Life on the Frontier

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All names and characters contained herein are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy — so read it with a grain of salt and an open mind. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Voting and feedback is greatly appreciated, especially positive feedback and frequent “fives”.

Dear Direy,

Well, we finally turned eighteen last week. Maw baked us sweetrolls drizzled in hunny to celebrate. Bubba ate his and licked his fingers clean, then tried to lick mine clean also. It made my tummy feel all darn fluttery when he did it, too. Lately that’s been happenin lots more often. I saw Bubba swimmin at the swimmin hole nekkid a few months ago when it was plumb scorchin’ outside, and I got a good long look at his thingie. After he done swum, he got out and stood by the riverbank and stroked it real fast with one hand. In a few minutes he started to breath real heavylike and then some white stuff shot out all over the ground. When he left I went and found a clump of it on a leaf. It smelled kinda funny, but made my cunny feel real ticklish. I couldn’t help myself. I done tasted it! It was still warm, and tasted kinda yummy. I hope he does it again soon.

Dear Direy,

Bubba is all growed up now. He’s real tall fer his age with real strong, broad shoulders from all that wood choppin. His blonde hair is getting long, and he ties it back from his tan face with a leather thong, kinda like the injuns do. I seen him looking at me funny right often now, too. I wonder if he wants to rut me? I look at myself in the pond reflection all the time. My hair is long and straight and “corn-yeller” as Maw calls it—I keep it braided into two thick braids like an injun princess. My titties are getting nice and big and perky, and my nipples are always sharp and pointy and real sensitive. My legs are long and thin, but I think my best feature is my toned, muscled bewtocks. The other day Bubba smacked it as he walked by out of sight from Maw, and he said “wow, your ass is as hard as frozen iron, Sissy!” It made me giggle.

Dear Direy,

Maw has us cleanin the cabin real good for Paw’s return. I swept out the front room and kitchen and cleaned up the loft where Bubba and I sleep. Bubba was supposed to be outside choppin wood for the winter. Maw was right angry when she went outside to tell him to milk the cow and found him asleep in the chicken coop. Bubba’s gonna get it good when Paw comes home!

Dear Direy,

Maw’s real mad at me now, too. I done broke one of her best crockpots. I was washing it down by the crick and saw Bubba stroking his thingie again. When I lent around to git a better view, the pot slipped out of my hands and fell and broke to pieces on a big rock.

Maw got red in the face and tole me Paw was gonna skin my hide when he got home. For some reason the thought of Paw takin a belt to my backside makes me feel all tingly inside. Kinda like when I watch Bubba. I hope Paw takes a switch to my ass – I been noticing him giving me funny looks lately, and Maw been acting strange around me too.

Dear Direy,

Paw is coming home tonight. Maw said Bubba and I should git ready, that since we’re now eighteen Paw will treat us right diff’rently. I had no idea what she meant…

Snow was falling lightly, blanketing the world in a soft, white shroud. Inside, lit by flickering firelight and candles, the cabin was warm almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Maw was in her rocking chair knitting Paw a new cap. Bubba and I were upstairs in the loft in our beds, trying to sleep. With my nightclothes on it was almost stifling up there, and perspiration was dripping down my spine. Bubba was sprawled Escort bayan out spread eagled with the blanket balled up at his feet. His sleepin trousers were stained with sweat.

“Sissy, I’m hot up here. Should we ask Maw to let the fire burn out?”

“Nuh uh, Bubba. She’s mad enough at us as it is. I ain’t sayin a thing.”

From down the ladder we heard Maw stirring, then she said out loud, “You kids better get to sleep soon, Paw’s gonna be mad enough about how you two bin behavin lately.”

Bubba and I quieted down and tried to sleep, but nothing helped, not even countin sheep.

From outside on the front porch we heard a loud thump, then the door burst open. Cold wind and snow swirled in and Paw’s huge imposing figure filled the gap. Over one shoulder was a dead buck with a bullet hole trickling blood from the side of its neck.

Paw dropped the deer to the floor, set his musket down next to the door and swept Maw up in a great big bear hug. I heard the wet, sloppy sound of kissing, then Paw picked Maw up and carried her into their bedroom.

Straining with my ears, I could hear the muffled sounds of their talking, then the bedroom door opened with a bang and Paw strode into the main room.


Bubba and I scrambled down the ladder to face our doom. Even just wearing his union jack suit Paw was a frightening sight. Standing well over six and a half feet, he was as wide as an axe handle. His huge calloused hands were clenching and unclenching into hamhock sized fists. His beard was long and matted and his eyes burned with a half feral glow in the dim firelight.

He spoke in barely a whisper.

“Maw tells me you two bin goofin off while I bin out huntin us up some winter meat.”

“Yes, Paw,” we both wailed in unison.

“Yer both eighteen, and as adults I can do with you what I want now. If’n you don’t mind me, I can throw you out fer the injuns to scalp.”

Maw’s eyes gleamed and a malicious smile flickered at the corner of her mouth at this announcement.

“Do ye unnerstand!”

“Yes, Paw. Please don’t! We’ll do anything…we’ll behave, I promise!”

Paw turned to Maw, “go git the tub of lard, woman.”

He grabbed us by the ears and dragged us back to their bedroom.

“ON THE BED! On yer hands and knees. I’ma gonna wear your backsides out.”

Bubba and I scrambled onto the bed and presented our posteriors in his direction. I could already feel myself start to moisten up, and I resisted the urge to slip a hand down between my legs.

“Sissy, pull yer nightshirt up, Bubba, pull yer trousers down to yer ankles.”

“Yes, sir,” we both responded, complying to his wishes. I peeked over and saw that Bubba’s penis was thick and long and hanging parallel to his stomach, rock hard.

I heard a soft swish, then a loud SMACK! as the belt came down hard on Bubba’s backside. He grunted and flinched, then readied himself for the next blow. Tears streamed down my face and I sniffled loudly, knowing I was next.

“Quit yer snifflin, girl, you deserve this,” Maw spoke into my ear. She too was eyeing Bubba’s thingie as Paw walloped his ass unmercifully.

After ten good smacks, Bubba’s butt was streaked with red welts. He was panting heavily and trying not to cry like a little boy.

I felt Paw’s hand grab holt of one of my cheeks and knead it like it was uncooked dough. His thumb moved up and down my crack and stopped momentarily over my rosebud. I turned to look up at him – he was staring at my behind, licking his lips, eyes glazed over.

SMACK! The belt came down hard on me and I wailed in pain, “Aaaiieeee!”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The wallops came unrelenting until I lost Bayan escort count. After each one, his large calloused hand would rub my cheek and his thumb would stroke my anus. My cunny was dripping wet and I knew Bubba and Maw could smell my excitement.

I sobbed pitifully when the blows finally ended, but Paw wasn’t even close to being finished.

I saw Maw rubbing lard onto Bubba’s raw, sore backside, then felt a cool touch as Paw’s lard-coated thumb slipped into my tender ass.

Peeking back, I saw that Paw had unbuttoned the front of his union jacks and his cock stood out in front of him grotesquely. It was long and hard, it’s tip bulbous and red with a thick patch of black hair at its base. With one hand he was stroking it to its full length, with his other he was kneading my sore, red asscheek, thumb buried to his palm deeply inside me.

Maw was spreading lard on Bubba’s backside and one finger was circling his brown hole.

“Fuck Bubba first, Paw,” she implored evilly, a wicked grin on her face.

“Sissy, get nekkid and climb under Bubba and lick him while I stick this inside him,” Paw was stroking his long knobby cock, slathering lard up and down its length.

“Y-y-yes, Paw.” I pulled off my nightshirt and turned around and got on my back and slid myself down under Bubba. His cock was still rock hard and throbbed with intensity. I reached up and gripped it around the base and pulled the big, red head down to my mouth.

Bubba sucked in a deep breath as I started to lick it, and I turned to see Maw crouching down to watch me work, her eyes glittering in the firelight.

“Good girl, Sissy, lick it until it’s nice and wet. He’ll prolly spurt real soon – try to lick it all up.”

I uncertainly licked up and down his shaft and swirled his hot, fat head with my tongue, and I felt his cock throbbing in my hand.

Bubba let out a groan and I heard Paw grunt as he slid the head of his big cock just inside Bubba’s ass.

Bubba panted like a bull in rut and laid his head down on my tummy. I felt his tears drip down into my thick patch, and my breath caught, hoping he would go lower.

Maw slipped one of my nipples into her mouth and reached down to grab Bubba by his pony tail. She pushed his face down to my cunny and whispered “Lick it, boy. She’s licking yours!”

Paw grunted again, and Bubba stiffened as another few inches went into his asshole. Paw grabbed him by the cheeks and started to pull him back and forth a little further every time.

“That’s it, boy. Yer takin it all! Just relax and it might start to feelin good real soon.”

Paw was pushing and pulling Bubba by his red, tender cheeks, spearing his virgin ass with his huge, knobby cock. Bubba was starting to get into it, pushing back against Paw’s thrusts, grunting with effort.

I felt something hot and wet touch me there, and I looked down to see Maw between my legs licking me. Bubba was licking my hard button, Maw had pushed my legs up and was holding me behind the knees while she thrust her tongue in and out of my hot love box.

Bubba’s cocked throbbed mightily and I licked the head just as cum shot out. Lots went into my mouth, but lots spurted all over my titties. Hot cum straight from the source tastes lots better than warm cum off the ground, let me tell you. I licked and licked and tried to keep up with the spurts and swallowed all I could, but he musta cummed buckets, cause it was still all over my titties and stomach.

Bubba moaned as he came, and sucked my clitty into his mouth. The vibrations of his moaning plus Maw’s hot tongue thrusting in and out of my hole did something to me. I shuddered and arched my back and it felt like a damn burst inside Escort me. My nipples got real hard and I felt tingly all over and I screamed as I came, flooding Maw with juices.

Paw was grunting and thrusting hard, smacking Bubba’s tender ass with every stroke.

“Sissy, get ready! I’m gonna cum real hard in his ass – you lick it up when it comes down!”

“Yes, Paw,” came my muffled reply, as I scooted down so I was right under his swinging hairy balls.

Paw’s chest was wet with sweat and rivulets ran down his back and sides as he thrust unmercifully into Bubba’s ass. He groaned real loud and arched his back and Bubba thrust himself back on Paw’s cock.

I saw Paw’s cock throb once, twice, three times, then cum leaked out and ran down, over Bubba’s balls. I licked and slathered his jewels and lapped up cum as fast as I could. Paw was still cumming, his big hands kneading Bubba’s cheeks, pulling him back, balls deep is his ass.

I licked Paw’s hairy, sweaty balls as well, slurping up cum that dripped off. Paw pulled out with an audible “pop”, and cum rushed out and down, clinging to Bubba’s cock and dripping off his head onto my titties.

“Boy, turn around and suck it clean.”

“Yessir,” came Bubba’s response and he quickly turned himself around, straddling me and sucked Paw’s cock head into his mouth.

Not wanting to be outdone, I stretched up and licked Paw’s hairy balls and ran my tongue as far as I could up his shaft, where my tongue met Bubba’s sucking mouth.

“Good kids, lick me nice and clean.”

After Paw was spotless and shiny wet, Bubba climbed off of me and he and Paw looked down. I musta bin a sight. Cum was splattered all over my face and chin and forehead. Bubba’s cum was dripping off my tender nipples and pooling in my belly button.

I looked down and Maw started from the bottom and worked her way up with her tongue, licking up everything.

“Boy, help Maw lick her clean – we don’t want cum all over the bed, do we?”

Bubba licked my face and chin clean, then started on my neck. Finally he licked and sucked one titty clean while Maw expertly licked the other.

Soon I was cum-free, but wet all over from their ministrations. My entire body tingled and my nipples stiffened and pointed up to the ceiling.

“Well, now that yer both eighteen you don’t have to sleep in the loft any more. Maw and me want you both right here with us,” he gestured down at their big, hand made king-sized bed.

That night I slept nekkid, curled into Paw’s side, one little fist clutching a handful of his thick matted chest hair, my mouth suckling his nipple. He had one hand gripping an ass cheek, his thumb rubbing circles around my rosebud, the tip slipping in every now and then, making me shudder in my sleep.

Bubba was pressed up against me, his thick cock hard against the small of my back. Maw was behind him, one arm around his waist, hand cupping his balls, stroking him lightly.

Dear Direy,

Life on the frontier has gotten much better since Bubba and I finally turned eighteen. Paw likes his cock sucked every morning before he heads out, and Bubba and I draw straws to see who gits the honors. Maw’s eyes twinkle every time we swallow Paw’s big load, although I always let some trickle down my titties for her to lick off. She just likes being useful that way, I guess. I meet Bubba down by the crick about every other day and let him fuck my arse, that way I can’t get preggers, he says. I don’t mind, as long as he licks me good and clean afterwards – usually leadin to me gettin off too. Maw treats us better now that it’s not her ass Paw is fucking, and I’ve gotten to the point where I kinda like Paw fucking my ass while Bubba licks my pussy. I love it when Paw grabs my thick braids while he thrusts into me, pulling me back on his hard, knobby cock. Maw says you can hear my hollerin and squealing from way deep in the woods behind the cabin. Lucky for us we live way out in the frontier.

The End

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