Lindsay Loves to be Licked Pt. 02

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Continuation of the “Lindsay” series, Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off…

“Oh god, you do that so fucking well,” Amanda moaned as she grasped at the sheets, “have you been practicing?”

“What?” I asked as I removed my mouth from her sex and looked up from between her legs.

“Huh? What? Oh fuck, why did you stop?” She nearly shouted as she looked at me glassy-eyed.

“You asked if I’d been practicing eating pussy,” I stated.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean that literally. It was just sexy talk,” she explained as she sat up. “It’s just that you’re so damn good at it, who knows what’ll come out of my mouth when I’m in the throes of passion. I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean anything by it,” she said as she reached down to stroke my face.

I know Amanda was disappointed when I got up and began to dress, but she said nothing to me.

Later that week Lindsay and Michael had invited us over for dinner on Friday evening as a way of saying thanks for the assistance we were providing. Feeling nature’s call after an evening of food and drink, I excused myself to the bathroom. Closing and then locking the door, I turned and noticed a bra, obviously Lindsay’s, hanging on the linen closet door handle. It was beige colored, and had a laced midriff below the cups. I removed it from the door, and immediately checked the tag for cup size. Not surprisingly, from experience and what I’d previously observed with just my eyes, it read 34B. Then I brought the cups to my nose and inhaled deeply, searching for any trace of Lindsay’s now-familiar bodily scent.

I placed my nose deeply into first one, then the other soft foam cup, with my lips pressed against the material where her nipples and areola comfortably rest. I searched in vain for the heat of her firm, yet pliable and rounded skin as I felt my cock hardening in my now-constricting pants. Just before returning the bra where I’d found it, I took once last deep inhale of the fabric and thought I detected the faint fragrance of a woman’s perfume. I also realized I would have difficulty relieving myself, the purpose for entering the bathroom in the first place, if I didn’t stop playing with Lindsay’s lingerie. She was now in my head and I spent the rest of the evening floating in and out of their conversations as a number of rational and irrational thoughts made their way through my mind.

Amanda seemed concerned as we drove home. “You seemed to be a bit out of sorts this evening, babe. Everything okay? Are you feeling alright?”

“Been a long week, guess I’m just a little exhausted. Nothing a little sleep won’t cure,” I replied as we pulled into the driveway.

“Okay, just let me know if there’s anything I can do,” she said right before placing a soft kiss on my cheek.


Amanda was hurriedly trying to get out the door the following Wednesday morning, something about a presentation to an important client. Just after kissing me goodbye and heading for the door she immediately stopped.

“Shit, where’s my portfolio? Tommy will kill me if I don’t have the presentation,” she seemed to be saying to herself out loud.

Laying her purse, keys, and cell phone on the credenza, she’ll hurried back to the den we’d made into an office. Less than fifteen seconds later she quickly breezed passed me with a “Bye hun,” scooping up her keys and purse in one swift movement, and was out the door.

No more than ten minutes later Lindsay arrived with Charlie with the usual morning pleasantries exchanged. After getting the baby settled, she gave me a kiss on the cheek with a quick, but firm hug before departing, saying, “Have a nice day,” as the door closed. Still imagining her breasts pressed against me while I could smell her perfume in the air had me thinking about the next time I’d bury my face between her slim legs, which caused that familiar stir in my lower abdomen area.

Clearing my head, and ensuring Charlie was comfortable, I decided to make a small breakfast for myself. Just as I stepped into the kitchen, I heard that familiar “bling” sound Amanda’s phone makes whenever she receives an email or message. Hmmm, I thought to myself, she must have left her phone as she was making her earlier mad dash out the door. I’ll just call her at her office later when I’m reasonably sure she’d arrived.

A second “bling” rang out. I’d found a pan and was reaching for the fridge to grab a couple on eggs when her phone went off a third time. Looking over the istanbul travesti counter and at the credenza I began to wonder if there were some urgent messages she might need. I certainly wasn’t in the habit of looking through Amanda’s phone, but started thinking I should take a look just to ensure there was nothing important. The three messages were from Lindsay (L), to Amanda (A):

(L) “Hey M! So-ree, fell asleep here was proof my girlfriend/lover was encouraging her daughter-in-law to share her pussy with me. I’ve always loved the wild, slightly kinky side Amanda has, but this was a little different. Allowing her daughter-in-law to have oral sex with me was somewhat unorthodox, to put it mildly. More importantly, Amanda knew what I had done.

Did she think I was now hiding something from her? Obviously we’d have to bring this out in the open and discuss it. And the sooner the better.

And again, my mind working the way it does made me wonder just how intimate Amanda and Lindsay were, if at all. Guess I was going to find out. But first I needed to let Amanda know she’d left her phone at home, so I called her office phone.

“Lutz, Bang and Associates, Amanda speaking.”

“Hey babe,” I replied, “just wanted you to know you left your cell at home as you were rushing out the door.”

“Hi! Oh, okay. Didn’t really notice, I’ve been so busy since I got here. But looks like I’ll be home later than usual. Have to present to Carmichael at five, sorry,” Amanda said.

“No problem,” I said, “I’ll make something we can warm up when you get home. Have a good day, and get that account!”

“Will do, thanks babe! Love you.”

“Love you too, Amanda. Bye.”

I was back in the kitchen about to prepare something for later when Amanda’s cell rang. It was Lindsay.

“Hey you,” I said after the second ring.

“Uh, oh hey,” she seemed to be surprised. “I thought I called Mandy, sorry.”

“You did. At least her phone. She left it this morning, was in such a rush to leave. Matter of fact, I just spoke with her at the office to let her know. Anything I can help with?”

“Mmm, no. Just wanted to talk with her.” She sounded a little nervous. “Just girl stuff, you know.”

“Mmmm, not really since I’m a guy. But if it ‘s anything like us guys do then just keep it clean. Our conversations can get pretty raunchy.”

I was teasing her, but given what I think was on her mind, she probably didn’t know that. Plus, she may have been wondering whether I’d seen her and Amanda’s texts.

“Okay, so I’ll see you when you get here this afternoon. You are picking up Charlie, right?”

“Ummm, what?” Lindsay asked, before catching herself. “Oh, yes. Yes, I’ll be by later to get him.”

“Sounds great,” I replied, “looking forward to seeing you again this afternoon.”

“Uh. Yeah. Yes, sure, yes. See you later this afternoon.”

It was obvious Lindsay”s thoughts were all over the place, and I was admittedly having a little fun with her.

“Okay then,” I replied, “have a good day. Bye.”

“Bye,” she replied, but you could tell by the tone and inflection of her voice her mind was in a hundred different places.

Might as well make it interesting, I thought to myself as I went about preparing dinner. Which helped the afternoon fly by, and soon I had Charlie all prepped for his eventual departure when his mother arrived.

We’d long since made things informal with the kids, just come on in when you get here. No need for knocks or doorbells. Unless you found the door locked and the cars were in the driveway. That probably indicated Amanda and I were getting busy.

“Knock knock,” I heard Lindsay say, and I quickly made my way towards the door.

Just as she turned towards the room, having just closed the door, I stepped right in front of her and immediately closed the space between us, pinning her against the door as I passionately placed my lips on hers, immediately driving my tongue deeply into her mouth.

“Ooomph,” was the only thing she tried to say, quickly followed by a sigh as I felt her body relaxing against mine as she returned the kiss, our tongues now firmly dancing against one another, switching from her mouth to mine, and back. My left hand had a firm grip in her hair, without pulling it, as my right hand moved from her side boob, down past her hip and around to her ass where I pulled her lower body against mine, pressing my groin into hers. Her arms were now around my istanbul travestileri neck, and our kiss was becoming pleasingly wetter.

Pulling away just a little from her gasping body, I moved my right hand to the center of her groin, feeling her heat emanating through her clothing.

“It won’t be today, but we’re going to fuck soon,” I told her. “And when I’ve finished fucking you, you’ll beg for more. And get it.”

Her eyes were blazing as she returned the passionate kissing, almost knocking me backwards, but pulling me tightly against her body.

Pushing away slightly, she breathlessly said, “Do it now,” before engaging in another hard and deep kiss, and then pushing back slightly.

“Fucking do it. Do it now. I feel your hard cock poking against me and I’m fucking soaked down there. So do it, goddammit, just fucking do it already,” she said both forcefully and pleadingly.

“No,” I said matter of factly.

“Bastard! Fuck you,” she nearly screamed as she pushed me away from her. “Oh yes, you’re going to fucking do it, and I mean now. Don’t you dare give me that “no” shit,” she continued as she began undressing at the door.

“What are you waiting for, get those fucking clothes off,” she said feverishly.

“No,” I said again.

“Motherfucker,” she nearly screamed as her bra came off and she bent down to take off her panties while staring at me.

“I said get those fucking clothes off,” Lindsay shouted, her hands now on her naked hips.

That’s when I made my move. I grabbed her breasts with both hands and pushed her against the door again, feeling her nipples poking like soft spikes against my palms. I then quickly went to my knees and buried my face in her heated center.

“Son of a bitch,” she shouted as her hands grasped my hair and pulled my mouth further against her.

She was right, she was soaked and I eagerly drank everything she gave me as she opened her legs wider, pushing her pelvis against my nose and forehead.

“Ah, you pussy eating bastard, that’s it, lick me right there!”

I lifted her right leg and placed it on my left shoulder to gain better access to her charms, burying my face between her folds as she leaned against the door and moaned loudly over the slurping sounds emanating from the contact of my mouth against her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!” she screamed. “I’m going to come all over your fucking face,” she said as I heard her hands slap against the door and her leg pulled tightly against the back of my neck, forcing my nose and tongue firmly into her folds, her hands then desperately grabbing and pulling my hair. Sliding one, then a second finger inside her I slowly fucked her with them as I tongued her clit, pulling on it with my lips and sucking on her hardened bud with varying pressure.

Lindsay’s head banged loudly against the door as her body stiffened and trembled while her essence cascaded from her fountain. I savored all that I could capture.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as she began to collapse against both me and the door. I quickly steadied her by placing my hands on her ass. “Fuck, that felt so good,” she said.

As soon as I felt her steady herself, once she placed her right leg back on the floor, I rose up and immediately planted my mouth on hers, my tongue probing deeply in her mouth as she moaned back into mine.

Letting her finally catch her breath, her chest noticeably still rising and falling, I asked her, “Do you love tasting your cum as much as I do?”

She nodded slowly.

“Then the next time you need to get off, come inside and let me do it instead of playing with yourself in my driveway.”

Her eyes widened, and it appeared she wanted to say something, but just couldn’t verbalize it.

“Now get dressed and go home.”

“Fuck me before I leave, like you said you were going to,” she said as her mind returned to the here and now. I could detect a pleading in her voice.

“I already said not today. But soon,” I replied matter of factly.

“No, do it now! You’ve got me all ready for your cock” she said as she ran her fingers between her legs before holding them out as she moved closer to me.

“See?” she pleaded again as she showed me her glistening fingers. “I need you inside me.”

I took her hand in mine and brought it to my lips as I stepped as close to her as I could, which placed the back of her fingers against her mouth. I kissed and licked them as her own juices from the other travesti istanbul side smeared against her lips and face, before stepping back.

“Not today,” I firmly told her. “Go home. Now!”

She slowly got dressed watching me with fire in her eyes as I stared back, arms folded across my chest. I’d hoped she wouldn’t notice my hard-on pressing against my trousers, but she did.

“Look at you, you want to do it,” she said pointing at my crotch as she finished dressing.

“You needn’t worry, this will be taken care of shortly,” I said.

Lindsay looked up at me again, and I noticed she was biting her lower lip. She then moved into the living room, gathered up Charlie and his belongings and walked toward the door where I was waiting to open it.

Kissing her quickly on the lips and then opening the door I said, “Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed our little get together. I hope it’s not too long before we can do it again.”

She looked up at me with questioning eyes for a moment, appearing to want to say something, before looking down quickly and then back up at me.

“Thank you,” she said before quickly moving towards the car. I stood in the doorway as she secured Charlie inside, then got in and drove off without ever looking back at me.

Then I saw brake lights as she made her way down the street, and saw her pull over. I’m sure she’s okay, I thought to myself, maybe she just needs to gather herself as I turned and walked inside. Then I heard the text alert on Amanda phone. It had been silent most of the afternoon, and curiosity got the better of me. I knew it had to be from Lindsay, and picking up the phone, I was right:

(L) “M, where have you been all day?”

Lindsay obviously forgot our conversation earlier this afternoon when I told her Amanda had left her phone at home.

There was a pause for two to three minutes, and then:

(L) “God M, I’d barely walked into the house before he threw me against the door and went down on me! He had me screaming and cumming in minutes!”

Another pause:

(L) “Said he was going 2 fuck me. And I wanted him 2, but he wouldn’t! What the fuck is going on M?”

(L) “Think he saw me in the driveway this a.m. Said something about it, can’t remember exactly what, was 2 out of my mind 2 catch it all.”

(L) “Hope I didn’t ruin ur evening. Judging his condition when I left, it may be a gud evening for u both. Laters.”

The things these two talked about amazed me, and I wondered just how much they shared. Were they physically intimate? Amanda had never given any indications she was the least bit bisexual, but the thought did intrigue me from the typical male fantasy perspective. Well, it’ll certainly make for an interesting dinnertime discussion, I thought. A few moments later Amanda arrived home, and I greeted her with a firm hug and kiss. I opened my eyes a bit and saw her eyebrows rise.

“Well, hello there,” she said as she shifted back. “Umm, was Lindsay just here?”

I gave her a wry smile, having purposely not washed my face from Lindsay’s and my earlier encounter. Certainly she could both smell and taste another woman on me, the fact that she immediately defaulted to that woman being Lindsay was both interesting and amusing.

“Yeah, she came by about thirty minutes ago to pick up Charlie,” I replied.

“Oh, okay,” Amanda said.

“So, dinner is pretty much done. Why don’t you go and freshen up, maybe change into something more comfortable and I’ll set the table,” I told her.

“Sounds good,” she said as she moved towards the bedroom.

“Oh, your cell phone is on the credenza where you left it this morning. Thing has been chirping all day, you must be very popular,” I teased.

“Right,” she replied as she grabbed it and moved quickly into the bedroom.

I debated whether to use the Chinette plates in case a few were tossed at me5, but defaulted to the usual stoneware. Just as the last of the food was put on the table Amanda emerged smiling, wearing shorts and a tank top, with her hair up. I loved when her neck was fully exposed, she looked so sexy.

“This looks nice,” she said as she approached me, and gave me a soft, but lingering kiss.

“As do you,” I replied as we separated.

“Mmmmm. Flattery will get you everything,” she said with a smile.

“So,” I began as we both sat down and began placing the dinner on our plates. “I think I need to tell you something. It’s very important.”

“Sounds serious honey, what is it?”

This will be interesting, I thought to myself. Let’s see where this ends up taking us.

“You asked earlier about Lindsay being here,” I continued.

“Mmm hmmm,” she replied, her mouth containing some food.

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