Life Of Brock 5

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I couldn’t think.

I needed to talk to them, but I couldn’t do it right here.

“One second.” I told Lane over my shoulder as I pushed Jeff back out through the door.

As soon as it was closed behind us, I started to think of something say. After about 20 seconds of awkward silence, I still had nothing. I think Jeff started to pick up on that, because out of nowhere he bent down and kissed my cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” He said as he started walking away.

This didnt feel right. Him leaving without a good explanation.

“Jeff wait up.” I croaked, through the dry lump in my throat. “You don’t have to go.”
What was I saying? Of course he has to go. There’s no way that both him and Lane are going to want to stay.

He looked at me with this look in his eyes that made my insides feel weird. Like I was a little kid, discovering his first erection. “No Brock, I do.” He pulled me in close and gave me a deep kiss. This kiss wasn’t like the ones before. This kiss felt carefully crafted, sculpted nearly. Perfectly designed to make me weak. I couldn’t stop it even if i wanted to. I was helpless in the arms of him.

The seconds started to fly by until we madeout for a good minute and a half.
He finally broke it, looked at me, winked and then got in his red Volvo. I watched it until it turned left around the bend and was out of sight.

Out of my dim consciousness, I remembered Lane in the house and turned to go back inside. As soon as I reached the door, he opened it and gave me a big kiss. bursa escort He then wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in tighter until the point that it was just too much to handle. I casually broke it off and asked if he was okay.

“Yeah, I’m just going to go home and get some sleep. Lord knows I never get to sleep when we’re together.” He said in a sly voice. “But I’ll see you at school.”

“Come onnnnnnn.” I pleaded. “Just a quickie.”

“I really have to go,” he said again. “But you know I would never turn down sex.” And this was true out of the short time we’ve been together, he has never said no.

After one more kiss he went into the garage and got his car, drove left around the bend and disappeared.

I walked back inside thinking, Great. I went from two guys to no guys. This night should be fun.

I went up to the room which was still trashed from the sex I had with Lane and lied down on the bed. Thinking about all of the things that happened today, I noticed my dick rising.

I knew it was the only action I was going to get tonight so I withdrew my penis from my shorts and started to pump.

I couldnt stop thinking about the sex that I had that night. Pump. Or the warm feeling of his ejaculation hitting me in the face. Pump. His sweet tone in how he said my name. Pump. The way that he kisses me with so much intensity. Pump. The look in his eyes. Pump. The way he takes control. Pump. His penis. Pump. His face. Pump. His whole body. Pump. Pump. Pump.

I tried to ignore the cramp bursa escort bayan in my foot as I came. The sperm hit my chin and then was followed by much more splashing on my chest. The warm ooze had set my body at ease at it covered my stomach. The sensation in the head of my cock was so extrodinary, for example with the smallest touch would send me into an array of girlish screams.

I finally had the energy to wipe off the cum with a nearby towel and then turn over and go to sleep.

********************* ONE WEEK LATER

No one has seen him. Not since that night at my house. Jeff’s gone missing.

He was last seen getting gas at the gas station two blocks away. Now he’s gone.

I didnt want to go to school today either. Just to get harrased by people asking questions.
Lane has been helping me out alot though. He’s keeping people back in the halls and even attempts to keep my mind off of things. My parents are coming back soon, and I don’t know what im going to do with him not being around all the time.

It was lunchtime. And i sat at my usual table. Surrounded by friends who barely talk because of the dissapearance. Its just not a good deal.

After school, I let Lane drive me home again and went to go make lunch. I turned on the tv as some background noise and started on the lunch. Nachos.

The news was talking about the weather and how cold we should expect this weekend to be, when Lane walked up and put my face between his hands.

“Its going to be fine. He’ll be home before you know it.” escort bursa He said with a sparkle in his eyes. “You just cant mope around, because that’s not helping anyone out.”

“Im sorry.” I sputter. “Im just so stressed out.” And I was. I have finals coming up. College crap. Work. And on top of everything my bestfriend is missing. Not to mention my attempts at trying to keep a relationship.

“Like I said, it’s going to be fine. Im always going to be here for you if you need me.” He smiled. “And after all this, we’ll go to Fiji like you want.”
His words were enough to get me to smile.

“Okay. Let’s eat this and go out. Haha I need to relax.”

“Agreed.” He said and we sat there eating as I noticed something. Something that confirmed my worst fears.

I reached over and turned the television way up so I could hear the news clearly.

“….was found in an old abandoned warehouse out on Highway 82. The police are saying that the victim was around the age 17 to 22. The face is completely unrecognizable and no identification was found. Police are also…..” I couldnt hear no more. Was that him? It couldnt have been. But it had to have been. I continued to argue with myself until the camera panned around the crime scene. There in the corner was a car.

A red Volvo.


End of part 5.

Im so sorry it took so long to post. I’ve been extremely busy with personal things.

Thanks for reading.

-Brock Evans

POLL: Comment and let me know if I should:

* Continue “L.O.B.” (Life of Brock)

* Continue “Not Too Shabby”

* Or start a whole new series

Thanks again and I love you guys.

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