Library Time…

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Lucy had fallen asleep and had forgotten that she needed to return her books to the college library. Waking with a jolt she quickly got dressed, after all a fine for late return of the books was something that she could well do without.

Slipping on a lacy black bra and matching thong she then put on a dress and zipped it up at the back. A pair of black heels completed the outfit. Lucy guessed that some of her college friends would say that she was overdressed for a trip to the library but Lucy’s view was, you never knew who you might meet and anyway she wanted to look good.

Lucy was 5 feet 8 inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair. Underneath her dress were a pair of 36b boobs with small dark nipples and a shaven pussy.

The clock ticked and ticked as the time went by. Grabbing her books she left her student room and headed across the complex. She looked over and saw that the soccer team were out practicing and she wondered if Jack would be there. Jack was another student that she wished she knew more about, in fact she wished she knew more about him intimately. The thought of him touching her boobs or rubbing his hand around her shaven pussy made her twitch and she could feel herself getting wet.

She had no time to stop and see if Jack was there so she hurried on to the library. Pushing the wooden door open she was surprised to see the room completely empty. Normally there would be students sat at the various tables reading books and making notes. Today there was no one. Not even a librarian. Lucy put her books on the library counter and walked down the length of the güvenilir bahis library, checking past the shelves of books to make sure no one was there.

Once she’d walked the length of the library she saw a large leather sofa in the corner. It was placed in front of a large wall mounted bookshelf. She put her mind back to thinking about Jack and then checking again that no one was there she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it she turned her attention to her underwear, feeling her boobs inside her bra cups before she undid it and cast it onto a nearby table. Her small, dark nipples were erect and the thought of slipping her thong off made her twitch again.

Sliding her hands into the top of her thong she pulled it down and like her bra she cast it onto a table. Her arse was pert and tight, hours spent in the college gym had seen to that.

As she looked around she again saw that the library was empty except her, naked in nothing more than her high heeled shoes.

Lucy bent over, allowing her small boobs to hang down and she slipped her right hand between her legs, pulling her lips open. Imagining that Jack was stood behind her looking at her pink pussy with its swollen lips. She moved her hand and gave her arse a playful smack. The thought of Jack seeing her like this made her touch her pussy again. This time her fingers rubbed at her lips and her throbbing clit.

Lucy moved onto the sofa, facing the back of it with her knees on the cushions she continued to rub herself, moaning as she felt just how good it was. Arching her back as she lent her türkçe bahis head back she felt her pussy tingle. She rubbed her fingers harder and said to herself “come on Jack, come and lick my waiting pussy.”

Lucy then stood up and sat herself on the arm of the sofa. Anyone who walked in now would she her in all her naked glory. She looked down and pushed her right hand back towards her pussy, spreading her legs as she did so. Her right leg was on the ground and her left was arched up and on the sofa cushion.

She continued to rub herself, moaning and throwing her head back, completely lost in the moment. At the back of her mind she knew that someone could walk in at any minute, even the grouchy old lady librarian who seemed conspicuous by her absence.

Lucy didn’t care, she’d started and she didn’t want to stop until she had reached a climax worthy of Jack seeing her. Opening her legs wider she had more of her pussy to play with. Suddenly she pushed herself slightly back on the arm of the sofa and lifted both of her legs up before thrusting her right index finger into her waiting hole. It felt good, she could feel how wet she had become and slowly she pushed her finger in and out. How she wished that it was Jack pushing his hard cock in and out of her waiting hole.

She licked her lips and threw her head back as her finger got faster and faster. She took her finger out and then playfully slapped her pussy lips before once again rubbing them with her fingers.

Her clit throbbed and throbbed as she rubbed. Her moaning got louder and louder. Now she moved herself back onto the güvenilir bahis siteleri sofa so that her arse was sticking in the air and she again imagined Jack sliding his hard cock in and out of her. Pushing himself into her wet, inviting pussy.

Rubbing her lips she once again thrust a finger into her pussy in and out as fast as she could then rubbing her fingers back onto the swollen pussy lips again.

Lucy felt so horny that she allowed her right index finger to slide itself into her tight arsehole. How good did it feel? She would love Jack to push himself into her tight puckered arse hole and feeling her pussy tingle as she fingered her arse she could feel her clit twitch,

She moved her hand back to her pussy alternating between rubbing her lips and fingering herself. Lucy’s breathing became shallow as she rubbed and rubbed. She smiled as she felt the waves pulse through her pussy as she felt her orgasm rise and her pussy trembled and tingled.

For a moment she allowed herself to lay back, naked on the sofa. Enjoying the moment she then heard voices in the corridor so she quickly got up and slipped her dress back on. She screwed her bra and thong into her hands and walked down the library as the door opened and the grouchy librarian came in.

Lucy explained that she’d left her books on the counter and that she would be back another day. The librarian smiled and said that she was sorry that she hadn’t been there when Lucy came in as she’d been with the CCTV engineer checking the library cameras. Lucy felt herself blush at the thought that her play may have been caught on camera. The librarian just smiled and winked at her. Saying no more the librarian turned round and walked away with the books.

Had she seen Lucy play or not. Lucy guessed she’d never know as she certainly wasn’t going to ask her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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