Lisa and a Man called Horse Ch. 03

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Robert had everyone meet at the studio. He had set it up to look like two separate rooms for the first outline where Lisa and Horse meet on the internet.

Cameras were situated in each room as they conversed with each other. It was made to look like they were chatting with each other but nobody could hear them or see what they were typing.

Robert did six scenes like this over the course of three days. Each scene lasted two hours as it would in real life.

All we could see was the two of them at their computers typing. Robert explained that later on, he would insert text from each of them onto the screen and it would look like they were going back and forth.

Day four was when things got interesting. This was the time when Lisa and Horse meet for the first time.

Robert had changed the studio to look like the outside and inside of a restaurant where they meet.

Robert yelled action and the cameras whirred.

Lisa was standing in front of the restaurant wearing a black dress with the hemline above her knees. It was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra. They were supposed to meet at 7:30.

As she is waiting, Horse shows up at exactly 7:30 and walks over to Lisa and introduces himself.

He says, “Hi Lisa! I am Bartholomew but you know I prefer my friends call me Horse. You are more lovely in person. I hope you weren’t waiting too long. Shall we go inside?”

Lisa responds, “I’ve only been here a few minutes. You are taller than I expected and cuter. I didn’t have a chance to eat all day and I am starving.”

They go inside and Robert yells cut.

The scene moves inside as the waiter sits them at a booth in the corner.

The waitress brings over some wine to sample and they select two to have with their meal.

Lisa then orders lobster while Horse orders a steak.

Over dinner, they make small pendik escort talk and get to know one another.

Horse says to Lisa, “You know when we were chatting on the computer, you looked like someone I know but I can’t remember who.”

Lisa answers, “People say I look like Linda Hamilton and Nancy McKeon but I don’t see the resemblance.”

Horse tells her that wasn’t it but that she does look like them.

After they spend almost two hours having dinner, they leave the restaurant. Once outside, Lisa asks, “Horse, it is such a beautiful night, why don’t we stroll down the avenue. My place isn’t far from here and if you like, you can come up for a night cap.”

Horse looks at her and says, “I would like that. We can walk off our dinner and have a cordial afterwards.”

As they walk, Lisa looks down at his pants and sees his hard cock straining against its confines but doesn’t say anything. She thinks to herself that he must have a very big cock and smiles.

After about a half hour, Robert yells cut and the action stops.

Everyone rests a bit and gets ready for the next scene which will be at Lisa’s place.

The studio has set up the scene to look like Lisa’s apartment and her bedroom.

When Lisa and Horse arrive at Lisa’s place, the cameras catch them as they go upstairs to Lisa’s apartment.

Other cameras are set up and start as soon as the door opens.

Lisa asks Horse if he would like a cordial and he says yes. Lisa then says, “Horse, I am going to get into something more comfortable if you don’t mind. Make yourself at home.”

As she goes into her bedroom, the camera catches her removing her shoes and dress and putting on a short black nightgown that barely covers her ass and cunt.

When she is ready, she comes out and Horse’s eyes open wide and he puts his drink down and gets up and walks escort pendik over to her.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He says.

Lisa looks at him and asks, “Would you care to join me inside?”

Horse nods his head yes and follows her inside.

Four cameras catch the action.

Lisa starts undressing Horse and when she slides his shorts down, she lets out a gasp at what she sees.

“No wonder they call you Horse. That is the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

As he looks at her he says, “I do know you. You are Lisa who does porno. I recognize your pussycat tattoo. I can’t believe it. You are my idol.”

She smiles and tells him he is right. Then she pulls him to her bed and they embrace and kiss. His cock is rock hard and pressed up against her body.

Horse says to her, “All the girls I have known have always run away when they saw how big I was, but not you.”

Lisa says, “Horse, I love cock. You know that from my movies. To me, the bigger the better. Tonight I want your cock in me.”

After a some foreplay, Lisa tells him she wants his cock in her. He mounts her and she spreads her pussy wide and he slips his huge cock into her wet cunt.

The cameras catch his cock disappearing into her cunt until it can’t go in anymore.

He starts fucking her, slowly then faster and harder. Lisa tells him to cum in her.

He pumps his cock harder and faster then tells her he is cumming.

Suddenly, he screams out that he is cumming. Lisa’s hips raise off the bed as his cum floods her cunt. She yells out in pleasure that it feels so good.

Even as he pulls his cock out of her, he is still spurting out cum on her legs and thighs.

Cum is now flowing out of her cunt as she lay there spent.

Robert yells cut and filming stops.

Tiffany, Tammy and myself go over to her to make sure she is pendik escort bayan ok. Horse is also nearby to make sure Lisa is fine.

Robert tells us to rest while he checks out the scene on film.

We take Lisa to a room where she can rest. The girls go in and clean her up and bring her something to eat and drink.

Robert peeks in and tells her to take an hour break.

In the meantime, Horse and I are discussing Lisa’s likes and I let him know that she loves to give blow jobs and that if he can work that in, do it.

Tiffany and Tammy come out and said Lisa is taking a nap.

The four of us sat around and chatted until Robert was ready.

Finally, Robert said the scene was terrific. He also said that he decided to let Lisa rest and have the girls, Horse and me do the next scene. He said he would insert that in the movie later on.

The set director quickly changed the bedroom to make it look different. Robert said that he just wanted the four of us in bed having sex and it wasn’t scripted so they could do whatever they wanted.

We all looked at each other, got naked and headed to the set.

Cameras were rolling as we got into the bedroom. I immediately grabbed Tiffany and started kissing her. Horse and Tammy were in an embrace and falling onto the bed. Tiffany and I joined them.

The girls were on their backs as we mounted them. Tammy was moaning as Horse slid his cock in her cunt. I slipped my cock into Tiffany’s cunt and started fucking her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lisa standing outside watching us. I fucked Tiffany faster and harder as Horse was plowing his cock into Tammy.

I yelled out I was cumming and shot my load into her cunt. Just then, Horse said he was cumming and shot a ton of cum into Tammy’s cunt.

I immediately pulled out of Tiffany and told Horse to continue shooting his cum into her. He changed cunts in a second and finished cumming in Tiffany’s cunt.

We were all completely spent. The girls cunts were filled with cum and we saw Lisa smiling as the scene ended.

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