Local Convention Connection Ch. 02

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“A friend of mine, Jim, said to E mail you and you would come over to suck my cock. When can you get here?” It was signed Dominick.

I had just returned from a great blow job encounter with Jim, and here was another guy wanting my services. I usually only suck a cock once every three or four months, but here was an opportunity to get a second one tonight.

Suddenly I received an IM

“Hello. Did you get my message?”

“Yes, thank you for thinking of me.”

“When can you get over here?”

I was lost in thought. I wasn’t sure what to say when he sent another IM:

“Anything oral, right?”

I responded, “Yes, but I prefer not to kiss.”

“I want you to kiss my cock, not my lips. It’s over 7 inches uncut and Jim say’s you’re a good cocksucker.”

He gave me his room number, and as if in a haze, I was back at the Hilton, taking the elevator up to the 7th floor. My first uncut cock was waiting for me. There, under the door was his room key and I used it to enter Dominick’s room. The room was dark, and I suddenly realized I had never seen Jim’s face earlier tonight, so he could have seen me enter through the lobby and I would never have recognized him.

Dominick was standing, near his bed, wearing a white robe from the hotel. It was dark and I could just barely make out his figure. It was strange that I make out the robe but his body due to the darkness.

“Over here cocksucker. Get on your knees in front of me and open my robe.” He had an accent I couldn’t place.

I love dropping to my knees in front of a guy. I opened his robe and out popped a hard dark cock, hitting my face. From what I could see, his entire body was dark, like a deep dark tan with no tan lines. He wasn’t black, but close I would guess.

I started bahçelievler escort bayan to take his cock into my mouth when he turned around and bent over. “Jim tells me you like to eat ass. Eat my ass cocksucker, and do a good job or else!”

I enjoy being called a cocksucker, because I am a cocksucker.

I couldn’t believe Jim had told him that I ate his ass. I was embarrassed and not sure what to do. Fortunately, Dominick had a musky scent to his body, not freshly showered but not offensive either. I moved my face to his ass cheeks and he told me to pull them apart so I could get in close and stick my tongue up there. I did. He tasted much different than Jim had earlier tonight.

“That’s it, lick it deep. Stick your tongue up there. Oh that’s great. No one has ever licked my ass. In my country even dog’s don’t lick an ass. You are truly a good slut like Jim said you were.”

In my country? I wondered where he was from.

“Keep it up until I tell you to stop and move your tongue more. That’s it. Keep going slut.”

My tongue was getting tired and fortunately he relented and told me to get up and lie on his bed. He removed his robe and his entire body seemed to disappear in the darkness.

He straddled my head, a knee on either side of me and lowered his balls to my mouth. I automatically opened my mouth and tried to take his balls into my mouth, but they were huge, so I took one at a time, slowly licking them.

“Love my balls cocksucker. No matter what happens here tonight, I want to know that you love serving my body.”

I did what he told me to, and started thinking of my situation here. His body was pinning me to his bed. He could smother me if he wanted to with his balls alone, but balgat escort bayan he seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. He seemed to be testing me for something.

He lit a match and then lit what appeared to be a cigarette sized cigar. I caught a glimpse of his facial features, while sucking his balls, and realized I was with someone from the desert, possibly Iran, or Iraq. My eyes opened wide at that realization, and then the match was out and all I could see was the orange glow of whatever it was that he was smoking. I detest smoking and to make it worse, he blew his smoke into my face, but I looked up at him as if I was loving every second of my time with him.

I must have hesitated sucking his balls, and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, and said, “Eat my balls!”

I did as he said as he fed me his balls, one at a time.

Finally he backed off and brought his cock to my mouth. “Bruce, you did say anything oral and I expect you to suck my cock. In my country, if we catch a man sucking another man’s cock we behead the cocksucker and stick his head in the town square. If you don’t do a good job sucking my cock, I may just do the same to you.”

I didn’t need his motivation, but it did put the fear of failure in me.

His cock seemed to be huge. He began fucking my face, slowly at first to make sure it fit in my throat, a new experience for me. Then he started using my face like a pussy, moving back and forth, and back and forth, picking up speed. I made sure I worked my lips and tongue around his cock. The sensation was tremendous and as scared as I was in this position I was also living a dream, serving a man as he commanded.\

“You suck cock better than any woman I have ever met. batıkent escort bayan You must suck a lot of cocks to be this good.”

I shook my head no. How could I explain that I have only sucked four cocks, including his friend’s before meeting his cock? I love sucking cock so much that it just comes naturally to me.

His cock was starting to pump my mouth harder and harder, and his body stiffened. I had no choice this time, I had to swallow his cum. His first shot was so thick it surprised me. I had to swallow after every shot, or my mouth would have burst. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a single drop of his cum.

He left his cock in my mouth after he finished, letting it deflate. He slowly pulled it out nad I was able to take a breath and realized his cum tasted much different than Jim’s earlier had tasted.

Finally Dominick lifted himself off the bed. He walked towards his bathroom.

“My friend Jim was right to tell me about you. You suck better than any slut I have known and you are the first man to suck my cock. I have many clients who visit here regularly, all married and all who have never experienced what I have tonight. May I have my friends and family contact you?”

Two cocks in one night was a record for me. I was used to sucking one cock every couple of months. Now I was being presented with an offer to suck other strangers in the future. “Yes, I’ll do whatever pleases you.”

“And you will do anything oral for my friends as well?”


“Good. In my country you would be put to death my friend, for what you just did. I am glad we are not in my country. Now leave me.”

I headed back to my apartment. I took a long hot shower and fell fast asleep. It wasn’t until the next morning that I checked my E mail messages.

Jim: Thanks for taking care of Dominick. He is in charge of our travel division and he approved of my choice for him. We have many clients that may need your services. They visit Long Beach and Anaheim often. We will contact you when we are ready for your mouth again slut. I will tell others about your talents.

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