Little Lies

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Big Tits

It had been a long week at work for Chad, he had put in about fifty hours and was stressed as much as one man possibly could be. His job albeit not that stressful overall had it’s finer moments that he could usually pinpoint at the end of the day.

Usually one of the most relaxing days during his week, while also being the most stress filled were Thursdays. This was the day he brought his weekly checks in and also the day he would get to see the beautiful women of his home office. His supervisor was a raven haired beauty that he had at first thought of as a ice princess. But as the time had worn on he had discovered a bit more depth to that persona. Now she always seemed to smile and giggle whenever he told a joke. She had also become one of his biggest supporters as he had proven himself to her in his position.

He had often watched her as she stood up and seemed to float above the carpet inside the office, her skirt flowing behind her. Or at times even her slacks molded to that hot tight ass of hers. A few times he had even glimpsed a bit of her thong panties or gotten a good look down her blouse when she bent over to talk to him as he stood beside or in front of her.

One of his friends had decided to drag him out on this night. A cute coed that knew his wife was away and he needed to get out of the house. The girl had played on his soccer team and they had become good friends. She and a few of her college girlfriends had decided to make him enjoy the night and had plied him with drinks until he was loose enough to join them on the dance floor.

“Amanda, you know I can’t dance…hell girl, I’m white. I may be smooth on the soccer field and graceful there but on a dance floor I have two or three left feet,” he chuckled.

“Shut up and get that white ass out here mister. I think there’s enough hot young college girls ready to dance and grind with you that you won’t have to worry about your feet you’ll have other things getting in the way.”

So letting her lead him by the hand Chad joined Amanda and her friends out on the dance floor. As the bass pumped and he began to grind amongst the group he felt a little relieved that none of them were paying attention to his lack of gracefulness and instead intent on the cock in his pants that was starting to rise to all the action. He knew that beyond a few gropes a maybe if he tried really hard a handjob on the way back home none of the girls would be having sex with him. They all new he was married, and his wife was away and that he had remained faithful to her. The only one of the group that he would have ever expected to have a shot with was Amanda and he didn’t really see that happening tonight, she seemed to be eyeing bostancı escort one of the bouncers and what Amanda wanted, Amanda got.

Chad needed a drink and slipped out of the circle of girls reassuring them that he would return in a few moments as they grabbed his shirt and tried to keep him there. He turned around one last time to look at them as he made his way to the bar and could see Bobbie one of Amanda’s friends holding her hands about eight inches apart and smiling at the girls as she nodded her head. He reckoned at this point she was revealing what she had felt up against her ass during one intense moment on the dance floor as she had rubbed that tight ass of hers up and down the length of his shaft. Shrugging his shoulders and smiling to himself he walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. After sucking it down quickly he decided to completely cut loose and enjoy the company he had for this night and just play it cool. “You never know what these uninhibited girls might have up their sleeve even for a faithful guy like yourself,” he thought.

Sliding back among the group he danced for nearly a half an hour before the girls announced some of them needed water and a trip to the bathroom. He was still left out there with three of the girls and as they danced he turned around and noticed a dark-haired beauty with her back to him.

“Fuck it,” he thought as he stepped in closer behind her watching her ass sway with the music. I’m only out every so often and I’m here with all these girls so if she turns around and doesn’t like me dancing with her then I’ll just return to the group. Slowly he approached dancing with the beat and when the girl felt him behind her she never turned around, she just bent forward a little more and pressed her ass against him as they danced. She reached back without ever looking at him and as her hands ran up his thighs she found his hand on her waist and lifted it toward her ass. She brought it down quickly as if she wanted him to mock spank her and he readily complied.

Slapping her ass playfully imagining what she might look like naked he knew that his cock was leaking pre-cum and pushing into her but could care less at this point. She was grinding back against him so hard that his cock was trapped between the globes of her ass and her hands were one the back of his thighs and then squeezing his ass as she continued to tease him. When the song ended the DJ announced that it was time for a couple slow ones and that he would be taking a quick break before starting things back up again. The girl that had been grinding wildly on him seconds ago slowly stood up and turned around and gave a little gasp.

“Chad . . . ” she stuttered, ümraniye escort bayan “I didn’t know that was you back there.”

To his amazement he was looking deeply into his supervisor’s lust filled eyes. “I had no clue it was you either young lady,” he teased.

“Hey stop that young lady crap, I’m only a day younger than you are, so what brought you out here tonight I thought you didn’t go clubbing and join in this nonsense now that you’re older,” she quipped.

“Well Christy, I was dragged kicking and screaming out here by a few of my friends that I play soccer with and forced to have a good time tonight . . . the real question I think would be why are you out here and where is your boyfriend?”

The slow songs had started and without realizing it they had begun to dance in a slow rhythm with Chad’s arms around Christy’s waist. “Well, as a matter of fact he’s at his parents this weekend and refused to come out with me so I decided to come out with a few girls I went to school with.”

As they continued to dance, Chad could still feel his hard cock trapped between them, as embarrassing as this could be come Monday thought Christy wasn’t pulling back away from him at all. In fact she put her arms around his neck and pulled him a little closer and began to whisper into his ear so that they didn’t have to shout anymore.

“I have to tell you Chad, I’m a bit tipsy tonight and despite not wanting any rumors to get started I can’t seem to push you away.”

“Christy, you don’t want to push me away, I can see that in your eyes and I can tell by the way that you were dancing with me earlier that you liked what you felt,” he said looking down into her eyes.

“But, come Monday or hell next Thursday when I see you in the office I’ll be remembering tonight Chad. Maybe we should just go our separate . . . ”

Chad didn’t give her a chance to finish, he bent down just a little and despite his being married and her having a boyfriend and being his boss, he kissed her. All the months of tension that had pent up in that office on Thursdays and in the months since he had seen his wife just poured through that kiss. To his surprise Christy didn’t try and stop him or pull away, she had opened her mouth and reciprocated his kiss with matching intensity. Their tongues began to massage one another and she pulled back just a bit and giggled when his tongue hoop had flicked across her own tongue.

“Mmm that felt kinda nice and kinky Chad, but really we should stop now,” Christy whispered into his ear.

Chad threw caution to the wind and reached down and cupped her ass and gave it a good squeeze as he pulled her close. His mouth found her neck kartal escort and he gave it a soft bite and flicked his tongue against her neck as she returned the favor on his own body.

Grabbing her hand Chad lead Christy to a secluded corning of the club and pushed her against the wall. His hands roamed her body and as he kissed her again she lifted her leg and wrapped it around his calf. Her hands had in turn began to slide over his back and he could feel her nails digging in as he bent his head down and popped one more button open on her blouse and pulled down the bra there. Her breasts weren’t big but they were a great deal for him right now he thought as he flicked his tongue against the nipple.

“Oh my god, what are you doing to me . . . ” Christy whispered in a soft mewls.

“Just what you want me to do girl,” Chad growled into her ear before he slipped his lips back to hers again. His hands quickly found the bottom of her skirt and deciding it was now or never he pressed her more firmly against the wall and slipped his fingers up the inside of her thigh until he found her panties. They were already soaked at the crotch and he pushed his fingers inside the material and ran his hand up and down her moist slit.

“We have to stop this now Chad,” Christy said as she grabbed his arm, “we can’t do this because if we do there’s too much to lose for both of us.”

“I’m going to go tell my friends I’m leaving Christy, and then I’m going out front to get a cab home, if you change your mind you’ll know where to find me in about five minutes.”

Chad walked up to the dance floor and quickly located Amanda and her friends as he told her quickly that he was feeling a little too drunk to stay and that he didn’t want to end the fun she just grinned at him.

“Don’t be such a liar Chad. We all saw you with that hot little thing back there what are you doing taking her home?” she asked.

“Well no actually she shot me down and I just don’t feel like sticking around tonight, it’s been fun though and we will do this again soon. I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m just going to go get a cab.”

“All right then, but I’ll call you when I leave here tonight and make sure you’re all right. If you want some food or something then I can hit one of the restaurants that are open late and we can pop in a movie.”

“Ok sweetie but if I don’t answer I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m pretty beat anyway.”

Amanda gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and patted his ass as he walked away. Chad wasn’t sure if Christy was leaving or not as well and decided not to look for her just to head out of the club and find a cab.

It took ten minutes to hail a cab but finally he got one and just as he slipped in the door opened again and Christy slid in beside him. Chad never balked at her as she slid her hand up his thigh, he just gave the driver his address and the leaned back in the seat.

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