Grant thought nothing of barging right into the room without knocking.

Our housemate intimated that she had been discovered by Mrs. Grant while in a very compromising position with her boyfriend. She did add that Mrs. Grant apologized and backed out of the room, but never took her eyes off them, Mrs. Grant had never mentioned the incident to her.

My relationship with Laura changed on a night that began with me alone at the club. My housemate buddy was visiting his parents at home and the other two guys had dates elsewhere. I became bored with the evening and headed back to my boarding house early.
The phone in the hallway rang as I was walking by and I answered it. Two heads stuck out two doors asking if it was for them. I was surprised to say that it was for me. It was Laura.

She sounded a bit breathless and a bit peeved.

“Can you come get me?” she asked. “I did not drive tonight and now I need a ride”.

“Sure”, I answered, “tell me where”.

She was waiting at the sidewalk when I got there. As soon as she was seated she let out a frustrated scream.

I gave her a questioning look and she said, “We were just getting to the good part when we heard her sister and husband drive up. We managed to look like we were just visiting when they came inside, although I could tell her sister knew otherwise. She apologized to us profusely but said she could not help it. Her husband had become ill and their night on the town had been cut short.

I can’t tell you how long I had been working on this babe. She was so tasty and just as she was about to eat me we got interrupted”, Laura wailed.

I gave her a “poor baby” and slipped my hand under her skirt and over her naked pussy. It was very hot and very damp down there. Laura sighed and spread her legs to give me more room.

“Where are your panties?” I asked.

“Under their sofa cushion” she giggled.

After a while it became obvious that although she liked what I was doing it was not going to bring her release.

I kaçak bahis decided it was time to bring up the subject I had been the most curious about. I said “tell me about eating pussy”.

She looked at me in silence for a few moments then asked, “have you ever eaten pussy?”

“My head has never been in the neighborhood of a pussy,” I answered. “The guys talk about it as something disgusting, something they would never do”.

“Lets go to your house”, she said.

Technically bringing a member of the opposite sex into your room and closing the door was against house rules. We all acknowledged the rule and then ignored it. There were seven bedrooms in the house, one upstairs that belonged to Mrs. Grant, six downstairs, three on each side of a long hallway. Mine was the last one on the left. I knew that anyone in any of the rooms would know I had a female visitor. A first for me.

As soon as I had the door closed behind us Laura surprised me by immediately stripping naked and jumping onto my bed. I already knew she did not have on any panties. I had not noticed she did not have a bra either. I assumed it was under the cushion with her panties,

She noticed I was riveted to the floor and impatiently told me to get in bed, class was about to start. It was my first view of her completely naked and I was drinking it all in.

I took all my clothes off but kept my underwear on when I saw the look of concern in Laura’s eyes.

“Damn”, I said to myself, “There’s a naked beauty on my bed and I already know nothing is going to happen. I’m never going to get laid”.

Still, I knew I had a job to do so I crawled next to Laura and kissed her lips while my hand cupped her naked pussy. She rewarded me with a low moan so I quickly inserted two fingers into her pussy while pressing gently on her clit with my thumb.

I knew she had been sexually frustrated that night so I worked to get her to cum quickly. She suddenly emitted a long groan as her hips jumped off the bed. I kissed her to muffle her sound and slowed my fingering allowing her to return to Earth softly.

“Damn you’re good”, she said.

I smiled and kissed her. I had resumed my finger fucking and she had resumed her moaning when she suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand off her pussy.

“There is a better way”, she said, “Scoot down”.

I kissed my way down her body with a somewhat long delay at her breasts, (she did not seem to mind). I was surprised to get to her pussy without ever passing over pubic hair.

I lifted my head and looked at Laura who said with a grin, “she likes a bald pussy”.

I lowered my head and kissed the inside of her thighs. The aroma of pussy was nearly overwhelming. I had come to love the scent of an aroused woman and loved to suck my fingers after they had been coated with pussy juice. The difference now was that my entire face was coated in pussy juice and I was getting it directly from the source. I loved it.

I felt Laura’s hands on the back of my head. She was guiding my lips and my tongue to the exact spots she wanted. I kept my neck muscles loose and allowed her to control movement and pressure. I had just started to get into the lesson part when Laura suddenly clamped her thighs around my head and shoved her pussy hard into my face. Even with her thighs clamped on my ears I could still hear her groan when she came.

“Well, at least my reputation in the house was being enhanced” I said to myself.

Eventually class was back in session. Laura was more in control of herself and she commented on every movement and every spot that would drive a woman wild. Her thighs clamping around my ears muffled at times what she said. Some times she did not make sense at all. But I knew I was doing well because she had to stop a couple of times when she felt herself loosing it. The lesson was eventually completed.

My final exam was a lab practical where I had to demonstrate knowledge of all the techniques taught in class. My first effort earned me B minus.

I lost points when I lost patience and rushed her to her climax. I was chastised for forgetting that I was supposed to be in control. She said devouring a pussy was fine on some occasions but that the pussy owner would let me know when. I was strongly reminded that I was supposed to keep her on the edge as long as possible.

I was forced to re-take the exam.

One long, loud ecstatic groan later I got an A plus.

I moved up the bed and took her in my arms. We kissed long and hard, sharing her pussy juice. As I lay on my back her hands traced soft circles over my chest and over my nipples. I was surprised at how good that felt, Laura laid her head on my chest and allowed her hand to continue tracing circles down my body.

I did not expect her to pull my dick out of my shorts. But that is just what she did. I did not expect her to grip my dick and slowly start to masturbate me. But that is just what she did. I expected her to stop once it became clear I was about to shoot. But that was not what she did.

Rather than increase to speed of her hand she slowed down and increased the length of the strokes until I could not breathe. I was groaning just as loudly as she had. I had to cum now!

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