Letting Him In Ch. 01

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Lauryn had always been a good girl. She got straight A’s in school, she didn’t dress provocatively and she was in church every Sunday. As a 26 year old studying law, Lauryn had no time for boys, let alone fun. Lauryn was 5’5″, she had golden brown skin thanks to being bi-racial, and she had long wavy blonde hair. Her piercing green eyes captivated many and her pink luscious lips always seemed to tempt one for a kiss. Lauryn wasn’t your slimmest girl; she had 36DD breasts with long pink nipples, a small waist, ample hips and a behind to envy. To add icing on the cake, Lauryn’s body sat atop a pair of long toned legs. There was no doubt she was the whole package: beauty and brains. What she was missing was some dick, but that was all about to change.

Tumo had been watching his classmate for months now. He had noticed that Lauryn always did the same thing: she’d walk in to class, sit at the front, take out her books and tie up her hair in a messy bun. Then she’d take notes the entire lecture and at the end leave only after sufficiently questioning the lecturer. In Tumo’s head, she was wound up so tight but her green eyes told a different story; she was a caged animal begging to be unleashed. Tumo wasn’t your typical law student, he üçyol escort was the resident on campus dj. Girls threw themselves at him and he had long grown tired of the easy sex and the groupies. Tumo was tall and athletic and had the darkest of brown skin. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Because Tumo had slept quite around a bit when he started djing, it was well known that he had an unusually large dick. The head alone was the size of a tennis ball and his girth was the diameter of a coke can. It’s amazing the infamy that 12″ of length can bring; nobody wanted to date Tumo. They all just wanted to fuck. That was fun at first but now he wanted a proper girl to make his freak in the bed. Lauryn was that girl.

Lauryn and Tumo sat opposite each other at the library and she was dreading the next few hours. They were paired in a group assignment on the roots of the Botswana legal system. Tumo was dying to peel off Lauryn’s layers, not to mention her clothes. Lauryn looked up and found him admiring her chest and got even more annoyed. Why did she have to get paired with this excuse of a man? They were done 4hours later and they went their separate ways. Lauryn had thought Tumo had had no effect üçyol escort bayan on her until she found herself imagining him when she fingered herself that night. The way he had looked at her, Lauryn had no doubt he was probably someone who would fuck her sideways. And because she was always in control she found the idea of him controlling her sexual pleasure oddly titillating. Lauryn fell asleep with dreams of being stretched by Tumo’s dick.

The next day she walked into class, and sitting in the seat next to the one she usually sat in was Tumo. Lauryn did her best to ignore him throughout the lecture. Every time she tried to sneak a look at him, he’d catch her. Tumo wondered why he was all of a sudden the centre of Lauryn’s attention. Yesterday she was the ice queen now all of a sudden she’d look at him with wanton desire. Tumo didn’t think his strategy of not hitting on Lauryn would work this fast but he wasn’t complaining. The sexual chemistry was palpable. He had plans for that volumptious body of hers! Tumo got a hard on just thinking about watching her face when he’d eventually bury himself balls deep inside her. Tonight, Tumo told himself, he’d fuck her tonight.

Tumo knocked on the door escort üçyol to Lauryn’s dorm room and prayed she was inside. Lauryn opened the door to find Tumo standing there awkwardly. She had never really looked at his big brown eyes and they had such warmth, such passion. Lauryn invited him in and they sat on her bed. Tumo couldn’t believe how cute she looked in her Hello Kitty onsie and right then he leaned in and gave her the gentlest of kisses. Both their hearts were thumping and Lauryn couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Lauryn pushed Tumo back on the bed and straddled him then she put his lips on his and they kissed passionately for what seems like forever. Lauryn started grinding her hips back and forth because her clit felt like it was on fire and right then Tumo reached down and rubbed her moist pussy through her onsie. This drove Lauryn crazy and she started moaning loudly begging Tumo to finger her. Tumo’s dick was fully erect fighting to be freed from its denim prison and the fact that Lauryn was so vocal made him want to explode.

Tumo unzipped her onsie, took it off and lay her on her side, facing away from him, he got naked and lay behind her. Reaching over her hip Tumo roughly thrust two fingers deep into Lauryn’s sopping wet pussy and fucked her hard. Lauryn reached back for his dick and Tumo told her to put it where she wanted it and Lauryn did the unimaginable: Lauryn held his engorged chocolate dick and aligned it with her puckered hole. Tumo couldn’t believe what she wanted- anal?!

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