Locker Room Therapy Ch. 02

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Miss Shaw was in her mid-thirties, tall and slim, with a large and very rounded bosom that was surprisingly pert considering its size. Some uncharitable people thought she may have been surgically enhanced, but in fact she was entirely natural; she just had very good muscle tone as a result of her job and her fitness regime.

Today she was teaching classroom lessons so was dressed in what she always called her “office attire”; a figure hugging high necked white cotton blouse, a tight fitting pencil skirt and heels. She was a beautiful woman, and dressed like that, looked very hot. For months she had been Adele and Chloe’s lesbian fantasy pin-up girl. They had talked about her looks, her body, what it would be like to see it naked, to fondle those wonderful boobs, and to lick her pussy. Was she furry, as Chloe hoped, or smooth as Adele wanted? They had had this discussion so often, and it invariably led to them being naked with their fingers up their own fanny’s, as desire got the better of them.

To see her standing before them now, when they were in this very compromising position was actually quite shocking. What would she do?

The whole world seemed to stand still. Adele and Chloe were looking up at her, horror on their faces. Nicky felt the feeling of intense pleasure slowly being replaced by one of intense dread. For what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds Miss Shaw just stood and stared. “Oh Christ,” muttered Adele, “We’re dead!”

However, to everyone’s surprise Miss Shaw simply said brightly, “Carry on girls, I’ve just come to collect my handbag,” and walked slowly through the changing room.

“What?” said Chloe with astonishment. “You mean you’re not going to report us?”

“Why would I do that?” was the reply. “You’re all 18, it’s after college hours, and you’re not doing anything illegal.”

“But, but…,” stuttered Chloe. “Are you not shocked, horrified, disgusted with us? Most teachers would expel pupils for less.”

Miss Shaw looked at Chloe and slowly shook her head. “Have you not realised yet? For such a bright intelligent student Watkins, you can be pretty thick at times!”

“What do you mean Miss?”

“Think about it. What does everyone say about female gym teachers?”

Chloe looked confused by the question, but it was Adele who chipped in with, “They say they’re all lesbians Miss.”

“Well done Jones, 10 out of 10, go to the top of the class,” said Miss Shaw sarcastically. “Do you know why they say that?” Without waiting for an answer she continued, “Because it’s often true, it certainly is in my case.”

Adele and Chloe exchanged knowing and excited looks; could their long held fantasy actually be coming true?

“So,” continued Miss Shaw. “In that case, why on earth would I report 3 luscious young girls just for enjoying each other’s bodies?”

She looked at Adele and Chloe laughing, and added, “If I was going to report you two, it would have been a long while ago; the number of times I’ve caught you in here together. You’re a right pair of raving lezzies!”

“What!” cried Chloe. “You can’t have, we’ve never seen you.”

“Oh, I know you haven’t, you’ve always been far too busy, heads between each other legs, lapping away at your pussies, moaning and groaning!” Miss Shaw grinned at them.

“I don’t believe it” exclaimed Adele. “So, what did you do?”

“Well….,” she replied in a matter of fact manner. “I would stand quietly over there, behind the lockers, watching you for a few minutes; feeling my pussy get hotter and wetter, and my nipples hardening painfully against my bra. Then when I was feeling really horny, I would run back to my office, lock the door, whip my wet knickers straight off, and plunge 2 or 3 fingers right up my hot snatch. I then frigged myself furiously until I came hard, thinking about what I’d just seen — your lovely firm bodies wrapped in a passionate embrace! You don’t know it, but you two have given me some delicious orgasms!”

By this time Adele and Chloe were staring at her open mouthed, and it delighted Miss Shaw to see their hands between their own legs, fingering their young tight wet cunts, so turned on were they at the thought of exciting their teacher.

She reluctantly left them to their carnal thoughts and turned her attention to Nicky.

“But I’ve not seen you here before Cartwright.”

“No Miss,” said Nicky sweetly, as though it was entirely normal to be lying naked and spread eagled, fanny gaping open, on a bench in front of your teacher. “It’s my first time.”

She looked Nicky’s naked form up and down. “Well, with a stunning figure like that, you are a very welcome addition to this little club.” Tears of joy sprang to Nicky’s eyes. “Thank you Miss. You’ll never know how much it means to me to hear you say that.”

She smiled and barked, “Jones, Watkins! I hope you’re not going to disappoint Cartwright on her first time?”

“No, of course not,” said Chloe sheepishly as she moved back between escort bursa Nicky’s legs, automatically obeying her teacher’s command.

“And what are you going to do Miss?” enquired Adele.

“Well I’m going to watch of course,” was the reply. “To make sure you do it right!”

Miss Shaw leant back against the lockers, a smile on her face as Adele and Chloe resumed their work on Nicky’s tits and pussy. Nicky sighed and closed her eyes, relishing the tingling feeling starting to flow through her body once more.

After a minute or so she opened her eyes and glanced towards Miss Shaw, and was startled by what she saw. The cheery relaxed teacher had been replaced by a woman whose whole body language indicated high anxiety. The expression on her face clearly showed someone wrestling with some inner turmoil, or trying to make a difficult decision.

“Are you OK Miss?” asked Nicky, but got no reply. Miss Shaw continued to stare off, lost in a world of her own. A minute later she repeated the question.

Once again no response for 30 seconds or so, but then she looked up sharply, smiled brightly and said, “Sorry, what did you say?”

Nicky replied, “I said are you OK, you looked very anxious before?”

She grinned, “Just working something out. I’m fine now ….in fact never better!” With that she strode purposefully over to the changing room door, turned the key in the lock, and slid the bolts across.

Adele and Chloe looked up sharply. “Don’t want anybody disturbing us while we’re having fun!” explained Miss Shaw.

“Us? We? Does that mean you’re going to join us Miss Shaw?” whispered Chloe, hardly daring to hope that their fantasy may come true. By way of an answer Miss Shaw just smiled seductively.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes please!” chorused Adele and Chloe. “We’d love it.”

Miss Shaw beamed with happiness. This was a moment she had dreamed of for years, but equally one she had valiantly resisted. She’d promised herself she would never sleep with her students. However as the months had passed, and she got to know the girls better, it had become harder and harder. And once she’d seen some of them, like these two, making love to one another it had become a torture. Catching the three of them today had seemed too good an opportunity to miss, but she was still beset by conflicting emotions. She had been mentally arguing with herself earlier, and that is what Nicky had witnessed. In the end her intense arousal and sopping wet pussy had won the day, as she had said to herself, “Fuck it! I’m bloody having these three! The college can only sack me if they find out.” So naturally she was very pleased to see that her feelings were reciprocated.

“OK then,” was her reply. “It looks like I’m a bit overdressed though!” she added as she started to untuck her blouse from her skirt. Starting at the high neck she ever so slowly started to unbutton her blouse as she slowly circled the girls. All three stared up at her open mouthed, following her around the room with their eyes. In particular Adele and Chloe had waited for this moment for so long they were nearly overcome with passion at the site of their pin up fantasy “come to life.” Both slipped 2 or 3 fingers deep inside their hot wet holes, and fucked themselves as they watched Miss Shaw’s erotic strip show.

She was enjoying this. With each button she opened she made sure that she did not display any extra flesh, enjoying tantalising her young audience. When the last button was undone, she turned to the girls, and in one fluid movement discarded the garment onto the floor. Adele moaned; Chloe and Nicky gasped as Miss Shaw’s perfect creamy white flesh was revealed to them. What made the sight even sexier was the stark contrast between her white body and the delicate black lacy bra that was encasing her beautiful breasts. It seemed almost inconceivable that such a pretty and flimsy piece of material could be restraining her mighty orbs so successfully, but it was doing. Her cleavage was deep and inviting, and all the girls could clearly see her erect nipples trying to burst through the lace. Adele and Chloe were now gently rubbing their clits as they waited for the next item to be removed. Even Nicky, feeling ever so slightly neglected as her new lovers stared at their teacher, slipped a finger into her own pussy, hot and slick from her own juices and Chloe’s saliva.

Smiling, Miss Shaw unzipped her skirt and pushed it down just over her hips. Then, with a sexy wiggle, that made her boobs dance enchantingly, the garment slipped down her legs to form a pool on the floor. At this both Adele and Chloe groaned with passion, and thought they may cum on the spot. The reason for this was that Miss Shaw was not wearing tights, but was wearing sheer black stockings held up by a lacy suspender belt that matched her bra. Over this she was wearing a tiny black lacy thong, which was stretched very tightly over her pussy. Chloe thought she’d never seen anything so beautiful, and drove bursa merkez escort her fingers hard into her own hot cunt.

Miss Shaw raised her arms above her head and twirled round for them all to see. She was just as hot from the rear. The thong disappeared between her buttocks and the girls got a lovely view of her round and pert naked bottom beautifully framed by the black suspender belt.

“Like what you see?” she asked mischievously. The girls just nodded frantically, seemingly incapable of speech. Still wearing her high heeled shoes she slowly paraded all around the girls, making sure they could see her from every angle. She could never remember being as horny as she was now. The sight of 3 young naked girls worshipping her body as she stripped and flaunted it in front of them was unbelievably erotic.

She stood by Nicky’s shoulder and both Nicky and Adele stretched out their arms, running their hands up a leg each. As they neared her stocking tops she teased them by backing away, making “not yet” gestures with her hands, and leaving them desperate to feel her sex hidden behind the tight lace of her thong.

“Well girls,” she said. “If you’re anything like the boys in this college you’ll be desperate to see the contents of my bra!”

“Oh yes please,” pleaded Adele. “They look wonderful.”

“You girls are unique. No student, male or female, has ever seen my breasts before.” She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Holding the cups coyly over her breasts she slipped her arms out of the straps.

“All ready?” she smiled. The girls nodded and then with a flourish she moved her arm, and the garment fell away. Her boobs were as magnificent as they had hoped. Despite their size and fullness they were nearly as pert without bra. She took a breast in each hand, gently caressed herself, and then lifted them slightly, whilst taking a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, and gently squeezing and rolling them until they stood hard and erect.

“Oh Miss,” groaned Chloe. “They are so beautiful.”

“Thank you Miss Watkins, I’m glad you like them. But I’m sorry to disappoint you. As this is a first for me, and a first for Cartwright, I think it is only fair that she gets to play with them first. What do you think?”

Adele and Chloe said nothing, but the big grin on Nicky’s face spoke volumes. “I take it you agree Cartwright?” Nicky nodded furiously.

Miss Shaw stood directly behind Nicky. As she looked up from the bench her eyes roamed over her white thighs, black clad mound, up over her suspender belt, the gentle curve of her belly, and to the large round orbs of her breasts. Miss Shaw slowly bent forward from the waist. Nicky watched as her breasts approached her face. She loved the way they started to hang down as she bent forward, the hard nipples heading directly for her mouth. As they came within range Nicky’s tongue darted out, flicking at the nipples, first one then the other. Miss Shaw continued to bend, and Nicky felt the warm weight of her smooth breasts pressing on her face, threatening her with a heavenly suffocation. She rubbed her face side to side, caressing her teacher’s breasts with her nose, and cheeks and chin. Miss Shaw lifted slightly and commanded “Suckle me Cartwright! Lick them, suck them, nibble them, and turn me on.”

Nicky opened her lips and took Miss Shaw’s right nipple between her lips, she sucked it into her mouth, flicking her tongue across the end until Miss Shaw started to moan and murmured, “You are a quick learner Cartwright!”

Nicky raised her arms and started to caress Miss Shaw’s upper body as she alternated her attentions between left and right breast. It particularly turned her on to hear her teacher’s little gasps as she gently bit and chewed on her increasingly sensitive nips. Coupled with Chloe’s expert lapping at her pussy, and Adele’s caressing of her own breasts Nicky was approaching a state of sheer ecstasy.

Bending over to give Nicky full access to her hanging breasts meant Miss Shaw was virtually face to face with Adele. As she looked up into her teacher’s eyes, their lips met and Miss Shaw kissed her deeply, open mouthed, tongue darting into her mouth. Adele responded passionately. In this position Miss Shaw was able to slip her hands underneath Adele and caress her hard athletic belly. She slowly drew her hands upwards until they were cupping Adele’s tiny breasts.

“Mmm!” whispered Miss Shaw. “I have been waiting so long to get my hands on your little girly breasts…., so hard, so firm.” She took Adele’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed and pulled them down.”

“Oh my God!” groaned Adele. “I love having my nipples squeezed, it turns me on, makes me so wet. Harder, do it harder… hurt me!”

Miss Shaw suddenly twisted her nipples savagely and pulled them downwards at the same time.”

“Oh Fuck!” Adele howled. “That hurts, but it makes me so hot, my cunt is soaked. I want you bursa escort to really really fuck me hard Miss,” she added crudely.

“Oh I intend to!” grinned Miss Shaw lasciviously. “Just be patient, we have lots of time.”

Suddenly aware that Chloe was missing out she looked down to her and smiled, “You be patient too. Cartwright loves what you are doing to her pussy. Don’t worry I’m sure that her thanks, and mine, will be well worth the wait!”

Chloe smiled, and lapped ferociously between Nicky’s legs, eliciting a muffled groan of delight from the vicinity of Miss Shaw’s nipples!

“You’re a natural.” Miss Shaw sighed. “I cannot believe how horny you’re making me feel. All you’re doing is playing with my boobs, but my pussy is on fire. If you keep this up I’ll come without anyone touching me.” Ironically she then reached down between her legs and touched herself. “Oh fuck,” she added as the touch became a near frantic rub. “Got to lose these panties.”

She started to stand up. Both of her large brown nipples, and much of her breasts, were slick with Nicky’s saliva. As she started to lift up Nicky clamped her teeth more tightly round the nipple in her mouth. This meant that Miss Shaw had to physically pull it from between Nicky’s increasingly tight jaws as she stood up, causing her a brief moment of exquisite pain, and simultaneous pleasure.

She took a brief step back and frantically rubbed at her crotch, mashing the fabric of her thong up and down between her swollen lips. That wasn’t enough; she thrust her hand down the front of her thong, and rubbed her mound and flicked her clit. “Oh my God, I’m so fuckin’ horny!” she moaned.

She hastily pulled her thong down to her knees, revealing a pretty triangle of fine black hair. She spread her legs as far as the material would allow and thrust 2 fingers deep into her cunt with a satisfied moan.

“You girls are going to make me cum so fucking hard,” she cried. “You’ll be dripping in my cunt juices!”

This was such a turn on for Adele and Chloe. For months they had lusted over their straight laced, prim and proper teacher, with her high necked blouses, and knee length skirts, and now here she was in front of them, virtually naked, in the throes of passion, with her own fingers thrusting roughly into herself as she berated them with filthy language. For Adele in particular hearing this upright pillar of the community swearing like a workman, and talking about her cunt was really exciting.

She pulled her thong off and was about to cast it aside when Adele shouted, “No, Miss!” and held out her hand.

“You want this?” asked Miss Shaw, indicating the sodden scrap of black lace in her hand.

“Yes please,” nodded Adele. Miss Shaw tossed her the thong and Adele deftly caught it.

“My God,” she said. “How wet are you?” She brought the lace to her nose and inhaled deeply. The musky smell of her teacher’s pussy was quite intoxicating. She brought it to her lips and sucked gently. “Mmmm, you smell and taste gorgeous, can’t wait to lick your pussy Miss!”

She then squeezed the thong tightly between her fingers to extract the most moisture and began to rub the wet material slowly over each of Nicky’s hard nipples. Round and round she went until both nipples and their areola’s were covered in Miss Shaw’s musky fluids. The feel of the slightly rough fabric, and the knowledge of what it was coated with turned Nicky on even more.

Adele then bent her head, sniffed, licked and finally sucked each of Nicky’s nipples. She lifted her head, smiled at Miss Shaw and said ever so sweetly, “Her tits taste just like your dirty filthy cunt now Miss, and I’m going to lick them clean.”

She was just about to throw the thong away, when a filthy smile crossed her face. Instead, she reached between her own legs, and slowly pushed the thong up her own pussy. Chloe watched in awe as her friend pushed the scrap of cloth further and further up her hole until only the end protruded.

“Oh that feels so good,” she sighed. “I’ll let you collect it later Miss… with your tongue!”

“Oh, I will, no doubt about it, you dirty little lesbian whore! You’ll pay for stealing my panties.”

Although she had one hand up her own pussy, and her mouth clamped between Nicky’s legs, Chloe was transfixed by the sight of the thong hanging temptingly out of her friend’s hairless quim. She reached out with her free hand, and after briefly caressing Adele’s clit, she took hold of the material and started to pull ever so slowly. Adele shuddered with pleasure as the material slipped down her vagina, so Chloe, slowly pushed it back up, and repeated the process, again and again, causing Adele to moan and groan, her head buried in Nicky’s pussy scented breasts.

The sight was nearly too much for Miss Shaw. “Oh my God, that is so erotic. I really need someone to make me cum soon. How about it Cartwright? Would you like to be the first student to lick my hairy pussy?

“Please, I’d love to,” she panted.

“I’m a bit of a squirter you know, and I’m going to cum all over your face,” she warned. “Hope you don’t mind?”

Never having licked another woman before Nicky was not exactly sure what Miss Shaw meant about being a squirter, but she could think of nothing nicer than licking her pussy.

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