Life of Riches Eps. 01

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Episode 1: J and Jane

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Walking into the room, J noticed a woman more beautiful than any he had seen in a long time. She turned and instantly noticed him and sent a gesture for him to walk over to her table and take a seat. The mysterious woman was, in appearance, at least in her upper thirties, but it only showed in beauty.

Getting up from the table that she sat at, the woman walked toward J before he could make a move, for J had already taken a seat at an empty table before noticing her.

“Hello, I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room. My name is Jane.”

J stared at her in awe for a few seconds before he was able to shake off his daze and answer back.

“Hi, My name’s J. It’s nice to meet you.”

She smiles, “Well, J. would you mind if I joined you for a cup of coffee?”

His heart began to pound from excitement and nervousness, “Please, take a seat..”

Jane’s dress was black with silver lines climbing up, starting at her short skirt and ending right before her breasts began. She had long blond hair and dark brown eyes.

By the end of the coffee date they were holding hands and the sexual tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Both J and Jane were getting restless as their conversation grew into an intimate being of its own.

Making the first physical move, J lifted Jane’s hand up to his lips where he placed a gentle kiss upon her soft skin.

Jane followed the gesture by moving her foot up J’s inner leg, stopping at his knee. He had to make the next move so he asked her if she would like to join him at his apartment and continue their conversation in a more intimate location.

She happily excepted.

He stood up, extended his hand down, excepted Jane’s hand in his and paid both of their checks. They soon left the cafe together with their hands still tightly within each other’s. It was only a ten minute walk from the cafe to the building where his penthouse suite awaited him on the seventh floor, but it felt like an eternity.

Fred, the doorman, opened the door for J and Jane as they entered the building and stepped into the large elevator. The aroused couple’s hands were getting sweaty and the anticipation was almost too much to bare by the time the bell went off and the doors slid open.

J guided Jane by the hand to the door with his number on it and placed his key into the slot, twisted it and with the sound of a click the door swung open.

“Nice place” Jane Sinop Escort said as she looked around the large living room with a leather couch that sat in front of a big fireplace. Aside from those two things, the living room seemed pretty empty, for J had just moved in and hadn’t had time to fully furnish everything.

“Thanks, my father is pretty wealthy so he supported my move to the city by renting me this penthouse suite and sending me an open and direct link from the bank, allowing me to take as much money as I need or desire.”

“So you’re a rich boy are you,” Jane teased as her widened eyes scanned the massive living room.

“I guess so, although it’s not me that’s rich, it’s my father,” J explained as he pushed a button on a remote, sending large flames shooting up from the base of the fireplace.

Jane looked at him, laughed and said “Like father like son.”

Walking over to her, J pulled her in close and pressed his lips to hers. That’s all it took, for before either of them knew it they were rolling around on the floor. Her hands slid up and down his back as he rubbed his hands up and down her stomach and breasts.

Jane lifted the bottom of her dress up, revealing her black panties allowing J to slid his hand down and begin rubbing her wet slit over her panties while he continued to madly plant kisses over her face and mouth.

The moans from both J and Jane were constant by this time as they roughly pressed their bodies together. J was harder than he had been in a long time and he could feel his pants getting wet from Jane’s dripping panties.

Pulling her head back from the passionate kiss Jane rolled over onto her stomach and pulled her dress up further, revealing her firm and round ass.

J placed his lips softly to one of her ass cheeks as he slid his finger around the side of her panties to find her moist vagina. The sudden physical touch of J’s finger penetrating her slit sent Jane flying into a series of moans. He could feel her warmth all around his finger and had to suppress the urge to feel the same urge around his meat at that time.

After a few minutes of loving J’s finger, Jane rolled back over onto her back and pulled the top of her dress down, letting her breasts out for J to see.

Climbing back up Jane’s body, J wrapped his lips around her erect nipple and gently twisted his tongue around. Her body squirmed under his as she moaned and rolled her eyes back to the magical touch of J’s mouth to her nipple.

She then reached down and pulled her entire Sinop Escort Bayan dress up over her head, tossing it away. There she laid, completely naked except for her soaking wet black panties, which she then removed.

Pushing J over onto his back, Jane unbuttoned his pants. His meat was throbbing and standing at full attention as Jane pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees. She wrapped her soft delicate fingers around his erect meat sending it tensing to an even harder state than before.

She set up, aiming her hips to J’s and aimed his rocket to her dripping wet slit. She then slowly lowered herself onto him until her vagina had swallowed his entire rock hard shaft, sending her into another series of moans.

She began shifting her hips back and forth, grinding herself against him as her moans soon became screams of pleasure and pain. She was in complete heaven as her vagina felt every inch of his girth rubbing against her sides.

A few minutes passed and J grabbed Jane’s hips, rolled over on top of her and began slamming his shaft into her as hard as he could. Screams from the beautiful woman quickly shifted to squeals and gasps as she wrapped her strong legs around his waste and edged her way toward climax.

A large portion of time flew by as J’s meat slammed into her slit over and over again until Jane let her legs go and pushed J back until he was completely out of her. She then shifted her body around until she was on her hands and knees.

“Fuck me like this,” she begged, not caring at all about manners by this point.

Aiming the head of his shaft to Jane’s wet and ready slit, J grabbed her hips and pushed himself into her all the way slowly. Moans slid from her mouth uncontrollably as she could feel every vein and curve of his beautiful dick.

Pulling himself half way out of her, J held for a moment and then quickly slammed his meat into her as hard as he could, sending her into another series of screams and gasps. Sounds of flesh smacking flesh rang through the suite and if the entire place wasn’t one hundred percent sound proof the neighbors surely would of heard.

Natural sexual urges began to take over J’s body as he felt an erotic explosion coming soon.

“I’m going to cum,” he shouted as he pulled his meat out, only to be grabbed by Jane’s sweaty hand and pulled back into her.

“Cum inside me,” she shouted, shocking J, “I want to cum with you.”

The fact that she had said that made J even more sexually excited and he began pounding Jane Escort Sinop as hard as he could again until he felt his balls pull upward to his body and knew he was about to explode. He pulled his shaft almost all of the way out and then slammed it back in one last time.

Long hard streams of hot cum shot from J’s dick as he threw his head back in a passionate scream. Jane let out her own loud continues scream as she too came to a climax as she felt the pressure of J’s cum shoot into her.

After a long moment of her body stiffening, Jane fell flat to her stomach and let her body run through a natural jolting of pleasurable climatic finish. Her vagina gripped tightly to J’s large round meat as he squeezed out the last drops of his juices.

A few minutes slipped by and J rolled off of her and onto his back as Jane shifted around to her side and laid her head on his shoulder and her arm stretched over his chest.

Soon their consciousness slipped to a black fog where their dreams awaited them and it wasn’t until the next morning that J woke up and noticed that no one was there with him. Walking to the door he noticed a note taped eye level.

Thanks for the great time. I wish you the best of luck adjusting to the city and I wanted you to know that I’m not ready for a continuing relationship, but if I was then I would definitely be clinging to you for life. ~ Love, Jane.


Next Episode

“J goes to the doctor”

This is the beginning to a long series that I created awhile back. I am going through the episodes one by one and editing them. This is the first episode where ‘as you know’ J meets a woman by the name of Jane and not much happens aside from the fact that they have sex.

Bare with me through the first few stories, for as I have written them initially they were not intended to be a continuous long-going story. But it became one. So, soon we will find a continuing story line along with returning characters that might bring problems and spice to the series.

This is an armature piece of work and being an armature I ask you to give me as much constructive advice as you can to assist me in bettering my projects.

I really hope you will enjoy my work, for I have put quite a bit of thought and time into the entire series.

Notes on the world.

Although the world that J lives in is based off of earth, I have changed a few things that I would change if I could, such as there is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease in this world and that none of the locations are identically based off of any certain location of the earth.

This is the first and last redundant addition that I will have at the bottom of my stories, but I feel that it is necessary, being my first submission.

Thank you for your time ~ Hidden Paradise.

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