Let the Tantra Begin! Ch. 02

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The gulls circled overhead, catching the breeze in the warm summer air. One gull spotted a tempting morsel and did a quick dive to the beach, snatching an unfortunate crab. The other gull followed and decided it, too, wanted the struggling crab. The two battled in mid-air, seemingly colliding, causing the first gull to drop its prize. Within seconds a dozen birds descended and tore the crab apart.

Sarah stood on the deck intently watching the voracious and quarrelsome birds. Kind of reminded her of the girls in the studio.

Paul arrived, disrupting her moment, and stood next to her, trying to see what she was following.

“That’s life, one minute you’re happily going about your business and the next minute you’re being torn apart by an angry mob. How was my shoot today?” Sarah asked.

“Sorry to interrupt your dark musings, but the shoot was good today; you look like you were getting into it at the end. You know, you could laugh and have some fun with a shoot,” Paul said.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Stay for dinner?” Paul asked.

Dinner, she realized, now meant food, a stay overnight with tantra, and then sex. In any case, Sarah was game and nodded.

“Well, at least you didn’t look so scared during this shoot.”

“How did I look?”

“I don’t know. Annoyed, bemused, bored, and then you came out to play.”


“You heard me; you weren’t into that girl or into the moment. I could tell. But you did care enough to act out the part, so your effort was appreciated. I took a look at some of the photos, and the one with you in the nylons alone were pretty hot. I appreciate that you made a decision and went with it.”

Paul went back to his sitting room, and Sarah went to the bathroom to don her red China doll robe. He was waiting for her when she returned, and the room was once again set up with the requisite mood by the appropriate incense, candles, and music. This time the scents were stronger but not overwhelming. Paul was dressed in his black robe, and as Sarah walked in the room, he said, “I thought we’d start with some touching exercises today. Okay with that?”

Sarah nodded and sat down across from him wearing her red robe, only this time she didn’t care if she was exposed. They sat facing each other, holding hands.

“Close your eyes and listen to me breathe. Then try syncing your breathing with my own.”

Though the exercise sounded a little silly, Sarah was game, especially after her orgasm following their previous night of tantric exercise. She felt her hands being engulfed by his large hands and listened to his breathing. It was regular, steady, and had a deep resonance as compared to her shallower breathing. This continued for several minutes, and as they listened for each other’s breaths, they automatically started to breathe in unison. Sarah found it kind of cool the way they synchronized their breaths together without really trying.

“Good, now take your robe off and sit here on my lap, facing me,” Paul said while removing his own robe.

Sarah stood up and moved closer to him. She took off her robe, revealing her pussy with the newly groomed landing strip just several inches from his mouth. She turned around to toss her robe, wanting him to see her bare buttocks. She sat on his lap facing him, her legs wrapped around him. The touch of his thighs on her legs was electric; she felt her vagina tighten.

“Hold my hands and close your eyes, and breathe together again.”

She was having a hard time synching again; there was too much beautiful skin contact for her to ignore. It was a little humid, and their skin was sweaty with desire.

“Open your eyes. Now we’re going to do some basic eye gazing together. Remember, your left is the receptive or feminine eye. Look into my eyes and try to breathe together once again.”

She looked into his beautiful grey eyes and couldn’t suppress a big smile. This was hot, feeling his skin touching her legs, her hands in his and looking into his eyes. güvenilir bahis She focused on his pupils and could see them change in size, getting a little larger as the room darkened with nightfall. A light breeze started to blow in the room. There was nobody else in the universe save the pair of tantric lovers.

In return, he started to grin and his pupils grew even larger. She soon knew why. As she looked in his eyes, she could feel his warm, slightly wet erection rubbing against her vaginal lips. Damn, he was hard, and the tip of his cock was driving her pussy crazy!

“Since I just recently had a massage, can I do you first this time?”

He nodded and her hands began rubbing his chest. Her hands massaged his pecs and started rubbing his nipples. She gave him a quick kiss.

“I won’t stop you,” he said.

She had him lie down face first, and he had to shift a little bit to accommodate his erection. She began rubbing his back using the oil, moving to his back and then to his butt. She drizzled a little oil and rubbed his glutes before moving to his legs and feet. She motioned for him to turn over and as he did, she saw that his large erection was sticking straight up. It looked so dark and hard, she had to restrain herself from immediately jumping on top of him.

Finally, a real penis was present in her love life!

Sarah began massaging his pecs and turned to his legs and feet. She moved upward, and her hands went to his cock. She felt a serious twitch between her legs and knew she was getting wetter from just touching his member.

“I was hoping to make the tantric a little less esoteric tonight.”

“Not quite a rhyme, but what do you have in mind?” he asked.

“Show-off!” Sarah said, laughing as she drizzled some oil on his cock and rubbed his thick shaft. He let out a small groan with her stroking. She smiled at him as she began rubbing his hard erection with both of slick hands, causing him to moan even more.

Sarah kissed Paul and the two mouths became locked in a deep embrace. Sarah broke the kiss as she lowered her head to look more closely at his erection. She could see his tip glisten in the candlelight. She looked up him into his eyes as she licked the head with the very tip of her tongue. She watched his eyes roll as he groaned with the sensuous lick.

She took as much as she could in her mouth to get him wet. Like a small piston, her head and mouth went up and down on his thick erection. After a few minutes, she was satisfied that he was sufficiently wet, so she mounted him. His penis easily slid by her labia and entered her warm wetness. It was a tight fit, but she began to ride him cowboy style ever so slowly. His hands reached for her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moved up and down very deliberately and began to get lost with the pleasure of his penis.

Paul picked her up and turned her over as he went on top. He spread her legs apart and began fucking her missionary style. Damn, he felt good; his penis was filling her vagina way beyond her past lovers, giving her a full feeling she had never experienced before.

“Yes, yes…,” she said.

“Yes what?”

“Fuck me, fuck me harder,” she said as she looked into his eyes.

She was moaning at this point, and he grabbed her legs by the ankles and placed them over her head to gain absolute control. She couldn’t move; she could only receive with her arms and hands holding her weight. Her eyes stared into his grey eyes as he entered her again, gliding his member past her silky wet lips. As he moved in and out of her, she began to orgasm as her legs trembled, but Paul kept stroking until he could feel her vagina tremble about his penis. She quietly sobbed as her sweet orgasm splendidly radiated throughout her body.

After a few moments, Paul got off her as if to let her rest from her orgasm, but that respite was to be short lived. As she laid back, Paul grabbed both her legs again and spread them apart, exposing her swollen pussy. She tried to türkçe bahis push him away, but he was having none of that and he was just too strong for her; he grabbed both of her arms. He then lowered his head to her swollen lips as his tongue sought out her tender flesh. Her clit was swollen from the previous orgasm and was now free of its protective hood. His soft tongue felt like an electric shock when it touched her tumescent flesh. It was way too much pleasure for her, and her hips began to writhe in a futile effort to get away from his tongue.

She tried to push him off while crying, “No, no, Paul. Too much, too much.” But he ignored her protests. Instead, his tongue became more aggressive and unrelenting as it swirled about her clit, challenging her to take even more pleasure. She could protest, but he now owned and possessed her.

There were tears in her eyes as she tried to push him away, but then her flesh betrayed her and she was gone. For Sarah, her existence ended as she disappeared in a microcosm of pleasure until there was no Sarah—actually, nothing existed, nothing save her lone engorged clitoris and Paul’s sensuous probing tongue and lips. He began a gentle sucking motion on her clitoris, and Sarah disappeared altogether along with all of her inhibitions and all of her intellect. Even her mind’s eye disappeared.

“Jesus Christ!” she yelled as she closed her legs tightly around his head. His light beard felt rough against the tender skin of her thighs. With his large hands, he grabbed her buttocks and brought her up by her hips to his mouth. Her back was now arched and her legs were wrapped around his head. It was all too much as she exploded, her orgasm beginning at her clit and rolling over the rest of her pelvis in waves of contractions. She gyrated against his face as if to fuck that glorious tongue in an effort to get every last moment of pleasure. He could taste her wetness as she had her release and felt her body slowly relax and go limp. After she came, he let her gently down to the rug as she half moaned and sobbed.

She turned and lay on her side facing away from him for several minutes as she breathed deeply. She was quiet for a good ten minutes as her senses slowly returned to her, and then she turned around and looked at him.

He was watching her, smiling, sitting there with his large erection looking strangely out of place.

“I said stop and you didn’t,” she said as if to scold him.

“So you did, but then I wouldn’t be able to welcome you.”

“To what?”

“To that elite group of women who can have multiple orgasms!”

She smirked and said, “Any membership dues?”

“None, other than a wicked desire for regular maintenance fucks,” he said as he caressed her leg.

“Then I’m all in. That was fantastic, but you’ve heard that before, right?” she asked.

“Not as much as you would think. You were great.”

“I was great?” Sarah asked.

“I love when a woman shows her appreciation and commits. You resisted at first, but then you held nothing back. Your surrender was beautiful! By the way, I thought you were a Jew—or was that a ‘cum’ to Jesus I just heard?”

“Very funny, and I have no idea where that came from. I guess you can add a conversion to the other notches on your headboard. You couldn’t wait to do that to me, could you?” she said with a smile.

“Guilty as charged; I was looking forward to sharing a multiple O with you.”

“That was way too easy for you. So what about you, or are you still saving your damn seed?” she asked as she slipped her hand along his engorged penis, giving it a slight tug.

He sighed at the touch and said, “After three weeks I’m ready; you know what to do.”

Sarah’s fingers glided along the crown of his penis, touching the sensitive corona skin behind the head. She touched it lightly and then her fingers glided to the underside of his penis to the frenulum, lightly caressing the skin. She then cupped his large testicles while kissing the head. Several güvenilir bahis siteleri times his penis bobbed up and down with her touch. Paul’s pre-cum was flowing freely, and Sarah dipped her finger into the ooze, marveling at the stickiness. Strange, but Sarah now loved playing with her lover’s penis.

Sarah lowered her lips to his large purple head. She opened her mouth to take as much in as possible, amazed at the heat his member gave off. She sucked the head as her hand went around the wide shaft, and then she realized she couldn’t reach all the way around with her hand. As she sucked and tickled the head with her tongue, she stroked his penis by pumping the engorged member up and down. It grew even harder in her mouth; she loved having mastery over a man’s penis. She started slowly and then picked up the pace, listening to his breathing as it got heavier.

She picked her head up, her mouth still wrapped around his penis, and looked at him with her excitable green eyes. His eyes blinked furiously with the sight of her. With his breath increasing, she pumped faster and sucked even harder until she felt his penis twitch and spasm in her mouth. She began stroking even faster just as Paul let out a large groan. Sarah kept sucking as he ejaculated and shot into her mouth a large squirt of his salty love. She kept sucking, and then there was a second and third shot of his seed. It seemed like so much, and she gagged a little before deciding to swallow his cum. After he came, Sarah kept sucking him, as she had decided to be as unrelenting as he had been with her orgasm. He groaned loudly in pleasure until his erection began to subside. She licked her lips as she noted the salty taste, but it wasn’t particularly disagreeable. Sarah then rested her head on his stomach and watched as his penis slowly went flaccid.

“What the hell, Paul, were you trying to drown me?” Sarah asked.

“Sorry, it’s been a while and you were quite skillful,” he said.

They both went quiet for a few minutes and then Sarah asked, “How do I taste to you?”


“Can you be more specific?”

“Like a woman. No, actually you taste more like sex. I love licking you. In fact, I love pulling a woman’s panties down, being near her, having her scent hit the air, and taking in the smell of her womanhood and her perfume. It’s such an aphrodisiac. But you—you are special.”

“That’s a little much,” she said.

“Sorry, I love a woman’s odor,” he said as he bent over to smell and then lick her underarm.

“That’s just weird, Paul.”

“Somebody once wrote that a vagina’s scent is like that of the underarm,” Paul said.

“I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing. That’s actually kind of weird.”

“Why, do you think sex is dirty?” he asked.

Paul was digging again.

Sarah knew she didn’t want happy, safe mutual orgasms with a benign, amiable partner—there was no such thing. She wanted sweaty, clenching, bumping sex, the type that afterward found the sheet stuffed up your ass, requiring you to forcibly remove it without your lover knowing. She wanted to lose herself, her mind, her soul to the point where nothing else mattered, certainly not whose fluids had soiled the linens.

“Sometimes it’s dirty, especially if it’s good,” she said.

Paul was always poking and probing. It wasn’t enough to have his penis buried deep inside her; he also needed to be in her brain, too. To his chagrin, she would only open the door so much.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said as he smelled and touched her hair.

It was time to throw him a curve, an apt analogy if only she knew how to play baseball. Sarah had been suppressing a burp from dinner, but she’d had enough of Paul’s objectification of women. Sarah let loose with a loud “Erp!” that took Paul by surprise.

“Excuse me!” Sarah said, laughing at the expression on Paul’s face as his little goddess burped. “Sorry, Paul, but women are real flesh and blood; we bleed, smell, digest, and go the bathroom. You’re going to have to come to terms with that reality someday if you want to keep a partner.”

“I think I know that,” he said, flustered.

She almost giggled at the look on his face. It was good to keep Paul off-guard.

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