Life , Times of Sultry Savannah Ch. 01

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June 18, 1993

(Somewhere in the Caribbean)

Twenty years of age, frustrated as only an untried virgin could be, Savannah DuBois eyed the hard-muscled lifeguard (so cliché, I know, but it works!) in his tight Speedos with avid attention to every last detail of his sculpted form. He was staring intently at her, with a half-amused smile on his handsome face. She thought if she gave him the right signals her virginity would be a thing of the past.

Just then he began walking toward her and she thought that her moment had arrived. Smiling in anticipation, she watched as he approached, her body tensing with an almost painful rush of lust. Not long now. Her tongue traced a wet path along her lower lip.

“Hello”, he said, in one of the deepest voices she’d ever heard.

It inspired a desire to jump him right then and there but she controlled herself, barely.

“Hello”, she replied huskily.

He leaned over her, projecting a confidential air, and the heat from his body singed her.

“I just wanted to tell you”, he continued, “that there’s a clump of jam in your hair.”

And then he turned and walked away, his nice tight ass a mockery of her pent-up lust. Savannah sat there stunned, and embarrassed, and her chin dropped to her chest. Releasing a frustrated sigh, she resigned herself to another lonely night in bed, with only her heated fantasies and the UltimateVibrator II to keep her company.

Tough luck, Savannah!
June 18, 1993; 10:43 p.m.

“Oooohhhhhhhh, oooh yes, mmmmmmmmm”.

The UltimateVibrator II, whirring loudly in the stillness of the room, was living up to its reputation. Savannah lay on the bed of her hotel room, her hips pumping upwardly, yearningly, and she writhed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. To the bellhop standing outside the room, it sounded to him as if some helpless woman was being assaulted. Valiantly he charged into the room, thinking to bash whatever culprit might be there.

Alas, it was only Savannah, the UltimateVibrator II protruding from her
soaking pussy…..still whirring and vibrating. They both yelped at the
same time, Savannah in astonishment, and the bellhop in acute embarrassment.
Looking upon her, he noticed that her nipples were pert, one of them peeking
through the fingers of her left hand. His eyes roamed downwards, and gulping
with the sudden onset of an erection, he realized she had began moving the
vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her neck arched, her eyes closed, and she
began to moan with excitement.

In a voice tight with arousal, she said to the
bellhop, “I want you to fuck me”.

But when she opened her eyes, there was no one there………and again…
….Savannah was left untouched, her virginity solidly intact.

Tough luck, Savannah!

June 19, 1993

“Hmmmmmmm,” your pussy is so pink, so slick, mmmmmmmmm…… a sweet candy.”

Savannah moaned in delight, and she grabbed Steve’s head, clenching her muscles in expectation of what was to come. Nothing could stop it this time.

An hour before she’d been glumly staring into her Virgin Margarita (she didn’t like the taste of alcohol, truly), depressed over her latest failure to lose her virginity. For Pete’s sake! Here she was on a beautiful tropical
island, wearing skimpy bikinis and such, practically advertising her need for S-E-X……..but Korkuteli Escort still a virgin.

About that time she felt a warm hand on her shoulder, and heard a sinfully rich, deep voice whisper in her ear, “May I sit with you?”

Nodding yes vigorously, Savannah watched as a most amazingly, sexy man sat down across from her, giving her The Look. The Look that said,

And so here they were, in her hotel suite, naked, sliding against each other, panting in anticipation. Savannah could feel his dick, hard and hot on her thigh. He put a condom on and spread her thighs, and Savannah was doing a jig in her mind. This was it, this was really it! It was actually going to happen.

Just then, WHAM!, her hotel room door slams open. A very angry woman is standing over the couple on the bed, fists on hips, her breath heaving in indignation.

The man on Savannah says , ‘oh shit’, and hurriedly gets up, moving in front of the woman.

They’re yelling and screaming at each other, she’s calling him an ungrateful, unfaithful cad; he’s calling her an unappreciative, cold iceberg. Gathering his clothes up, and without another look back to Savannah, Steve hustles the woman out of the room, firmly closing the door behind him.

Stunned, Savannah lay there, unbelieving of the events that had just taken place.

“Noooooooooooo, no no no no no”, she moans to herself.

Not again! She was….and he was…………and they were sooooooooo close……and then………! Curling up naked in her bed Savannah pulled the covers over her head. What could possibly be worse!

Tough luck, Savannah!
June 20, 1993; 7:30 pm

Sweat dripped deliciously onto her breasts. She lay on her back, her feet and hands tied to the four corners of the bed, her hips rolling back and forth in her desperate need. The man above her had to be at least 70, but Savannah didn’t care. His body was strong, his tongue was talented (she’d already had five orgasms thanks to that tongue), and his cock was thick and heavy; a blunt instrument of pleasure aimed straight for her soaking pussy.

Currently it lay across her thigh, throbbing and pulsing, eager. Almost as eager as Savannah herself. David, her geriatric lover, pinched her pouting nipples between his fingers, rolling them, causing Savannah to moan loudly. She begged,

“Oh, David, fuck me baby……….I need to feel you inside me……..I want your dick deep inside……oooooooooooooh pleaaaaaase.”

Above her he chuckled, relishing her pleading voice, anticipating the moment when he would be deeply buried in that hot little twat.

“Patience,” he chided, “patience……..soon.”

He took a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, and Savannah twitched in exquisite agony. She could feel him rubbing his engorged cock along her pussy, spreading the lips, letting the tip probe gently, teasingly at the opening, then pulling back. He repeated this several times, making Savannah whimper with need, making her shake all over.

“Pleaaaaaaase……..David………..FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

He chuckled once again and said, “Okay, since you beg so nicely.”

He grabbed her by the hips, spread her legs as far as they could go……………. He gasped, his eyes got wide, and he fell over to the side. He grabbed his chest, and he got very pale.

“My heart, Korkuteli Escort Bayan my heart,” he gasped out.

Savannah screamed loudly, so loud that a concerned bellboy rushed in. And there Savannah lay, sprawled eagle, naked, for all the world to see. (Okay, one bellboy, two housemaids, and a gay couple that happened to be passing by.) As the paramedics took David away (don’t worry, he’s fine), and Savannah sat dejectedly in a hotel robe on the edge of the bed, one thought kept running over and over in her mind. I’m going to die a virgin, I just know I am.

Tough Luck, Savannah!

Sultry Savannah, Bold Hussy, Man-Eater
(If anyone would ever let her, that is)
October 3, 1983

Boston was wet, Boston was dreary, Boston was boring. Moodily Savannah stared into her glass, thinking sourly that men, in general, sucked. She didn’t think she was all that hard to look at. Her breasts were firm and high, with a nice jiggle to them. Her waist trim and her tummy flat, and her hips nicely lush, with legs that went on forever. She had good skin tone, ate right, exercised, and didn’t smoke. What was there about her that any healthy, heterosexual male anywhere wouldn’t like?

It wasn’t her fault she was a virgin. She’d been trying, unsuccessfully, since the age of 15, to rid herself of that burdensome state. In high school, she thought it would be real easy to get laid in the back seat of a car. But no luck then, and no luck now. She hadn’t masturbated in days…….it just didn’t do it
for her anymore.

Once she got screwed she was sure it would be okay. But, (sigh) it didn’t seem likely that it would happen anytime soon. Her whole body ached with need, her skin itched, and she wasn’t eating enough these days. Sex, or rather, the lack of sex, was seriously messing with her sleeping patterns. It was all she could think of.

Leaving a twenty on the bar, she slowly made her way through empty tables to the exit. She was the last customer, again. Half an hour later, she unlocked the door of her apartment, locked it again when she was inside, and quietly made her way to the kitchen. It was very quiet, so she assumed her roommate Tanya was sleeping. She poured herself a glass of milk and went and sat on the sofa. She rested her head against the back and closed her eyes. In just a minute she would go to bed.

The sound of someone moaning woke her. It seemed to be close by. Peering through her lashes she saw Tanya, at least, the top half of Tanya……..a very naked Tanya. Her breasts were bouncing in sync with the rest of her, and that’s when she noticed that Tanya’s boyfriend Dillon was on his back under her, also very naked. She sat up quietly, and observed them.

Her pussy muscles clenched hard as she watched Dillon’s dick pumping in and out of her friend. It was thick and hard, and coated in Tanya’s pussy juices. Savannah felt her own begin to flow, and felt stunned when she felt a finger rubbing her through her tight, black, leather pants. It was Tanya’s finger………her hips twitched. She stared at the finger for a few moments, before she decided to do something about it. Two minutes later she stood naked beside Tanya and Dillon, her nipples peaking with anticipation.

Hesitantly, she stood near Dillon’s head, a question in her eyes as she looked to Tanya. Her roommate nodded vigorously in assent, and eagerly Escort Korkuteli Savannah sat on his face. His tongue stabbed at her pussy, stroking deeply…..lapping at her clit. His teeth gently scraped it, and she nearly screamed it was so good. Leaning slightly forward, she met Tanya’s mouth, tongues tangling, their moans wrapping around each other. She plucked at her friends nipples teasingly, and she felt Dillon’s hands doing the same to hers.

“Oh, please, please, let me fuck him”, she pleaded.

She was at the breaking point…..if it didn’t happen tonight she would go insane.

“Yes”, her friend whispered, and she almost came then.

But no, she had to wait until he was deep inside her.

Tanya moved off of Dillon, and motioned Savannah to lie down. She felt both of their hands and mouths all over her, stroking her, rubbing, licking, sucking……….driving her wild. She was so wet…..she knew it was time.

“Now!” she demanded.

Wickedly they continued to tease her. Her hips rolled, her eager pussy pulsed, the juices running along the lips, coating them, readying her.

Dillon came over her, kissed her on the lips, softly licked at her ear…..”Hold tight”, he said, in that deep, sexy voice of his.

He lay between her legs, his heavy, engorged cock lie between her legs, resting on her snatch.

She eagerly pushed her hips forward and whimpered her desire, “Fuck me”.

Tanya’s voice came over them both, “Yes Dillon, fuck Savannah, fuck Savannah”.

She felt the tip of him slide slowly, inch by excruciating inch, just inside her pussy.

“More”, she begged.

Suddenly, he thrust forward, filling her completely. She gasped at the initial sting, and moaned at the wonderful fullness of it. She clutched at his shoulders, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. Her roommate’s whispers filled the room.

“Yeah, baby, fuck her……do her good…..does that feel good Savannah?”

“Yes! oh yes”, she cried.

Fucking incredible, she thought. Tanya leaned over her and kissed her deeply, and Savannah moaned some more. So good, so good, so good. Dillon’s hands gripped her tighter, and pulled her hips up to get deeper. His hands clenched on her ass cheeks, his soft grunts of pleasure echoing Savannah’s. He was not gentle, ramming her harder and deeper with every stroke, and still she asked for more. She grabbed her own tits, clutching them, wanting these feelings to go on and on. Never could she have imagined that it would be this good the first time (and she had imagined it many times).

She pulled Dillon fully on top of her, his chest mashing her breasts, and she felt his hot breath on her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist, making his strokes go even deeper. Suddenly, lights exploded behind her eyes, and her entire body spasmed with the most powerful orgasm anyone had ever had (so she thought). It went on and on, and with each stroke of Dillon’s cock, it just got better.

Dillon growled above her, his climax hitting him now. He popped out, and Savannah felt the loss of it. But then he came on her…her belly, her breasts, and finally in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop, while Tanya licked clean the rest of it. Minutes later, a wonderful lethargy set in. Dillon and Tanya lie next to her, their bodies warming her.

“Happy Birthday”, whispered Tanya. “And now, it’s time for your spanking. Savannah.”

She lifted up three silk scarves, and a leather whip. Savannah just smiled. Way to go, Savannah!

Tune in loyal Savannah fans…just because she finally got laid doesn’t mean the
fun ends there. Savannah has many, many, more adventures coming her way. Thank you Dan, for this one!

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