Lewd Uncle Larry

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My uncle Larry took my cherry when I was barely eighteen. He convinced my Dad that I should go with him for the summer on his traveling sales job to earn money for college. If my Dad had known what a dirty perv his brother was… But he didn’t, and I packed a few things in a little bag. Uncle Larry said we would get me some “good salesman clothes” to start the job right.

We drove all night, sleeping in shifts. I felt really useful and a true partner that my uncle would let me drive. At a little past dawn, he took over again. I wasn’t really sleepy. But my eyes were weary. Uncle Larry talked and I was happy to listen.

“You know, you don’t look as old as you are.” He was saying. “In fact you kind of look like your mama too.”

My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is half Mexican. He met her when he was a sailor and used his Spanish instead of English like the rest on shore leave. I got my mom’s height or lack of it, and my face is really smooth. I don’t shave that often.

“I know” was all I said.

“You got a sexy ass like her too.”

My eyes popped open at this. How the hell do I respond to that?

“Do they know?” my dark-eyed uncle looked at me. He was almost blonde and light ochre in skin color.

“Know what?” I was suspicious now, but still very confused. I sat up in the passenger seat.

“That you like cock.” He just blurted it out and then looked at me before looking to the road and saying, “I found that magazine under your mattress. Do they know you like cock?”

“Um, I just found that… and looked at it. Besides, you should stay out of my stuff” I squirmed a little. “I don’t like cock” I denied.

“Bullshit. A young guy doesn’t keep something like that unless he likes it. Hell, some of those pages look cum soaked.” He paused “You jerked off to it?”

“I DON’T LIKE COCK.” I said loudly.

“Calm down, Carlos.” His voice was softer, soothing. “I’m your uncle, buddy, not your dad.” His hand grabbed my leg just above my knee giving it a shake. “You can tell me about this shit.”

He kept talking but I wished he’d shut up.

“You suck a dick yet?”

“NO” I was lying, “JESUS, uncle Larry!”

It was silent for a little while. I hoped he had let it go. “I have.” my uncle confessed.

“What?” I was in disbelief.

“I sucked dick. Hot little twink dick… like yours.” silence again.

“Look, I don’t like dick… and mine ain’t little!” I protested offended.

“Haha. I didn’t mean it like that, Carlos. I meant like a young guy with a hot little body.” It was quiet again for a little while like he waited for me to relax before hitting me with another line. “You do got a hot little twink body, like your mama,” he added that with a pause like maybe he has seen my mom’s body.

“What do you know?” I was getting defensive about my sexuality and hugged myself in the corner of the car door.

“That magazine, which cock did you like the best?”

I refused to answer and didn’t look at him.

“I bet it was the black guy. Huh? You young twinks always get mesmerized by big black cock.” still no answer. “They aren’t all like that, Carlos.” He chuckled. “Come on talk to me. Keep me awake, kid.” He sounded a little upset.

“Look, uncle Larry,” I started. “This is weird, man. I can’t talk to you about this stuff.”

“Oh, so you DO like dick?” he pounced. “It’s OK, Carlos. I’m still your uncle. Hell if you can’t talk to me about it, who you gonna talk to, your dad? Your mom?”

With that my uncle unzipped and undid his pants with one hand as he drove. He pulled out this slab of meat, not as big as that black guy in the magazine, but still a big dick.

“Uncle LARRY?!” I said in shock, but I looked at it. My eyes didn’t move away from it. “Put your dick away.”

“Tell me one truth, kid, just one, and I’ll pack my shit away… deal?”

“OK, just one truth.” I gave in grudgingly.

“Have you sucked a dick?” istanbul travesti Damn, he was always bold and just could throw that out there. I wasn’t sure what to say. “You said TRUTH, Carlos.” he reminded me.

“Yes,” I squeaked out. “I sucked my friend’s dick”

“Yeah?” he sounded sincere in his interest, “Still see him?”

“Nooo, it was a while ago and I only did it once. Then he moved.”

“That’s too bad, buddy, losing a friend like that. A lot of trust being open with another like that and being sexual. Must have been a good friend.” Again he roused me above the knee.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“OK, deals a deal. I’ll put this thing away… but you have been staring at it since I got it out.”

I looked away and uncle Larry laughed. We drove on for the rest of the day and stopped about nightfall. We had eaten at drive-thrus and finally stopped at a motel. I kicked off my shoes as Larry claimed the shower first. I peeled off my shorts and tossed them to the chair. I saw my little bulge in the mirror above the sink. Uncle Larry’s cock was bigger than mine. Maybe mine was kind of little. I looked down in my underwear and reached for my dick. I remembered Larry’s and it wasn’t even hard when he had it out. My dick was pulsing though as I fondled it. I was horny but I’d have to wait for the bathroom for assured privacy, so I lounged on the bed, hoping he’d be quick. He wasn’t

I slowly came awake with someone jerking my cock slowly. I felt a body pressed behind me and could feel a hard cock pressed to my ass. My underwear was at my knees and my uncle’s breath was in my ear.

“Shh, Carlos, uncle’s got you.”

I jerked and tried to get away, but with his arms wrapped around me and holding certain things, he just rolled us and laid on top of me, pressing me to the mattress. His cock was even getting harder against my ass crack. Still, his hand was rubbing on my dick.

“I’ll scream,” I said in a quiet but scared voice.

“Really? You haven’t yet.” I could feel him rocking on top of me. “You liked looking at my cock, didn’t you, little twink? That slab of man meat. Been a long time since you held a cock, huh?”

His weight was immovable, and his knees were outside of mine, holding my legs closed. I couldn’t roll, I couldn’t buck him off, but my dick was hard and he kept stroking it from under us.

“When you sucked your friend, you held his cock? Felt it? Stroked it, to feel its power?” His other hand was at my throat, but not choking, just Claiming. “I know, little twinks like you. You love the feel of a hard cock.” he was right in my ear. “The way it throbs in your hand. Did he grab your hair?” He ground his cock into my ass crack again. “I bet he didn’t, didn’t know what to do with a little twink like you. Mmm, I bet he loved it though.” his voice got deeper and dirty somehow. “That sweet little mouth, like your mama’s, wrapped around his hot young dick.” He thrust now at my crack, dry humping me into the bed and his hand still softly pumping my dick. “Did he cum in your mouth? Hmm?” Uncle Larry’s hand moved from my throat to my soft dark hair. He pulled my head back and licked my ear. He got off me but still held my hair and my cock. I was pulled over to look at him and my eyes went down to his hard raging prick.

“Uncle Larry…” my voice was pleading.

“Yeah, keep saying it like that.” and he shoved my head down to his dick. Pushing my face into the cock head. “SUCK IT, BOY. You WANT to.” His other hand sent a message. Larry twisted my little dick in his hand, making it hurt. “SUCK ME”

Finally, I did. I opened my little mouth and took his fat head in. I started to suck my uncle’s cock.

His hand slid from the front of my hair to the back of my head. He knelt on the bed and gently moved his hips, sliding more cock into my lips. I breathed heavily through my nose as his fat dick filled my mouth. He was right though, I wanted to hold it, to feel it pulse. So I grabbed the base of his raging dick and felt the istanbul travestileri POWER there, the sexual need of his cock. Uncle Larry was rock solid in my hand with a pulse that couldn’t be denied. His COCK was alive. Slowly I began to kiss its head and move my lips along its shaft.

“That’s a good boy.” my uncle encouraged. “Love on that dick, twink. Don’t be shy with it.”

I lay sideways on the bed and nuzzled my face to his hanging freshly washed balls, licking his sack and stroking hard dick, until He grabbed my head again and rammed it through my lips. Holding my head there and fucking my face like a pussy. Larry grunted like a man instead of moaning like a boy. His other hand trailed between my thighs, reaching low to my sweet little butt cheeks.

“Open your legs, boy.” and I obeyed as if the cock ruled me. Lifting my left leg high so he could rub my little hole.

No one has played with my ass before, and I have only rubbed it clean in the shower, but his big fingers rubbed along my taint and onto my little rosebud. He pressed and rubbed it in a circle, not entering, just kind of stretching and moving my tight ring around. It felt good and encouraged me to suck deeper on his cock. I got him to my throat but there was still just a little bit left. My tongue made swirls around the head and then I would shove him deep again, almost gagging if I plunged too hard. This was only my second blowjob, I wasn’t ready for it in my throat.

Larry finally plunged a digit into my tight rectum, just up to the first knuckle, and again moved it around in circles. I didn’t moan or cry out or even gasp as my mouth was filled with his fat cock. My ass was dry so far, but his manipulations were sending shivers up my spine. My butt was liking this invasion. I twisted my body to get on my knees to open my ass more for him but still sucking his cock from the side. Something in me told me this is what to do, to let my cheeks spread so my anal hole could be explored. That really did the trick. Uncle Larry wet his two fingers now, drenching them in spit and reaching over my smooth dark globes plunged them into my asshole. Now my eyes went wide and I did cry out around his cock, a muffled sound though that only we could hear.

He gripped my hair anew and with lust in his voice spoke to me. “Ooo, that’s a virgin ass, isn’t it boy? Never had anything in that sweet little fuckhole of yours?” I tried to shake my head “No”. Larry’s two fingers were dipping in and out and then pulling up on my hole. “I got some lube for it. Uncle Larry is gonna take that ass!”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. The thought scared me, but right now his fingers were working magic in my anus. They were satisfying an itch that I’d never had before. My ass was moving left and right as he worked my hole. Slowly he pulled his hard cock from me and he laughed as my head tried to follow, like a calf that was sucking at mama’s tit. Larry reached to the hotel nightstand to grab a tube of goo. Keeping his fingers in my ass it made me press down to the mattress and I finally realized how hard my little cock was. Now I wiggled my ass even more, but to grind my dick into the bedspread.

“Look at you,” He said with laughter. “You little horny bitch.”

I spread my legs wide and tried to reach underneath to my cock while still rotating my hips. Uncle Larry coated his fingers in the lube and pressed them deeper into my ass.

“AAhhhh” I breathed in. My ass was virgin after all and still so tight. Two fingers he worked in me, exploring my hole and spreading it. It hurt a little but I was liking it. I was trying to lift my ass but still keep my cock grinding on the bed.

“Man, you are really liking that,” Larry said. “I think we found ourselves a real pussyboy.”

When he got up on the bed with his knees between my spread legs what was going to happen got real in my mind. “Is this gonna hurt?” my voice was worried.

“Maybe a little at first.” still he worked his lubed travesti istanbul fingers in my ass. “You stay pressed to the bed like that, and I’ll take it real slow, baby.” Larry’s voice got soothing as he pulled his fingers from me. He must have run them over his hard cock because soon I felt his mushroom head pushing at my back door. It almost just “popped” in. And that was it my cherry was gone.

I felt my larger uncle press into me. His cock drove slowly home. I breathed in hard as I felt myself stretch. Slowly he lay across my back. I felt his heat on top of my body as he pressed the last inch of cock into me. Again he was at my ear like before.

“That’s a good pussyboy. You took it so good, baby.” His voice was sweet and hot in my ear. I felt his hand slip under my slim chest as he just nestled more into me. I felt his Hardness and THICKNESS so deep in my ass. My butthole felt like it was burning a little as I got used to this invader. And still, Uncle Larry didn’t move. My own muscles were involuntarily clenching his dick, but he didn’t move.

“Um, Larry?” It was still weird addressing my uncle.

“Yeah, baby,” he said in my ear again.

“Are you gonna fuck me?”

“Are you ready for it?” His voice was still soft

I had dick lodged deep in my ass from an older man holding me down. I guess this was it. “Um, I think so.”

Larry pulled his hips up and SLAMMED back into me, pressing me into the bed. “OK, Pussy Boy!” and he started fucking, moving his body more back and forth than up and down, but the result was the same. He drove his cock deep in my bowels and fucked my little pucker as I moved back and forth against the mattress, my dick rubbing along that surface, again though I couldn’t help but try and lift my ass for him. It felt like the natural thing to do as a MAN fucked your pussy hole. The hotel bed rocked and creaked as he plowed and hammered into my virgin hole. Now my ass was starting to burn from the stretching, from the friction, I don’t know, but with Uncle Larry on top of me, all I could do was buck back and take it.

Again he gripped my throat like when this first started and growled in my ear. “You liking that, pussyboy? You like my hard dick in your ass?”

I just grunted back with my face in the pillow, listening to the steady rhythm of flesh slapping flesh. My ass cheeks were being pummeled by his groin and THAT I was loving. I felt his hand run along my nipple and heard growls in my ear. I was being used. I was a fuckboy, as he would later call me. Our bodies were meeting and meshing right there at my tight asshole. His fat cock driving in and out of my lubed little fuckhole, because that’s what it was now, a fuckhole. My poor little dick was nowhere near the size of the Man cock plowing into my ass. But GOD it was great running back and forth along the bed. My ass felt weird and a little sore but I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum with a cock up my ass.

Larry was pumping and breathing hard. He had to be close. If I was to cum I’d better do it soon. I reached under me and got my fingers on my dickhead, stroking it with speed, flicking fingers along and off my purple swollen crown only to go back again. I felt him rear up as if this was it. On extended arms now instead of pressed to my back. It gave me room to grab my dick properly and start to jack it off… I was cumming. It was spurting from my dick as cock rammed my hole. I was moaning like a well-paid whore into the pillow as my dick released its juice. My hips were bucking to give my cock release but it gave more pleasure to Uncle Larry, who with a grunt and final push lodged deep in my ass to begin pumping his own load. I felt it splash inside me. Man juice pumping into my little fuckhole. I could feel his cock pump, contracting and releasing as he filled my tight hole with seed. OH MY GOD, the heat of it, the warmth spreading through my belly and the smear of my own cum on the outside. Finally, I felt him give some extra pumps as if making sure every drop was in my ass. And then Larry rolled off of me. His cock coming out with a plop as I lay there panting with dick still in hand and a fire in my asshole.

Then I felt a slap on my sweaty ass. “Yeah, you’re a pussyboy alright.” He said laying next to me and lighting up a smoke. “A good fucking pussyboy too.”

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