Liar, Liar, Panties on Fire

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It didn’t happen, but it should have. Can there be a good lie?


“Happy birthday, dear Harry, Happy birthday to you.”

The old man blew out the candles and everyone clapped. Birthdays were always a celebration at the nursing home; one more year of survival. Sam looked around the room. Harry was Jan’s uncle and he and Jan were among the youngest of the visitors. They all appeared over sixty except the nurses and attendants. Jan had wanted to come to her uncle’s birthday party.

Sam didn’t usually lie. It was too difficult to remember what the truth. In college he had studied Creative Fabrication, otherwise known as English Composition 101. Sometimes the truth was unbelievable. Sometimes the truth needed enhancement.

Jan had prevailed upon him to come to the Birthday party for her Uncle Harry and though he didn’t know Harry, he knew he would enjoy a weekend away with Jan.

Jan was flirting with the old men, batting her eyelashes. She was probably still excited after last night. They had checked into the motel and gone to the bar for drinks where they met a redhead who said she was there on a layover. That led to some jokes and the three went to dinner and then back to Sam and Jan’s room. Red said she had never been with a woman but Jan said she did quite well. And Sam screwed both of them. Now Jan was going around, touching the men’s arms, raising their blood pressure to dangerous heights.

Sam took a slice of cake and some punch and found a lady, possibly in her early fifties. Her auburn hair was short and neatly trimmed, her skirt was snug enough to show off a narrow waist and she filled her blouse quite nicely. She appeared to be with another lady, gray hair tinted lavender, wearing a blue striped dress. They were friendly but not intimate.

He motioned to the seat beside auburn hair, “Is this seat taken?”


“Hi, I’m Sam.”

She took in his blond hair, broad shoulders and wicked smile. She had her hands full of a plate and a cup of punch, “I’m Sara.”

“How do you know Harry?”

“Before he passed, my Roger was here when his wife was here.”

“So you knew his wife?”

“Lannie? Yes, but not until we met here.”

Sam laughed, “I thought you might have been one of Harry’s ladies.”

“What do you mean, ladies?”

“Harry was a lover of women. He loved to seduce them, make love to them. And they loved him, too. He made them very happy.”

“Well, I didn’t have the pleasure.” She laughed and asked, “How do you know Harry?”

“Harry and my dad went hunting and fishing together. When I was eighteen, I was occasionally invited to go along. They told tales of their exploits hunting and fishing. And Harry told stories about all the women he made love to.”


“Oh, yeah. I didn’t believe him at first, but then I saw him with some of his ladies; bartenders, waitresses.”

“Did you tell Lannie?”

“As a matter of fact, at first I avoided her. I knew if she asked, I couldn’t lie. But then one day, I dropped some stuff off for Harry and he wasn’t there. She cornered me and made me come in for a cola. She knew I was avoiding her and guessed it was because I knew about Harry’s affairs. She told me she knew.”

“Why didn’t she divorce him?”

“I asked her. She said he was a great lover and she would rather share him than do without him. She enjoyed oral. Harry would go down on her and she would have two or three orgasms before he did. He always made sure she was satisfied. Besides, it kept her from feeling guilty when she had a lover.”

“Go down on her?”

“Kiss and lick her vagina.”

Sara appeared to be having trouble catching her breath. After a moment she asked,”So what happened?”

“She seduced me.”

“You made love to her?”

“Oh, yeah. She taught me a lot. She loved oral.”


“Yeah, both getting and giving. Fingering and licking would take her to two or three orgasms before she begged me to make love to her.”

Sara was short of breath, “So, it wasn’t just once?”

“Oh, no. It was many times. I even begged out of some the hunting trips so I could spend the weekend with her. Told them I had to study for a test. But it ended”


“I went away to college and when I came home, she was in the nursing home. At first, I was angry, thought Harry had brought something home, but I learned it was cancer, not an STD. You don’t catch cancer.”

“So, you admire Harry?”

“Yeah. He taught me a lot. He said, ‘Show me a man who won’t kiss a vagina and I’ll steal his wife.’ Did Harry ever make love to you?”

She was a bit flustered, “No. Well, he made a pass. But I didn’t pay attention. I thought he was just a dirty old man.”

Sam laughed, “He was that.” He set his plate down, stood. Her hand was shaking and he took her plate and her drink and set it on the table. “Come with me. I want to show you something in Harry’s room.”

She asked the lady next to her to watch her purse and followed him down the hall and into a room. In the room, he closed the door, turned istanbul escort and kissed her, pressing her against the door.

She broke the kiss and said, “So Lannie taught you?” She didn’t push him away and he kissed her again. His hands were on her hips as he pressed his pelvis against her. Her mouth opened and he explored it with his tongue. He kissed her chin and traced it back to the lobe of her ear. He nibbled, and kissed the hollow of her shoulder and down the vee of her blouse. His hands came up and cupped her breasts. He didn’t fondle, or pinch. He held them. He dropped to his knees and nuzzled her belly.

“Don’t,” she panted. But her hands were in his hair, pulling him closer.

He lifted her skirt, exposing her white undies. The fragrance made it obvious that she was excited. He brought his hand up, rubbed the cotton covering her crease as he nibbled at the front. He pushed the panties down to her ankles and found an untrimmed hairy bush. He helped her pull one foot out of her pants. With both hands on her cheeks, he pulled her to him and bit and pulled as though he were trimming her bush with his teeth.

“Oh, don’t. You shouldn’t.” But she still didn’t push him away and ran her fingers through his hair. When his tongue found her crease, she bowed her legs, giving him better access. He brought one hand forward and stroked her inner thigh until he was able to stroke her wetness. He worked two fingers inside her and found her gee spot, pushing in and out.

“Oh, oh, there. More. Yes, yes. I’m going to…”

And she went rigid. “Huh, huh, huh.”

He continued to stroke until she started shaking.

She moaned, “Damn, damn. I want you.” He held her until she began to back off.

He stood, dropped his pants and pulled out his erection and rubbed up and down her crease.

“Please. Please.”

Pressing her against the door, both hands on the cheeks of her ass, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. As he lowered her, he found her spot and entered her.

Holding her, he was able to lift and lower her as he pushed and pulled, enjoying the sweet caress of her vagina.

She shook with what he believed was another orgasm and the compression of her canal was enough to start him firing wad after wad inside her.

“”Huh, huh, huh. Oh, yes. Yes. That’s good.” She panted.

“You enjoyed?”

“Oh, yes.”

He softened and slipped out. He was cursed with a quickly deflating penis. However, he was blessed with a good recovery time. And the second time wouldn’t be as quick. He kissed her and backed away. She reached down and pulled up her pants and smoothed her skirt. “Lannie did good.”

He kissed her again. “Jan is going love you.”


“My wife. Blue dress, the brunette with the long hair and slender body.”

“Your wife is here?”

“Oh, yes. She’s the one asked me to make love to you. She hoped that you would let her make love to you.”

“Your wife? To me?”

“Yeah, she is fascinated with your breasts; wants to kiss them, suck on your nipples.”


“Yes. Wouldn’t you love to have her head between your thighs, her tongue on your clit?”

Flustered, “I’ve never been with a woman.”

“We’re going back out there. After a few minutes, I will introduce you to Jan. You will find a reason to leave with her. I’ll meet you two later.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“I brought Kari.”

“I’ll take her home. Now, you go first.”

With a quick kiss, Sara slipped out of the room and a few minutes later, he followed.

He found Jan, “Where have you been?”

“Just screwing around.”

She smiled, “A likely story.”

She was almost as tall as he, skinny, medium tits and a tight ass. He kissed her cheek and nibbled on her ear lobe and kissed her. “See the lady over there in the blue dress. Can you taste her?”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes. She’s delicious. I’m going to take you over and introduce you. You’re going to find an excuse to leave with her. I’ll suggest she has a store she wants you to see. But take her back to the motel. Seduce her. I don’t think she’s been with a woman before, but she’s highly excited at the moment.”

“Because you fucked her.”

“And because I ate her and told her you would love eating her.”

She smiled and shook her head, “And what are you going to do?”

“She has a lady friend with her and I’ll have to take her home.”

“And you’re going to seduce her?”

“Remains to be seen.” He shrugged.

They went over, he introduced Jan and Sara. Sara called Keri over and the four agreed to leave. They went over, wished Harry a happy birthday and headed to their cars.

He stopped Keri as Jan and Sara walked on. “Let me take you home. Those two have a lot to catch up on.”

“Let’s see if that’s okay with Sara.”

They talked and it was agreed.

He opened the door for Keri, got in on the other side and started up. “You’re going to have to direct me.”

“Sure, go back to the expressway and head south.”

She sat istanbul escort bayan with her hands folded in her lap, very proper. Her hair was gray with a lavender tint. Her blue striped dress fit her nicely and came to her knees. She had almost no breasts and there was no evidence of nipples. She was trim and he had noticed that her ass was tight and narrow. She had lovely legs covered by black stockings.

“Do you and Sara live together?”


“Are you married?”

“No. Divorced.”


“I’m not. He had a mistress, I caught them, divorced him. I got the house, the car and alimony.”

He laughed. “So, you’re still screwing him?”

She joined in the laugh, “Yes, but it’s not as much fun.”

“How long have you known Sara?” he asked.

“Let me think. Probably five or six years.”

“Ever since her husband died.”

“Yes, about then. Take the next exit to the right. How long have you known Sara?”

“Oh, years. Let’s see. Her husband was in the nursing home at the same time as Harry’s wife. That’s when they became lovers.”


“Harry and Sara. But then Harry went into the nursing home and I was his closest relative, and she and I became close.”


“We became lovers.”


“Yes. Then I told Jan about Sara, they met and they became lovers.”

“Not Sara.”

“Sara has a very active libido. She equates sex with love. That’s why she’s always wanted to make love to you.”

Keri’s eyes grew wide, “Me?”

“Yes, many times she’s told me how much she wants to kiss you, caress you, just hold you close.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Well, think about this. Have you ever looked at her lips and wanted to kiss her?”

“No.” But there was some hesitancy as though she wasn’t sure.

“And her beautiful breasts. Haven’t you wanted to kiss them, suck them, feel the nipples grow hard to your touch. Reach between her legs and stroke her center?”

“Oh, we missed my street. Take the next right. And the next right. And now a left.”

“That’s my house on the left. This driveway.”

When he stopped, she asked, “Would you like to come in?”

“I’d better get back. Hopefully, they’re missing me.”

She took a breath, “I have some thirty-six year old single malt.”

“Now that’s one of the offers I wouldn’t refuse.”

“What’s the other?”

He smiled and followed her into the house.

He followed her into the kitchen and sat at the chrome and formica table. She pulled out two old-fashion glasses. The Glenury Royal was in a lower cabinet and he enjoyed a nice view of her ass as she bent over. “Ice?”


“Water, soda?”

“Never. Do not dilute perfection.”

She poured hefty portions for them both and he sipped his.

“Aged scotch, that’s the second best flavor in the world.”

“What’s the first?”

“A well aged woman.”

“A woman?”

“Well, her pussy.”

She cocked her head and stared at him a moment, then reached under her dress and pulled off her pants. Still standing, she straddled his legs and leaned back against the table. She lifted her skirt exposing a neatly trimmed gray thatch framed by a black garter belt.

“Would you like to make a taste comparison?”

“Of course.”

Sam took a sip of scotch, placed his hands on her thighs and leaned forward. With some scotch still in his mouth, he let his tongue find her crease, ran up and down, feeling her lips swell. He touched her clit and she gave a little “EE.”

He pushed his hands around to caress her ass cheeks, pulling her tight to him as he ran his tongue inside her, letting the scotch touch her.. He nibbled on her swollen lips, licked up to her clit.

Far away, he thought he heard a siren. Then he realized the soft ‘eeee’ was coming from Keri. He drew one hand around to caress her inner thigh, moved it up until a finger entered her, then two fingers.

The fingers of his other hand slipped between her cheeks and touched her anus.

He stroked in and out of her vagina. Then with three fingers in her, he stroked faster as he sucked and tapped her clit.

Then, like a squeaky wheel she began “EEeeEEeeEEeeEEee” over and over as he pushed in and pulled back. After only a few moments, she froze, silent. She started shaking. “E E E E E” until she returned to “EeEeEe” and slowly came back down, just holding him close.

He was hard but she pushed him away, stood, grabbed his hand and started from the room. He followed her to the bedroom. She quickly removed her dress and turned. She had on nothing but the black garter belt and stockings. She kissed him. She had almost no breasts but her nipples were huge, pushing out almost an inch. She unwrapped her arms from around him. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and nibbled on his nipples. She knelt and helped him remove his pants and shoes while she kissed his cock.

He was standing before her, naked, and she licked and fondled his cock and balls, making him even harder than he was before. She took istanbul bayan escort the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip. She pulled half of it into her mouth and returned to the tip. She growled and drove him to the back of her throat, taking all of him. She returned to the tip and licked down to his balls, sucking in one, then the other. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer and she must have sensed it, too.

She lay back on the bed, spread her legs and begged, “Fuck me.”

He climbed between her legs, ran the tip up and down her crease, found her spot, and pushed in. Again he heard her siren chant begin. The quiet ‘eeee’ growing to become the EEEeeeEEEeeeEEEeee in sync with his thrusts until her orgasm changed it to E E E E. It was strange enough to put him off a bit. Then she surprised him.

“I want you in my ass.”


“Fuck my ass.”

A surprising woman, but he was more than willing to comply. He pulled out as she pulled her knees to her chest. He eased down to her anus, found it somewhat open and pushed in.


His hands were either side of her, holding her legs up and her hands went down between her legs and began stroking her clit. He could feel her fingers inside her, stroking, almost touching him.

But now she was silent as he pumped. And then he felt it. All the way from his toes, welling up inside his balls and, WHAM, he started shooting inside her. He shot again and again. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. He kept pumping until he softened and slipped out.

He fell down on the bed beside her. “Damn, woman, you’re too much.”

“As long as I’m enough.” She pushed away, ran to the bath. When she returned, she had a rope in her hand.

He shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

“No, I want you tie me up.”

“How about I send Sara back to tie you up?”

“That might work,” she grinned.

He sat up on the side of the bed.

“Don’t go.”

“Why not?”

“There are so many things I want you to do to me.”

“You’ll get Sara to.”

“But she doesn’t have a dick.”

“She has a ten inch dildo that you’ll love.”

“But I like yours.”

He kissed her, “I have to go.”

He stood, dressed and came back over to the bed. She was lying there, spread-eagled as though her hands and feet were tied to the four corners. He smiled and shook his head.

“Sara is going to love you.” He kissed her and was out the door.

At the motel, he used his key and slipped into the darkened room. There was enough light for him to discern two sleeping bodies in the bed. The sheet was down to their waists and Jan was spooned against Sara’s back. He quietly undressed and slipped in behind Jan, his cock nestled between her cheeks.

“Um. That’s nice.” She murmured.

“You miss me?”

“Not much. We did fine without you. You fuck Keri?”

“Yeah.” He saw Sara move, waking. “But the whole time she talked about Sara. She really wants to make love to her.”

Sara turned so she was lying on her back. “Keri wants to make love to me?”

“Oh, yeah. She’s wanted to kiss you forever but was afraid it would ruin your friendship.”

Jan giggled, “We kissed and it didn’t ruin our friendship.”

Sara laughed, “We did a lot more than kiss.”

“And we’re a lot more than friends.” Jan rose up on her elbow and kissed Sara.

Jan moved down and began teasing Sara’s nipples and Sara closed her eyes, running her fingers through Jan’s disheveled hair.

Jan broke away from Sara and turned to Sam, “You want in my ass?” Lying there with the two women, his erection had grown.

“Keri liked it.”

Sara sat up part way, “Keri liked what?”

“Having me in her ass. It seems she and her husband were into the life before he died.”

“The Life?”

“He had numerous lovers and so did she, threesomes, swaps, bondage. Some of her lovers were women. That’s why she wants you. And yes, she wanted me in her ass.”

“No. That would hurt.”

“Well, it hurt the first time you made love, didn’t it?” asked Jan.

“Yes, but I was a virgin. It was supposed to hurt.”

“And if your ass is virginal, it may hurt the first time, but after that, it’s great.”

Sam smiled, “Yeah, just ask Keri.”

Jan jumped out of the bed and went to her cosmetics case. She returned with a tube of lube. “Turn over on your tummy.”

Sara rolled over next to Sam and he began kissing her shoulders, massaging her back. Jan was kissing the cheeks of her ass, running her fingers up and down her crease. When Jan touched her anus, Sara moaned and Sam kissed her lips. She continued moaning into his mouth as Jan pushed her finger in. Sam pushed his hand under Sara, found her nipple and pinched and pulled, replacing one pain with another as Jan penetrated deeper. Sara turned toward Sam, pulling him closer as she rolled on to her side. Jan lifted Sara’s leg so that she could finger both her ass and her puss.

Sara was moaning but with pleasure, not pain. Jan pulled her away from Sam, pushed Sara’s head down and lifted her to her knees, her ass in the air.

“Oh, damn. Damn. Fuck me. Somebody fuck me,” begged Sara.

Sam moved behind her, between her legs. As Jan withdrew her fingers, Sara’s hole was distended, not big enough, but almost. He placed the tip against her hole and pressed lightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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