London Calling Pt. 04

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Big Tits

For context, please read the previous stories in this series.

Enjoy x


The next week was busy.

For both Benjamin and for myself. He travelled to Italy for a conference, while my editor put me in charge of a high-profile trial.

I desperately snuck glances at my phone whenever I could… outside the courtroom, in the bathroom, waiting between witnesses… his messages brought a thrill each time.

Can’t stop thinking about you…

Meet me when I arrive back in London…

Come stay with me for the weekend…

My body tingled, remembering our night together.

He had kept me up all night, alternating between touching me softly, using his lips and tongue to torture me, kissing me brutally, to fucking me until I screamed into a pillow.

He had made me say and do things I had never done before…. Never wanted to do before…

I felt like someone else entirely. Out of my depth, hopelessly occupied by him.

The trial finished and the jury came to a unanimous not-guilty verdict by Friday, an interesting surprise that kept me hunched over my desk for most of the day.

An inky night-time descended on London and, satisfied I met deadline (and the approval of my hawk-eyed editor), I was in no hurry to get home. My mates from work, Julie, Leo and Scott, had asked me out for drinks, but I wasn’t in the mood. Benjamin was supposed to be back in London the following day – but, I hadn’t heard from him all day.

His silence had me depressed.

Maybe he had met some beautiful Italian woman.

We hadn’t made any promises to each other, had technically only been on the one date. I knew I was falling for him and felt like a school girl who had a crush on her ambivalent teacher.

Shaking my head, I scolded myself. My God, it had been one day without hearing from him, and I was spiralling. I was in way over my head, here.

The Kensington house seemed too big, too dark, all sleek marble and lofty high ceilings. It agonizingly reminded me of him, this house he once lived in.

Drawing to the middle of July, London was sooty and hot. I had worn a floaty lilac dress under a navy blazer and my press credentials, and I stripped the jacket off as I dumped my handbag on the entryway table and walked into the kitchen, stooping to pet Dorian, who meowed a hello.

The hair on the nape of my neck rose, as floorboards behind me creaked. Moving to turn, a voice commanded me to stop.

“Stay still, Grace.”

I froze, and my eyes fluttered shut.


“You’re back early.” I whispered, feeling him move only a hairs-length away behind me.

“Cut the trip short. My printers are disgruntled. But I needed to see you.” I could hear his smile, and I moved to turn around. He stopped me with a firm hand on my hip.

“I said,” he lowered his mouth to run his lips along the curve of my neck “Don’t move.”

“I should get that golf club back out. You’re intruding…” I said, strained. I felt him chuckle, plant delicate kisses along my neck. His hands roamed down my body, brushing his thumbs over my hardening nipples which pushed against the lilac dress.

“I like this,” he murmured, using light fingertips down the length of the skirt before brushing up my thighs. I dropped my head back to rest on his hard shoulder with a whimper.

“Sit on the chair.”

I didn’t have to ask which chair. The one he had caught me on, only grandbetting yeni giriş weeks ago, touching myself while I thought of him.

I moved robotically to the plush lounge seat and watched him hungrily. He looked a little travel-mussed, with dark smudges under his eyes and the early makings of a thick beard. Rather than softening his devastating handsomeness, it only worked to heighten his masculinity. I bit my lip and watched as he tugged off his tie, slipped out of his suit jacket. Out of the corner of my eye Dorian left the room, pouting that his dinner had been delayed.

Standing over me, Benjamin lowered each hand on either side of me — bracketing me into the chair. I tipped my face up to kiss him, but he shook his head.

“Not yet.”

Crouching, he ran his hands up my smooth, lean legs, hooking my knees over his arms and forcing me to fall back, slouching into the chair. Reaching underneath my ass, his eyes unreadable and dark, I gasped as I heard fabric tear. He had ripped off my panties at the sides.

He chuckled as I watched him stuff the pink lace into his pocket. I opened my mouth to ask what exactly he thought he was doing, but I could only whimper again. He smiled, moving his hands down to my ankles as he watched me.

Benjamin tucked each of my legs over the armrests so I was forced in a familiar pose. My pussy was completely exposed to him, the cold air a relief to the hot, pink, wet, junction between my legs. Suddenly it clicked. looked up at him, shocked.

Surely, he didn’t mean…?

“Touch yourself, Grace.” He said with a dark look.

“I want to watch you play with that pretty cunt.”

I felt a hot flush pass over my face and I hesitated. It was different, when he caught me that time. When he had been secretly watching me. I hadn’t had to meet his gaze, to feel him watch me… I felt myself grow wet, and heard his low laugh. He watched me wrestle with the confused, embarrassed arousal, before I slipped a finger between my thighs to test my wetness.

His deep blue eyes grew even hungrier, a dark and dangerous look that had me shivering. Tentatively I drew my finger up my wet pussy to my clit, my face burning with shame. I watched as he stood over me, assessing me play with myself as he began stripping off his shirt and pants.

I gasped in pleasure as I rubbed my aching clit, the busy week had prevented me from doing little more than passing out each night, and now my body was screaming for release. Picking up the pace, I squirmed in the seat as Benjamin undid his belt, watching me.

“Push a finger in,” he commanded softly. Moaning, I complied, my pussy taking the finger greedily. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm approach already, and I strained against the edge of the chair — bucking my hips as my head lolled to the side and I watched Benjamin. He crouched in front of me again, running his hands up my long legs and squeezing my thighs, before spanking the sensitive skin.

I gasped and moaned, juices dripping from my pussy.

“You liked that, hm?” Benjamin said, lightly spanking the inside of the opposing thigh. What was happening to me? His playful spanking had me fucking my finger faster inside myself. I groaned, and my head lolled back against the chair, as I bucked my hips forward, so close… so close…

Abruptly, Benjamin’s strong hands grabbed my wrists and ceased my movements. I gasped, choking on air as I looked up at him.

“No… I… I was grandbetting giriş close…” I said. Benjamin yanked me to my feet, pulling my hot body flush against him as he bent his head to whisper in my ear. I felt the wetness skim down my thighs as my pussy throbbed and begged.

“I know,” He murmured “but I’m not done yet. Can you wait, baby? Can you wait to come?”

His words made me shiver. I wanted to come so fucking badly, but his denial was making me even hotter, even wetter.

He must’ve seen the spark of protest in my eye, but I nodded, and he gave another low laugh.

“Good girl.”

His praise made me bite my lip and I looked down, eyeing the hard bulge in his black briefs. I wanted to take his cock in my mouth, to give him some of the agony I was experiencing. Flicking my eyes to his — dangerously hot and hard- I lowered myself to the floor and he released my wrists. Rubbing his thick, hard cock on the outside of his briefs, Benjamin groaned and dropped his head back. Encouraged, I reached inside his briefs to pull him free — licking my lips at the sight of his cock.

I planted small kisses along the head of his cock, before gently taking him between my lips and moving slowly, so slowly, down his shaft to take him into my mouth. Ben growled and gathered my long hair in a ponytail to wrap around one hand, as he guided his hard cock into my willing mouth. Dimly in the back of my mind, I acknowledged I sounded needy, desperate… the sounds leaving my lips were small moans as he fucked my mouth.

I reached my fingers between my legs to rub my clit, becoming more and more turned on by getting him off.

Suddenly I was hauled to my feet and Benjamin roughly turned me around, so my ass rubbed against his thick cock.

“Did I say you could touch yourself again?” he asked softly.

“N-No… I…”

He didn’t wait for an answer, but used a strong hand to topple me over the chair, instinctively I grabbed either side of it- my pert ass high in the air. I gave a whimper of surprise, arousal… Benjamin pushed the soft material of my dress up to my waist, exposing my ass and the pouting lips of my pussy.

A beat, silence.


His hand came down on my ass and I squeezed my thighs together, gasping and panting.


He did the same to the other cheek, and my hips bucked forward involuntarily as I squeezed my eyes shut. The sharp sting felt so good, so strange. I moaned.

“Take it like a good girl.” Benjamin said in a hoarse, low voice… and I realised he was enjoying it as much as me.


I cried out as his hand came down on my ass again, but this time his fingers slipped between my squeezing thighs to softly rub my slick folds, teasing my entrance but not touching me where I so badly needed to be touched.


Benjamin plunged two fingers into my pussy and my legs began to shake as a low cry left me, feeling myself on the precipice of orgasm immediately. I slid myself backwards to push his fingers deeper, as he finger fucked me at a smooth pace. I felt like an animal, clawing and scratching at the chair.

As abruptly as before, Ben withdrew his fingers and pulled me up.

“No…” I moaned, and hissed when he chuckled again.

I gave a whimper as he turned me around to crush my body to his, finally taking my mouth in long and desperate kisses. His hands roamed my body to untie the lilac wrap dress and let it fall to the floor. Unsnapping grandbetting güvenilirmi my bra and ripping it from my arms, the ferocity with which he claimed my mouth had my head spinning. He crouched to slide his arms under my ass and hauled me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Ben…” my voice was breathy. He growled in response, and we descended to the plush carpeted floor.

“Now,” I begged “I need you now… please…”

Pulling off his briefs, he used his hard cock to tease my entrance, to glide it over my slick pussy to my clit and back down again. I tossed and turned under him, pulling him closer with my legs- still around his waist.

“Move on to your front and stick your ass in the air.” He said harshly. I obeyed, grabbing fistfuls of the carpet in my hands as I felt the thick, hot slide of his cock entering my pussy.

“Oh god, oh god…” I cried, pressing my face into the carpet.

“Fuck,” Ben hissed under his breath “Baby, you’re so tight. Spread your legs… that’s it… spread them wide for me…”

He began fucking me with long, deep strokes, and I felt my legs buckle. Ben toppled down so we were completely parallel, his whole, muscular body covering mine. Propping himself on one hand near my head, I grabbed his thick wrist as his thrusts became faster and I knew I was about to come. Benjamin’s hand squeezed my ass and he brought his palm down to spank me again. I cried out with raw need.

“I’m… I’m close…” I moaned in a muffled pant.


“Not yet.” He whispered, his lips on the shell of my ear, nuzzling it. I felt his hot breath on my neck and I whimpered as he planted kisses down my neck again, grazing his teeth at the place where my neck met my shoulder. His pace changed to a torturously slow, thick slide, and he growled as I pushed my ass up to meet each thrust.

“Please.” I whispered desperately.

“Please what?”


I cried out again, feeling the tight muscles of my pussy contract as my orgasm started.


“Good girls ask to come.” His hand moved in lazy circles on my ass as he continued his deep, unhurried pace.

I moaned, and didn’t think twice, didn’t hesitate.

“Please, make me come. Please.”

Releasing another growl, Ben’s hand slipped under me and rubbed my clit as he fucked my pussy deep and fast, and I banged my fists on the carpet as my orgasm melted over my body, ripples of deep pleasure that overtook me in waves. Begging him not to stop under my breath, Ben groaned.

“Fuck baby,” he gasped “Your pussy feels so good…”

He groaned with one last deep thrust, and I felt his hot come shoot into me.

Muscles aching, whimpering, I stayed where I was — with my head buried in the carpet, both the cheeks on my ass and on my face red- as Benjamin rolled off me, panting.

I trembled, and Ben gingerly tucked me into his side. He tipped my chin up to look him deep in the eyes, smiling as he pressed a gentle kiss to my lips.

“Are you cold?” he whispered, rubbing his thumb over my cheek as he cupped my face in his hand.

“No… No.” I said drowsily, his gentle touch warm and calming.

“Did you like that?”

“Oh, yes.” I sighed, snuggling further into him.

“I didn’t make you uncomfortable? Didn’t… frighten you?”

“Oh, no, I…” I blushed and averted my gaze, but he firmly grasped my chin again and forced me to look up at him.

“Go on.” he said softly.

“I’ve never… been spanked before,” I confessed “I’ve never wanted to be.”

His gaze darkened and he kissed me again, a hard kiss that had me melting… it was forceful, dominating.

“There’s so much more I want to show you.” he whispered against my mouth.

My eyes widened in surprise.


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