Linda’s Half Term Holiday Ch. 02

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Kevin and Tony groaned in unison when they looked out of their tent. Heavy clouds and steady drizzle made the prospect of a day outside unappealing, and there was little prospect of seeing Linda in that form hugging bikini, let alone get her surfing. They had not said much as they had turned in after an evening’s boozing at the hotel bar, but each had brought himself to a satisfying climax in his sleeping bag as he jerked off with a picture of her in his mind. Neither was willing to admit out loud that while he hoped that something – anything – might develop the next day, it might just be unattainable – the sort of thing you read about in Playboy or Penthouse, and convinced yourself that the writer was making it up. Kevin had ignored all his past fantasies as he just remembered those eyes looking at him, as though she knew that he had never, well, actually, you know . . . . even touched a girl. Tony had climaxed imagining how she would succumb to his manly charms, but in the reality of his post-orgasmic emissions he had to admit that gropes behind the bike sheds with equally inexperienced girls did not match up to what a mature woman mjght expect.

By mid morning the drizzle had stopped, although the clouds remained and the prospects were not bright. Tony took up his surfboard and started for the beach, and Kevin dutifully followed. They met up with the same gaggle of girls they had met the day before, and with the same giggling results from three of them, while the fourth just watched without speaking. Kevin was too self-conscious to speak to her and she just smiled at him. When they had walked along to the spot where Linda had been they were disappointed to see no sign of her, but Tony walked on down to the water’s edge and started out with his board.

Kevin sat and watched him riding the waves, and had to admit it – he was good, and looked superb. Briefly the sun shone through and the day seemed brighter. He resisted the temptation to look round and see if she was in sight, but occasionally got up and stretched his legs, to have the excuse to look without making it obvious that that was what he was doing. After about an hour he thought about going for a drink at the hotel bar, just to relieve the boredom and stop himself feeling so deflated.

Linda had had a good night. She had wandered back to her caravan, mind working overtime thinking about the two boys; she had lain in bed imagining what Tony might might be like and how she might get a sample. If all that she had learnt during her time teaching horny sixth formers meant anything they were both pretty inexperienced, maybe still virgins, and the thought of two cherries waiting to be picked had got her quite wet. She had slipped her hand onto her clit and indulged herself for ages, bringing herself almost to orgasm and then stopping so that she could prolong the pleasure, all the time letting her favourite scenes go before her closed eyes. When she did come it was while she was remembering last year’s end of term staff party.

She had still been going well with Rob then and had behaved herself – a little mild flirting, even a little groping, but they had both been quite possessive, and were conscious that the other was not far away. But the new history teacher, only 24 and with come to bed eyes and a figure to match, had had no such inhibitions and had made a play for Mr Lomax the chemistry master. He was over 40, known to be ruled at home by the “dragon” as he called her and more than willing to succumb to the wiles of an attractive girl nearly 20 years younger.

Linda pushed a finger inside her wet pussy as she remembered watching Rachel walk up behind Mr Lomax while he was pouring himself a beer and press herself against him, one hand squeezing his butt and the other reaching round his waist and pulling him back hard. She’d had to laugh – he’d jumped and spilt his beer, and when he looked round to see who was attacking him he had looked as though all his birthdays had come at once. For the rest of the evening – well the next 15 minutes until they left the room – he just let her rub her hands all over him while he groped her backside and slipped his hand up under her loose blouse. When she pressed up against him Linda could see her pull down his zip and start feeling inside, and it was then that he had come to his senses.

Realising they were in the middle of a crowd of fellow teachers he had stopped her, but within a few moments they had – separately – left the room. Linda had detached herself from the groping hands of Mr Graham the geography teacher and followed. From a distance she had seen them disappear into the changing rooms by the gym. She had not been able to see what they were doing when she reached the window, but the sounds had been so erotic as she listened to, first, Rachel clearly deepthroating Mr Lomax as he had probably never been before, and secondly by his long drawn out cries of “Omigod! Oh fuck! Bloodyhellimcumming! Whaddareudoinnnnngaargh!” and the related sounds and inane noises Şirinevler escort that only a man who has lost all control of his senses can utter. Followed by a silence broken only by the gentle sound of lips being licked and then Rachel’s “Mmmmm. That was yummy. Now it’s my turn.”

There had been more, but it was that memory which had triggered Linda’s own self-induced orgasm last night, and she had drifted into a deep contented sleep. When she woke to the sound of rain on the roof she had snuggled back down, and Tony was into his third ride on his board before she finally awoke. When she saw the time she reluctantly forced herself out of her warm cocoon: it might be cloudy, even drizzling, but there were two young men who would be there for the taking.

She slipped on a one piece swimsuit, and threw on a T shirt and shorts, grabbed her beach bag and went. Who knew – with luck it might rain even more, and they would have to stay indoors, but when she reached the beach, the clouds had thinned, and a weak sun shone down on the sight of Tony riding his board in skilfully and Kevin’s slight and round shouldered frame standing with his back to her looking thoroughly jaded. On impulse she crept up behind him and squeezed his butt; he yelped and jumped, spinning round ready to make an angry response, but when he saw her grinning face and those piercing grey blue eyes smiling at him he just subsided into an embarrassed incoherence, briefly losing the power of speech.

“H-h-hello,” he stammered, unable to tear his gaze away from those eyes.

“I don’t bite,” she countered, “just squeeze butts that look squeezable.” Kevin blushed, and Linda changed the subject. “Tony’s in good form.”

“He always is.” Kevin’s response sounded somewhat rueful.

“I don’t think I shall try anything on the board today,” she said. “I like to have plenty of sun for doing something like that.”

Tony came up the beach as she said that, and was clearly disappointed that he would not be teaching this luscious lady to ride the board, but she gave him her full attention and the total treatment with those eyes as she quizzed him about the techniques and intricacies of boarding. Tony was more than willing to demonstrate his prowess and go out and come boarding in several times to demonstrate. While he was doing that she shed her T shirt and shorts and, with Kevin tagging along, went into and jumped over the waves and generally splashed and fooled about with him – but making sure that Tony knew she was watching him as well.

The one piece did nothing to hide her trim figure. She was quite short – 5 foot 3 or 4inches, but with a glorious bum and tits that cried out for being stroked – and more. The water was not cold, but sharp enough to make her nipples harden delightfully, and when she was totally wet the view was deliciously enticing. Kevin was glad that, unlike Tony, he had worn his baggy trunks rather than his speedo. They might not do much for his appearance, but did at least help to mask the raging erection that seemed harder than anything he could remember. After an hour of this Linda had had enough and went out to get dry – and asked Kevin to come and help. After she had towelled herself thoroughly with the large towel she asked him to hold it round her while she removed her swimsuit and changed. It might have been -probably was,thought Kevin – accidental, but in the process he got clear views of her boobs and their still erect nipples, and even, as she pulled up her tiny briefs, a glimpse of a neatly trimmed darker patch lower down.

He caught her observing him with an amused look, and felt sure she knew he had been peeking. When she was done and dry she insisted on towelling him down and returning the favour while he inelegantly struggled into his dry underpants and shorts but he was so conscious of his hard on that he kept his back to her, and the only glimpse she got was of his butt – she resisted the temptation to squeeze it again.Once Tony had done his final run the performance was repeated for him, and for all his bravado and boastings he seemed as embarrassed as Kevin and behaved in the same way. Linda contented herself with letting her hands “accidentally” brush against him as she held the towel.

The clouds had thickened again, totally obscuring the sun, and there was the feel of more rain to come. “Why don’t you guys come back and have a bite to eat?”

They looked at each other, but there was no real hesitation. “If you’re sure….” Without much discussion it was agreed that Tony would go back to the tent and bring a couple of six packs, Kevin would go to the site shop and get some steaks, and Linda would see them back at her caravan.

Two hours and several empty beer cans later, Tony and Kevin sat on one side of the narrow table, replete and well tanked. Linda sat opposite on the couch which converted each night to her bed, equally replete but having been slightly less liberal with her drink. Her dark hair framed her tanned face and her eyes Şirinevler escort bayan were gazing steadily and knowingly at each of them in turn. The beers had loosened tongues, and she had cleverly got each of them talking enough to confirm her first impressions of two very normal eighteen year olds who were a lot less worldly than they believed themselves – and would like her to believe them – to be.

Outside, the rain had passed but no-one showed any sign of moving. Her legs had throughout the meal been in contact with theirs and she knew that they stayed sitting down because getting up would show that they were both very hard. She had no doubt they were both highly aroused, and she was very conscious that her brief panties were very damp. She ran her bare toes up first Tony’s and then Kevin’s legs; they both twitched noticeably. She only had her T shirt over her boobs, and her nipples still showed prominently. Tony had been unable to take his eyes off them. Kevin had tried not to stare too obviously, but had failed and had blushed and looked away every time her eyes caught his.

“We could play strip poker,” – they glanced almost furtively at each other – “but as we’ve only got five items on between us it hardly seems worthwhile. And anyway, I don’t have any cards. You’re both topless, so I guess I’d better join you.” And with that she slipped off the T shirt.

“Put your eyes back in,” she laughed as they both stared fixedly at two delectable boobs with only the slightest hint of sag, tipped with two very pink and prominent nipples. Again she gazed at them in turn, with just a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. “Who’s first?” They stared, first at her, then at each other, then back at her, seemingly bereft of the power of speech.

Eventually Kevin croaked “you’re the oldest, you first.” Tony looked as though he was going to argue, but at that moment Linda’s foot arrived at the top of his legs and started rubbing his very erect cock and any pretence at resistance crumbled. He got up and went round the table, his speedo unable to hold him in completely, dropped down beside her and hesitatingly, still not quite able to grasp the reality in front of him, put out a hand towards her boobs.

Linda lifted her bottom and in one quick motion pushed her shorts and panties down and kicked them off. Kevin’s view was obscured by the table, but Tony stared unbelievingly at the sight presented by her parted legs – the neat dark bush and the pink lips below. She moved her left boob into his hand, raised her mouth to his, and as their lips met dropped her left hand to his crotch. After a brief grope she worked her hand down inside the waistband of his shorts, and as she grasped his cock he groaned audibly into her mouth. His tongue pushed hard against hers and she fell back onto the couch. Her hands came round and started pushing his speedo down. His took firm hold of her boobs.By this time Kevin could only see Tony’s back and bum, still with Linda’s hands grasping it. Tony was grunting and panting heavily, and he was humping and jerking against her. Suddenly her legs appeared up around him and he pushed hard and started groaning.

Kevin took a moment or so to realise that Tony was actually doing it, and for perhaps a minute (time seemed to stand still) he was just aware of heavy breathing, grunts and groans from Tony and just an occasional intake of breath from Linda. He still could not see her face. And then Tony’s head lifted; his face was very red, almost purple, and was contorted as though in agony. His eyes were closed until suddenly he went absolutely still, his eyes opened wide and he gave a strangled sob, followed by a gasp, and subsided on top of her. There was a silence and briefly a complete stillness, until Linda started pushing him up and he seemed to come back to reality. He pushed himself up and back from her, looked down at her and said “Bloody hell!” and stood up. Pulling up his speedo he walked, as though in a daze, and went outside without another word.

Kevin sat there, not sure what to do. Should he see if Tony was all right? Should he say something? Was Linda all right? As he pondered, she raised herself and looked at him across the table. “Coming?” was all she said. He got up and walked round the table. She lay there with one arm behind her head, the other hand between her raised legs with a tissue. “Your turn,” smiling that gentle smile at him. He realised that he no longer felt scared or nervous, and pulled down his trunks and took them right off. He knelt between her legs and saw her eyes drop down to look at his erection. She dropped the tissue on the floor and reached for him, now smiling up at him.

“Hello big boy,” she said, and he wasn’t sure which part of him she was addressing.

He lowered himself over her, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to support himself on his elbows while she continued to hold him gently, rubbing her thumb over his circumcised helmet. Never had he imagined escort şirinevler there could be such an intense sensation, and without warning his cock took over, shooting jets of milky white liquid as far as her boobs before subsiding to uncontrollable little spurts over her stomach. He reddened and started to apologise, but she put a finger to his lips and shushed him. With her free hand she massaged his offerings into her skin, never letting her eyes leave his, and smiling that gentle and enticing smile. “That was lovely. Now we can enjoy.”

She put both arms up and pulled him down to her, and as their lips met he felt both her tongue pushing gently through to his and an immediate resurgence of his penis. So soon! She lay still as they kissed, but as she started to feel the renewed pressure from below she wriggled her hips so that she was straight in front of him and moved one hand down to his bum, pulling him to her. As the head of his cock broached her lower lips his eyes opened wide – if the feel of a woman’s hand on it for the first time had been sensation packed, this was exquisite ecstasy! Like a warm velvet glove she enveloped him and drew him in. And in. And in. Until he felt as though she would absorb him totally. Indeed, so much was his whole consciousness concentrated in those six or seven inches that he felt just that – totally absorbed.

So absorbed that he was unaware that he was staring down at her, eyes and mouth wide open, and oblivious to anything else. Her smile broadened and her eyes sparkled and she pulled him down to her again. Still on his elbows he put his hands to her head and just held her, feeling her soft hair. A degree of consciousness of what was happening returned, and he closed his mouth, smiling back at her. He flexed himself inside her and saw her eyes widen, so he did it again, three or four times, and felt response in the movement of her hips. Experimentally, he pulled back a little and then pushed in. And repeated, but this time pulling out a little further before pushing in harder.When on the third occasion he pulled almost right out her hands grabbed his bum and pulled him hard back. “Don’t you dare come out!” An order, but almost pleading.

He grinned. She grinned back and they moved comfortably against each other. He started to feel himself being taken over again and his thrusting became more urgent. He forced himself, with difficulty, to slow down, and just pushed himself inside as far as he could, and stayed there, merely flexing himself as he had done before, and feeling her moving herself against him. . She had closed her eyes, seeming content to soak up the mutual pleasure, but they suddenly jerked open and a red flush spread up her face. She stared up at him, mouth open, shaking her head from side to side, as though not believing something she had seen. Her nails dug into him and her legs clamped tight around him. Her eyes closed very tight and she went rigid against him, burying her face against his chest and making funny whimpering noises. Momentarily he thought that maybe she was having a fit, but after a while the grip of her arms and legs relaxed and her head fell back on the couch. She stared at him, shaking her head again before pulling his head down and kissing him tenderly with closed lips.

He was still inside her, and as she relaxed he started a gentle movement again. Her grin returned as she responded, and once again his cock took over and the thrusting intensified, but this time she responded more vigourously. Now it was his eyes that widened as a volcanic eruption of sperm came from deep inside him, repeating until he felt totally emptied. He subsided onto her and she held him without speaking. When he regained the power of speech he could only echo Tony’s “Bloody hell!” but unlike Tony he stayed where he was.

“Was that really your first time?” He nodded.

“Truly?” Another nod.

“In which case I have to agree with you.” He looked enquiringly at her. “Bloody hell!” she said.

He hesitated, but then plucked up his courage to ask, “Did you, you know?”

“Climax?” A nod. She threw back her head and laughed delightedly. “That, Kevin, was one of the best orgasms I have ever, and I mean ever, had. And you did it.”

He slid off her, propped himself up on one elbow, and looked down at her, running his free hand first over her stomach, and then down. She put a hand up to stop him. “Don’t – I can’t take any more at the moment.”

He stroked her breasts instead. “Why. . . . , I mean why did you . . . . ” He couldn’t seem to get his question out, but she helped him.

“You mean why did a teacher like me pick on you two?” Another nod.

“Can’t you imagine the effect it has on someone like me to be surrounded every day by dozens of hunky 18 year olds, packed full of testosterone, with their gorgeous bums in tight running shorts, barely hiding their lunchboxes and shooting looks which make it clear what they’d like to do to me and the other female teachers? And seeing them groping their girlfriends, and not being able – not allowed – to touch them or give in to my natural urges? Coming away like this, where nobody knows me, gives me some freedom to indulge. Women are no different in may ways from men – they get horny and they want uncomplicated sex, without strings. Simple as that.”

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