Limo Ride

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This is the very first erotic story I ever wrote. Let me know what you think of it…


Gary stood in front of the mirror as he put the tuxedo jacket on. It looked good. Mind you, he figured it cost more than the rest of his wardrobe combined, so it should. He was giving himself one last “once over” and decided he looked as good as he was ever going to when the phone rang. It was Cindy.

Or rather Cindy! He still couldn’t believe that he was going out on a date with pop superstar Cindy!. She was rich, she was famous and lord almighty, she was hot. He didn’t fit into her world at all, he just happened to be in the record shop at the same time she had popped in the week before. He hadn’t even looked up when he heard her comment on the ugly cover of an album, he just made a reference to “Devastating Dave’s Zip Zap Rap” album. Which made her laugh, which made him look up which, cut to the chase, lead to her sending over a tux for their first date, a hollywood movie premiere.

“Gary. The limo is pulling up now, but I can’t come to the door.” Cindy said.

“No worries, I can meet you out front.” he assured her.

“Yeah, well before you do, I need you to know, when you open the door, it’s not what you think.”

“Um, okay?” he was confused.

“I’ll explain when you’re out here, but I need to you to understand right now, when you open the door it’s going to be weird, but it is not at all what you’re going to think it is.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I swear, just get out here and promise you’ll let me explain.”


Gary looked out the window, saw the limo and headed out. He opened the car door, ducked his head as he began to climb in when he saw her and stopped dead in his tracks. Cindy, the twenty-two year old pop sensation, was sitting at the far end of the limo. Her hair was done up elegantly, which was expected given they were going to be walking down the red carpet in a bit. Her shoes were sexy black high heels, also exactly what you’d expect to see at a movie premiere. The thing that stopped him dead though was that, other than a black feather boa, she had no clothes on what so ever. She sat there, completely and utterly nude, barely even using the boa.

“It’s not what you think!” she repeated, her beautiful brown eyes wide. She looked so innocent and scared. Well, the expression on her face did, her body looked fucking amazing. Her legs were long and tanned, her breasts firm, her nipples large.

“Um, okay.” was all he could manage.

“Let me explain.” She beckoned him in. “My dress was made by Vincenti, the designer?” asking him if he understood.

Gary knew who she meant. He wasn’t very fashion conscious, but he also didn’t live under a rock. Vincenti was up there with Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

“And it isn’t ready yet?” he joked as he climbed into the limo.

“No, silly.” She relaxed a bit. His joke was lame, but at least he hadn’t bolted yet. “I just found out the conditions his workers live in. He’s using 3rd world sweatshops, so I couldn’t possibly wear his dress tonight. I can’t support that sort of thing.”

“You couldn’t afford another dress? Wow, your last album must not have sold well at all. Kudos to your PR team though, I thought it was a hit”

She laughed, impressed with how well he was taking all this.

“I know this is a weird and I swear normally you wouldn’t have had a shot in hell seeing me like this on a first date… but I decided to make a political statement. I’d rather be naked then wear something made in a sweatshop.”

“So, um, are we still going to the premiere?” He asked, completely confused as to what was going on.

“We have to! I have to show up, walk the red carpet and give one interview. I’ll say how disgusted I was with Vincenti, and the press will have a field day. It force him to change things. There is no way this isn’t top of the news cycle for a least the next 24 hours.”

Gary was impressed. It made sense and what she was about to do took a lot of guts.

“So, what do I do?” he asked.

“I need you to take my arm, walk me to the last camera escort ataşehir crew at the very end of the red carpet, and stand there while I make my speech. The catch is…” She took a breath “our entire behaviour has to be totally normal. Completely and utterly non sexual.”

“NON-sexual? Well sure, no problem. That’s easy for you, what’s sexual about a naked, hot popstar. Me however…” he asked, smiling.

“I know, I know. But if we act completely normal, the story is how I’d rather be naked then put on slave labour clothing. If there is even a whiff of sexuality, then the story will get spun as pop star has kinky sex fetish, and nothing changes.”

Again, he could follow her logic. It was weird, but he understood it.

“If you can do that for me, we can skip the stupid movie and just head back to my hotel and hang out.” then she added “Hang out fully clothed, I mean.”

“Okay, sure. I can walk you down an aisle. I mean, that was going to be my job regardless, right?”

“Well the thing of it is, to put it bluntly, you already have an erection.”

He looked down. His pants were tenting something fierce. He blushed.

“Right, um, that’ll go down in a sec. Just need a minute.”

“Of course.” she said.

She pressed a button on an intercom and told the driver to head out. The two sat in awkward silence.

“So…” she said.

“So…” he replied.

“Hell of a start to our first date, huh?” she asked. “Bet you didn’t expect to see this much of me.”

“Uh, no not hardly. But we, um, we really shouldn’t talk about that if you want me to, uh, get rid of this.” he motioned to his crotch, suddenly feeling like an bumbling idiot.

“Of course. Sorry.” she said.

She buzzed the driver again, “What’s our e.t.a.?”

“25 min, Miss Cindy.”

“Thank you” she told him, and released the intercom.


“I’m sure it’ll go down by then.” he told her.

“I’m really sorry about this. Really.” and she was.

She liked Gary, it was really nice to meet someone so funny and so utterly separate from her life in the music industry. He was exactly the kind of nice, normal guy she needed in her life.

“It’s okay, it’s weird, but it’s very cool that you’re willing to do this for such a good cause. That takes a lot of, um, gumption? Is that the word?”

“It is a good cause.” she pondered for a moment “Which is why I can’t risk anything going wrong.”

“Uh, sure” he hesitantly agreed.

“So I’m afraid I’m thinking we have to, umm, take matters into our own hands, so to speak.”

“err, what?” he asked.

“Gary, your erection is clearly not going anywhere and we’ve got just over 20 min to get rid of it. Logically you’re going to need to, well, orgasm. That’s really the only sure way to get rid of it so it doesn’t come right back. I can’t have it popping back up as we walk in front of a dozen cameras.”

“Uuuuh, I’m not, I mean, I really don’t think I should, you know…” he knew he sounded like a bumbling idiot, but he couldn’t bring himself to say masturbate in front of her.

“No, no, I’m sorry, I’m not asking you to jerk off in front of me.” she laughed.

Whew, he thought. That would have been awkward.

“You think I’d put you in this awkward position, then ask you to do something so embarrassing? No way. Which is why I’m offering to, to, well to take care of things for you. How does that sound?”

It sounded fucking fantastic but he was gentleman enough to not say it like that. Instead he said

“Only if you’re sure.”

“It’s the least I can do, given everything.” She patted the spot next to her, “Now slide over here, we’re on a clock.”

Gary tried to slide over as nonchalantly as he could, which given how eager he was, wasn’t easy. Regardless, he ended up right beside her. She put her hand on his knee, smiled and said

“I’m afraid we don’t have time for any romance.” They both chuckled, and then she whispered “Take it out.”

He undid his fly and pulled out his rock hard cock. She let out a barely audible gasp. Clearly, she was impressed.

Wasting no time, kadıköy escort bayan she reached out and grabbed his dick by the base of his shaft. This time Gary was the one to gasp. Her hand felt amazing.

She started stroking him, slowly. Up and down, up and down.

“Lean back” she told him. “Let Cindy take care of this.”

Her hand sped up.

He was in heaven. Barely ten minutes into his date with a woman who had literally been listed as one of the sexiest people alive, and he was getting a hand job.

“That’s it.” she said and continued to stroke. She reached down and cupped his balls with her other hand.

“What do you like?”

“That’s pretty nice, actually.”

She continued her slow strokes, occasionally circling the tip of his cock with a finger, in teasing way.

“That’s very sweet of you to say, but if there is something I can do to, to speed things along, then you should tell me. This is not the time to try to impress me with your stamina.”

She smiled at him, as a million things raced through his mind as she stroked him. He had several things he liked, sexually speaking, but he usually waited a few weeks into a relationship before voicing them. A first date, even this odd a first date, didn’t seem like the time to bring most of those up.

Plus, she still had to look presentable when they were done, which kinda ruled out a fair bit of what he was thinking. It wasn’t like he could just bend her over and fuck her, as nice as that sounded.

“Talk dirty to me, describe what you’re doing.” he instructed her.

“Well, my hand is wrapped around your cock, and it’s very hard. Your cock I mean, not my hand.” she giggled. “And now I’m stroking up your shaft. My fingers are brushing the tip of your dick, it’s nice. And now I’m gripping your shaft hard, and I’m speeding up.”

“Yessssss” he said through gritted teeth.

“I’m really jacking you now. You’re so big, and I want this cock to shoot it’s stuff. I want you to cum so bad.”

She gripped him tightly and stroked as fast as she could.

“Are you going cum soon? Are you going to cum for Cindy?”

lt felt amazing, utterly amazing. But he wasn’t close yet. She hadn’t been doing it very long but he knew she needed him to cum, so he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Maybe you need some visuals?” she released her grip on his member and held up her breasts.

“Do you like my breasts? How about my nipples? Don’t you wish you could touch them? Do you want to suck on them?”

She reached back out, and resumed stroking his dick.

“Don’t you wish you could cum on them? Could you imagine?”

He was closer now. The dirty talk was definitely helping.

“What else can I do?” she asked.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“What about my ass? Do you want to see my butt?” she rolled over to her side, her magnificent ass now on display. The downside of this wonderful display was she was turned away from him and no longer able to play with his cock.

“Are you an ass man, Gary?” She asked. He was, he very much was. He wanted so badly to spank her butt, but resisted, knowing any redness he caused would undermine her political statement, so he instead began stroking himself.

“Oh you are an ass man, aren’t you? Do you want to watch my tight ass while you jerk off?” She immediately regretted saying that. Calling attention to his masturbation may not actually help if he was embarrassed about it, that would only delay this process even more. And she had already made a comment about masturbating being embarrassing.

She hadn’t planned on showing him everything but this kinda forced her to raise the stakes a bit. Rather then wait to see if it upset the mood, she rolled back over and grabbed his dick and made him an offer.

“What about my…” she smiled a wicked smile and looked down at her own lap while she pumped his cock. Her legs where held tight together, but he could see her pubic hair. Neatly trimmed into a landing strip, it seemed to point to her most intimate area.

“Would you like to see my pussy” she whispered, as if it was escort bostancı a secret. He nodded, unable to speak, as her hand continued to pump up and down. She poured on a quick burst of speed with her hand. He could feel and orgasm building.

She slowed again, as she asked.

“If I show you my pussy you’re not going to think I’m a slut are you?” she teased him. “Please don’t think I’m a slut. I just need to make you cum.”

She opened her legs a bit, he watched as her slit became visible.

“But you have be quick. If I show you my pussy, you have to promise to cum… before I get too wet down there.”

She shifted, and opened her legs wide. His balls churned and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Do you like what you see? Do you like my tight little cunnie?” she reached down with one hand and parted her lips for him.

“Oh god, I’m close. Cindy, I’m fucking close.” Her hand sped up once more.

“Yes, yes, give it to me, give me your cum.” she begged.

It was about then that she realized that they hadn’t thought this through properly. He couldn’t cum on her, as she wouldn’t be able to properly clean up. And since he was leaning back, he couldn’t just shoot his load onto the floor, as he was likely to get it on his pants.

She looked around, her hand still pumping his cock. Her boa was probably a bad idea, and unlikely to work. The cushions were useless. There! On the mini bar at the far end of the limo. Some napkins. They were perfect, but no sooner had she spotted them than Gary was shouting again.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum.” he said.

She had but a couple of seconds to figure what to do, the napkins might as well have been on the moon, they were so far away. She wasn’t going to get them in time. Once she realized that, she knew what the best option was. What they only option was.

There was only one way to ensure his jizz didn’t make a mess anywhere. This was not something she ever did on a first date but she didn’t seem to have much choice. And this was for a very good cause she told herself.

“Don’t touch my hair!” was all she said before dropping her head and engulfing his cock in her mouth.

That was it. The warm wet feel her lips was too much, Gary erupted into her mouth.

“Fuck, yesss!” he moaned as he shot down the back of her throat. His second spurt filled her mouth. She was struggling to swallow and had to back off his cock a bit to make more room for his load. She tightened her lips around the tip, and sucked as much as she could, scared the entire time it was going to overflow and drip out onto his pants. Luckily she had managed to swallow some of it, and the next few spurts were much less, and she was able to manage his load.

Gary was spent, but she refused to release his cock from her lips. There was no point going this far, and having him drip the last little bit onto his tux. Using her hand, she stroked his shaft, coaxing the remaining cum out and into her mouth. She sucked for all she was worth, circling the head of his dick with her tongue as she did her best to get every last drop.

Finally she pulled herself off his cock, her mouth still full of his cum, and trying to swallow yet again. Gary put his dick back in his pants and slide over to the bar where was able get her some water, which she took it graciously, using a mouth full to rinse her mouth out before swallowing one last time.

“Thanks for that,” she said.

“Yeah, well, I figured it was the least I could do.” he said casually. She playfully punched his arm as the intercom buzzed.

“There was less traffic then expected ma’am, we’re just about here.” The limo pulled into a line of limos, behind the other guests for the film.

“How’s my hair look?” she asked, adjusting her boa.

“Not a strand out if place.” he assured her.

“I’ll let my hairdresser know.”

He gave her a disapproving look and said,

“I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with you bragging about this, I don’t want to get a reputation as being easy.”

She laughed.

She wasn’t about to make a habit out of it, but she didn’t regret what she had just done. Maybe hanging out in her hotel room wouldn’t require clothes after all she thought.


I love feedback, so please let me know what you think of this story in the comments section or my e-mailing me via the CONTACT tab.

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