Little Sex Toy Ch. 03

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“What have you learned, boy?” He’s sitting on my couch. I’m naked and lubricated, can feel the K-Y jelly slippery and wet up between my cheeks. It’s just two days since he visited me last. My toenails are glossy pink and I’m wearing the pink heels I got to please him. I’m shaved and moisturized baby soft top to bottom.

“That I keep myself ready to play, keep my toes painted for you.” I look to the floor.

He stands and starts to undress. Takes his time, makes me very nervous, he says nothing, just strips slowly and folds his clothing and places them neatly on the end of the couch. When he’s completely naked he sits.

“What else?” He stares at me.

“I’m your fuck toy, your sex slave.” I hear my voice shudder as I say the last part.

“We’ve also learned that when I use your ass you clean me after. You don’t wait to be told, you just do it.” He rises fast and walks to me. He grabs my arm tightly, shakes me. He slaps my face.

“Uh…please.” I feel tears in my eyes. I look at him, look deep into his eyes. I feel my lips quiver. “Please…”, it’s all I can say.

He pushes my arm away and sits back down. “New thing you to learn and you better be quick about it. When I snap my fingers, point to my lap, you drop what you’re doing, lower your pants if you’re wearing any and lay across it.”

He spreads his knees apart. “Come here.”

I walk to him quickly, feel him take my wrist and pull me down across and over his left leg. I feel his other leg go up and over the backs of my thighs as his left leg digs up and into my lower stomach. I’m pinned in place across his one leg. I feel him reach down and take the back of my hair, he holds my head down tight. I can’t move. I feel it hard to breath with his muscular leg up in my stomach.

“This is the proper position. Learn it.” He starts to spank me.

He spanks so fast and hard I can’t help but to cry out, feel myself lose my breath. He ignores my cries, hits my rear with his open hand as hard as he can. Only sound in the room is the loud ‘CRACK’ of his hand coming down hard across my naked exposed bare rear end.

Within minutes I’m hysterically crying, begging him. He just keeps spanking me. I writhe on his lap, completely subdued by him, feel my stomach ache as I press against his leg and knee.

He spanks me until I’m sobbing, crying like a baby. Then he stops and rests his hand across both of my cheeks, feels me quiver under his touch. His hand burns, feels like fire. He just keeps it rested there. I feel him fondle me, he pets my rear end.

“Cute little red butt. So cute.” He’s not talking to me, he’s talking to himself. Now the only sound in the room is me crying and shaking on his lap.

And then he takes his leg off of me, releases me. He slaps me hard one more time and I cry out so loud that I’m sure my neighbors can hear me. He’s rock hard underneath me. I’m aware of that for the first gaziantep bayan eskort time, his cock is pushed up and as I get up off of his lap I see it stand straight up. It’s huge, rock hard. He’s wet at the end of it. He’s covered with prep-cum.

He takes me roughly by my arm and leads me to the stairs, hear my shoes click on the floor as he hurries me up to my bedroom. I’m still crying, sobbing as we go.

He takes a pillow quickly with his free hand and puts it where he did the last time, in the middle of my bed. I feel him push me to it. I know what he wants.

As I lie across the pillow I feel my tears on the sheet under me, feel my fingers dig into the bed as he mounts me from behind. He pushes his erection into me quickly and starts to fuck. He fucks me to cum. I push my butt up and toward him. I know what I am and what I’m supposed to do for him. I can feel the welts and bruises on my stinging cheeks. I relax my tight little hole and then grip him tightly with it as he goes all the way into me, moves in and out, hoping he’ll like that. He says nothing, just fucks me hard. I feel his legs go up and in between mine. He forces my legs apart, spreading my rear and cheeks. He pushes into me as deep as he can and holds it there. He starts to pump very fast to cum. The bed shakes, the sound of him groaning and grunting, yelling ‘bitch’, ‘little slut’, ‘fuck’ and other things as he fucks me deeply fills not only the bedroom but my house. I’m very sure any neighbor can hear him, can hear it all. I don’t dare say a thing. I just lay still and take it.

He cums in less than five minutes. When he finishes he pushes up and off of me like he did the day before, so rough it hurts my back. I say nothing, just hurry to my knees and start to lick and suck him clean. He stands and watches, still panting, groaning and breathing deeply as I suck his cock and lick him all over his legs and balls.

Before I finish he pushes my head away from him. I look up from the floor. He walks to the door, says nothing. It all took less than seven minutes. I know because I watched the clock again on my night stand.

Back down stairs he sits on the couch. I hurry to join him, his cum all over my rear and on my chin.

“Now tell me what you’ve learned.” He leans forward, legs slightly spread. His cock is huge, hangs over the cushion on my couch. I think to myself I love looking at it, love touching it, love how he looks. I’m completely owned, his bitch

“I clean you after you use me. I lay across your lap when you snap your fingers and point to your leg.” I hear my voice quiver. “I’m your boy to use as you want, your sex toy. I do what I’m told to do when I’m with you. I keep my toes painted pink for you. I have to get some sissy shorts and sissy t-shirts. I have to make you proud if you take me out and show me off.”

He laughs so loud it scares me. Keeps laughing, I look back at him. My rear is burning from being spanked, feel his cum run down the tops of the backs of my naked legs. I feel his large hand prints on my cheeks. Before he can say a word I keep speaking. I feel very calm and focused.

“I keep myself shaved baby smooth for you. I never talk back. I please you with my mouth and rear end whenever you like. I belong to you.” I stare down at him. He’s not laughing anymore. “And if you want to slap my face I never pull away, I let you slap me.”

He’s silent, looks somewhat surprised. I stare at him, cool almost aloof.

“I want this more than you know. I do.” I just stare into his eyes. “I’m going to be the best little sissy you’ll ever have. I want to do this for you. I let you pee on me if you want to. I lick your rear if you want me to. I will do anything to please you.”

He holds his hand up, silences me. “Come here.” He stands.

I walk to him. He pushes my face to his chest. He holds me up close to him, feel his nipple at my mouth. I start to kiss it, suck it, while keeping my hands at my sides. He holds me close and I feel him naked up against me, feel how strong and masculine he truly is. He’s so big, so strong, I start to melt into him.

“Just don’t let anybody hurt me, please.” I feel tears in my eyes, feel my voice shudder again.

I feel his hand hold my back, feel him push me up tight against him. I feel his other hand take my penis. He starts to stroke me as I suck his nipple.

“I’m not going to do anything we both know you don’t want me to do. If I whip you with my belt it’s because I know you want me to do that, right baby?”

He strokes my small erection in his hand. I’m breathing so heavy, feel hypnotized by this man, “Yes…yes, ooooo, yessss…please, don’t stop.” I push up very close and into him. I feel him run his hand up my back as I suck his nipple, lick it with my pointy little tongue. I feel him pet the back of my head, run his hand down my back to my rear.

He holds me tight and up close to him. He keeps me there like that for what seems like forever. Feel his hand run over my little hard on, makes a small circle with his finger and thumb, runs my penis though it slowly. He plays with me, feel him rub my pre-cum all over the head of it. He’s driving me absolutely crazy. Feel myself wanting to tell him I love him.

I say nothing.

Then I feel him release me. He takes his hand off of me and pushes me to my knees, gently. I reach up and take his cheeks in both hands, hold him in tightly place, his rock hard cock is right in front of my face. I look up at him and run my tongue up the full length of it. I take him into my mouth. I run my tongue over the hole while I hold just the large head of it in place with my lips. I hear him say, “I know what you need.” He smiles down at me as he says that.

I start to pump to make him cum again, I masturbate him with my mouth, long full strokes, drive him crazy with my lips as I lock eyes with him. I look straight up at him as I fuck him rhythmically back and forth with my mouth.

When he cums I hold him in still and in place by his rear, suck him and swallow quickly until he finishes. I dig my fingers into his cheeks, bring him up and onto his toes. He puts his hands on the back of my head, hear him moan as he finishes in my mouth, seems like he never stops cumming.

“You like the way I do that for you?” I stare up at him, his cum all over the inside of my mouth, let his cock fall from my mouth and bounce against my chin. I slide his semi erect cock back into my mouth, not waiting for him to answer my question. I lick the end and gently nibble the head of it, push my tongue up into the hole deeply.

He jumps up onto his toes. “You are the perfect dirty little bitch, the perfect whore.” He pushes my head away. Taking his cock in his hand he wipes it on the side of my face and in my hair. He moves away from me and starts to dress. He is completely dismissive of me. He’s through with his fuck toy for now. I stay naked on the floor watching him.

“Do you want me to do makeup? I’ll do that too.” I look up at him, feel the bruises on my rear, my burning cheeks. I feel his cum all over the inside little hole. I taste him all over the inside of my mouth and feel him on the side of my face and on my chin too. I feel totally used, completely and totally used. I look to the floor at his feet.

“I want a submissive sissy boy. Lipstick might be nice, but don’t want a girl. The part I like best about this is that you are my bitch, my little faggot boy toy. For now you just get some very tight sissy things that leave no doubt as to what you are, tight shorts that show off that little soft dick and the crack of your ass.” He finishes dressing. “Get some of those tight little shorts teenage girls wear, the kind with no zipper, soft and cute, just pull them down off your ass fast when I want to use you.” He laughs.

“I have several friends that would enjoy that mouth.” He looks at me. I say nothing.

“But that ass belongs to me. He walked toward the door, large boots on the wooden floor, felt it shake under me. “Nobody fucks that ass but me, bitch. Learn that too. Send you to somebody to suck their dick, give a handjob, you do that for them, better do it real good. They try to fuck that little rear end of yours you better run, you let me know. I own that ass.”

He stares back at me. “Do you have any questions?”

I heard myself mumble ‘no’ as I looked up at him.

He walked out and closed the door behind him.

I masturbated twice onto the floor. Just laid there and made myself cum thinking about being spanked, thinking about how big and strong his hands are. I hated it when it was happening, really hated it. But now it was all I could think about. It was all I wanted him to do to me. I wanted to be spanked again. Wanted to be used again too, I was addicted. I knew what I was at that moment.

And I didn’t care who knew.

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