Llisa Gets Used

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Big Tits

We met in a chat room, hitting if off with each other from the start. Something about her was special, we became addicted to each other. We were online lovers and friends. The best there could be. I couldn’t believe I finally found someone that loved the same things as I do sexually. It’s like we were meant for each other. Her name is Lisa… 37 yrs… 36c-34-36… 5’7″… guessing about 140 to 145 lbs. Never asked her weight as most women keep that a secret. She was beautiful, one look at her and any guy would want her. I’m older, 52, 5’11”, 175 lbs. Still with a very strong sex drive. We exchanged pics, I couldn’t believe it… she was built like a brick shithouse. I knew I had to have her. We cybered every night on the net, she loved being used as my sex toy, my little cumslut, my whore, always referring to her as my little girl, daddies little girl. She loves calling me daddy. It was great between us. Finally the time had come, we were meeting at a motel room for the weekend. We had to have each other.

I arrived at our meeting place early, waiting for Lisa. I had spent the last three days, bringing myself close to orgasm, but not letting myself cum. Wanting to build up the biggest load of cum I could for our first fuck together. It was so hard not to let myself cum these last few days, but Lisa is going to be worth it. I wanted to save it all for her. She knew I would be there before her, wearing nothing but a robe. She would be wearing a this see through blouse and short skirt, no bra or panties. I hear a knock on the door, opening it I saw Lisa, looking even more beautiful than her pictures. Her nipples showing through her top. Her short skirt showing off her sexy legs. We say hi, smiling at each other. I grab her pulling her into the room, wrapping my arms around her. We embrace, giving each a long passionate kiss. Her hand unties the front of my robe letting it drop to the floor. She says she has waited a long time for this, as I feel one of her hands grab my hard cock. I tell her that her pictures didn’t do her justice, how sexy and beautiful she looks, telling her she looks so fuckable.

She works her hand slowly up and down on my hard cock, then letting go as my hands remove her top, exposing her tits and seeing her hard nipples. Lowering my mouth to one of her nipples, sucking, licking and biting them, knowing how much this turns her on. My hands find the waist of her skirt, pushing down until gaziantep escortlar her skirt falls to her feet. Her hand goes back to rubbing my hard cock, I lick and suck on her tits, pushing them together with my hands, being able to put them both into my mouth at the same time. My cock slides out of her hand as I kiss my way down to her pussy, wanting to taste her juices before fucking her. Pushing her legs apart, my tongue licking at her wet pussy lips, tasting her, making me want her more.

We are so hot for each other, I stand, her hand grabs my cock, guiding it to her pussy, shoving it in as I stand all the way, she wraps her legs around my waist, burying my cock deep into her. Her pussy feels even better than I could have ever imagined. Finally I have my cock in the pussy I have been wanting for so long. I carry us around the room, Lisa riding my hard cock, moaning crying out to fuck her hard. I push her up against the door, shoving my cock as hard as I can into her, fucking each other fast and hard, driving her ass tight against the door. So hot for each other, have waited so long for this moment. I feel her pussy muscles tightening around my cock, at the same time feeling the pressure building in my balls. We fuck hard and fast, Lisa cries out moaning in pleasure as she feels my cock swelling bigger in her tight pussy. Knowing I am ready to cum. Her pussy muscles tighten even more on my cock, she cries out she is going to cum, I shove my cock deep inside her, holding it there as she feels my hot cum shooting deep inside her pussy, crying out she is cumming, cumming so hard, flooding my cock with her juices. Our first fast hard fuck together. Keeping my now semi-erect cock in her pussy with her legs wrapped around my waist yet. Kissing each other long and passionately, telling each other how good that felt.

Lisa: “I am going to love being your little slut for the weekend, your sex toy, your whore, your cumslut, your little girl, to do as you wish to. “

“You are mine for the weekend, and you will be all of those to me and more. I will use you for my pleasure knowing how much that turns you on.”

I carry you to the bed, laying you down on your back, seeing all the cum on your pussy and thighs that has run out of you.

“Daddy needs to clean his little girl up.”

“Oh yes daddy, please I love your hot tongue on me.”

I push your legs apart, lowering my mouth to your smooth sexy thighs, licking the cum off, licking up to your wet pussy lips. MMMmmmm, lifting your legs, licking from your clit to your ass, licking every drop of cum from you that has run out of your pussy. My tongue slides into your pussy, licking and twirling inside you, your hips start to move, pushing at my mouth, wanting more. I tongue your pussy deeper and deeper. Hearing you moan with pleasure. My tongue moves to your clit, licking and then sucking it into my mouth. Shoving two fingers in your wet pussy, your hips start thrusting at me harder. Your legs wrap around my head, pulling me tighter as your push your hot pussy harder into my face. Your hips start bucking wildly as daddy finger fucks your pussy and sucks hard on your clit. Soon my little slut is flooding my mouth and my fingers with her juices, cumming hard, moaning loudly as you do. You calm down, feeling my tongue lapping up all the juices.

I get up on the bed, straddling you your face, lowering my cock to your mouth, daddy needs his little girl to clean the cum off his cock and balls. You eagerly take my cock into your mouth, sucking and licking my shaft, then licking my balls clean. Making my cock hard again, needing to fuck and use my little slut again.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. I forgot room service was bringing our food. Throwing my robe on I open the door, a young woman and man, in their early twenties stand there with our food. Telling them to bring it in, not thinking of you laying naked on the bed. They eyes widen and mouths drop open as they see you. Smiling at them I ask if they like what they see. I see the name tags on their shirts. Mike and Beth. Asking Mike if he would like to have you as his tip. He looks at me, I smile and said she’s yours to use and fuck. Beth is licking her lips, watching you laying there, you smile at Mike. He slowly walks toward you, removing is clothes. I walk up behind Beth, letting the front of my robe open, she feels my hard cock against her ass.

We watch as Mike gets up between your legs, guiding his cock to your pussy. As Mike slides his cock into your wet cunt, my arms go around Beth, cupping her tits through her top. She moans, we hear you moaning as Mike is fucking you hard now. Using your pussy for his pleasure. Beth removes her skirt and panties, bending over offering me her wet pussy to fuck. She is so hot watching her co-worker fucking your pussy she needs to be fucked now to. I shove my cock deep into her pussy, my balls slap against her clit. Her pussy feels good, but not as good as my little sluts pussy. As I pump my cock hard in Beth’ pussy, we see Mike and you fucking each other harder and faster. Your legs wrapped around him, pulling him tighter into you. Beth is meeting my every thrust, shoving her ass back at me, driving my cock deeper into her pussy. My balls slapping hard against her clit. Pressure building in my balls, you and Mike both moaning loudly that your going to cum. Beth crying out she is going to cum and to ram her pussy hard. We all fuck wildly and hard, Mikes cock shooting his hot cum deep into your pussy and you flood his cock with your juices. I and Beth go over the edge and cum hard together, her cunt being filled with my hot cum.

Suddenly Mike and Beth realize they are still on duty and need to go quick. They dress fast and are out the door. I lay with you on the bed, in a 69 position. Offering your mouth my cock to clean up. You feel my tongue licking and lapping up the cum on your thighs, down the crack to your ass, then your pussy lips until your cleaned up of all the cum that had run out of you. I feel your mouth sucking my cock, then your tongue licking my balls clean. Then you take my cock back into your mouth, sucking hard on it making my cock hard again. Making me want to fuck my little slut one more time before we sleep. I turn around, seeing you smile as I kiss you, feeling the head of my cock at your pussy lips, knowing I am going to fuck you again before we sleep. I shove my cock deep into your pussy as we kiss and I look into your eyes. Your legs wrap around my waist, pulling my cock deeper into you. My slut so hot for her daddy’s cock. My hands each take one of your hard nipples and pinch them. Kissing your lips harder as we fuck each other widly again. Your hips thrusting up at mine, as I’m ramming my cock hard and deep into you. Fucking my slut hard, pinching her nipples, making them hurt, the way my slut likes to be used. We fuck hard and wild, until you cry out your cumming, squeezing your pussy muscles on my cock, making my cock explode in your pussy, shooting my hot cum deep inside you as your pussy floods my cock with your cum.

We roll onto our sides, letting my cock rest inside your pussy as we hold each other, hugging and kissing. Telling each other how great tonight has started out. As we fall asleep in each others arms, smiling, knowing that this is just the beginning of a great weekend.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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