Locker Room Lucky

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“Please leave please leave please leave.” I watched as she gathered her towel and gym shoes into her backpack. Every time it looked like she was on her way out so far, she had instead meandered on in her routine. Now it looked like she was finally going. I glanced away from her to check on the group in the weight area. Still there, the six of them.

“Get out get out get out.”

I’d been afraid she’d stay all day and ruin my chance, but it seemed she was getting out. I breathed a sigh of relief when the door closed behind her. Just in time it turned out. The tall blonde of the group I’d been eye fucking had just announced the end of his set and that he was taking a shower. Nods and murmurs from the rest confirmed that they too were nearly done.

Lingering at a recumbent bike, I ran though the mental list. Shaved? Completely. Front close bra for ease of removal? Check. Though not comfortable for any real work out… Same went for the skimpy black thong under my yoga pants. Condoms? Hoodie pouch. I waited, pulse quickening as I watched the second, then third man head for the men’s lockers. The remaining three were putting up their weights and wiping down equipment. Go time.

I slipped off my perch and jogged silently across the room to flick the lock closed on the door. A hastily written “closed temporarily, please come back later” sign was slapped onto the glass and I glanced behind me to make sure no one had seen. Clear. There was a wall blocking the main area of the gym from the locker room doors. I snuck around it before the remaining guys saw what I was doing. Inhaling deeply I pushed though the door marked “men’s.”

It was similar to the women’s area. Rental lockers in rows with benches in between. Low lighting, warm colors. The main difference was where the women had a full wall between the showers and lockers, the men had a half wall. It hid the lower bodies of the guys as they talked and laughed in the steam of the shower. Their upper bodies were oh so visible. The blonde had the shoulders and back of a swimmer – strong, powerful, tapering to his waist. I knew from watching that he had strong, long legs, but wasn’t overly bulky. He was the tallest of the group at nearly six four. The two he was taking with were twin brothers, brunette and buff, shorter by a few inches, and more muscular over all. They had long hair that they were shaking out of their usual low pony tails.

I’d fantasized about the twins nearly as much as the blonde and my body responded to their nearness with a thrum. I was leaning at the half wall, misted with shower spray and staring at their asses in turn before any of them noticed I was in the locker room. The blonde turned his body from the flowing water and opened his eyes just as my mouth began to water at the sight of what lay between his legs. Even flaccid, his cock was beautiful, as I had hoped it would be. His mouth fell open and he reached blindly to smack the shoulder of the twin next to him. He flailed at the other man several times before he responded “what?” in a low rumble. Blonde’s head nodded towards me, never looking at the other man.

“Fuck!” He said when he finally picked up on the clue, turned slowly, and saw me. His brother looked up, startled at the exclamation. Blonde had finally moved again, reaching behind him to turn his shower off. The three stared at me. “You’re in the wrong room, girlie.” Twin two said, just as deeply as his brother. They both had thick dark hair on their torsos, dripping wet and begging to be tugged. Blonde was smooth and hairless. I licked my lips, imagining running tongue and teeth over their chests.

“No. I’m not.” I pulled the hoodie off and stood in yoga pants, gym shoes, and tiny bra that did nothing to cover my breasts. They stared, and I chuckled. The twins’ dicks were limp and not as impressive as Blonde, but while I watched they both twitched as blood redirected.

The door opened behind me. “Hey!” I turned to see the remaining three enter the room. There was a short, powerful redhead that had tattoos trailing his body everywhere the eye could see. The other two were dark haired, nearly black eyed, and slender, lithe and taut. They, all six, were taller than I was, heavier, and definitely more muscular.

“Hi guys.” I made it a purr. It was better than I could have planned, with three in front of me, staring openly, and the three behind me doing god knows what, but already semi aroused. “I’ve been waiting for you.” I toed my shoes off and turned away from the new three to face the ones I had naked. I slowly, with lots of hip twitching and shimmying, slid my yoga pants down my ass, revealing the thong to the men behind me. I was rewarded by hissed intakes of breath and a soft “dear god.”

When I stood in my underwear I rotated slowly. They were all practically drooling and Red had started rubbing himself surreptitiously through his work out shorts.

I sauntered into the shower area, the steam bringing Ankara escort goosebumps to my arms and turning my nipples into hard nubs that strained through my bra. The twins had moved closer together, standing in the spray of one shower head. Blonde was still standing dripping. He too was growing. I slipped into the water with the brunettes, wiggling my ass at blonde. I turned to look at the other three.

“Well, aren’t you… Coming?” I turned back to twin one. “And what’s your name?”

He swallowed a few times before he could answer. “Sam.”

I turned my head. “You?”


I stroked my hands down each of their chests, down their bellies, brushing lightly against their growing arousal. I slithered in between them, rubbing my breasts through my bra against their furred chests. Blonde stepped up. “Neil.” I turned to him, ran my hands down his chest and slipped down to my knees.

Sam and Paul laughed as I smiled. “I like to be told what to do…” I was now pounded by the water, soaked through. And surrounded by three beautiful men. I ran my hands up and down their legs, taking turns with each. Neil grabbed a fist full of my hair and turned me towards him.

“You do, do you?” He was now fully erect and throbbing at eye level. He was a smooth, thick seven inches at least with a large head and lightly furry pubic patch. My heart pounded as I nodded, feeling the wetness between my legs building. I was so turned on.

I heard the sounds of bare feet and the twins moved a few paces away from me. Suddenly the circle around me doubled and I gazed up to find that red and the dark haired ones had stripped to join us. They were all dripping wet, and I realized they must have rinsed quickly before they came to us. Red said “Nick.” The others were “Pat” and Tony.

All around me were six of the most beautiful erections I’d ever seen. Sam and Paul hadn’t been impressive before my strip show. Now as Paul reached to release the catch in my bra I saw that they were each a full eight inches long and at least two around. I moaned softly as I continued to look. Nick was a modest six inches, but with a wicked upward curve that turned his body into a scimitar. Pat and Tony were each seven or so inches, though Pat was slightly thicker. “Oh, this is going to be fun” I said.

Neil’s grip on my hair forced my face back toward him. “You want to suck my cock?” I nodded and lunged for his body. I licked and nibbled as he thrust my head down until I had no choice but to take as much as I could.

“Oh fuck, yeah.” He let me draw back and I breathed deeply. On my own I forced myself down on him again, sucking as I went and flicking my tongue along his length. Bobbing up and down a few times I finally was able to take him all in and my lips met his bush. His hands tightened on the back of my head.

My arms were grabbed and suddenly I had a double handful of thick cock. The twins, Sam and Paul, had stepped to the sides and I stroked them each as I tongued and sucked at Neil.

Neil moaned and fucked my mouth for a few moments before he stepped back from me. “Now you’re going to suck my friends.” Either Sam or Paul stepped away from my side and I wrapped my lips around his girth. I continued to stroke his brother with one hand as I worked my way up and down his shaft. I was so wet I couldn’t stand it and I moaned around his cock. Nick stepped up and I grabbed him with my free hand. It felt so good to be pleasuring these three while I was being watched. I couldn’t take the twin as deeply as I could Neil but I fucked him in and out of my mouth, flicking and licking on every stroke.

“Fuck, I don’t want to cum yet.” He pulled away and I guided the other twin to my mouth. Pat took his place and I continued to jack the two off as I sucked and licked and moaned. My breasts were bouncing back and forth as I bobbed and stroked. When twin was about to cum and pulled back Nick filled my mouth. His curve made it harder to take him all in. I rose higher on my knees to accommodate and fought the gag reflex as he slid in and out of my throat. He didn’t last long before he stepped back from my eager mouth. “Not yet!” Pat moved up and I took Tony in hand. I got close to taking all of Pat’s length. He moaned and ran his hands through my hair.

I now had a hand free, having gotten through most of the men, so I doubled up on Tony. I moaned and writhed on my knees, body aching to be touched. Pat pulled away suddenly and I was left with Tony’s seven inches. I was now free of everyone but him so I wrapped my arms around his legs and pulled him to me. I pressed my breasts against his legs and teased my nipples up and down him, torturing myself. I took half his length into my mouth and wrapped a hand around his remaining shaft. I stroked and sucked and writhed against him. When I looked up the length of his body at him he was staring into my eyes.

“Mmmm fuck. Yeah. Suck it.” He thrust hard into me. My eyes Ankara escort bayan widened as he began to shoot wads of cum deep into my mouth. I swallowed, surprised, and started to pull back. He gripped my head and forced himself into me. Wave after wave spurted down my throat and he growled. Finally he let me go and his cock slipped from my lips with a pop. I gasped, trying to catch my breath from the face fucking.

He was still hard and pulsing, no evidence that he’d cum. The rest of the men were still standing around me and stroking themselves gently, watching me as I sucked their friends.

By the time the last man had had his turn fucking my mouth my jaw hurt and my pussy was absolutely throbbing with need. Neil pulled me up by the hair. Everyone was still hard. My legs quivered. Neil suddenly bent and lifted me in his arms. “That was good. Are you ready for round two?” I nodded, and he carried me to the benches between the lockers.

He hesitated. “Too low…” Sam and Paul grinned and wrapped towels around their waists. They disappeared out the door. Neil carried me back to the half wall. He set me on it and kissed me deeply. He tugged my panties from under me. “Spread ’em.” It was awkward on the wall. I thought I’d fall, but Tony stepped up behind me and I leaned against his strong chest. He held one leg out to side and Nick stood and held my other leg, holding me open from both sides of the tile. I was spread wide, Neil between my legs. I was too high up to fuck, and I wiggled. Neil grinned wickedly and leaned forward.

I yelped in pleasure as his tongue flicked down my pussy. I was so wet I thought I would orgasm right there. Tony began to fondle my breasts, flicking and rubbing my nipples. He pulled my bra the rest of the way off and let it fall. Neil continued to nip and lick at me, sucking my skin into his mouth, pulling back, and slowly licking around again. I tried to roll my hips into him, to get him to lick my clit, but he moved slightly and stroked a hand up my thigh. It was torture. Nick was now fondling my breasts as well, and the two men’s hands were kneading and rolling. I mewled and wiggled.

When Neil slid a finger into my wetness I moaned. He stroked in and out a few times and I whimpered. He added another finger and I arched my back. Tony bent down and nuzzled my neck. Nick let go of my thigh and nuzzled the other side of my neck. I had two men stroking my breasts, licking and biting my neck from both sides when Neil lurched forward and buried his face in my cunt. He continued to finger fuck me as he finally paid attention to my nub. He licked, bit gently, and drove me wild. I screamed in pleasure as I orgasmed, legs spasming around Neil’s head. I was moaning, whimpering and writhing like a whore between the men.

Sam and Paul returned, dragging practice matts in with them. They layered them next to the bench until there was a bed of sorts. They were both still wearing their towels, but they ripped them off and their cocks resurged when they saw me spread eagled and panting. Neil released me and pulled back, face wet with my juice. “Move”. One word and Nick and Tony let me go. Neil kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I tasted myself on him as he pressed his mouth to mine. He pushed so hard it almost hurt and I was breathless again.

He made a head nod and suddenly Tony lifted me off the wall. I let my legs down, but couldn’t support myself after that orgasm. Everyone laughed as Tony carried me to the matts. Someone had thrown a tshirt down and I was grateful when I was dumped on to it. My wet skin would surely have slid me right off the edge. Pat was the first to climb up after me and spread my legs in front of him. He’d been removed from the wall, and now I saw why.

I didn’t know if it was from my stash or his, but he had found a condom somewhere and was slipping it on, rolling it down his veined shaft and staring at me as he did it. He leaned forward and slid up my body until his chest was almost smothering me and the head of his cock nestled at my entrance. His voice was husky and low as he said, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

I whimpered and wrapped my legs around his hips, trying to force his body into mine as I said “Please.” Everyone was standing around us, watching.

“Come on man, fuck her good. She obviously wanted this.” I don’t know who said it but I agreed whole heartedly. He reached between us and made sure he was positioned, then he slammed full tilt into me, balls slapping my ass. I whimpered and hissed in air.

He was so long, so hard, it almost hurt, but I was so ready from Neil’s attentions that I quickly adjusted and began to rock my hips with his. He pounded, hard, fast and deep, our bodies slamming together. I bit his chest gently and ran my nails up and down his arm lightly. He was tall enough that with him on top I could do little else. I made little circles with my hips, griding into him and couldn’t help it. “Oh, God, Escort Ankara fuck me baby fuck me baby fuck me!!” I babbled and moaned against his skin.

His rhythm faltered and he grabbed my hips, pulling me into him as he growled “oh, fuck yes.” I could feel his body throb as he came. The pulse of his cock inside me almost sent me over the edge again, but before I could orgasm he pulled away from me.

I panted, and within a few seconds Tony had joined me. He too slid up my body, but when he got face to face he kissed me. It was probing and full of tongue. I had my arms around his shoulders when he rolled us, leaving me sitting on his lap while he gazed up at me. I reached, down, feeling his condom sheathed hardness, and knew what was needed. I straddled him, sinking myself down to engulf his cock. He grinned wickedly “ride it baby.” He’d already cum once, but he was hard and huge. I rocked a bit, sliding myself up and down his length. My breasts bounced and he reached up and tweaked my nipples. It was rough, and he meant it to me. “Fuck me!” I got the hint and began to bounce on his cock in earnest. His hands gripped my hips and guided me to lean into him, changing the angle. He slid in and out of me, and I wished I had better stamina because my thighs weren’t going to keep this up very long. One hand left my hip and reached between us. He fingered my clit as I fucked him and I bit my lip and arched my back as I orgasmed a few strokes later. He laughed as I gasped and twitched around him. Then he pulled out of me and slid away.

I was pushed from behind and was suddenly on my hands and knees. The next set of hands that gripped me yanked my body roughly onto his awaiting erection and he started to pound me doggy style. I looked up and saw one of the twins’ dark furred bodies kneeling in front of me. Moments later I was sucking his cock like a starving woman. I assumed it was his brother fucking me from behind as I ran my hands up and down the body in front of me. The force from the thrusts in my cunt pushed me forward to take in more and I fucked him with my mouth in time to his brother, pulling back when he stroked out and throating on the thrust. It was too much and I spasmed again, cumming for the third time. I could see the others, just barely, watching as I was double teamed. The one fucking my pussy suddenly thrust hard and deep, making low guttural noises as he came. I moaned around the dick in my mouth.

He pulled me off his body suddenly and I was devoid for a moment. My pussy ached wonderfully and i knew I wasn’t done yet. Sam, or Paul, I didn’t know who pulled me until I was straddling him like I had Tony. “You’re going to like this…” He’d slipped a condom on and I impaled myself on his meat. I started to thrust, but he caught my shoulders and pulled me down until my breasts were smashed between us. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I felt weight shift behind us and suddenly I felt a cold wetness trickle down my ass. We’d been drying since the shower so I yipped in surprise. I looked over my shoulder to see Nick rubbing lube over his sheathed cock. From here he looked so much bigger, the angle of him impossible to take. “I don’t know if.. ” I started.

“Shhh” Neil pressed his finger to my lips.

I’d come this far, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for this… Nick ran his fingers up and down my ass, circling my hole and stopping where Paul, or Sam, entered me. It felt good, as he lightly fingered my ass. I moaned again then twitched when he replaced his fingers with the head of his dick. He leaned in to me, pressing his chest to my back as he slowly worked his shaft up and down my crack. When he pulled off of my back I could feel as he guided his head toward my opening. He pushed. I cried out and the twin I was riding pulled my face to his. He ravaged my mouth as Nick slowly drove his way into me. I didn’t know where to concentrate, it felt so wrong and so right. It took minutes to force his body into me, all the while the twin kissing and biting at my lips and tongue, but finally his hips pressed into mine and twin released my mouth.

From behind me I heard “ready Sam?” Well. I knew which twin I was now fucking… Nick drew himself out of me a bit and dripped more lube onto our bodies. He slid back in as I arched forward, trying to make it easier on myself. When he was fully inside my ass he lifted us and I felt Sam’s hardness sliding out of my snatch and I moaned. I’d never expected this – to be doubly impaled. Sam filled me again as Nick drew out. They seemed to be working out a pattern at the same time as getting me used to being double stuffed. After a few more slow strokes, they suddenly decided I was ready and away they went. Nick fucked my ass, and as he slammed home Sam pulled out. When Sam pounded into me, Nick pulled back. It was like being fucked by a machine.

I whimpered and moaned and writhed as much as I could between them. My orgasm built and built until suddenly both men slammed into me, filling my body more than I ever thought possible. Sam came on a growl, throbbing within me. I clenched my body with my own orgasm as it ripped through me and I felt Nick grab my ass as he yelled, “fuck, I’m cumming.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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