Libertine Adventures Ch. 04

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All people are over the age of 18.

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Texas, Lisa P. (Part 1)

I would have to say that homecoming weekend, and the week after, was the height of my first semester at Turner. Amy and I went pretty hot and heavy for about a week and then her old boyfriend started sniffing around. I had no doubt that she cared for me, but had a history with him, and he was her first.

Chatting with Terry, and Donna, who was always around, it seems boy one has a place in a girl’s heart that boy two can’t quite overcome unless boy one really fucked it up.

So I chose the friendship route and kept the best partner I ever had in school for my Chem labs. Not that it was easy, I mean she did have a fabulously tight body. Being around her every day was a blessing and a curse at the same time. My cock was always half hard in class.

On the plus side, I also got to hang out with their circle, it seems Amy convinced Randy, her boyfriend, again, that I was cool and wouldn’t cause trouble. Which I didn’t.

I found some workout buddies and I began hitting the gym four days a week. It meant working less on the house, but it was in a pretty decent place anyway.

Dad had called in mid November and his “training exercise” had been extended into at least December.

Toward December I met Lisa, a tall blonde, about 5’10” and skinny. If you turned a red delicious apple upside down that was a near perfect replica of her ass. When I first met her, I didn’t think she had tits really. She wore big baggy flannels or sweatshirts that his her form completely. She never wore makeup that I knew of, at least initially. I saw her in the halls every now and then and she always seemed furtive in her movements around the school, like she didn’t want to be seen by any one.

I was watching her flit through the hallway one day when George, a nerdy guy that lives around the corner from me said, “She used to be in the drill team, then quit before our junior year.”

I looked at George, a painfully skinny guy with blond spaghetti like hair, about the same color as my name, and asked, “Why did she quit?”

He shrugged and replied, “No one knows. She quit, withdrew into herself and more or less disappeared from school life.”

I looked at her one more time before George and I entered our class, “That’s a shame. She is cute.”

I resolved that I would ask her out. What the hell, I wasn’t dating anyone and I had increasingly more time on my hands.

That afternoon as she was heading to another class, managed to bump into her and sent her books flying. She probably would have sprawled out on the floor and I not caught her.

“I am so sorry,” I exclaimed.

Her face turned red and she appeared to either before my eyes. “Let me get those.”

I started to pick up her books as she sputtered, “N-n-no, I can get them.”

I was already squatted down to retrieve them as I said, “Nonsense, I bumped into you.”

I handed the books to her while still squatted, and said, “Look, I am sorry I bumped you so hard. Let me make it up to you. Say dinner Saturday night?”

She turned red, the number one selling soda red, and made like she was going to bolt.

I stood and placed my hand over her bicep and tricep and continued, ‘Please? Let me do this.”

She shook her head, her blonde hair covering most of her face. “I shouldn’t.”

“Please? As a favor to me?”

She looked at me and asked, “How would this be a favor to you?”

I tried putting on my best puppy face on and replied with more honesty than I think I intended. “Well, I live alone, my dad is away for work, and mom died about eighteen months ago. I spend a lot of time alone and I would like to spend some time with you. Get to know you.”

Her voice cracked, almost shattered, “Why me?”

“I think you are pretty,” I replied. “I have watched you off and on for a month.”

“Since you broke up with Amy?”


She looked at me, her face hard, almost as if she were mad. “Kind of a long drop in the looks department from her to me.”

I shook my head sharply and countered, “I don’t think so. No worse than a lateral transfer really. Maybe even an upgrade.”

She curtly said, “No,” and bolted.

I watched her go wondering what to do next. For the moment the best idea that came to mind was nothing.

The next day I saw her again, this time she was moving more slowly, kind of like a thief trying to stay in the shadows. I walked up and asked, “Dinner Saturday night?”

She looked at me and asked, “Yesterday, did you intentionally bump into me?”

For a nanosecond I thought about lying them said, “Yes. It seemed like a good way to get you to talk to me. About anything.”

She turned and walked away leaving me baffled.

Later in the day she was waiting outside one of her classes as I walked with George, “Meet you in class, going to say hi to Lisa.”

I walked up and asked, “Dinner Bursa Escort Saturday night?”

She ignored my question and said, “Amy told me you would always tell me the truth.”

I nodded, wondering what their relationship was. “I have nothing to hide.”

She looked around and asked, “Why me? There are a ton of girls at this school that would spread their legs for you if you just asked.”

That shocked me. “There are?”

She nodded emphatically, “Don’t play coy with me.”

I reached out and touched her on the bicep and said, “I am not being coy. I am surprised is all. As for your question, I told you yesterday, I think you are pretty.”

She turned on a heel and scuttled down the hallway. I shook my head and headed to class. George asked, “What’s that about,” as I settled into the chair next to him.

I shrugged, “Beats the hell out of me.”

He goose honked as he normally does when amused, “Well, it has become the talk of the school.”

I did a double take and blurted, “What?!?”

Another honk and, “Yeah. Some people are betting that you are just trying to fuck her. Others think you are having pity on her. Some don’t know what you are doing but hope you have good intentions.”

I looked at him a moment, “And what has Amy said about me?”

He blushed, a fine red pink over took his face, “That not only are you a gentleman, but you have an enormous cock, and know how to use it.”

I dropped my head back, looking at the ceiling, “Fuck me.”

A voice behind me said, “I thought you would never ask.”

I smiled and replied, “Stephanie, your boyfriend would kill me, or have me killed, if I did. I would ruin him for you.”

She popped up and placed a peck on my forehead and said, “Might be worth it.”

I sat up straight as class began and tried to put chicks out of my mind. About ten minutes from the end of class I felt a piece of paper slide into the back of my shirt.

As class was released, I stood and let the paper slide down and out of the bottom of my tee shirt. Opening the folded paper I saw a phone number and an image of lipsticked lips on it. George honked and teased, “Have fun.”

The thought that Stephanie Gonzalez had given me this shook me for some reason and I jammed the paper into my pocket, while looking around furtively. George asked, “Are you going to call her?”

I shrugged, “I would be stupid either way.”

Stephanie was half Latino and half white. She got the best of each of her parents. Her mom’s skin coloring and hair. Her dad’s facial structure and eyes. I didn’t know whose body she got, but she was smoking hot. Almost every guy at school wanted some, or a lot, of her. Why she would give me her number was beyond me.

After finals we had a two week break covering Christmas and New Year’s day. Dad called on Christmas morning and we chatted long enough to find out that he would be back in the middle of January. At least I had a timeline.

Sometime around noon the doorbell rang which obviously was an oddity. I was in the middle of making my own Christmas dinner, which was going to comprise of one fried chicken breast, one thigh, some home fries collard greens and mixed vegetables.

I went to the door right after flipping the chicken and opened it to see Stephanie standing there. Looking past her I could see a new Chevy Citation. Certainly not a glamorous car, but functional as hell.

I knew I could not debate her on the doorstep, dinner was cooking. I opened the door wide and ushered her in. It was kind of funny to see her in a heavy coat, it was only around 40 degrees, but this is Texas.

I took her coat and hung it on the coat rack by the door and felt my mouth go dry as I saw her ass in a pair of Jordache jeans. They formed beautifully around her ass and the white blouse was just sheer enough you kept wanting to see what you could see.

Shaking my head, I closed the door and said, “Come on back.”

I headed to the kitchen to check the chicken and stir the veggies. “You cook?” Sounding incredulous.

I waved over toward the red and white cookbook and replied, “I have been using that off and on for a couple years.”

She looked around, “Where’s your family?”

I glanced at her, “Dad is away for work, and my cousins are in Arkansas.” I stirred again and asked, “How did you get my address anyway?”

She made a noise not unlike a giggle and said, “I rubbed my tits on George’s arm until he gave me the address.”

I chuckled and replied, “I wish I could have seen his face. Probably the most action he could get.”

“Oh, I don’t know. He is cute in a dorky kind of way.”

I looked at her and said, “You should look him up. He lives right around the corner from me.”

She looked shocked, and I stepped up wrapping my arms around her, “You and I want different things I think. I don’t want just a fuck, though if I did you would be first on my list.”

Her arms snaked around my waist and she cooed, “Lisa?”

I nodded, “I am hopeful, though I wish she Bursa Bayan would say yes to a date with me.”

Stephanie looked at me and replied, “Oh she will.”

With that she spun around and left after grabbing her coat. I stood a moment befuddled trying to figure out what had just happened then I remembered my food.

On Saturday after I worked out at the gym I found a note on the door to the house. Taking it down I read it quickly, then almost dropped it in shock. It was signed by Lisa with an address over in Carrollton and a time. No phone number though.

Thinking it peculiar I stepped into the house and turned on CBS and started to watch the Cornhuskers annihilate Mississippi State in the Sun Bowl.

I showered then dressed in slacks and a dress shirt thinking I would play it safe not knowing where I was headed. I arrived at the address which turned out to be Denny’s off of I-35.

Pursing my lips I headed inside. In a booth facing away from the door I saw the back of Lisa’s head. I walked towards her and stopped next to the table. “May I,” I asked indicating the bench across from Lisa. I glanced down and she was still in frumpy attire that didn’t do much for her body. Or so I hoped.

She nodded and said, “Yeah. I didn’t know if you would come or not.”

I slid into the booth and asked, “After asking you what 8 times, why wouldn’t I?”

“Maybe you gave up?”

I shook my head and replied, “Somehow I think the Stephanie bit was a test.”

She blushed and whispered, “Maybe.”

I sat there, saying nothing until she looked up at me. “If it was own it and say so, using the precise and right words so that I know what you mean.”

She nodded, “It was.”

“Good girl, and thank you for being honest with me. Now why?”

She turned her head away a moment then said, “I don’t know. I guess I wanted to be sure you weren’t just looking to get laid.”

I reached over and took her hand in mine. “I am looking to bed you. But there will be no just about it.”

The waitress walked up and took our orders and I tugged her hand to the centerline of the table. “What is it you want from me?”

“I-I-I can’t, not yet.”

I asked, “Why meet me here instead of picking you up at your house?”

Her response was so soft I barely heard her over the ambient sounds, “I am supposed to be staying at Stephanie’s house tonight.”

The answer caught me off guard and my cock blossomed to its full length and tumescence. My mouth was dry as I asked, “But you are staying with me?”

She tried to pull her hand from mine but I held firm. “Answer me Lisa.”

She swallowed so hard it sounded like a gulp. “Yes.”

I rubbed my thumb along the back of her hand, “Why do you want to sleep with me?”

Her eyes were wet as she whispered even softer, “I want you to make me feel beautiful.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. A pretty girl wanted me to make her feel beautiful?”

Well that I could do.

I slid out of the booth and instructed her, “Sit on this side, between me and the window.”

She looked up at me a moment, then nodded before switching sides. I slid next to her and made sure my thigh was pressed against hers. I placed my hand on her thigh and squeezed it gently.

She reacted by sucking in a gallon of air and slowly letting it back out. I looked at her questioningly, she nodded, “I am okay.”

The waitress brought our food, giving a smirk when she saw the new sitting arrangement. I kept my hand on Lisa’s thigh, occasionally pushing down toward her knee, then pulling as high on her thigh as I could reach without switching hands.

After a couple of minutes I noticed that Lisa hadn’t eaten much, “Eat, you will thank me later for it.”

She nodded and began picking a little more frequently at her food, eating about a 1/3rd of it by the time I was done with mine. What conversation we had was really unimportant, to me, more about the people at school and classes. She seemed to know all the gossip about everyone and part of me wondered how she had time to collect all that with the way she scurried through school. To me, people generally weren’t a topic of conversation about. One never knows the story about a third party unless you talked to them. So I guess when it comes to people I prefer to over about.

After Lisa finished we got into my old Monte Carlo and I drove her to our house, or rather the one dad and I shared. Sitting in the driveway I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Unexpectedly she clutched my arm and plaintively hissed, “Please.”

I nodded and got out of the car and walked around to open the passenger door.

Taking her hand, I helped Lisa out of the car and led her to the house. Her voluminous clothing trailed around and behind her kind of like a wake on a small boat. At the door I unlocked it and allowed her to enter first.

I had spent some time trying to reason out how to prove someone was pretty when they themselves didn’t believe it. As I stood in the Escort Bursa entryway it suddenly clicked. I had a plan.

“Follow me,” I ordered as I headed toward the “library”. It hardly deserved such a lofty name. A couple of shelves with science fiction and fantasy novels. True there was Heinlein, Clark, Moorcock, Norman, and Zelazny up there, but still a library it was not. I grabbed the Polaroid camera, made sure there were adequate film and flashes, grabbing another couple bricks of flashes then led Lisa into ‘my’ bathroom.

Closing the door I turned her to face the mirror on it, and started, “This is how you dress daily. It is as close a functional definition for amorphous as I can conceive.”

She nodded and replied, “Yes.”

I turned her to face me and said, “Close your eyes and keep them that way until I say otherwise.”

She nodded then complied. I took a photo of her fully dressed and set it on the vanity. I then slipped the long formless gray sweater from her shoulders and tossed it aside. Not much improvement but some. I took a photo and laid it next to the other. Turning her to face the mirror by her shoulders, I whispered, “Open your eyes.”

She did so and said, “Not any different.”

I agreed and turned her again toward me. Next I pulled the long formless blouse up and over her head, unsurprised in finding a long sleeved tee shirt under it. As I tossed the blouse on the sweater I could tell she had tits. Big tits. Maybe even the biggest I have ever seen, but wasn’t sure. I took the photo, laid it aside, then turned her around, this time hands on her waist, which was surprisingly narrow.

After she stopped turning, I placed my lips next to her ear so that she could feel every breath of every syllable. “Open.”

She looked a minute and shrugged. I said, “Oh there is improvement here Lisa.”

Taking my hands I made a circle motion a couple inches from her breasts, and whispered, “We are beginning to see form. And given the sheer size of this garment, I am guessing you have massive tits.”

She blushed and I whispered, “Close.”

When she did, I turned her by the waist again, this time giving her a firm squeeze in appreciation. I pulled her final shirt off and my jaw hit my chest. Not only were her tits massive, but they were stuffed into a bra so small it must take her a half hour to cram her milk makers into it. This time, after I took the photo, I turned her with one hand just above the gigantic right udder and the other on her waist. My hand slid slowly and softly across the top of her tits before I released her.

I could see in the mirror Lisa started to blush and it went from forehead to mid tit. I leaned close, my mouth next to the other ear and whispered, “Open and see a miracle.”

Her eyes fluttered open after a couple seconds. Her hands flew up to cover her tits, futilely. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away and down by her side. “You will never again try to hide yourself from me again. Understand?”

She nodded, her eyes still glued to the image in the mirror. I ran a hand across her flat stomach and the other cupped a tit and was damn near swallowed by it. “Now we see your beauty, Lisa.”

Squeezing the tit in hand, “These are the biggest tits I have ever seen.”

She cried out despondently, “I hate them!”. She looked up at me through the mirror and continued, “They hurt all the time.”

I shrugged and replied, “I would have to think in part that is because the bra is so damn small.”

She screeched, “Those are a C cup.”

I caressed part of her tit bulging out the side and said, “Clearly it is way too small.”

I caressed her stomach again, “And your tummy is so flat and soft to the touch.”. I caressed her for a few minutes, her eyes following my fingers. Across her stomach over her tits in whatever manner struck my fancy. I could see, and hear, the pace of her breathing pick up.

She moaned when I held my hard as iron cock between her ass cheeks and hoarsely said, “Feel how beautiful I find you.”

I removed my hands and wiped down from her forehead to her nose indicating it was time to close her eyes again.

Starting in the back I felt for the clasp and zipper that held her skirt up. I loosened them and let the skirt flutter to the floor. When I saw her ass, I whistled. “Damn shame you have been hiding that all along.”

I took a photo of her front, then turned her to take one of her backside. She was wearing white cotton panties with a dark spot in the gusset. I knelt and ran my hands up her legs, avoiding the wet spot then turned her and kissed her right on the crease between her ass and leg. Lisa gasped, “Oh!” And somehow kept her eyes closed.

I stood up placing my cock between her firm ass cheeks again, and my chest against her back. I placed one hand on the white panties, pulling her against me and croaked out, “Open.”

She did, staring at my lust filled countenance. I waved my free hand in front of her, encompassing her entirely. “You are not pretty Lisa, you are fucking stunning.”

She started, “N-No,” and I swatted her ass hard. Hard enough that she screamed out in pain and a bright hand print could be seen.

“Are you calling me a list?”

Her response was so soft I didn’t hear it. “What did you say?”

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