Lilac Bubbles

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Humming to herself she moves around her bedroom with practiced ease, gathering up the things for her bath. Sweet smelling steam billows from the tub, in the master bath, as it is filled with water and a fair amount of bubbles.

Setting the things she would need on the edge of the tub, she loosens the belt at the waist of her sea foam green silk dressing gown. Smiling to herself as the silk caresses her bare flesh, skimming over her shoulders and down her arms, she lets it pool on the floor at her feet.

Lifting her right foot from the floor, she tests the temperature of the water with her toes before easing her foot into the tub. Stepping in fully she slowly lowers her lush body into the lilac scented water. The bubbles surrounding her, gently kiss against her skin as some pop filling the air with the heady scent. With a smile born of satisfaction and relaxation spreading across what some may think of as rather plain-featured face. The easing of tension causing such a difference in her features that it would move many to change their minds about their first thoughts on her plainness. Her inner beauty shinning through as she closes her eyes and leans back. Her waist length auburn hair flowing over milk white shoulders, lightly kissed with freckles, to float among the bubbles. She reaches for the faucet with a foot, turning the water off. Allowing the worries of the day to be eased away, as the steamy water warms her every limb.

So relaxed is she, that she doesn’t even hear the bathroom door ease open. His bare feet making no sound as he enters. And it’s not till a masculine voice whispers close to her ear that she is aware of his presence. The smile on her face, widening to even greater proportions at his love words.

Opening her eyes she looks up to him, her lover and friend. Leaning towards him, she whispers “hello Frank” just before their lips touch, for a long sensuous kiss. Reaching up to him, her hands wet and covered in bubbles, she pulls him even closer. Needing his closeness after the day that she has had.

Finally breaking the kiss, she leans back to feast her eyes on the sight of him. Breaking into a fit of giggles when she sees the havoc her wet lathered hands have done to his hair.

Not knowing what has put her into such a state, he stands to look in the mirror at himself, checking for smudges or such on his face. But only grinning back at her in the partly steamed over mirror when he finds what has amused her so much.

With a twinkle in his eyes, his T-shirt is quickly discarded and thrown toward the hamper, smiling broadly now at the thought of joining her in her feminine scented bath.

Her bright hazel eyes never wavering as she watches him undress before her, her gaze caressing every bit of him as he is revealed to her. Over his shoulders and down to the narrowness of his waist, her eyes travel, as his fingers work the fastens of his jeans. Grinning like a lovesick schoolgirl as his jeans slide down his thighs and calves. Watching as he steps out of them.

Sitting forward, she makes room for him in the bath. Grinning he steps in behind her, settling down into the steamy water with her. Pulling her back against him. Strands of her wet, lilac scented hair clinging to him, mingling with the hair sprinkled across his chest and the scent that is his very own.

Closing her eyes once again, she just enjoys the moment. His warm arms wrapped around her, fingers caressing her arms. Smiling at the feel of his tender lips leaving light kisses across the base of her neck.

Wiggling around a bit, on the pretence of becoming more comfortable, she grins at her wickedness. Already she can feel the evidence of his arousal pressing into the small of her back. His low chuckle sounding close to her ear, he playfully nips her earlobe, not having been fooled one bit. But two can play at this game she soon finds out.

With a grin of his own, he begins a slow torture guaranteed to make her just as crazy. Moving one hand to a full breast, he gently brushes the bubbles from its tip. Her nipple already hardened to a pebble, looking much like a ripe cherry sitting neatly on top a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Whispering in her ear just how beautiful he finds her to be, as the tip of his finger lazily circles her erect nub. Her body, greedy for his touch, arches up to press against his hand.

But he is intent on his torture. His other arm snakes around her waist, tugging her fully against him. Pressing her rounded bottom against the evidence of just how fully aroused he has become.

His fingertips, continuing Sinop Escort with deliberate slow movements. Around her nipple, teasing. Reaching out to nip lightly at her earlobe, just as his fingers grasp her nipple. Giving the nipple a slight tug, as he rolls it between his fingers.

Wiggling in earnest now, her low moans of pleasure filling the steamy air. Her every movement begging for release from this pleasure so intense that it borders on pain. The mixture of whimpers and moans coming from between her full lips only arousing him further.

Easing his hold around her waist, his hand slipping into the warm water seeking. Finding the juncture of her thighs he gently cups her feminine core, her legs having spread automatically for him. Carefully opening her delicate folds to him, his fingers seeking another hard nub to tease. The first touch of which sends electric like shocks throughout her, centering in her lower abdomen and moving out toward every nerve in her body.

Gasping at the new heights of pleasure that he is taking her to, her hips bucking into his hand. Her moans making it hard for even her to hear his murmurs of encouragement, though his tender lips were pressed against the outer shell of her ear. Her mind racing to catch up with her body, she takes her cue from his words … “Cum hard for me baby”

Screaming out her pleasure, her hips thrust forward to his hand, her whole body shaking from the intense orgasm that rocks her. The rapid rise and fall of her breasts making it nearly impossible for his one free hand to continue it’s slow torture.

Collapsing back against him, his hard cock pressing into her back once again, she struggles to catch her breath. A thin sheen of sweat covering both of them, though for slightly different reasons. Hers from the orgasm that he had given her. His from holding back, while he enjoyed the display of emotions that crossed her lovely face.

Slowly catching her breath, she tilts her head to smile back at him. Her eyes still heavy from satisfaction, she peers at him, wishing that she could find the words to tell him just how he makes her feel. Choosing to tell him in actions instead…

Smiling wickedly as she turns in his arms so that she is kneeling before him in the now lukewarm bath. Leaning forward she kisses him gently on the mouth, before moving to stand before him. Cool bath water flowing over her lush body in small streams.

Wet strands of her long hair clinging to her creamy white shoulders, her full breasts and hard nipples. A few remaining bubbles dotting her fair body, mingled with the trimmed thatch of hair at the juncture of her thighs. The sweet smell of lilac mixed with the musky scent of her orgasm, the combined scents intoxicating.

Offering him a delicate hand, she helps him to stand. Her eyes drinking in the sight of him, her lover, as he stands before her. Following the path of water moving over the planes of his firm body. They stand so close that her full breasts brush over the coarse hairs sprinkled a crossed his chest, causing a sudden intake of breath for each of them.

Stepping from the tub and reaching for a thick hunter green towel she motions him forward, smiling when he steps from the bath to the bath mat. Bringing the fluffy towel up and against his flesh, vigorously drying and warming him back up. Taking great care with each part of him, his shoulders and arms. Stepping around him so that she can dry his back, her full red lips leaving butterfly light kisses on his back as she dries him off. Lowering herself gracefully to her knees as she dries further down his body.

Standing with this beautiful woman kneeling behind him, his body heated more by her touch than the towel that she is moving over his body. Feeling her hot sweet breath against his skin just before her lips sear his flesh. His cock still ridged in remembrance of the things that have happened, only growing even harder at the mere thought of what is to come.

Reaching up and grasping his hips, she turns him so that his cock is bobbing before her upturned face. Giving him a wink, she continues to dry him, as if seeing his evident desire for her has no affect. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, as she can already feel the slickness of her pussy and the low pulsing of sexual awareness.

Drying his thighs and calves with exaggerated care, taking opportunities to caress and stroke. Allowing her fingernails to gently glide over the inside of a thigh, listening for the intake of breath that is sure to follow, smiling to herself when it is heard.

Finally turning Sinop Escort Bayan her attention to the one part of him that she had thus far ignored, her gaze and hands moving to his cock in one motion. Taking him gently into the folds of the soft towel, drying him with great care. His low moans only encouraging her wicked behavior.

Looking up at his handsome face, watching the emotions showing so plainly across his features. Leaning closer still so that her breasts brush his thighs, her nipples once again hardening at this slight contact.

Letting the towel drop to the floor in a heap, one hand caressing his hip as the other wraps around his ridged cock. Licking her full lips as she directs the tip of his cock toward her mouth. The tip of her pink tongue moving to his cock, she tastes him for the first time. Running her tongue just under the head of his throbbing cock, her tongue playing along his length.

Running his fingers into her hair, wrapping the damp silken strands around his hands, moaning low in his throat.

Closing his eyes, he is unable to do anything more than just enjoy the sensations that are washing over his body. Her soft hand gently stroking his cock, her breath cool against the heat of him, long silken strands of her hair caressing his thighs. Her warm pink tongue helping to guide him into the moist heat of her mouth, her full lips wrapping snuggly around his erection, her tongue pulsing against his cock in rhythm to his beating pulse almost bringing him to his knees.

Sudden cool air replacing where her mouth had been busily at work brings his eyes open immediately. Opening his hands he allows the long strands of her hair to slip through his fingers falling gently against her flesh. Looking down at her as she eases his cock from between her eager lips. Slowing as she reaches the very tip, her tongue probing, gathering the sweet droplets of pre-cum. Backing away she allows his cock to spring free from her mouth, smiling up to him. A few thin strands of saliva mixed with cum still connecting them, from her full lips to his engorged cock.

Offering her his hand, he helps her back to her feet and into his arms. Holding her close and kissing her deeply, tasting traces of himself in her sweet mouth, her breasts soft and pliant against his hard chest. His hard cock against the soft rounding of her tummy. Their hands roaming freely over each others bodies, their appetites having grown to outrageous proportions from this steamy foreplay.

Cupping her bottom with his hands, pulling her against him, his hips grinding into her. Her whimpers and moans urging him on further. One hand sliding up her back, the other moving to caress a well rounded hip before slipping between them to once again slip into her slick pussy.

Taking her cue from him, she brings a delicate hand back to his cock. Stroking him, matching her rhythm with his. Stroking down his full length as his fingers thrust deeply into her heated pussy, slick from her cum. Moving back up his length, her thumb gliding over the tip, smearing small amounts of cum over the hot head of his cock, as he slips his fingers from her heat, his thumb moving in a slow circle around the hard nub of her clit.

With a groan he pulls free from her, their bodies covered in a slight sheen of sweat. Scooping her into his arms, he carries her from the steamy bathroom, turning left and down the hall a few steps …

… Caring her the few steps down the hall and into the bedroom, his eyes never leaving her upturned face. His smile broadening as he places her sweet body in the center of their bed before standing back to admire her. His eyes roaming over her flushed cheeks and tousled hair. Down her slender neck and over the lush curves of her full breasts. Stopping for a moment, he grins a bit wickedly at the erect peaks of her breasts, reaching out to lightly trace a dusky tip with a finger.

Her breath hitching in her throat at this bittersweet touch, eyes fluttering, her body knowing instinctively what to do. Arching up off the soft bed, thrusting her breasts up toward him. A low moan escaping her full lips, her whole being calling out to him, begging him to take her.

His grin widening as he walks toward the end of the bed. He can feel her bold stare on his bare body, warming his flesh. Stopping he trails one lean finger along her creamy white inner thigh, enjoying the site of her fleshes reaction to his gentle touch.

Her low whimpers for more attention spur him onward; he makes the turn around the end of the bed, stopping this time so that he looks up the full Escort Sinop length of her. His eyes drawn to her most intimate places. Over her slightly heaving breasts down her tummy to her almost cleanly shaven mound, with just a small tuft of hair shaven in the shape of a heart that ends just above her full pussy lips.

He leans over, placing his hands between her thighs, lowering himself so that the heart shaped tuft of hair is so close that he can smell the tangy sweet scent of her. Reaching to cup her ass with his hands, he gives her a slight tug, letting her know that he wishes her to scoot just a little closer to him, and his awaiting mouth.

She inhales deeply knowing what he wants, eager to have his mouth on her, she quickly moves toward him. Spreading her thighs wide for him as she smiles down at him. Trailing one delicate hand over her own thigh and toward her pussy, she sighs as her hands reaches its intended destination. Using her own hand so that his are free, she opens herself to him, revealing her swollen clit already slick with her juices.

Needing no further invitation to this feast, he begins a torturous journey over her inner thighs, kissing her soft skin as he inhales deeply. Slowly making his way toward her pulsing clit.

Closing her eyes enjoying each tender kiss. Doing her best to hold still even though she wants to arch up toward his wonderful tongue, yet knowing that this frustration will only further her own pleasure in the long run.

Unable to hold back any longer himself, he gives her slit a long slow lick from just above her pucker to her clit, smiling when he feels her body shiver. Taking her clit between his lips, he begins so suckle gently from her, tasting her hot tangy juices flow over his tongue.

The sudden rush flowing through her body at his gentle yet insistent suckling brings a moan of pleasure forth from her full red lips. Lifting her hips slightly from the bed as his tongue moves over her, her breathing becoming more ragged, small cries of pleasure escaping from her.

Hearing her voice her pleasure only feeds his hunger. His mouth moving over her, his tongue scooping up the juices that continue to flow from her as he tries to keep pace. Releasing her ass with his right hand so that he can run his fingers from her knee, over her silken thigh, to her wet pussy. He trusts a finger deeply into her just as he again takes her clit into his mouth.

This sudden movement sends her senses reeling, her orgasm taking control of her body, she screams out his name “Frankieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” as she cums in great waves. Her hips bucking, chest heaving, fingernails digging into the sheets.

Feeling her body tense, he continues slowly fucking her with his finger, his tongue working over her clit as he tries to catch all of the sweet juices that flow from her. Her wild bucking causing him to miss some. Slowing as he feels her orgasm crest and begin the downward spiral, now taking his time to slowly lap at the juices that he has missed.

Relaxing back onto the bed, her chest heaving, she is almost limp from the pleasure that he has given her.

Slipping his soaked finger from her, he rises up to his knees, smiling at her as he brings the finger to his lips and sucks her juices from it.

Reaching to him, she gently tugs him forward to that he is laying on top of her, his erection nuzzled against her slick opening. Smiling at him, as she brings her arms up, resting her hands on his shoulders her fingers lightly tracing over his neck. Leaning up slightly, she traces his lips with her tongue, tasting herself on his mouth before opening her mouth slightly so that she can kiss him properly.

Groaning slightly he responds with a deep kiss, his tongue mating with hers. Loving the fact that she enjoys her taste as much as he does. Feeling her excitement growing once again with this kiss.

Shifting her hips slightly, she feels the head of his cock slide along her hot pussy, wiggling a bit in invitation as she draws her knees up. Moaning when he teases her yet again by moving his hips just enough to rub the head of his cock up and down her swollen lips. Gasping out when he drives into her in one swift motion.

His own breath catching with his movements, the sudden wet heat of her grasping at him and drawing him deeper within her. Holding still for a moment, savoring the feeling of finely being buried to the hilt, before he begins a slow rhythm.

Matching the rolling of her hips to his strokes, she tries to draw him in even deeper as she wraps her creamy white legs around his lean hips. Her hands starting to roam over the contours of his back, down the slight dip just above his ass, until her fingers are lightly tracing the curve of his ass. Moaning lightly into his mouth as their kiss deepens, they seem to become one…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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