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Big Cock

Ah, the Friday afternoons. The stress of the entire week was still a little, squirmy pressure inside me. It was slowly calming down; thoughts about the coming hour and the evening were greater and more intense. Fantasy’s clouded my mind and made me forget about reality, just leaving place for dreams about satisfaction. My mind was busy making plans, plans for great pleasure. Everything was in place now. My roommate was away; house for myself. New candles; beautiful lightning and enjoyable fragrance. Whine; perfect for a pink shade over the lustful mist.

More ideas came over me while I was seated in the crowded bus driving me home. I was staring out of the window. I did not see the landscape, the houses were escaping my focus, beautiful boys and girls got equal attention. Only when crossing the bridge, looking out over the mass of water that was my city’s lake, I noticed a little of the beauty surrounding me. The sparkles reflecting the sunlight distracted me of my impure deliberations.

I stared, the few moments the bus traversed the bridge into the blueness. For those moments a strong sensation of floating overcame me. Warm water surrounding me, and numbing most of the exterior impressions it was amplifying my sinful thoughts. The pressure inside me that had been bugging me was overcompensated by the pressure of the water and the waves rocking me back and-

My line of sight with the water was abruptly gone.

I gasped, for the feeling that overpowered me felt so… real. My eyes scanned the environment but only found the grayness of the city. Panic welled up, I had to see the luster in the water again.

“Maybe a shower would be nice.”

The voice struck me, like someone next to me said it. Luckily no one seemed to care a single fuck about my persona.

Yeah, a shower would be perfect. Yearning to relive that feeling I moved my thighs tight together. I was shocked by the wetness I felt. A pleasant shock it was; teasing myself made my hunger grow. Hunger for relief, that what would made the climax the more satisfying.

I walked numb from the bus stop to the front door, mainly focusing on the moist crawling down my legs, little, sweet drops. In front of my door I stopped to take a breath. The reflection of me was a blushing girl, panting and very pretty.

I like my body, it is very soft and slender, nice, perky c-cup, full round bottom. I could look at myself for ages, boys could too. But they did not get my attention.

While I was opening the door, I was thinking it might be a good idea to finger myself, rubbing against a mirror. I can be very narcissistic at times.

“And your fingers crawling inside your slit, the shower head between your soft legs, blasting a powerful beam on your clit?”

I was flooded by that voice, Its sound came from within me, made my body tremble and sensitive. With every of the words a small gush of wetness came from under my skirt and made my head dizzy.

The sweet and lustful words, even though shrill and loud, became more calming and a serene whisper went from my mind to my lower abdomen.

“I want you naked.”

“Play for me.”

“I want you, beautiful.”

After the words receded, instead of questioning it or being suspicious about the source, I obeyed it and moved my shaking body to the bed. I was panting heavily and my throbbing pussy felt sensitive in the open air. As my panties slipped down my legs I saw the trail of freshly secreted juice in a sensual pattern between my legs. The pattern started with the source, where the moist had been gushing out and made thick strokes over my inner thighs. Further from the source it spread like a river delta, but instead of flowing in a sea of my wetness, it was hovering just above my knees.

Like hands caressing my thighs.

The lips were swollen with blood, slightly throbbing and continuously secreting my honey. I slit a finger inside me, knowing I couldn’t hold my lust for the shower. The walls tightened around my finger as I pleasured them.

I Eryaman Rus Escort moved them quickly, wanting to get off soon, I was aching for a week to cum really good.

Something didn’t want me to, though.

Those visions…

Images of my body floating in the water, being pleasured by the water. The hot beam massaging my body and the mirror hazed, except for the parts where my body was rubbed against. The transparent fingers of someone nearby, the wet kisses of that person. That woman.

I gasped air as she moved me through the water, slowly up and down, her two fingers pressed against the spongy part of my pussy, pushing waves of pleasure through my lower body. My panting was smothered in her face, a beautiful face made of water.

It did not seem weird at all, but her head was dripping her hair, I could see everything through her.

She kind of surprised me by finally pushing her tongue inside my mouth, it felt warm and soft, like a normal one. I closed my eyes and let the mysterious entity do the work. She still fingered my pussy with one hand, with the other one she supported my head from the ridge of the showers tub. Her leading my body through these wonderful experience of warmth and sex made me not notice that I did not walk myself to the bathroom.

I can not remember when the visions became reality.

The dizziness in my head caused by the tonguing and the pleasuring of my pussy reached its top. The probing of my pussy made me weak and panting and the first waves of my orgasms started to kick in. She pushed herself against me, her breasts rocked against me in the rhythm of my spasms and she whispered again, in my ear, inside me.

“Wonderful, come for me. Share that wetness with me, I will take good care of you.”

“Aawh!” was the only thing I could say with that delicious tongue outside my mouth. The screams were getting louder and louder.

I wasn’t sure if I was already climaxing; it felt more intense than ever but it was still building up. The heath produced in my body was pushing against the inside of my pussy, almost a painful searing heat, ready to make me explode.

Will I be torn apart?

My screams made it sound like it, but the hot pressure inside me did not feel bad.

“AAAAah-!” I couldn’t breathe.

It was too much, I exploded in such an intense orgasm my eyes were seeing black spots, growing as I squirted in my bathing water, on the blue woman’s hand. My body was shaking like an epileptic, every muscle enjoyed the orgasm, everywhere intense, burning. That water could do this, make such enjoyable warmth from within my pleasure-hole.

My breath came back to me and I started to shout my sexual satisfaction. Not sure if I was screaming to hard and let to this, or if my orgasm too intense, but I fainted. The black spots covered the pretty smile above my head, while I was sinking in to the water.

Wondering if she would let me drown in the tub, even though I did not feel bad about that, the blackness overwhelmed me and the epic pleasure of my orgasm slipped away from me…

I slipped into dreams. The previous seemed so unreal, but I could feel it wasn’t. This was less intense and felt just like dreaming. The wetness and sex were nothing less abundant, but it didn’t arouse me or got me off as the waterling did.

Illusions of me, rubbing against a body, one of incredible softness and beauty with just one scary feature: it was me. I always enjoyed looking at myself and I am beautiful, but it was very different to actually do it with someone looking like yourself.

It was talking to me. Though I could not hear in my dreams, all I did was feel. And cum.

My consciousness tried to crawl out of the dream. It took I while to let it completely go, but finally I woke up in my bed. I found myself in a bed soaked, the thin sheets humid and fixed against my skin. The air was damp too, like steamy water. Like sex.

Again not Sincan Rus Escort sure what happened I opened my eyes. The darkness already covered my room and the disclosure of my eyes didn’t add any information about my whereabouts and physical status, all I had were my feeling hearing and smell. And a dry mouth, what you truly wouldn’t expect after making out with a person made of water.

My ear picked up the moving of sheets next to me. Feelings of tenderness and love for whatever it was that satisfied me, made me hope it was her. A heartbeat skipped as I finally asked her what has been going through my mind a few times now.

“What’s happening?”

A moan went through the room, through me. Lust for that voice and for a body to love woke up in me. Intense idea’s of sex and moistened labia, tongues swirling and lips dripping, fists clamping in sheets…

“What is happening… What happening is: I am satisfying you.”


A touch went over me, stroking my body with a gentle coolness leaving a cold tightening feeling.

“I like you, and I know you would like my attention.”

“Just for sex?”

The fingertips moved to my breasts, for the first time taking a more solid form and squeezing a kind sign of empathy.

“I want to be everything you want me to be.”


It was a feeling holding such an intense grasp on me that felt like my innards would rip and spill. It came from me, though, not from the other woman. She felt familiar inside me already, I would know if it was her. This really was me, begging for this chance for true love.

I tried to say it to her, but my breath got stuck on the way out.

This wasn’t like me, I was introverted and solitaire, I have never ever felt like I needed someone, all I needed for an extra was a toy ones in a while. The rest was all on me, I am beautiful a paradigm of perfection. Obviously narcissistic and not stupid enough to refute that fact. I accepted myself as being this kind of independent.

A finger touched my lips, telling me without words that she already knew. I smiled but still with a huge knot in my stomach I felt a sob coming up.

“I’ll be there for you.”

A soft glowing light came over the room, every inch illuminated with a beautiful blue glow. Finally capable of seeing the body next to me, I turned around aching for her.

She must be beautiful.

And she was. Shockingly, in multiple ways. Her body was emitting the comforting light, her eyes and mouth a sensual shade darker. But the most surprising thing was her face and body. Very soft and slender, nice, perky c-cup, full round bottom, and a face as if I was looking into a mirror. Her looking like me didn’t unsettle me at all, everything already seemed so unreal. She was, with no doubt, capable of something like this. Shape shifting.

She can glow, is made of water, why not metamorphous.

“You’re…” I tried to talk, but the girl didn’t let me. She bended over and placed her lips on mine. Silenced I wrapped my arms around her, she was amazing, comforting me with… well: me. Enjoying her body warmth and affection I moaned in ecstasy, sad I was not complete capable of telling her how I felt, but an infinite more happy that she made me feel this way.

She touched my chest, just between me breasts, feeling my heart, while her lips separated and slit in a tongue. I welcomed it as if someone dear to me had come home after a long time, and tightened my grip on her, rubbing my body against hers (mine?) and fondled the softness that was her breast. Her softness was entrancing and was only interrupted by the nipples poking my hand and gushes of water flowing from her body.

She excreted the water when I made her shiver, when I plucked her nipples with my finger or moved my clit against hers. She seemed to really like the grinding, moans coming from voids I couldn’t see, but were everywhere. My name whispered inside my head and multiplying Etlik Rus Escort the feeling in my lower abdomen. Grinding against wetness I started to clam myself around her, pushing myself harder, grinding more furious against her. Aching to come again and willing to share it with the beauty on top of me, I screamed for an orgasm.

She allowed me to come, though it was obvious she wasn’t near her release. I wasn’t aware of it at the moment, I was just too busy with the intense flow of heat raging through my body, pushing out an orgasm that almost hurt my body. Every muscle tensed and felt like a part of the climax. Pushing further the end.

Again I came, grunting indefinable but with great relieve I slammed my body in the mass of water riding me, the tension flexing my muscles made me almost bite her tongue, still showing her agility in my mouth. But she kept grinding.

She talked in my head, she talked in my body, her words relighting the fire of a coming orgasm in my pussy. The goddess didn’t let me down, she shoved me up my soaked bed in a open position and after grinding me she lifted herself. She seemed to flow in the air, shortly loosing logical proportions and moved herself down to my belly.

The agile tongue really did some work around my bellybutton while my slender body moved in arousal. I lifted my hips in a slow rhythm in sync with my sighs and giggles.

Her lips kissed down from my abdomen to where my hair started. Then a soft kiss on my outer labia, crushing my feelings to a warm, pink pulp of love and orgasms.

She whirled her tongue ones over my clit, slit a finger inside me and while it hooked itself on my right spot her tongue went on stroking my sensitivity.

She was rough inside my pussy, much rougher than when fingering me in the tub. I liked it. It made me come so hard! Together with a suck on my clit I contracted my muscles tightening around her finger and leaked a little of my partners fluids. I did not stop cumming though, she kept moving and pounding, sliding extra fingers in every time I came, making me come faster and faster, her tongue and lips like a whirlpool on my pussy…

Something exploded behind my eyes, I did not faint, for I felt her let go of me, leaving me with one last euphoric orgasm. I dumbly smiled while again black blobs blurred my vision.

A complete, calm feeling poured into me with the void.

Floating in a watery emptiness with no objects to identify me with.

Am I dead?

“Of course not, sweet one.”

I suddenly fell, through the void, but with my face pointed to the opposite direction of me falling I couldn’t see where I was going. Still not in any form of panic, just peace, I enjoyed the wind and the game of the elemental pleasuring me.

You are amazing.

A lighthearted, loving laughter soared through the space.

“Lover, let me show you how amazing I am.”

I swallowed in an anxious moment where the gravity almost pulled out my organs via my back.

Everything went lighter and the wind around me could have been a thunderstorm, so loud and scary.

Even though angst finally ran through me, very cold, very unpleasant, I kept my trust in the strange deity playing with me like a doll. A doll falling from the sky, finally seeing where she was going, a doll spinning towards waves of a vast ocean.

Some people say, that if you fall on water with a velocity high enough, you would experience it as crashing into concrete. How scared I was 50 feet from the surface, with that saying in my mind; that’s how relieved I felt then feet lower. The sea took its arms out for me, like it wanted to hug me. In a transcended state of mind I tried to hug the ocean, begging it to make me feel like it did in my bathroom. The tentacles of the sea lightly touched me, caressing my body with the cool wetness and guided me to the surface. The roaring greatness of the mass of water overcame me. Pulled under I felt one with the sea, with every sea covering earths soil, with every drop of water. I suddenly understood things I could never have thought of on my own.

She helped me understand so much, so much about life, love and sex. Not just that one day; for the rest of my life. She didn’t stop loving me when all other humans were gone, even when the global streams of the oceans stopped.

She talked to me and made me feel loved and I loved her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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