Linnen University

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“Leslie Wook?”

“The fetus.”

“Correct.” James Brand said, smiling at her.

Brand was a health professor at Linnen University. Normally he had a small class but today his class was practically full.

Looks like people decided to show up today. he thought happily.

Leslie Wook was one of the few students who actually came regularly and he was glad. He wouldn’t admit it but that cute, petite Asian had a spell on him and she had a thing for him too.

“So I’m assuming that we all know how a woman gets pregnant, right?” he continued and pointed to a student who rarely showed up as he raised his hand.

Jagger Simons was sporting his signature bad boy grin and a few girls sighed.

“Isn’t it when the condom breaks?” he said, flipping his hair out of his face, still smirking.

Brand disapproved of Jagger. He joked around all the time, was extremely promiscuous, and his whole demeanor just screamed troublemaker.

The first thing you noticed about Jagger were his many piercings. He had four hoops in his bottom lip: two on the right side by side, one in the middle, and one on the left. His right eyebrow had a bar through it and so did his tongue. He also had his septum pierced and Brand thought he looked like a bull. He also had a tattoo across the front of his throat that read: Jagger in cursive.

Aside from all of that he was an extremely attractive man. He had strawberry blonde hair that fell a little below his shoulders, eyes as blue as the Caribbean sea, smooth olive skin, a pleasant face and he was in excellent shape. Girls and guys fussed over him constantly.

That was another thing that made girls love Jagger: his bisexuality. They were in love with the fact that he was attracted to guys. Jagger would use it to his advantage, often making out with one of his best friends, Slater Howard, to provoke attention from girls. Guys would even approach him in the locker room for sex, guys like Brad Stockton the university’s star quarterback. Several teachers, both male and female, had to be fired for having a sexual relationship with him. He was irresistible.

Irresistible to everyone except James Brand. “Yes, that’s one way Jagger.” Brand said, sourly.

He was preparing to start his next question when Jagger interrupted.

“Can’t that be avoided if you fuck her in the ass or if she gives you head?” he said, running his tongue over his lip rings.

Brand couldn’t stand this guy.

“Yes. The terms you’re looking for are anal and oral sex.” he corrected.

“No I’m not. I know what I said.” Jagger commented and a few girls giggled.

“Besides,” he continued. “That’s the end of the lesson.”

“It is not. Today’s lesson is on how to prevent pregnancy.” Brand said, defiantly.

Jagger sat forward and his low cut V neck shirt tightened around his chest. By now all of the girls were turned to stare in awe at him. Leslie was one of those girls to Brands dismay.

“It is. Two ways to prevent pregnancy: doggy style and giving head. End of lesson.” He said and Brand sighed.

“There are-” he started.

“Next!” Jagger interrupted and Brand frowned.

Jagger’s Sinop Escort friend Slater, who was sitting next to him, patted him on the back, laughing.

Slater Howard was another student that Brand disapproved of. He was just as bad as Jagger and just as devilishly good looking.

Slater had light brown hair that fell to his shoulder blades, eyes like liquid gold, baby soft light olive skin and a beautiful face with a toned body. He was also equally pierced and tattooed. He had a hoop through the right side of his bottom lip along with a bar going through the meaty part of his lip in the middle, a bar through his tongue, his septum, and a bar through his left eyebrow. His name was tattooed on his left forearm all the way from his wrist to the tip of his elbow and on the back of his left wrist was Jagger’s name. On the inside of Jagger’s right wrist was Slater’s name.

Slater wasn’t nearly as promiscuous as Jagger but he was close. Girls loved him for the same reason they loved Jagger: his bisexuality. That was like a God-like gift to the girls on the Linnen U campus. When Jagger and Slater were together you could almost guarantee that there was going to be some boy on boy action. Girls were always nearby with cameras and whatnot just waiting for it to happen.

Though Slater had something that Jagger didn’t that helped him in his sex life. Slater was from Essex in the United Kingdom so he had a thick Cockney accent that girls melted over.

“Nice.” Slater said and Jagger grinned at him.

Jagger sat back and put his arm around Slater’s shoulders, pulling him into a tight hug.

“I love you man.” Jagger said, his voice slightly muffled by Slater’s Four Year Strong hoody.

Slater hugged him back.

“I love you more.” he said and girls began to aw. Brand sighed.

Here we go again. he thought, bitterly.

The admiration turned to squeals as Jagger began to kiss Slater’s neck. Slater bit his lip and buried his hands in Jagger’s hair. Camera phones began to click and little flashes from digital cameras went off like paparazzi.

Jagger pulled back, running the pad of his thumb over where he kissed Slater. “Hickey.” he said and Slater laughed.

He leaned forward and kissed Jagger on the mouth, whispering, “That’s okay.” Brand didn’t appreciate any of that.

“Homosexuality’s another way to prevent pregnancy.” he commented, dryly and Slater looked at him smiling.

“You would know all about that wouldn’t you?” he said and everyone laughed.

Brand frowned.

Jagger took Brand’s silence as an opportunity to take Slater’s face and kiss him hard. The flashing and clicking started up again. Jagger moved closer to Slater, wrapping his arm around him, pulling him closer. Slater could feel something no one else could see and his face started to get hot. He broke the kiss but Jagger was still probing.

“I’m horny.” Jagger said, trying to pull Slater’s face back. Slater was trying to push Jagger away but he wouldn’t budge. Squeals of delight had joined in with the sound of clicking cameras. A few boys were turned and watching the ordeal.

“Come on.” Jagger whined, obviously Sinop Escort Bayan getting upset with chasing after Slater.

Jagger managed to grab Slater’s face and right before kissing him, he whispered, “Let’s fuck.”. Slater felt his dick stiffen a little but he had self control(somewhat) unlike Jagger.

He broke the kiss again and looked into Jagger’s gorgeous blue eyes. He saw nothing but pure, unadulterated lust. He stole a glance and sure enough Jagger Jr. Was up and ready.

“That’s for you.” Jagger said, sexily and tried to kiss Slater again. Slater stopped him and shook his head.

“Let’s at least wait until class is over.” he said and Jagger frowned.

It looked as if he were contemplating raping him or waiting. It was looking more and more like rape until Brand spoke again.

“Class is over in 10 minutes. Can you not wait 10 minutes Jagger?” he sounded, exasperated.

Jagger nodded, reluctantly.

“Whatever. Go on Brand.” he said, leaning back.

“I won’t fuck Slater. Yet. Teach your class.” he continued, unbuckling his pants and grabbing Slater’s head.

Brand almost lost it. His words were barely heard over the screams of the girls.


“What is your deal? First you prevent me from fucking Slater now you won’t let him give me head? Damn. YOU’RE the ultimate pregnancy prevention, Brand.” Jagger said, zipping his pants back up. Brand pulled at his hair.

“You can’t just have someone perform oral sex on you in the middle of class.” he said, not believing he even had to say it.

“Why not? They don’t say anything against it in the student handbook.” Jagger argued.

Slater was disappointed as he saw Jagger Jr. begin to disappear. It wouldn’t have been the first time he pleasured Jagger during class or during Brand’s class. He had no problem getting Jagger off or vice versa but when it came to sex with his best friend, he was iffy about it. He never told Jagger no but he never told him yes either but Jagger being as persistent as he was always tried to make him do it.

“Can you not keep it in your pants, Simons?” Brand said.

“If I’m about to bust a nut, I’m going to fuckin’ whip it out. Either someone’s swallowing or it goes on the ground. Fuck. Not like I care. It’s not my classroom. Have fun explaining that to the janitor.” Jagger said, defensively.

“You’re pathetic.” Brand commented.

Slater was keeping out of the argument for the most part but when Brand began insulting Jagger that’s where he drew the line.

“Your sex life is.” Jagger retorted.

“Leslie Wook ‘as a more active sex life that you, Brand.” Slater butt in.

“What does she have to do with anything?” Brand asked.

“Don’t act stupid.” Jagger said.

“Everyone knows you fancy ‘er.” Slater said, rolling his eyes.

Brand turned red.

“I do not.” he said.

“So you won’t mind my saying that I fucked ‘er last night.” Slater said and Leslie turned beet red and put her head down.

“I don’t.” Brand said but it was obvious he did.

“If you don’t mind where Slater’s dick has been, Escort Sinop I KNOW you’ll mind where mine has. Let’s play a game. By a show of hands who fucked Leslie last night?” Jagger said and raised his hand. Slater did too.

“That’s what you call a three way my good friend.” Slater said, just as smug. Leslie suddenly rushed out of the classroom, crying.

“She did that last night as well. Though not in the same context.” Slater said as the door closed.

“It sounded more like: ‘oh.. Yes. Jagger. Fuck me, Slater. Yes.'” Jagger said, imitating a woman having an orgasm. Slater laughed.

Brand looked like he was about to explode.

“Class dismissed.” he said through gritted teeth, fists clenched. The look of hatred in his eyes would send escaped demons of Hell running back.

“We still ‘ave 5 minutes.” Slater said, smiling.

Jagger grinned and began talking to a smooth coffee colored girl who sat in front of them. Slater followed suit and joined in the conversation. They both climbed over their desk and sat next to her, one on either side. Before class was dismissed the girl, Carrie was her name, had given them both her number and she was going to meet up with Jagger in his dorm when she was able to get away from her fiancé.

“You’re too gorgeous to be engaged.” Slater murmured, caressing her cheek. Carrie’s got hot and she held his hand there. Slater leaned and kissed her softly on her luscious lips.

“Goddamn.” he whispered and kissed her again, longer this time.

Jagger wrapped his arms around Carrie’s waist from behind and began to whisper things he wanted to do to her in her ear. She moaned softly and both him and Slater chuckled. Slater grabbed her hips and pressed his body against her.

“Let’s make this a group thing. How’s that sound, kitten?” Jagger said and leaned to kiss Slater.

Carrie pulled Jagger’s face from the kiss and kissed him. Slater softly kissed her neck, making her moan.

A bell sounded letting them know class was over. The boys broke their hold on Carrie and Slater grinned.

“Hickey.” he said and Carrie’s hand shot to her neck.

“Fuck me.” she said, getting up and walking away upset.

“We will. Later.” Jagger called after her and Slater smiled.

The two went to leave the classroom when Brand called them over.

“Yeah?” Slater answered, bored.

“Even though you two never show up for class, you both have the highest grades.” Brand said, reluctantly and stiffly.

“What’d you expect? Were we supposed to be failing a sex class?” Jagger asked and Slater and him shared a laugh.

“That all?” Slater asked.

Brand nodded and the two walked away. Slater stopped just before leaving and turned back to Brand.

“By the way, ‘ows Leslie’s grade? Not too ‘igh I know. After all she was a virgin until last night.” he said and he and Jagger burst into laughter.

Brand was horrified and angry. His jaw dropped.

“At first there were tears of pain because I didn’t give a fuck. I wanted her pussy so I just went all out.” Jagger said, reminiscing.

“They soon turned to tears of pleasure. Damn ‘as she got a set of lungs on ‘er. A nice ‘ealthy set too. She was deafening.” Slater said, biting his lip.

“I’d do it all over again.” Jagger said and Slater nodded.

“Same ‘ere.” he said and the two left laughing and leaving James Brand in complete shock.

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