Life After Work Pt. 03

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Joe E Hartley

November 2021

Bill walked home after his afternoon with Deb. His time with her had turned out better than some of his erotic fantasies. He now knew, and had seen four women naked. He had never imagined that getting older could include so much sex, and much more than he had when he was younger.

He was only a block from home when he remembered that he was to be the center of attention tomorrow as three women competed for his favor. He was already exhausted after three sex-filled days with four different women. He wondered if he had any vitamins at home.

It wasn’t that late yet, so he decided to do some cooking that might make good leftovers. He checked his refrigerator and pantry, then decided that maybe a pot of spaghetti would make great leftovers. He busied himself in the kitchen and within an hour he had enough food to last him the rest of the week; it was good that he did not mind eating the same thing each night. He prepared a plate for his dinner and turned on the TV, but couldn’t focus on any of the shows; he was too busy wondering what the three women he was to meet tomorrow looked like naked.

Bill went to bed early in the hope of being well rested for the next day’s activities.

Bill rose early and had his breakfast an hour before his normal retired wake up time. He set out on his morning walk. He was now happily following his doctors’ instructions. He wanted to stay healthy and energized for a long time.

The depression he felt just a few weeks ago was now gone and he now had goals. He might even take up art and see how many models he could convince to pose for him. He also thought about exploring different sexual techniques and positions. When he was younger and watching a lot of porn, he wondered what it would be like to try some of what he saw, but none of the women he dated back then were interested. The women he was getting to know now were proving to be different.

He completed his walk and after taking a shower and cleaning up his house, he debated about how early he could go over to the Senior Center. He started to walk towards the Center at 10 in the morning uncertain if anyone would be there. He had no idea what their hours were. He have only been there after noon.

He had only walked one block when he saw Shirly walking towards him with three other women. He paused recognizing immediately that he would not have to suffer through another hour of boring activities at the Senior Center.

These women had not been introduced to him since Deb had snagged him first. From a block away he saw that they were all attractive and all three of them carried an overnight bag. He wondered if they planned on spending the night with him.

The four women approached him smiling. “It looks as if you are anxious to start the competition,” Shirly said.

“I guess I am. I’ve been thinking about it all night and all morning,” Bill replied.

“First let me introduce everyone I’ll let you show them the way to your house. They have it all planned out and I’m certain you’ll enjoy every minute of it. This is Gail, Carol, and Jill.” Shirly introduced the three women, then turned and walked away.

“Well, I can’t wait to see what you ladies have in mind, but my house is just over here,” Bill told the three grinning women. He opened the door and once all were inside asked if they would like anything. “I know it’s early, but I do have wine if you would like a glass,” he offered.

Carol was the first to respond, “Maybe later.”

Gail appeared to be the one to take charge; she was the one holding the clip board. She handed it to Bill as she explained, “I assume you remember the old beauty contests, from several years ago.”

Seeing Bill’s nod, she continued, “We decided to do something similar and we do have a few costume changes to make, so we will be making use of your bedroom as a changing room. You will be rating us 1-10, 10 being the highest on the 20 items listed on the sheet.”

Bill scanned the sheet on the clipboard. Across the top were the three women’s names and down the left-hand column were the items to be rated. The first being street clothes. About half way down the list Bill noted the item to be rated was breasts presentation clothed.

“That explains the travel bags I see that you have,” he replied. “It looks like you put a lot of thought into this and you’ve already gotten me excited,” he added. “My bedroom is through here,” he said leading them into his freshly cleaned bedroom. He was happy he had put on fresh sheets this morning and had made the bed.

The three women dropped off their bags and rejoined him in the living room. They had him sit on the couch with the clipboard.

Gail again took the lead. “We’re not going to assume you will remember our names after just meeting us. We all have memory issues, it comes with age, so we will each introduce ourselves as we model and we will go in the order our names appear on the sheet. I’m Gail, next will be Carol, and last will be Jill. Are you ready to start?”

Bill answered Sarıyer escort bayan enthusiastically, “I’m ready.”

“Great,” Gail replied. “The first outfit to rate is our street clothes. I’m Gail and this is what I decided to wear to meet you,” she stood in the middle of the living room about five feet from him and did a slow turn. She wore simple slacks and a plain top. Nothing any of the women wore was overly sexual, but it was obvious to Bill that none of them wore a bra. All wore attractive clothing, but it was everyday wear. He gave Gail a 7.

“Hi, Bill. I’m Carol and I’m wearing what I would wear when I go out shopping,” the second woman announced as she too turned around slowly making sure Bill could see her from all angles.

Both women looked good and he would notice them if he saw them out shopping. He did notice that as Carol turned around, if he saw her in a store, he would follow her. She had a shapely ass.

The third woman stepped into the center of the room just as Bill placed a 7 under Carol’s name. “I’m Jill, and I’m looking forward to this contest. We spent a lot of time planning this, and I hope you enjoy what we will be doing. I’m wearing some of my boring clothes, but believe me the next outfit won’t be boring,” Jill said.

Jill also did a slow turn and like the others, she looked good, but what she wore was not sexy. Bill looked forward to the next outfit that she had promised would not be boring. He placed a 7 under her name.

The three women excused themselves to his bedroom and within a very short time emerged looking totally different. They each wore a plain color thin tank top that showed off their breasts and nipples. They also each wore a pair of shorts that were skin tight and also very short. They each showed off a lot of cheek. Bill thought that they must have been wearing this under their street clothes and that’s why it didn’t take them long to change.

Gail again positioned herself in the middle of the room facing Bill. She pulled her shoulders back and swung them slightly in a way that the young women do when they flirt with a boy. It did draw attention to her breasts. “Hello again, I’m Gail and this is what I wear when I’m feeling a little naughty.”

She wore a pale, yellow tank top that was snug fitting and thin enough so that Bill could tell that her areolas were pink and her nipples were hard. She arched her back then after displaying her chest stood straight and did a slow turn. As her back faced Bill she looked over her shoulder at him then slowly bent over at the waist.

Bill was treated to a lot of bare flesh that would normally been covered by most shorts. It reminded him of a thong when she opened her stance and bent over further. She displayed herself for a full minute swaying her derriere before again standing upright and completing her turn.

Bill wanted to give her a 10 for this outfit, but had always been told to save something for the next contestant. After struggling with the decision, he placed a 10 under her name telling himself that maybe all three would have to display themselves again if they didn’t like the tie.

Gail stepped back and Carol took over center stage, “Hi Bill, I’m Carol and this is what I wear when I want to get a man’s attention,” she placed both of her hands on her butt and arched her back to push her breasts out stretching the green fabric. The color of her tank top was also very pale and only hinted at the color green. Her nipples were a light brown and were displayed proudly with the green background.

She straightened and like Gail before her slowly turned her back towards Bill. She then opened her stance and bent over. Bill was certain she wore nothing under the skimpy fabric that she called shorts. Her cheeks were totally bare and her gentle sway soon had all of Bill’s attention.

Carol straighten slowly paying attention to the breathing patterns from Bill. She turned, looked straight at Bill and smiled. Bill never saw the smile; his eyes focused lower. Carol stepped back. Bill put a 10 under her name.

Jill stepped in front of Bill wearing a pale blue tank top. Bill saw that her areolas were brown and her nipples were prominently displayed, “I see you are enjoying our little fashion show Bill. I’m Jill and I’m wearing the non-boring outfit I promised I’d wear. I thought of you when I picked out this outfit. I hope you like it.”

Jill like the two women before her showed off her chest, but the difference was that Jill took a step closer to him. He thought about how easy it would be to simply reach out and take hold of her breasts.

Jill stayed a step closer than the other two and when she turned around and bent over, she was within licking distance.

Once she finished and stepped back Bill wanted to give her an 11, but felt bound by the rules to limit the rating to what had been defined. A 10 appeared under her name.

Gail again spoke up, “The next line on your sheet says ‘Hugs’, doesn’t it?”

Bill looked down, “Yes it does, Silivri escort am I to rate each of you on the quality of your hug?”

“Yep,” she replied. “I’m Gail and we have a timer to keep it fair for all of us. We each get two minutes.”

Bill stood and Gail stepped into his arms, “These are hugs only, the restrictions are that hands can only be on the back, no boobs or butt,” she explained as she settled her chest against his.

Bill swallowed his frustration. He desperately wanted to grope all three of these women, but he had to admit that he hadn’t felt this aroused in a very long time. He pushed his groin against hers and she let out a sigh.

Bill felt the tightness increasing in his pants as Gail rubbed her breasts against his chest. He was certain he could not last any longer when the timer in Carol’s hand sounded. Gail stepped back; she also was a bit flustered.

Bill took a couple of deep breaths, Carol handed the timer to Jill, then stepped in front of Bill, “I’m Carol. Do you think you can handle more stimulation or do you need a break?”

Bill answered, “I’m ready for more, but I can’t promise to abide by the no touching rule.”

“That’s part of the tease,” she answered and pulled Bill to her.

Bill felt Carols breasts massage his chest, as she directed her breath on the side of his neck. He was quickly becoming over stimulated and feared he might have a premature ejaculation, like a teenage boy.

Just as he thought he was going to lose all control he heard the timer sound.

Carol smiled at him as she stepped back and took the timer from Jill.

“I think you need a drink of water, before we continue.” Jill stated. Gail brought him a glass of water and he downed it. He kept his eyes glued to Jill’s aroused nipples.

“That’s better,” Jill said taking the empty glass from him and handing it back to Gail. “I’m Jill and I’ll be your pilot for the last leg of this erotic experience.”

She then stepped into Bill’s embrace and like the others pressed her breasts into his chest and swayed back and forth. Bill found that he went into a mediative state—an extremely erotic mediative state.

This time Bill thought the timer went off too early. He felt cradled in a soft warmth and now had to leave.

Jill stepped back and said, “don’t forget to score each of those hugs as you get ready for the next event.’

Bill didn’t need to think about the scores at all, three scores of 10 each appeared on his sheet. He noticed that the next event was the one that caught his eye when he first saw the sheet. Next in line was ‘Breasts presentation, clothed.’

Gail again took control and announced, “I know we teased you a lot, but not allowing you to touch us, and now we plan on making up for that. We want you to rate our breasts, you can use your hands, but hands only and you must stay on top of our clothes.

“Okay,” Bill replied.

“Great, I’m Gail and I hope you like my boobs,” Gail said. “And like before there is a timer. You have two minutes.” After giving the instruction she stepped closer to Bill.

Bill wasted no time; his hands caressed Gail’s soft breasts and squeezed them. He then concentrated on her nipples flicking his finger back and forth across her hardened peaks. She started to moan, and moved closer to him.

He was now in control of the tease and pinched each nipple rolling them between his fingers. Gail’s legs started to buckle and Bill went down with her never losing contact with her nipples. She screamed just as the timer sounded. He helped her up and over to a chair. He enjoyed playing with her breasts.

Carol stepped up, “Me next,” she said. “I’m Carol and I want what you gave her.”

Bill repeated his assault on Carol using the same technique he’d used with Gail. She did not fall to the ground, but fell onto him as he pinched her nipples. The timer sounded, but Carol did not move back; she was too busy shaking. After another several seconds Bill assisted her over to a chair next to Gail who was now recovering and holding the timer.

Jill stood in front of Bill and after what she had just witnessed said, “There is nothing in the rules that says I can’t play with you too. I’m Jill, and I’m ready to play.” She stepped up to him and reached out to caress his nipples just as he reached for hers.

Bill felt the same stimulation he delivered to Jill and they both collapsed onto each other as the timer sounded. They both fell back on the couch to catch their breath.

Gail again took the central position and announced, “It’s time for another clothing change. This time we will be wearing Evening Wear,” she then led the other women back into the bedroom and closed the door.

Bill went into his kitchen and poured four glasses of wine. He wasn’t sure what to expect when the three ladies came back out, but so far, he was enjoying himself and it wasn’t even noon yet.

It took longer to change into their new garments convincing him that that had worn the shorts and tank tops under their street Escort Topkapı clothes. He suddenly had a vision of all three of the women naked in his bedroom. His arousal built again and this time they weren’t even in the same room as he was. He went over to the couch with his glass of wine and looked over the next several items he was expected to judge.

The next was Evening wear followed by poise and then balance. He questioned how was he to judge balance. Would they walk with a book on their head or something like that? The next few lines asked him to evaluate things like hair color, skin tone, and finger strength. He didn’t understand any of this, but just then the bedroom door opened and the three women walking out wearing negligees. They each wore baby dolls with a tie just below their breasts and a pair of tiny panties, all of this was covered with a matching and very sheer short robe that showed off a lot of bare thigh.

“I poured us all a glass of wine,” he announced once he recovered from the shock of seeing three near naked beautiful women come out of his bedroom.

“Thank you,” they each replied as they collected their glass of wine and took a sip.

Gail again appeared front and center wearing red baby dolls that were open from her neck down to her panties. One simple red ribbon bow held it together. It appeared to be lace with a lot of skin showing through and a sheer robe covered her nightwear. None of her body was hidden from his view.

“I’m Gail and this is what I enjoy wearing in the evening with a close friend,” she said as she started her slow turn,

Bill noticed that the panties she wore were actually a thong any only covered by the sheer wrap. Gail received a rating of 10.

Carol was next up. She wore a black baby doll that was as skimpy and sheer as what Gail had worn the difference was that Carol’s did not have a bow; it was not open between her breast, but was a mesh material and more sheer. Her panties were made out of the same material and her pubic hair could be easily seen.

“Hi Bill, I’m Carol and this is what I wear when I need some attention,” she said as she started her twirl.

She also received a 10 rating.

Jill stepped into the limelight wearing something different. She wore a white shelf bra that left the majority of her breasts uncovered, a white garter belt holding up white silk stockings and no panties. She covered all of this with a short, sheer, white robe with a single tie.

“Hello again, Bill. I’m Jill. Do you like what you see?” she asked.

Again, as Jill completed her spin, Bill was tempted to rate her an 11, but he was bound by the rules of the game. He never broke rules.

She received a 10 rating.

The next two traits to judge were not that exciting. He rated them all with a 10 for poise and he was right about the book and balance. The one thing it did was make sure that each of the women displayed their breasts.

Next was hair color and Bill thought this was going to be just stupid until Gail removed her robe and panties. She took a step toward him and said, “I’m Gail. Do you like the color of my hair?” as she positioned her genitals inches from his face. A timer was set for 1 minute and she stepped back when it sounded.

Needless to say, she got a 10.

Carol removed her robe and panties, stepped close to Bill, spread her legs and said, “I’m Carol and I can understand if you can’t answer any questions right now.” When she stepped back after the one minute sounded.

A 10 was soon entered under her name.

Jill was next. She had no panties to remove, but she did slip out of her robe and stepped forward. As soon as the timer sounded Jill thrust her pelvis forward . Bill found his lips in contact with hers.

That act alone deserved an 11, but a 10 appeared under her name.

The next several lines were a blur after the hair color. The topic of finger strength had something to do with massage but it could not compete with Bills memory of his momentary kiss with Jill.

Gail stood in the center of the room and had been talking about the importance of massage. She had not put on her robe or panties. She got his attention as she addressed him. “Bill, I’m Gail and if you will stand up, I’ll demonstrate what my fingers can do,” she said.

Bill stood up and took a step towards Gail. She unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. She pushed them down and he stepped out of them. She then stroked the budge in his boxer shorts. She pushed them down as well and gripped his cock.

She stroked him gently and then as he heard the timer go off, she gave him a squeeze

Carol stepped forward and said, “I’m Carol and I love your cock.” She knelt in front of him and grabbed his erection with both hands pulling his tip towards her mouth. She got closer with each stroke and pressed the tip of his cock against her lips just as the timer went off. She opened her mouth and gave the tip of his cock a wet kiss complete with tongue.

She stepped back and Bill forgot all about scoring any of these competitions. Jill stepped forward. She stood in front of him and grabbed his hands. She raised them to her bared breasts. “Hi, I’m Jill and I like to play,” she said as she grabbed his cock with both of her hands. She slowly lowered herself so that Bill would not lose contact with her breasts.

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