Lisa, Jeff , I Visit the Island

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This story is dedicated to my good friend Jeff P who, without his input, this story wouldn’t have been possible…


This is a stand alone story but is part of the series “The Hidden Island” which should be read first to give you a better understanding of the island.


After months of going back and forth with Jeff & Lisa, we were finally able to coordinate a weekend where the three of us could visit the infamous island together.

Now, Lisa and I have never met Jeff but we have exchanged many texts and pictures, so we at least knew something about each other. However, the one thing we all had in common was that we all loved sex.

I told Lisa some of the things the island offered and she was a little nervous but said she wanted to go and give it a try.

Lisa is in her early 50’s. She is 5’7″, long black hair, brown eyes, 38d tits with large nipples.

I am in my late 60’s, s/p hair, hazel eyes, 175 with a 7″ cut cock.

Jeff and I worked out the details and set the weekend to visit, which was this coming weekend.

The day arrived and Lisa and I were on our way to meet Jeff and visit the island.

It was early Saturday morning when we connected with Jeff on the nearby island where we had to take a boat to the Island. The boat trip took an hour and we used that time to get to know each other.

Jeff said that the place we would be staying at was very nice. We had a nice cabin that had a large shower for six, a hot tub, a king sized bed in the one and only bedroom. He asked Lisa if that was a problem and she quickly answered no.

Jeff told us what to expect, which was to expect anything when it came to sex. He went on that anything and anyone is fair game on the island.

He emphasized that we were allowed to watch, participate or start anything to do with sex, anything.

He told Lisa that she could dress anyway she wanted but most people are nude.

Then he said, “Lisa, you are a beautiful woman and I guarantee the men and women will want to have sex with you, all kinds of sex and fetishes. So, please be prepared.”

Lisa replied, “Well Jeff, I didn’t come with Tony just for the scenery. I am sure he told you things about me, such as I am a nudist, I have done threesomes and am just starting to get into water sports. So, I am not a prude and will try most anything at least once.”

Then she said, “Tony, I have to tell you something. For a year now I have been seeing a specialist who helps women to lactate. He gave me hormone treatments and meds to start me giving milk. And, I am now able to satisfy your desires to milk me anytime you want.”

As she finished, the boat pulled into the dock area.

Before we knew it, we had checked in and went to our cabin.

It didn’t take long before we all undressed and got naked. I then noticed that Lisa’s pussy was now smooth. I asked her about it and she said, “I figured everyone would want to see what they were getting so I made it easy for them.” As soon as Jeff saw Lisa naked, he got a hard on. Lisa smiled and went over to him and gave him a hug. His cock poking her as they hugged.

Lisa wasted no time in kneeling in front of Jeff and slipped his cock into her mouth. In a few short minutes, Jeff shot his cum in her mouth and I watched as she swallowed it all.

She got up, kissed him and said, “Let’s go.”

I just looked at Jeff who was shaking his head and smiling.

Since Jeff knew the island, he led the tour. We didn’t have to go far to see a young woman on all fours with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. As we watched Lisa said to Jeff, “That’s no big deal. I’ve done that.”

He smiled as we continued along the path.

On the side were two guys jerking off with an older woman underneath them. We watched as both guys shot their cum on her face and tits. Then we moved Along.

As it was very warm, we sat on a bench under a tree to rest. No sooner than we sat down, a guy approached us and knelt in front of Lisa.

Without saying a word, he spread her pussy lips and started eating her. Lisa just looked at me and Jeff and smiled.

As the guy continued eating her, another guy came over as did a woman.

The woman started sucking on Lisa’s nipples as the guy took Lisa’s hand and wrapped it around his big, hard cock. Lisa smiled and started to jerk him off.

As Lisa was being pleasured, she wasted no time in jerking the guy’s cock until her came on her. He thanked her and left.

In the meantime, the woman left and the guy was still eating her. Just then, he stopped eating her and moved himself into position on the bench, as we moved aside. We saw him slide his cock into Lisa’s cunt. They started fucking and soon, the guy let out a yell and shot his cum into Lisa’s pussy. He thanked her, got up and walked away.

The three of us wandered around with cum oozing out her cunt and down her thigh. Lisa was fascinated at the sexual freedom there was on the island.

Lisa was even more amazed at the way people’s inhibitions were non existent, niğde escort doing very personal things in public, openly peeing for all to see and those women who had their periods not bothered about tampon strings being visible and lots of other things.

We all laughed and Jeff said, “Well Lisa, this is just the start. I hope you are enjoying yourself.”

Lisa smiled and told us she was.

We finally got off the bench and continued our walk.

I told them that I had to pee and Jeff & Lisa said the same. So, the three of us walked over to a big tree. Lisa stood between us as we faced the people passing by and the three of us started peeing. Jeff and I made sure our streams found their way to Lisa and we gave her a nice warm golden shower, which drew a few onlookers.

Jeff took us to another area where we saw people tethered to a pole. The tethers were long enough for the people to lay on the ground. They had collars around their necks and there were six of them, three men and three women.

We watched as people came up to them and did whatever they wanted to them.

One guy who was tethered was getting a blow job from a male passerby.

A tethered woman was being fucked.

Another guy was getting a golden shower from a woman and a guy.

Another tethered woman had a cock in her ass and after the guy came in her ass, he finished off by peeing in her ass. We watched as his cum & pee flowed out her ass.

As we watched a spot opened up and Lisa said she wanted to be tethered. She went up and put the collar on and waited.

As she waited, a guy went up to her and put nipple rings on her erect nipples. However, we noticed that they were electrodes that gave off shocks to her nipples.

We watched as he set off the shocks and Lisa screamed in both agony and pleasure. Her nipples got even larger. The guy kept doing this every few minutes and Lisa was writhing in pain and pleasure and her nipples almost doubled their size. Milk started pouring out of her nipples down her body.

Within seconds, she had a crowd around her. One guy told her to get on all fours. When she did, he was able to slide his cock deep into her ass. Just as he was starting to fuck her ass, another guy came over and slipped his cock in the first guy’s ass and started fucking his ass.

A woman laid on her back and slipped under Lisa and started licking Lisa’s pussy as Lisa was being ass fucked.

The first guy said he was cumming and came in her ass. The second guy came in the guy’s ass. Then he filled his ass with his pee which dribbled out and all the way to the woman eating Lisa’s pussy.

Finally, Lisa stood up and men & women started sucking on both of Lisa’s nipples trying to drink her milk. We could see her nipples were more erect than usual and she was really enjoying it. Milk was flowing out and they were all drinking from her full tits.

Lisa was on the pole about an hour when she decided she had enough.

Lisa was covered in cum and pee and milk as we walked back to the cabin since it was getting time for dinner.

At the cabin Jeff said, “Well Lisa, what do you think of the island? Is it what you expected?”

Lisa smiled and said, “To be perfectly honest Jeff, I enjoyed it all. I hope after dinner, things would be even more exciting though. Anyone want to join me in the shower?”

We wasted no time in saying yes to her.

As the hot water cascaded over our bodies, I washed Lisa’s back and Jeff took good care of her front.

As I washed her ass, I managed to slip my cock in her cum filled ass. She jumped a little but soon she was pushing down on my cock.

Jeff noticed and spread her pussy lips and inserted his cock in her cunt.

After a couple of seconds, Jeff and I were in synch as we fucked both her holes.

All Lisa kept saying was, “Oh God, this feels terrific. That’s it guys, fuck my holes hard. Get me ready for more fucking sex later.”

Jeff said, “Yes, baby. Tony was right. You are his slut. You’ll do anything, right baby?”

Lisa answered, “That’s right Jeff. He made me a whore, right Tony? I want more.”

I replied, “Yes, Lisa. I made you a slut and you love it.” You’ll do anything I say, right my lovely whore?”

She yelled out, “I am going to cum. Don’t stop fucking me. I want to be fucked all night. Yessssss!”

Lisa came a ton, having multiple orgasms as her body shook.

Jeff and I had the same idea and we both filled her holes with our hot piss until it ran down her legs.

We finally finished and got Lisa to rest on the bed as Jeff and I went into the living room.

We talked about the day and how it went. We both thought Lisa was terrific and expected the rest of the time here would be no different.

As we talked, my cock was on the rise. When Jeff saw it, he reached over and started playing with it and I did the same to his.

Before long, our cocks responded to our touches and we got into 69 and gave each other a blow job.

Just then, I saw Lisa standing in the doorway, watching nişantaşı escort us.

She said, “That’s it guys. Suck each other off for me.”

Then, she opened the door and asked a few people passing by to come in and watch us.

As a few people watched us, we both shot our cum into each other’s mouth, swallowed and got up as the people left.

Lisa smiled and said, “I’m starving. Let’s get something to eat.”

We all dressed and went to the on site restaurant. The food and wine were exceptional.

When we got back to the cabin, we undressed and took another stroll before it got too dark.

Lisa asked Jeff, “Do you think we will see anything special tonight?”

Jeff started to say something, then pointed to a woman who had a see through outfit on and naked underneath, except for rubber panties.

He said to watch her.

We followed her and then we saw pee dribbling out from her rubber panties. She was peeing herself as she walked.

Next to her was a naked guy who was also peeing as he walked with her.

We walked further and Jeff pointed out a woman and six guys near a big tree.

We stopped and watched. Jeff just told us to be patient and just watch.

We stood across and watched.

The woman was laying on her back as the guys stood over her. We thought they were going to jerk off and shoot their cum on her but we were surprised when each guy started giving her a golden shower as her mouth was wide open, trying to drink every drop of their pee.

We couldn’t believe she was able to drink as much as she did.

Then, she got up as one guy laid on his back and squatted her pussy over the guy’s face.

We saw her letting out a stream of pee into the guy’s mouth and he drank her every drop.

Jeff asked, “Lisa, any interest in trying that?”

Lisa looked at me and said, “I’ll tell you what. Tomorrow, you find me a few guys with nice cocks and I will do that and, I’ll either give each one a blow job and/or they can fuck me in any hole they want as long as I have an audience.”

I looked at her and asked if she was serious. She looked at me and replied, “Like I said before, I didn’t come here for the scenery.”

We went back to the cabin and undressed and had some wine. After awhile, we headed to bed. Lisa got in the middle and for the rest of the night Jeff and I fucked her numerous times. When we finally fell asleep, Jeff still had his cock in her ass and I still had my cock in her cunt and my mouth on her nipple.

The next morning, we showered and went for breakfast. After breakfast, Jeff disappeared and met us back at the cabin.

It was another hot day and as soon as we got back from the dining room we got naked.

When we were all ready, we headed out for another adventure.

It wasn’t too long before we had our first encounter. We saw an older woman and two young women together.

We watched as the two young women were sucking the older woman’s nipples which, for her age, were erect and large. As she was yelling that she was ready to come, she started peeing in a forcefull stream and only stopped when she had an orgasm.

We moved along and found ourselves watching couples fucking in various positions.

As we continued looking for sights, Jeff took us down a path where there was a large platform about a foot off the ground.

There were at least six men already on it and they all had nice sized cocks. Jeff looked at Lisa and said, “Lisa, they are waiting for you.”

Lisa looked at me, then Jeff and said, “Well, they certainly have nice cocks. I hope you guys enjoy the show.”

Then she stepped up and got on the platform. By now a nice sized crowd was watching in anticipation and clapping for action.

Once Lisa got on the platform she said, “Gentlemen, I want to thank you for joining me today. Here is what I want: All of you can fuck me in any hole you choose and you may cum in them; before you finish and you can do this at any time, you are to give me golden showers on my body, in my mouth or in my holes. I wouldn’t mind it if you slipped as many cocks in me as you can fit at any time. Do you understand?”

They all replied, “Yes.”

Then Lisa turned to the crowd and said, “I hope you enjoy the show.”

She turned to the men and said, “Gentlemen, shall we start?”

With no further words spoken, the show began.

Lisa was on all fours as the guys lined up behind her. One by one they slipped their cocks in her cunt or her ass. They wasted no time in pumping her and cumming in her.

She even had cocks in both holes at the same time.

As the guys were fucking her from behind, guys were in front of her getting blow jobs.

Both holes and her mouth took all the pee they gave her.

Some of the guys started pissing all over her. One guy just shoved his monster of a cock in her mouth and just started peeing. We could see her trying to drink it all but she couldn’t. She even had to catch her breadth before continuing.

With ankara olgun escort all the guys cumming in her holes, all we saw was cum flowing out from her holes and down her inner thighs.

She was covered in pee. Her hair was soaked as well. The crowd loved it all and word quickly spread and Lisa was the center of attention.

Finally, more than a hour later, the show ended.

However, just as the guys left the platform, a bunch of women of all ages rushed the platform and joined Lisa.

As Lisa laid on her back, the women started lapping up the cum and pee off of her body.

Then the women, one by one, squatted over Lisa’s face and started peeing into her mouth.

There must have been at least six women who peed in her mouth before they finished.

One woman even peed all over Lisa’s tits and nipples then licked the pee of of them.

It was truly a remarkable show.

We had to help Lisa down and she rested on the bench with me and Jeff.

When she rested, she said, “Well gentlemen, how did I do?”

We looked at her and we both said, “You were terrific.”

Then Jeff said, “I was just informed by the manager that you can come back anytime for free if you perform like that some more.”

Every now and again, some people organize a party on the village green, where some of the visitors perform for the delight of other visitors.

Seating is arranged in a rough circle and in the centre, those who wish to perform, do whatever turns themselves on.

A party was set up for the Sunday afternoon and people gathered around.

We didn’t wait long.

Myself, Jeff and Lisa sat together, naked, glad for a rest from all the sex we’d had, interested in what some others were going to get up to.

A woman in her late sixties, I guess, went into the circle, wearing a strap-on dildo and not a small one by any means. It had to be 8 or 9 inches.

She was joined by a much older lady, maybe in her very late 80’s, wrinkled, a sagging belly and sagging breasts, which may have been quite large in her early years.

The younger of the two sat on the chair and we watched, fascinated as the wrinkled old lady stood astride her lap and maybe a minute later started to lower herself onto the dildo.

“She’ll never take that up her cunt,” Said Lisa.

But, she did and sank all way down onto it.

The seated woman moved up and down, fucking the old lady.

Suddenly, a younger woman, maybe in her late 40’s, entered the circle and stood astride the very old lady’s lap, facing her.

She had ample breasts and the old lady grabbed them and eagerly sucked the generous nipples, while she was still being dildo fucked.

Then the younger woman began to piss on the old lady’s lap, her hot stream gushing forward.

Believe it or not, the old lady had an orgasm. She’d obviously kept herself ‘at it’ over her later years.

There was a round of applause for their show.

The biggest surprise was to come though.

They were in fact, grandmother, daughter and granddaughter and they had all been in a lesbian, incest relationship for a long time.

We wondered what would come next.

I then heard a hissing sound.

“What’s that noise?” I asked.

“It’s Lisa, she’s pissing herself.” Said Jeff.

We looked down and sure enough, pee was hissing as it left her pee hole and flooding through the slats of the chair onto the grass underneath.

Jeff leant over and cupped his hand under her, getting it wet, then lifted his dripping fingers to his lips and licked them.

I told Lisa she was a dirty fucking slut.

Meanwhile, more was going on in the circle.

Some people engaged in the scat fetish and when a middle aged female entered the circle pooping as she walked, a man that was with her, bent her over and as she was still going, he pushed his ample cock into her asshole and for few minutes fucked her hard and then shot his load.

There must have been a few devotees, as there was a round of applause again.

More people entered the circle to show off.

A fully dressed female, maybe in her 50’s laid down on the grass.

She wore a thick skirt, blouse and a cardigan, not ideal in this heat.

She was sweating.

While she laid down, she lifted her skirt to expose her stocking, suspenders, and thick old fashioned panties.

A couple of guys walked over to her and began to pee all over her. This encouraged several others to join in, pissing all over her clothes, soaking them, her face, hair and in her mouth.

Then the first two guys remained, wanked themselves and came on her.

One of them saying she was a dirty, smelly old cunt.

As the ‘show’ continued, Lisa reached over and grabbed my erect cock and began to wank me.

I was so excited I was going to cum fairly quickly.

She leaned over and sucked me off, swallowing my hot cum

Jeff saw her lean over, resting on one cheek of her bottom, her asshole visible.

He reached down and pushed a finger into her ass hole, then gently eased in a second in as well.

She remained in that position for a few minutes, while he worked his fingers in and out of her ass hole.

When he finally removed them, she sat upright again, smiling and produced a loud fart, which got a round of amused giggling around us.

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