Lilac’s Sluts: Riona’s 18th B-Day

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I had the skinny, sexy redhead’s 18th birthday circled on my calendar at work, in a big, fat red circle.

Working at an IT company with mostly males and ugly women (sorry, it’s true), and with my wife not exactly being an eye-catcher any more these days, it was easy to fixate on Riona. She looked pretty traditional Irish, with long red hair mostly down to her slim butt, she was taller than the average teenager but had a ridiculously slim body. Flattish chest, small tight ass, skinny legs. If you’re into rail-thin girls, and I am, Riona was fucking eye candy. Her face, too, was easy on the eyes. She radiated a smile all the time from her thin lips, she had light freckles across her bony cheeks, and her green eyes were playful albeit shy.

Riona was the daughter of one of the founders of the company, and thankfully for nepotism, she started working as an intern a couple years ago even when she was just a sophomore in high school. Eventally she even had a “staff,” bossing around two grown women who were both dipshits and couldn’t tell you the difference between pee and pooh. The redhead basically ran the fulfillment documentation department, making sure our company kept good logs of each order we shipped out to support techs in the field.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m not stupid, I have kids. I wasn’t going to get in any way connected to her until she turned 18. Hell, I barely talked to her at the company — she’d know my face, that was about it. But I’d heard the date of her 18th birthday was coming in the Fall, and at that point, she was fair game, right? And I wanted to know exactly when I might get to give her some special attention, so I snuck into the HR department one day at lunch and stole a look at her personnel file. Yup, just like I heard, there it was, a date smack dab in third week of October. So I circled it on my calendar, biding my time, waiting for it. I continued to ignore her around the company, no one could possibly accuse me of anything inappropriate with her.

But that morning, on the day of her 18th birthday, I was horny as fuck when I woke up. My wife had no fucking clue, and I wasn’t really sure I did either. I’d been banging some college-age girls on the side — we have a big university in our town — and, honestly, Riona wasn’t even as pretty as some of the girls I’d fucked. Maybe it was just the knowledge that she was legal now, and so I could flirt with her and seduce her.

Fairly said, I wasn’t interested in seducing her. I wanted to fuck her. I knew if she got a look at my penis, like all the college girls did, she’d want me to use it on her. I have a fucking great cock, it’s eight solid inches of manhood, and fatter at the base then most girl’s fists. I’m in great shape, I work out every night, making sure my arms, back, tummy and legs are appealing to other females. Don’t get me wrong, I love fatherhood, but I also love making other women cum hard and scream my name. “Oh, Brian! Brian, fuck me!” Yeah, I live for it.

Getting dressed that day, I put on a pair of nicely-pressed slacks and a fitted dress shirt, which would show off the firm curves of my pectorals and flat stomach. Even just standing in the mirror in my bedroom that morning, my ignorant wife floating around me, I was rehearsing in my head what I might say to get the girl’s attention. What excuse could I use to flirt with her, see if she wanted to get coffee or go to lunch or something. The obvious thing was, hey it’s your birthday. But I’m not about being boring and trite. Needed a better excuse.

Of course, she was still in high school. She got out early each day to come to the office, I guess she was getting some kind of school credit for having an actual job and being productive. She’s not even in every day, so I couldn’t be sure she’d be there. It was her 18th birthday, right? But someone said she was taking off the next afternoon for a birthday “event,” which meant, I’d probably see her that very day. It was just a matter of biding time, waiting for her classes to end and her to come over to the office.

“Hey, Riona — that’s your name, right?” It was about 2 p.m., and she must have just arrived within the last few minutes. I noticed her fine, skinny figure down in the coffee room, so I strode quickly to it to catch her there.

Like I said, she didn’t know me well, except from seeing me at company meetings and just being around the office. We never interacted much, and I doubt we ever had much of a conversation before that day. So I pretended I might not know her that well, and the ruse worked. She blushed when I asked if that was her name, a crimson shade brightening her cheek underneath her light freckles and surrounded by that long, flowing red hair.

When she said she knew my name was Brian, I said I heard it was her birthday so, you know, happy birthday. She thanked me sweetly. Just standing there talking to her, looking at her pretty face, my eyes wandered. Down her slim body my eyesight traveled, noticing güvenilir bahis the little bumps of her titties inside her white blouse, and the thin shape of her hips, with her skinny legs sticking down below her knee-length skirt. This 18 year old was hot, she was young and slim and undoubtedly would look awesome when naked.

Now, I’d rehearsed that morning what to say to her. Didn’t use them. Out the window. Just seeing her smile, and checking out her body, I noticed something else, too. She was checking me out, and her green eyes had definitely fixated on the bulge of my slacks. Seriously, I was only semi-hard, but the girl had noticed my package in my crotch, and for a full couple of seconds, she just stared at it. It made my awesome cock ache a little, start to fill up and get harder.

“So you know what,” I said to her, waiting for her eyes to glace back to my face, “it being your 18th birthday and all, don’t you need to celebrate it in some really fun, 18-year-old way?” She could see I had something in mind, so she didn’t respond. I joked, “You’re 18, right, don’t you want to go out to a bar and get really hammered, drink every kind of alcohol they make?”

The teenager didn’t take me seriously, she giggled at the stupid line. “Um, I think that’s for when you’re 21,” she corrected me, snickering, knowing I was teasing.

I acknowledged her correction with a nod, then said, “Well, maybe there are other ways you can celebrate — you know, actually, I have a gift for you, it being your birthday and all — kind of a tradition here.” It wasn’t any kind of tradition, I was lying. “I mean, you being 18 and all, thought you might like something.” My dick was getting harder as I said it. “You wanna come back to my office for it?”

She didn’t have a clue, or at least, she didn’t act that way. “Um, sure.”

We headed across the floor, towards my office in the back corner. Only my secretary’s station was nearby, and she wasn’t there at the moment. As we walked shoulder to shoulder, small-chatting about the dark color of the hallways, part of me was questioning whether this was really a good idea. She was one of the founder’s daughters, after all.

Yeah, but she was a girl, and the way she noticed my package? I’d seen that look in other females, I didn’t have any fears this would go badly.

Ushering her into my decent-sized office, I peeked back to make sure no one saw us there, and I closed the door — casually standing in front of it, hiding my hand reaching behind myself to lock it. The skinny 18 year old spun in the middle of the floor, backs of her thighs against the front edge of my desk, looking at me innocently. As I leaned against my door, my knees parted, my erection was growing harder, and the bulge getting more obvious in my tight slacks. I grinned, seeing the redhead once again staring at my crotch, noticing the size of the bulge.

I’d done this with other girls I hardly knew, and like I said, I had full confidence. Most of you pricks reading this probably wouldn’t, or couldn’t, do this. Too afraid of being caught, or whatever. Fuck all of you. Thats why hot studs like me get all the pussy, and you just fucking read about it online, jerking your little under-used dickies off.

“So, you being a verrry pretty, sexy 18 year old,” I said to her in a casual, relaxed tone, pushing my pelvis forward, “I was wondering if you wanted a nice gift, something 18 year olds can have.”

Riona’s bright, green eyes were on my face again, she was staring at me with an edge of nervousness, a little anxiety in her tone and stature as she stood there. “Uhhh, suuuure,” she said with a slow drawl, “now what would that be?”

I knew she was thinking what I was thinking, when her eyes glanced at my crotch again, albeit briefly.

“Maybe you’d like this,” I slurred at her, my voice thick with confidence.

She watched me quickly unbutton and unzip my slacks (I didn’t have a belt on), then I pushed both my clean underwear and my slacks down, exposing my almost-solid erection. The fat, round cockhead stuck out of my clothing, and my super-fat, delicious shaft jutted out of my belly towards the ceiling.

Holding my pants and underwear down, I looked at the teenager’s face. Immediately, her eyes opened wide, and her jaw dropped, and she looked like a deer in the headlights. I grinned, because it wasn’t fear in her face, it was something like amazement. Probably because I was even showing her my dick, but also because, well, I have a great dick.

“Ohhhh myyyy gawwwwd,” droned the girl, eyes locked on the sight of my throbbing cock. She couldn’t step backwards, but she leaned back against my desk, moving as far from me as she could, but her eyes didn’t stray from the view of my fat meat pointing in her general direction.

Yeah, she liked it, a lot. “I thought, since you’re so fuckin’ hot, I love your body — you might wanna see how much I like you.” I pushed my underwear and pants below my ass, so my türkçe bahis cock and balls were fully on display, and I unbuttoned my dress shirt to show her my flat stomach and dark-haired chest. “You don’t mind, do you?”

She was nervous, unsure what to do or say, but she kept looking at my exposed penis, but also at my face. “Ummm — well, thank you for that — ummm–“

I kept my pelvis thrust forward, sticking my enormous, hard dick at her, showing her the full eight inches of glory. “You ever seen one this big before — you like it?” It was turning me on to expose myself to her, I was a pervert that way.

Again she giggled, nervously, pushing her long red hair behind one of her petite ears. “Ummm — actually — yeah, I do.” Her voice found some strength, as she leaned upright more. Her eyes turned to my face, this time with conviction, and her tone was full of enthusiasm. “I do like it — only seen them like that in movies and stuff.”

Smiling for reasons she couldn’t entirely appreciate, I stepped forward from my door, only a couple steps in front of her. I just knew I’d sensed something about her, that look in her face in the coffee room. I was basically a stranger to her, mostly, and she didn’t mind me exposing my penis to her. I can tell when females are like that, when they’d be receptive to me. I love sluts like her.

I kept waiving my erection at the teenager, gauging her review more. “You got a boyfriend at school, he anywhere as big as me?”

The slim redhead shrugged, again her eyes riveted to the view of my unholy penis. “No — I mean, I don’t like boys my age.” She shrugged, her voice sounding almost apologetic, but I think the sight of my cock had stolen her breath. Her answer, of course, only further confirmed I was right in assessing her receptiveness to my advance.

Her answers were short, she was obviously letting me take the lead, but she wasn’t shutting me down either. In fact, her eyes kept staring right at my prick, throbbing in the air only a yard in front of her. “Well, smart girl,” I said of her choice of males, “because you’re hot, and deserve a real man to put a smile on your face.” I grabbed a chair, pulling it behind me, sitting down on it now, my ankles together and my pants around them, but my knees opened in a butterfly position so my cock and balls were fully exposed. “You wanna come over here, and maybe have a littl fun with your birthday gift?”

Only guys like me, who have supreme confidence in how hot we are, get away with saying shit like that to the boss’s daughter, on the day of her 18th birthday.

Continuing to blush and, at first, just stare at my dick, the girl must have decided she liked what she saw. “Ummm — you sure?” Hesitating, her head bent down, gazing at my dick as I leaned back on the chair, I could see the restraint of youth holding her back. “I mean — I won’t — I mean–“

I waived her towards me again, a bit more urgently. “C’mon, I won’t tell anyone — look how much it likes you.” I gripped my erection at the base, wiggling it a little, showing off its size. “Don’t you want to play with it a little bit?”

Riona moved, and I grinned at my newest conquest. She nervously admitted she wasn’t any good at this, but it didn’t stop her from dropping to her knees on my carpet, right in front of me. I leaned back, my hands off of my cock, letting her do what she wanted. Her small hand grabbed my fat base, she gasped at the girth and hardness, holding my penis more upright into the air. Looking at me for confidence, she licked her thin pink lips, then leaned forward. The young bitch swallowed my cockhead, lips around it, breathing hot breaths on my precum-soiled erection.

“Uhhh, yeah, honey, suck my dick,” I commanded with a sneer, “looks so good in your mouth!”

Keeping my knees flat and to the sides, I gave Riona room to suck me off. She closed her eyes, one of her hands on my shaft to jerk it slowly, while her mouth worked up around the cockhead. She wasn’t very good, honestly, her teeth brushed my dick a few time, and her tongue didn’t lick as much as they just pressed against my shaft. I told her, “Here,” and guided how she should hold her head, where she should lick, how her fist should pump my shaft.

She was a quick learner, soon she was jerking the bottom half of my swollen dick, while her thin lips and red tongue were working around my bulbous helmet and upper half of my shaft. “Fuck, that’s it, baby,” I complemented her, getting more turned on watching the 18 year old working over my penis, “now you’re doin’ in right, mmm, feel how hard I am for you, sweetie.”

The slut looked up at me with big green eyes, her lips swallowing my cockhead at the moment. She pulled her mouth off with a loud popping noise, then licked around my helmet before muttering the obvious, “You’re so big!”

Grinning, I admired the view of the young woman playing with her first adult penis. “Like ’em big, do ya?” I pushed my hips up, rubbing my güvenilir bahis siteleri saliva-covered cockhead against her bony chin, smearing her own spit on her freckles. “Big enough to — do what with ya?” I snickered, she was letting me rub my dick against her face, she turned her cheeks so I could face-fuck her lips and chin, and move my penis back and forth cheek to cheek. “Mmm, feel how big it is to stretch you open, sweetie.”

The look from her eyes was telling, once again. The thought of doing more than just sucking me had crossed her mind, and she gave me that knowing look, that glance that said, yeah she was thinking about it. I smiled at the glance, and played off of it. “Yeah, Riona, you think maybe what I’m thinkin’ — that maybe, you wanna see how it feels, go take Brian on a test ride?”

Her laugh betrayed nervousness. “Ummm — no way?”

I was already sitting upright now, reaching my hands to her petite chest, unbuttoning her white blouse. She wasn’t stopping me. “Yeah, why not — it’s just us.”

Her small teen hand still holding my erection, she was looking down at her chest where I had unfastened three buttons on her blouse, exposing her white bra inside, and was moving to open the remaining two buttons. “Um — here? Now?”

The girl’s blouse wouldn’t come out of her tight skirt, so I made her stand up in front of me, reaching around her slim body to release the clip and the zipper of her dark navy skirt. “Yeah — why not now, now’s the best time.”

I was going to fuck the girl, and she definitely wasn’t stopping me. Riona let me pull her skirt down to her ankles, showing off pink cotton panties with a lacy white waistband. Now I could doff her blouse, removing it from her skinny shoulders. Standing up next to her, I gazed over her young body. Indeed she was slim, her figure straight up and down, barely any hips, and she didn’t have an ounce of fat anywhere on her fit body. I slipped out of my shoes, then stepped out of my pants and underwear, leaving me in my dress shirt and dark socks, nothing else, my erection sticking straight out of my flat belly.

Riona let me push her a step backwards towards my desk, which was covered in small stacks of white paper everywhere. I didn’t even clear off the paper, having her lie on her back on the desk on top of my work. I could already smell wet pussy, the teenager was hot for me, wasn’t she? My big paws reached to her slim hips and I dug my fingers inside the waistband of her panties, then I yanked down the useless garment, around her ass and off of her slim legs. As I tossed the panties on the floor, Riona’s knees parted, exposing a furry cunt, with thick curles of natural dark-red hairs surrounding her 18 year old vagina.

Mmm, fresh meat. I dropped to my knees now, taking my turn at oral sex, licking my married tongue around the intern’s soft, wet cuntlips. She tasted delicious, so fresh and moist. She was sopping wet already, too, even before my lips met her clitoris and twat. I heard her moan, reaching to her knees to spread herself open, while my 38 year old tongue licked circles around her clitoris and the wet crevaces of flesh surrounding it. I tugged at the fleshy little knob, pulling it into my mouth as much as I could, munching it, making her grunt with more arousal, her thin hips swaying a bit over my desk. Then I licked down to her hole, sending my tongue inside. Fuck it was tight, I winced, feeling how little that hole was.

She let me reach my hands up and push her white bra off her chest, exposing her pale little titties, they weren’t much more than A cups. Her nipples were firm and large, a dark brown color, standing out in contast to the pale white skin. My fingers found her knobby nipples, pinching and stroking them around in circles, teasing them while I licked her vagina. Shoving tongue into her twat, I pumped my tongue deep into the wet tube, my chin and nose pressed against her flesh, letting her feel how far my expert tongue could lick inside her.

“Uhhhhh — yessssss!” Her eyes were closed, head back on stacks of papers, feeling me tongue-fucking her. Soon she was gasping in rhythm with my tongue pumping in and out, and her little butt was gyrating in rapid circles. She was close to cumming. I furiously drove my tongue inside, jamming it all the way in, letting her spasm around my tongue, filling my mouth with her juices from an orgasm. I’d just made the bitch cum, it was definitely a birthday gift for her.

But I knew she’d love my cock inside her more. I let her come off of the high of her climax before I pulled my messy mouth back, lapping her flavors off my lips, then I stood upright on top of her. With her small butt at the edge of my desk, I hooked her bony legs over my arms and spread Riona open wide. Her tits looked almost flat on her body, with her lying flat on her back. Her green eyes stared at my penis in the air above her body, as I moved the cockhead towards her, and she reached down to guide me.

“Happy birthday, honey!” I growled, pushing my dickhead inside her vagina.

The teenager yelped, her back arching, her head falling back to my desk. “Uhhh — FUCK!” She tried not to shriek, but it was a loud whine anyway. “Owwww!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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